Listed below are the stories entered in the 2011 Halloween Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2011 Halloween Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Halloween Favor

by Quince

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Moon Blood and Salt Flowers

by talismania

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Red, White, and Blue Halloween

by Tara_Neale

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2011 Halloween Submissions
My Sister Eva Started It Alldezurtdawg
Full Moons, Halloween, and WitchesSuperHeroRalph
A Ghost's Story for HalloweenThe_Technician
Who Woulda Known?sr71plt
The Rainbow Tree Haunted Housejolinesleepless
The Autumn Gardendr_mabeuse
The Waxing MoonFlying_low
A Halloween Evening at Del RayKaishaku
Shortcut Homegeronimo_appleby
What Mom Doesn't Know Will Fuck Hersilkstockingslover
Eyes of the Catsr71plt
Halloween Talefictitious
The Ghost with a Deadly Bite!double_entendre
Halloween and BatmanDG Hear
October SkyForTheWife1
What the FUCKmikothebaby
Hole in the Wall GangScaramouche123
The Ghost Writerpinata
My Halloween Transformationcentrum1000
Halloween FavorQuince
Halloween MasqueradeAwful Arthur
A Halloween To Rememberclive2007
Coblynau - The Miners GoblinSuzyFloosie
Spruce Street Peekaboosr71plt
Bride of the Mummyrampant404
Merit BadgeThe_Technician
Under The Full MoonPelaam
Cold Stone Tombsr71plt
A Daughter of SamhainJames Cody
Mom and the Halloween PartyAhabscribe
The Devil Made Me Do Itsr71plt
Mother-in-law Peeping for HalloweenSuperHeroRalph
Ghost RompSpicyrose21
The Modern PrometheusLillithArchivist
Mary Irene McDonaldsonPTBzzzz
...And Then, I Met Her MotherSuperHeroRalph
A Reeeally FILFY Storyalexxxis
The Devil's MarkThe_Technician
Morrigan's Cursemadam_noe
Vampiric Boobiesmanyeyedhydra
Witchful Thinkingdurablue
The Halloween PrankRod_Walker
The Mountain CabinSWFL_Wordslinger
Master Drake's MouthPSYCHESUMMER
Chink in the Armorsr71plt
Hostel Ghostsoggbashan
Night of All Nightssr71plt
Tricky TreatsFoeofthelance
Halloween Airlinesmwsd858
Big-Store, All She Wanted Was CandySuperHeroRalph
Laura Bush, Michelle Obama & CheneySuperHeroRalph
Night of the WormCorpse_rider
The Notesr71plt
Jen's Little Brotherscouries
Paul's Lucky Night?trobson808
Awakening of Caelravenwings
The Winning Halloween CostumeRickyroma
The Most Frightening Thing Is....SuperHeroRalph
Spicing Up the Brewsr71plt
The Halloween Teasekinpatsu
October River Walkjonmartin22
A Devil of a Partybbonz1
My Favorite HalloweenClosetbuster
Red, White, and Blue HalloweenTara_Neale
The LamiaMissClearmont
Mommy Deadestsr71plt
The Empty ChairsLenNeal
The Witch's ApprenticeKrumpus
A Message of LoveTrentEvans
Fright Night. What Scares You?SuperHeroRalph
I Love Halloweensagacious21
Gloria's Gobblin' GoblinBoxlicker101
The Blood Orange MoonRehnquist
Tall, Dark, and . . .sr71plt
Halloween Switchaimili_sage
Space Girl at Halloween Partyclawfngr
Learning to Love Hallowe'enThe_Kinkster
Sea Dog Cemeterypinata
Halloween SwingDG Hear
Kiss Me Deadlynomoretears00
Some Sexual Side Effects May OccurJinkiesFarie
Motor City TrickDG Hear
Barren HarvestDarkniciad
Swingers' Party: Teacher Trainsilkstockingslover
The Dark Windowthe_lost_one
Trick and Treatmisstite
Halloween, Aka: Tour De Forcethechangedone
Guard Dutymanyeyedhydra
Candy for Candypinata
Trick or Treating a Witchnvioxos
Dying to Remembermollyj
3 for Poesr71plt
A Halloween to Remembersherylwaters
Momma's PussyIgnoble
In This Midnight HourOzytron
Things That Go Hump in the Nightwantsomefun1951
The Spinnerbrainfade
Halloween Heatlstorywriter
Jersey Love: Apple Dreams & ReleaseLunaEroticaMystica
The BenandantiThistlethorn
Raising the DeadNeonurotic
If Only Jason Got To See The EndingQueenOfTheNile
Naga Massage Reviewmanyeyedhydra
An Intergalactic HalloweenEt2bruttus
Moon Blood and Salt Flowerstalismania
The Wife of SatanSoCaliComfort
Beat the Devilsr71plt
The BIG Bad WolfTlovesB4ever
A Treat Turns Tricksvoluptuary_manque
Pauletta's Halloween PageantBoxlicker101

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