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Erotic Couplings Stories

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 — Couple experience each other for the first time. by Lillyflower7211/12/014.12


 — A sensual fantasy of a man and a woman. by regnglad02/20/094.00


 — Two lovers on a warm afternoon. by GToast02/06/093.70


 — Two lovers share a night together. by JoeBarnosky06/15/11


 — Two lovers share a night together. by JosephBarnosky12/13/113.95

Lovers and Friends Ch. 01

 — Lovers include a special friend in their fun. by Anas_desire03/31/062.31

Lovers Ch. 01

 — Exploration leads to declarations. by Finding_Me05/19/124.00

Lovers Ch. 02

 — The next chapter in Lovers. by mstwistedangel02/16/114.40

Lovers Ch. 02

 — No-strings-attached sex evolves to more. by Finding_Me05/19/123.50

Lovers Choice

 — It was her turn to surprise her husband. by Strokeplay10/12/044.21

Lovers For A Short Time??

 — A short but torrid story. by Jena12108/27/124.02

Lovers in a Dangerous Time

 — You have a hot New Year's celebration. by unsu200012/30/024.48

Lovers in Paradise

 — A night of rain and passion. by SensualBeauty08/06/154.19

Lovers In Red

 — Never pass up a trip to the museum. by Veronika09/12/034.57HOT

Lovers Meet at a Car Cruise

 — Dave gets a new seat for his motorcycle and a good ride! by Dave_Loves_Puss09/05/114.25

Lovers Meet Ch. 01

 — His hands reached round her from behind. by Clayshooter10/08/093.57

Lovers Meet Ch. 02

 — She rolled him over onto his back, and stripped him. by Clayshooter10/25/094.40

Lovers Meet Ch. 03

 — I arrived outside the club. by Clayshooter11/26/093.00

Lovers Meeting

 — Loving in secret. by DaisyMarie01/24/184.40

Lovers Picnic

 — Two lovers feast on each other. by Wo0od12/23/04

Lovers Reunited

 — They remember what was good. by lissa_sue0402/28/054.12

Lovers Reunited

 — Amanda and Glenn meet at the movies. by queenofmyworld02/11/104.29

Lovers Share Email Fantasies

 — Two lovers email what they want. by sweetaspie03/06/063.83

Lovers&Fighters Ch.01

 — Chasing that guy at your gym has never been more fun. by TheWastelandRanger224708/25/134.27

Lovers&Fighters Ch.02

 — You meet Greg for an official first date, and more practice. by TheWastelandRanger224708/25/133.77

Lovers' Lost

 — Two lovers meet on the first day of Spring. by peragore05/26/174.00

Lovers' Rules Pt. 01

 — Without rules, there would be anarchy. by LittleBrain04/16/174.73HOT

Loves To See Me Cum Ch. 01

 — They both discover that she loves to see it. by Stealth0102/05/084.48

Loveth thy Wife

 — A little revenge fuck with the hotel maid never hurt. by Taylor_Hartman10/24/083.09

Lovin Spoonful = Summer Lovin

 — How a girl enjoys a summer time outdoor concert. by sambones8809/04/094.23

Loving A Maasai Warrior

 — Biracial woman from Toronto meets bushman in Kenya. by Samuelx06/17/133.79

Loving Amy

 — Weary traveler gets refreshed. by BooMerengue12/21/024.29

Loving at the Speed of Lust

 — A tender night of love and hot sex in a hotel. by Affirmation08/03/064.50HOT

Loving Ch. 1

 — Dave & Carol collide on their wedding night. by Matt10/28/004.00

Loving Daniel Ch. 01

 — Daniel treats our treasure to a triple dose of delight. by Sweet_P01/19/034.56HOT

Loving Daniel Ch. 02

 — Daniel ambushes her in the change room with a good hard fuck by Sweet_P01/31/034.32

Loving Daniel Ch. 03

 — She gets on all fours at a party. by Sweet_P02/06/034.37

Loving Daniel Ch. 04

 — Our treasure shows Daniel her delights in an armchair. by Sweet_P02/17/034.61HOT

Loving Daniel Ch. 05

 — Daniel brings her to a private orgy at a secluded mansion. by Sweet_P02/18/034.29

Loving Daniel Ch. 06

 — The old 69ner comes into play by Sweet_P02/21/034.57HOT

Loving Daniel Ch. 07

 — Daniel tantalizes her with a feather, his fingers and face by Sweet_P02/22/034.58HOT

Loving Daniel Ch. 08

 — She buries her face in coworker's trench. by Sweet_P02/24/034.35

Loving Daniel Ch. 09

 — A torid night is followed by a tender morning by Sweet_P02/25/034.45

Loving Daniel Ch.10

 — Daniel has her three ways on a luxury yacht. by Sweet_P03/09/034.56HOT

Loving Daughter

 — Daughter's discovery. by IrnWlf11/26/143.43

Loving Emily

 — Best friend's mother becomes my lover. by Risktaker4802/10/124.57HOT

Loving Her

 — Joanne's husband is away. by Mr James10/31/043.91

Loving His Cock

 — Woman enjoys her man while he sleeps. by Sash_UK09/02/024.00

Loving Honey

 — Playing a woman like an instrument. by still_goin10/04/044.29

Loving Husbands

 — Husbands of the wives Will bedded. by luvjuice4312/15/164.35

Loving Husbands

 — A twist on the "Loving Wives" Stories. by KeikoAlvarez01/26/174.41

Loving in Blue

 — Man who loves woman in uniform. by lilymay10/12/014.23

Loving in Italy

 — We move to Italy...and meet Tessa. by jklqs200306/21/094.47

Loving in Silence: Wet Agreement

 — Deaf couple play while one tries to converse w/Sis. by RedHairedandFriendly05/26/064.44

Loving Kacey

 — The best way to be awakened. by Garath2402/28/014.05

Loving Life

 — Sharon's husband wouldn't stay home. by ebonymister03/11/014.25

Loving Little Julie Ch. 02

 — Jake teaches Julie about her body and learns a few things. by julie_hypnotic02/26/034.72HOT

Loving Little Julie Ch. 03

 — Things heat up before Michelle's return by julie_hypnotic02/27/034.72HOT

Loving Little Julie Ch. 04

 — Michelle and Jake share a night of hot passion. by julie_hypnotic03/04/034.66HOT

Loving Lucy

 — My sister-in-law Lucy needs our help. by oggbashan03/01/184.30

Loving Lust

 — Love and lust don't mix - or do they? by stolenkisses03/26/094.44

Loving My Baby The Core

 — I think of you 'tis true... by alexcarr10/12/121.00

Loving My Neighbor Pt. 01

 — Sometimes biology is too strong. by EroticMasseur01/23/164.30

Loving Sam

 — Too bad her dream guy was her sister's husband. by SweetDakota09/05/124.35

Loving Sam Ch. 02

 — The groom and his best man have their eyes set on one prize. by SweetDakota09/16/123.93

Loving the Land

 — The sex life of a hermit-philosopher. by gaoshan04/11/074.33

Loving the Law

 — Three women are sexually awakened by a young attorney. by diosdeguerra06/17/014.20

Loving The Work

 — How boring routine became alive with a new co-worker. by P4U01/03/074.06

Loving to Like Ch. 03

 — Troy learns the word cuckold when Molly begins to play. by BuckyDuckman12/27/114.60HOT

Loving Touch

 — She is eager to learn the beauty of sex. by EvilPiggieLord10/13/054.78HOT

Loving Valentine's Day

 — Intro to Valentines day fun. by jessyjthesexxxkitten03/03/143.21

Loving Valentine's Day Ch. 01

 — Continuation of A Loving Valentine's Day by jessyjthesexxxkitten03/04/143.40

Loving Valentine's Day Ch. 02

 — More fun poolside by jessyjthesexxxkitten03/09/143.80

Loving You

 — A woman pleasures the man she loves. by Lacey Garter05/03/014.38

Loving You

 — He forces her to accept pleasure from him. by studbunny209/09/094.46

Loving You

 — I love the way you love me. by BoobsNBrains02/26/044.63HOT

Loving You Gently

 — Making love to you, his favorite girl. by Zorroscamp02/07/034.38

Low/High Drive

 — Couples differing opinions on sex. by jasliz12/10/083.83

Lowlife Chronicles Pt. 01

 — Sexual escapades of a common lowlife. by winodiaries06/29/164.62HOT

Lowlife Chronicles Pt. 02

 — More of my story. by winodiaries07/12/164.50

Loyalty? Never Heard Of It

 — Charmaine wakes up beside guy, then does his friend. by X-Factor03/30/024.49

Loyalty? Never Heard Of It Ch. 2

 — She gets drunk & takes Pete again. by X-Factor03/31/024.53HOT


 — Tim meets his foil in an "unfortunate" living situation... by HiddenCandy07/14/173.90

Ls Gets Things Going

 — ls in horny and wants a little action. by Cc_wants_ls08/19/104.33

LS Takes Control

 — LS takes a turn in the driver's seat. by Cc_wants_ls08/19/104.00

Lt. La Fay's Haunting Dream

 — He came to me like a tonic in my time of need. by Morgaine LaFay10/31/014.50HOT

Luau & 20 Questions Ch. 01

 — Aimee plays 20 at her Soriority's Luau by Lovely_Pink_Queen01/18/034.00

Luau & 20 Questions Ch. 02

 — Who was at the door after game heated up? by Lovely_Pink_Queen01/28/034.42

Lube Job

 — Mechanic lubes up a customer. by Blake03/19/014.32

Lube Job

 — BBW mechanic does much more than fix fat-admirer's car. by BartlebyWaylon08/30/114.29

Lucas and Emma Ch. 01

 — Getting caught in the rain force Emma to meet her neighbor. by munkin22412/31/174.33

Lucas and the Library Girl

 — A shy man is seduced by a bewitching pair of eyes. by Voboy07/22/164.71HOT


 — This isn't how you're supposed to celebrate Lucia Day! by Svenskaflicka12/17/023.42

Lucia Abused

 — A fellatrix gets her mouth abused. by fisforfuun04/26/124.43

Lucia Gets an 'A'

 — Our beloved fellatrix earns her grade. by jimbean48510/21/114.62HOT

Lucia The Cleaning Lady

 — He finds that she can clean more than the office. by JRob09/20/084.52HOT

Lucia the Confirmed Escort

 — A fellatrix chooses escort career. by fisforfuun03/27/124.22

Lucia The Escort

 — Lucia is a fellatrix who's fallen on hard times. by fisforfuun02/08/124.25

Lucid Dreaming

 — What over-sexed 18 year old girls dream about by skarlet07/04/044.21

Lucid Dreaming

 — Was he dreaming? by Mjolnir006/03/163.67

Lucid Wet Dream

 — Unable to sleep, a man ponders an old flame. by MindOverMania01/29/124.00

Lucile: Never On Weekends

 — Erotic pleasures only on weekdays. by Merob12/11/024.30

Lucinda & Alfrado

 — A blind date, Mexican food, & a night of fun. by Chelle3603/15/014.44

Luck be a Lady

 — An unexpected encounter in Las Vegas. by AnnaKuari12/09/114.00

Luck Can Happen Twice

 — No matter how many 'no's, a "yes" can still happen. by ainu206/10/094.57HOT

Luck gets Lucky

 — He meets gorgeous woman at health food counter. by tatts~horny6502/01/024.18

Luck of the Irish

 — New playmates discover joys of foursome sex. by sazzy03/23/024.36

Luck of the Irish

 — Maggie discovers that once is enough to be cursed. by intriguess04/03/073.78

Luck of the Irish?

 — Wife cucks her hubby. by SarahMJames01/10/174.00

Luck of the Roses

 — A chance meeting at the bus stop blooms into luck. by Alegria08/11/034.42

Luckiest Guy

 — Everything was looking so good. by standingstones06/13/154.48


 — Lucky has a bad night, till she finds a champion. by jackell9907/02/084.58HOT

Lucky 13 Suprise

 — College girl has a fun day with her boyfriend. by Kieh08/17/074.11

Lucky Alan Ch. 05

 — Alan and the Wilcox sisters have some fun. by TLMorgan06/04/154.61HOT

Lucky Alan Ch. 06

 — Alan gives the neighborhood bully some much needed payback. by TLMorgan06/09/154.60HOT

Lucky Alan Ch. 11

 — Alan's luck and a familiar bust returns. by TLMorgan01/26/184.47

Lucky Babysitter

 — Guy needs to pay his babysitter for being late. by c_t_k11/26/134.38

Lucky Boy

 — I make him beg to cum. by Teresa1206/21/143.95

Lucky Buildup Ch. 1

 — Guy is hit with amazing lucky streak. by S. Joel Philips10/28/004.53HOT

Lucky Chance

 — An encounter leads to a fulfilled fantasy. by Nnonbeliever05/02/034.28

Lucky Charms

 — A trip to his home land offers him his greatest wish. by Karen Caldwell01/03/03

Lucky Day

 — Invited to her place to photograph her in the nude. by insin01/02/183.14

Lucky Girl Ch. 02

 — Becca has to finish a science project. by bigballs3406/29/113.25

Lucky Horse Shoes

 — Watching him pound those nails was just too much. by Pearl_Prynne06/15/024.76HOT

Lucky In Vegas

 — Isn't everyone? by db_0102/13/054.20

Lucky Jim Cannot Get Any

 — Jim's scruples get in his way to find pussy. by seekingred04/19/054.03

Lucky Jim Takes A Wife

 — Jim enjoys many positions with one. by seekingred04/18/053.87

Lucky Landlord!

 — Lucky April Fool sex, cheater and exhibitor. by LitEroCat03/06/174.34

Lucky Lunch

 — A text sends him to her house for lunch. by FS760009/06/103.50

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