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A Harmless Visit (4.54)Kyle platonically visits his pregnant friend Madeline.  Hot Fetish 11/25/22
A Miserable Surrogacy (3.14)A triplets surrogacy in a hellish situation w/the parents... Fetish 07/03/21
A Preggo's Day at the Spa (4.11)The spa's "Mpreg Special" comes with a surprise or two. Fetish 07/29/21
A Pregnant Chat (4.02)Can a dating site handle pregnancy? Fetish 03/20/21
A Pregnant Nudist Pt. 01 (4.64)Tired of prying eyes, single and pregnant Sam tries nudism.  New  Hot Fetish 04/13/24
A World of Pregnancy: 7 Part Series
A World of Pregnancy Pt. 01 (4.26)Gretchen wants to get a pregnant man. Fetish 09/01/21
A World of Pregnancy Pt. 02 (4.07)Gretchen "dates" while pregnant, meeting the lovely Wes. Fetish 09/16/21
A World of Pregnancy Pt. 03 (4.46)Wes gets knocked up; and does some knocking up himself. Fetish 09/24/21
A World of Pregnancy Pt. 04 (4.78)Alex's POV for 3 more of the throuple's pregnancies... Fetish 11/22/21
A World of Pregnancy Pt. 05 (4.00)Gretchen's 3rd pregnancy along w/Alex's 2nd. Throuple fun! Fetish 12/16/21
A World of Pregnancy Pt. 06 (4.00)Wes's 3rd pregnancy adventures with his throuple. Fetish 01/14/22
A World of Pregnancy Pt. 07 (4.60)Our throuple is all pregnant (one last time) concurrently... Fetish 03/10/22
An Expectant Hippie (4.31)His wife's friend is terrible...but SO pregnant right now... Fetish 07/30/21
An Mpreg Romance: 2 Part Series
An Mpreg Romance (4.40)Matthew & Mark are both pregnant & way into each other. Fetish 08/28/21
An Mpreg Romance Pt. 02 (4.20)Matthew and Mark are both having twins; and a lot of fun! Fetish 02/26/23
Anything You Need (4.60)Jenny is very much attracted to her pregnant roommate.  Hot Fetish 03/07/23
Birth of a Fetish: 2 Part Series
Birth of a Fetish (4.44)A pregnant sexual awakening in the last days of high school. Fetish 12/19/21
Birth of a Fetish Pt. 02 (4.54)Jake gets with preggo Larissa again and loses his virginity.  Hot Fetish 01/13/22
Dreams of Maternity: 21 Part Series
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 01 (4.07)Stephen uses lucid dreaming to achieve his pregnant fantasy. Fetish 04/12/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 02 (4.38)More pregnant sex lucid dreams, now w/more experimenting... Fetish 04/13/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 03 (3.71)Preggo sex dream! Glory hole! Mpreg/Fpreg! Labor! Lactation! Fetish 04/14/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 04 (3.40)Pregnant dreams w/inflation, maturity, candids, and heroes! Fetish 04/17/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 05 (4.00)More preggo antics: belly worship, overdue, teacher, shower! Fetish 04/18/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 06 (4.11)Lucid dreaming pregnancies! Dominatrix, mpreg, impregnation! Fetish 04/19/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 07 (3.40)Exciting pregnant fantasies may overshadow waking life... Fetish 04/29/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 08 (3.29)A man has a series of dreams in which he's a pregnant woman. Fetish 04/30/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 09 (4.33)Lucid dreams explain fascination with & fetish for pregnancy. Fetish 05/01/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 10 (4.33)Over-the-top preggo fantasies w/bachelor party! Coma! Mpreg! Fetish 06/06/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 11 (4.17)Bizarre pregnant situations! Perversion! Step-mom! "Virgin"! Fetish 06/07/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 12 (4.67)Lucid preggo adventures! Mood swings! Complaints! Fetish! Fetish 06/08/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 13 (4.17)Yet more lucid pregnant dreams! Strip! Mpreg/Fpreg Contest! Fetish 06/09/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 14 (3.25)Preggo dreaming! The bump drop! Touch Me! Overalls! 400 lbs! Fetish 06/10/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 15 (4.67)Rapid preggo ER nurses! Giantess! Spying! Mpreg! Cam girl! Fetish 06/11/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 16 (4.00)Crazy dreams! Rapid growth; escorting/escorted; IKEA! Fetish 07/03/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 17 (3.00)Dreams of mpreg anal birth, sex ed, monks, vlogs, hook-ups! Fetish 07/04/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 18 (4.75)Lucid fun w/ wedding labor, preg oasis, chastity, therapy. Fetish 07/05/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 19 (4.00)Lucid dreams of mpreg, sexy librarian, divorce & more! Fetish 07/29/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 20 (4.00)Lucidly explores sex toys, Mpreg, porn, confession & lotion! Fetish 07/30/21
Dreams of Maternity Pt. 21 (4.50)Lucid preggo dreams of sexts, church, veggies, and godhood! Fetish 07/31/21
Expecting Quadruplets: An Ordeal (4.00)Whitney is pregnant with quadruplets and not enjoying it. Fetish 08/28/21
Her New Fetish (4.60)Now pregnant, Caitlyn finds she shares her husband's fetish.  Hot Fetish 04/07/23
Interview with the 1st Pregnant Man (3.00)Daniel, the world's 1st pregnant man, is interviewed on TV. Fetish 03/10/22
Knocked-Up at the Theme Park (4.42)A new pregnant friend and a sexy amusement park ride. Fetish 07/03/21
My New Job (3.91)A dream gig w/5 preggos...& a request. Fetish 03/20/21
My Pregnant Coworker (4.74)Fetishist Greg is thrilled his work friend Gwen's expecting.  Hot Fetish 01/15/22
Overdue (4.13)Maggie's pregnancy just will not end. This is her journal. Fetish 08/10/22
Pervy Pregnancy Pics (4.27)Perverted, pregnant Justine gets some saucy photos taken. Fetish 08/29/21
Plague & Pregnancy (4.42)She's knocked-up and horny, but the world has shut down. Fetish 10/30/23
Pledging the Pregnant Sorority (4.00)Preggo Chelsea endures pledging an all-pregnant sorority. Fetish 03/11/22
Powerfully Pregnant: 5 Part Series
Powerfully Pregnant Pt. 01 (4.90)Priscilla is pregnant, magically persuasive, and cum-hungry.  Hot Fetish 08/03/21
Powerfully Pregnant Pt. 02 (4.83)Preggo Priscilla enjoys a glory hole, a sex show & a friend.  Hot Fetish 08/27/21
Powerfully Pregnant Pt. 03 (3.91)Horny, pregnant Priscilla's random hook-ups & masturbation. Fetish 08/28/21
Powerfully Pregnant Pt. 04 (4.63)Providing escorting services, Priscilla loves her pregnancy. Fetish 08/29/21
Powerfully Pregnant Pt. 05 (3.79)Pregnant Priscilla takes charge of Lamaze class and labor. Fetish 08/30/21
PregBNB (4.55)A surprise guest at a b&b leads to some pregnant fun.  Hot Fetish 01/13/22
Preggo at the Party: 3 Part Series
Preggo at the Party (4.75)A horny guy finds a horny pregnant girl at a sorority...  Hot Fetish 06/06/21
Preggo at the Party Pt. 02 (4.74)Mark's & Jenny's relationship proceeds as pregnancy wanes...  Hot Fetish 07/29/21
Preggo at the Party Pt. 03 (4.55)Pregnant Jenny meets pregnant Katie; friendship follows...  Hot Fetish 09/24/21
Pregnant & Pampered (4.11)Pregnant women are now celebrated and treated like royalty. Fetish 03/09/23
Pregnant Presentation (4.53)Pregnant on a business trip, Rachel seduces a coworker.  Hot Fetish 08/27/21
Private Tutor (4.26)A pregnant student has sexy ideas for her tutoring session. Fetish 08/27/21
Serena (or, My Wife's Pregnant GF) (4.47)His wife's heavily pregnant friend visits for some sexy fun. Fetish 06/09/21
Summer of 46 & Pregnant (4.43)Nate returns home; finds a knocked-up, middle-aged neighbor. Fetish 07/03/21
The Alien Incubator: 4 Part Series
The Alien Incubator (4.59)Elizabeth is impregnated by aliens, her symptoms extreme.  Hot Fetish 01/18/23
The Alien Incubator Pt. 02 (4.49)The pregnancy continues with many horny encounters. Fetish 01/25/23
The Alien Incubator Pt. 03 (4.71)Hatching, big belly movements, online perverts...and dating!  Hot Fetish 01/27/23
The Alien Incubator Pt. 04 (4.72)Late alien pregnancy: threeway, servicing, & birth ceremony.  Hot Fetish 01/29/23
The Barefoot & Pregnant Stepsister (4.53)Elisa's pregnant, horny, and desires her stepbrother's dick.  Hot Fetish 02/24/23
The Bloated Bridesmaid (4.62)Gina's a pregnant bridesmaid. Seth's interested...  Hot Fetish 05/16/22
The Horny Sea Horse: 10 Part Series
The Horny Sea Horse Pt. 01 (3.97)Pregnant men are real and Jarred's leading the way. Fetish 03/17/21
The Horny Sea Horse Pt. 02 (4.75)Jarred's second pregnancy, with so many mpreg adventures... Fetish 06/06/21
The Horny Sea Horse Pt. 03 (4.00)Jarred's 3rd pregnancy, along with his wife Annie's 1st! Fetish 06/07/21
The Horny Sea Horse Pt. 04 (4.00)Annie's 2nd pregnancy: trying & sexy succeeding... Fetish 06/09/21
The Horny Sea Horse Pt. 05 (4.17)Annie's 3rd pregnancy - triplets! Progress, hook-ups, yoga! Fetish 07/03/21
The Horny Sea Horse Pt. 06 (3.67)Jarred's 4th pregnancy: modeling, glory hole, bikini contest. Fetish 07/05/21
The Horny Sea Horse Pt. 07 (4.00)Jarred's 5th pregnancy. Mpreg, escorting, orgy...& family. Fetish 07/29/21
The Horny Sea Horse Pt. 08 (4.50)Annie's 4th pregnancy. Strip club, nude beach, amateur fun! Fetish 07/30/21
The Horny Sea Horse Pt. 09 (4.67)Jarred's 6th (& final) pregnancy: experiments in escorting. Fetish 08/04/21
The Horny Sea Horse Pt. 10 (4.17)Finale. Annie's 5th (& final) pregnancy: life as a cam girl. Fetish 08/05/21
The Knocked-Up Stripper (4.67)Mickey disovers a new fetish when pregnant Natalie performs.  Hot Fetish 03/10/22
The Mpreg Attraction: 2 Part Series
The Mpreg Attraction Pt. 01 (4.51)Peter finds himself drawn to preggo men, and experiments...  Hot Gay Male 01/15/22
The Mpreg Attraction Pt. 02 (3.74)Peter continues his experimentation with big pregnant men. Gay Male 08/03/22
The Nude Beach: 2 Part Series
The Nude Beach Pt. 01 (4.63)Eric's fantasy comes true when he meets pregnant Isabelle...  Hot Fetish 09/30/21
The Nude Beach Pt. 02 (4.67)Eric meets up with pregnant Isabelle again the next weekend.  Hot Fetish 11/18/21
The Pregnant Ex (4.55)His pregnant (w/twins) ex-girlfriend remembers his fetish...  Hot Fetish 03/15/21
The Single Dad (4.45)Two pregnant friends seduce a lonely single dad. Fetish 11/23/21
The So-Called Curse (4.32)Jack and Josephine are forced to switch genders and roles. Fetish 03/25/23
The Suddenly Pregnant Man (4.02)Rob's wife transfers the pregnancy to him midway. Fun ensues. Fetish 06/09/21
The Tale of Mpreg Pinocchio: 4 Part Series
The Tale of Mpreg Pinocchio Pt. 01 (4.29)He pretended to be pregnant, and it became real. Fetish 12/16/23
The Tale of Mpreg Pinocchio Pt. 02 (3.67)His wife returns and is surprised by his pregnant belly. Fetish 12/19/23
The Tale of Mpreg Pinocchio Pt. 03 (4.60)Pregnant Darren and his wife meet a lucky OB/GYN.  Hot Fetish 12/22/23
The Tale of Mpreg Pinocchio Pt. 04 (4.75)Mysterious pregnancies all around. Sexy fun, too. Fetish 03/26/24
Thrifty, Male, Pregnant (3.75)A preggo woman meets her first preggo man at a thrift store. Fetish 12/16/21
Truth or Dare: Expecting Edition (4.53)Pregnant Kristi and her friend Neil play late night T or D.  Hot Fetish 09/24/21
Unsolicited Touch (4.26)Pregnant Antoinette wants a stranger to give her a mild rub. Fetish 05/27/23
With Friends Like These... (4.42)Brett and Brianna are pregnant, their spouses up for fun. Fetish 04/25/23
Your BFF's Pregnant MILF (4.58)Marie is a mature, horny preggo; her son's BFF looks good...  Hot Fetish 03/12/22
40 Pregnancy Fetish Haiku (4.80)40 haiku poems for the pregnancy fetishist. 40 for 40 weeks! Erotic Poetry 12/30/21
Another 40 Pregnancy Fetish Haiku (4.50)Another 40 haiku for the pregnancy fetishist... Erotic Poetry 01/14/22
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