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Lois's Letters

 — She confesses deviant sex habits to old college flame. by jay.palin05/06/064.56HOT

Lonely Son

 — Letter from lonely son to mother. by Walk8609/27/173.00

Long Burning, Still Yearning

 — A letter to a woman I love. by InsatiableSteve06/24/184.20

Long Distance Call

 — Long distance lovers on the phone. by dAyers05/20/144.47

Long Distance Lust

 — Long distance couple enjoy late night sex chat. by SexWithEx08/20/154.00


 — Letter of longing sent to a missing love. by lostandfounder05/29/044.09

Lorena's Thinking

 — Candid conversations with a young, professional, woman. by ChinaBandit01/15/093.75

Love Letter

 — Special delivery for her lover. by Mystral08/03/033.97

Love Letter

 — Rory pours his heart out in a letter Elena will never read. by zeitgeist_the_clown02/06/094.26

Love Letter Ch. 01

 — He writes to an incredible woman. by db_0110/19/004.36

Love Letter From Peter

 — His letter of love to the woman of his dreams. by wtdgirl109/21/064.40

Love Letter From The Heart

 — Man is crazy in love with a woman who doesn't love him. by PositiveThinker12/15/093.82

Love Letter to Nika

 — A letter to a lover and another man. by IndyGuy5508/26/144.50

Love Letters

 — Distance can't quell two lover's passions. by Oazeal06/11/043.93

Love Letters

 — A series of short love letters to her lover. by rosebuds08/03/044.00

Love Letters

 — Dark correspondence. by secretme07/24/084.47

Love Letters for Him: No. 01

 — She rekindles desire to write him erotic letters. by RedHairedandFriendly04/17/064.52HOT

Love Letters for Him: No. 02

 — He replies to her erotic love letter. by jushorny04/17/064.57HOT

Love Letters for Him: No. 03

 — Wife continues her seduction in this letter. by RedHairedandFriendly04/25/064.29

Love Letters for Him: No. 04

 — Husband's second reply to Loving Wife's Letter. by jushorny04/26/064.60HOT

Love Letters for Him: No. 05

 — Away on business, she needed to reach out & touch. by RedHairedandFriendly05/06/064.00

Love Letters for Him: No. 06

 — Husbands reply to loving wife's love letter by jushorny05/08/065.00

Love Letters for Him: No. 07

 — Husband takes the lead in writing love letter fantasy. by jushorny05/22/064.00

Love Letters for Him: No. 08

 — She tells him of the fantasy she had been thinking. by RedHairedandFriendly05/22/064.25

Love Letters for Him: No. 09

 — Wake her up when you get home. by RedHairedandFriendly06/10/064.56HOT

Love Letters for Him: No. 10

 — He wakes wife as she asked. by jushorny06/10/064.38

Love Letters for Him: No. 11

 — What happened at the library. by RedHairedandFriendly06/15/064.50HOT

Love Letters for Him: No. 12

 — Husband's exhibitionism. by jushorny06/16/064.30

Love Letters: Daddy & Daughter

 — Between a Master/Daddy & his slave/daughter. by luv2flirtamswf3403/08/044.43

Love Notes - To Her

 — He writes her a love note. by leto42304/01/084.38

Love Notes - To Him

 — she returns his note. by leto42304/26/084.40

Love Online: The Instant Message Ch. 01

 — BabyLove's first cyber experience. by SxySonghai03/21/044.04

Love Train

 — A chance meeting on the train leads to quite an evening. by MrFlirt57007/11/113.44

Love, Lust, and Separation

 — Husband and wife reunited briefly, what a reunion. by browneyedgirl27200407/19/054.40

Love, Murder and Lust

 — A fun, sexy plot-wife gets revenged on cheating husband. by undercoverfreakchick09/04/123.15

Lover Come Home

 — Letters to an absent lover, descriptive of their pleasures. by RoseMontana03/27/084.71

Lover Come Home Ch. 02

 — Letter to an absent lover, remembering their sex life. by RoseMontana04/04/084.38

Lover Come Home Ch. 03

 — Letter to an absent lover; how she will welcome him? by RoseMontana04/16/085.00

Lover Come Home Ch. 04

 — Letter to an absent lover, thinking of their bodies. by RoseMontana04/22/085.00

Lover Come Home Ch. 05

 — Letter to an absent lover, slow play. by RoseMontana04/28/085.00

Lover Come Home Ch. 06

 — Letter to an absent lover, food fighting. by RoseMontana05/12/085.00

Lover Come Home Ch. 07

 — Letter to an absent lover, friends become lovers. by RoseMontana05/20/084.00

Lover Come Home Ch. 08

 — Letter to an absent lover, needing release. by RoseMontana05/26/084.67

Lover Come Home Ch. 09

 — Letter to an absent lover, contentment in the bath tub. by RoseMontana06/05/085.00

Lover Come Home Ch. 10

 — Letter to an absent lover; mad dreams of love. by RoseMontana06/19/085.00

Lover Come Home Ch. 12

 — Letters to an absent lover; multiple orgasms. by RoseMontana10/18/085.00

Lover Come Home Ch. 14

 — Letters to an absent lover, the recognition of the problem by RoseMontana01/27/095.00

Lover, Please Remember

 — My deepest apologies to a great friend and lost lover. by TopShelfBitch12/21/173.46

Loving Letters

 — Love Letters from the mistress and politician. by wtdgirl106/14/11

Lovingly, Alexis

 — Correspondence between two would-be lovers. by Wicked-N-Erotic10/01/044.40

Lust Letter

 — Letter to a lover about an upcoming encounter. by FuckDoll06/24/054.38

Lustful Thoughts In Manhattan

 — She watches you. by tonyslust03/19/043.90

Lusty Email

 — She lets you know how hot she is. by papaya_lynne11/11/034.39


 — Still not good at these. by Mr.Tommy11/12/031.00


 — A new alias for a mysterious drifter. by infructescence09/05/094.60

Magazine Interviews Secret Lovers

 — Boss & assistant anonymously share their 5-year affair. by walterio09/08/174.50HOT

Maid of Honor E01 S01

 — Who is Hannah Gabrielle? by paopao3309/24/144.25

Maid of Honor S01 E02

 — The Inspiration. by paopao3309/26/143.20

Maid of Honor S01 E04

 — Welcome to Femme Fatale. by paopao3310/05/143.25

Maid of Honor S01 E05

 — Warnings. by paopao3310/26/143.00

Maid of Honor S01 E06

 — Femme Fatale Debut. by paopao3311/08/143.00

Making Your Toes Curl

 — Cyber cuddle turns into intense cyber sex. by runningtears06/03/104.20

Mall Walkers

 — The aberrant behavior some of the mall walkers. by Middleagepoet12/23/094.32Editor's Pick

Man And The Original Woman

 — Some thoughts about sex. by JohnP592412/27/114.20

Marie in "Dating Service"

 — Marie lends helping hand to guy with first-date jitters. by DonFox02/08/074.26


 — A phone conversation for an oral massage. by MT_Pitcher08/03/044.53HOT


 — Matilda borrows Luda's boyfriend for a night.. by Victor C. Anderson05/22/03

Me & Newby

 — Chat between him and an older woman. by NYCfreakM07/15/033.48

Me And My Online Master

 — A fantasy chat with my master. by ftpmike198002/15/104.00

Meeting Lulu Ch. 02

 — Cyber-fun while waiting for her reply. by dakara08/17/094.33

Meeting of Masters

 — The fate of a slave discussed. by His_pet07/16/052.87

Megan's Story: The Love Letter

 — A letter of love from one dearly loved to another. by cdhawkeye96a05/25/064.42

Megan's Story: The Trees of Love

 — Megan's story continues with Ken's letter. by cdhawkeye96a05/29/064.50HOT

Memoir of a Lame Girl

 — She opens herself to him. by msgimply04/28/044.65HOT

Memories and Imagination Together

 — A loving girlfriend's original text to her boyfriend. by LovingGF07/03/184.56

Memories Inspire Desire

 — A short letter of what a box of pictures can do to a woman. by RedHairedandFriendly09/19/064.65HOT

Memories of My Friend

 — Sad memories of growing old. by Walk8611/01/184.50HOT

Merging The Past And Present

 — For a very Special Boy this Christmas - you know who you are. by Ladylito12/28/103.43

Message 4 Ron

 — Leslie Blue's sexy email to young Ron. by LeslieBlue07/30/064.57

Michelle's First Date

 — Her first intimate encounter in several months. by TheGlobalSoul06/14/034.43

Michelle's German Threesome

 — A diary entry from a very naughty girl. by the lost angel07/28/034.39

Michelle's Hotel Rendevous

 — Greg describes her wild night of bondage. by TheGlobalSoul09/25/033.89

Mile High Club...IM Style

 — IM cybersex session heats up until both cum online. by pjwolf01/19/074.36


 — She uses his memory to guide her down a path of pleasure. by RedHairedandFriendly08/24/064.50HOT

Mine, All Mine

 — This was written especially for the one I desire. by curlygirly3212/29/064.50HOT

Missed Opportunities

 — What I should have done. by sweetnpetite12/08/034.56HOT

Missin' You

 — A wishful letter home. by Mister_G10/26/073.20

Missing You...

 — A letter to someone 2000 miles away. by mr_sexybeast12/26/12

Monday's Fantasy

 — This was sent to my partner who lives in another town. by softshell196604/02/094.80

Mora's Fetish Diary

 — She starts a new erotic journal. by darkgoddess247804/01/054.00

Mora's Fetish Diary: Hands

 — Something about hands that turns her on. by darkgoddess247804/01/054.40

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