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Dear Santa

 — A letter to Santa from Dana. by reohoko11/23/03HOT

Dear Santa

 — A special Christmas letter to asking for the perfect lover. by Clohi12/28/034.33

Dear Santa, Good, Bad, or Naughty?

 — Mrs. Mary Claus writes to tell she was naughty on Halloween. by andtheend10/16/104.00

Dear Sarah

 — A letter that describes some - interesting - family fun! by kitten196408/02/134.12

Dear Sean I Love You

 — A letter from an inmate to her boyfriend. by Sean Renaud01/14/093.44

Dear Senator John Goff

 — Concerned United Middleclass writes a letter. by SusanJillParker12/17/12HOT

Dear Sexgod #01

 — Email to the inspiration for a nice and naughty dream. by melodyceleste04/26/084.00

Dear Sexgod #02

 — An email recapping a naughty afternoon surprise visit. by melodyceleste05/12/083.67

Dear Sexgod #03

 — What is a dream and what is reality? by melodyceleste05/31/084.20

Dear Shannon 01

 — Shannon and I meet for an unlikely rendezvous, or do we? by TimWLy06/05/084.50

Dear Shannon 02

 — Times gone by and a movie night. by TimWLy07/02/083.00

Dear Shannon 03

 — Anal Play after a shower, can be fun. by TimWLy07/16/084.00

Dear Shannon 04

 — A Dream leads to M&M reflection by TimWLy07/17/084.00

Dear Shannon 05

 — Daydreaming at work, builds up to huge fireworks. by TimWLy08/05/08

Dear Shannon 06

 — Denying yourself can be the sweetest Torture. by TimWLy09/02/081.00

Dear Shannon 07

 — Passion ignited. by TimWLy09/04/082.00

Dear Sir

 — A different kind of Dear John letter. by Tara_Neale07/17/144.22

Dear Sir, I Love Your....

 — A tribute to your cock. by HandFan05/11/054.58HOT

Dear Stranger in My Dream

 — A letter to a someone who visits my dreams. by tbabyhot01/06/114.25

Dear Voters

 — Letter from a political ah, a concerned citizen. by Kaishaku11/01/113.45

Dear Young Lady

 — Letter to a young woman. by JagFarlane02/21/134.57HOT


 — Reminicsing. by mzzbabycakes01/10/083.50


 — A letter to an inmate. by Sean Renaud01/17/102.88

Dearest Dream

 — From The Dreamer to The Dream. by MistaBone07/16/054.89

Dearest Husband...

 — Letter home. by SweetieBee09/14/113.43

Dearest Love

 — The kidnapped Vixen tells her lover about her new life by Sean Renaud05/04/143.21

Dearest One

 — A non-erotic letter full of reflection and decision making. by RedHairedandFriendly03/15/124.32

Dearest Rebecca

 — Matthew, away from home, writes to his wife. by HeyNonnyNonny11/21/064.56

Dearest Sister Jane

 — Mary's husband behaved strangely at their wedding night. by Svenskaflicka02/04/134.24

Debilitating Disease Pushes Desire

 — Persistantly Aroused woman pours her heart out (and loins) in an ad. by MyRubiedLipsPuff07/30/094.15

Deborah Reel from Agnes Scott

 — Playboy's Women of Women's Colleges Issue. by MasturbationSuperstar12/29/144.75


 — In life, in death, in love. by impressive04/09/054.64HOT

Delgrasi Writer's Market

 — A listing of the magazines put out by Delgrasi. by dweaver99910/12/114.25

Delilah Ch. 01

 — Cybersex Role Playing. by Taunus01/10/142.60

Delilah Ch. 02

 — Taunus Trains Delilah by Taunus01/12/142.00


 — Keara's stressed. by KarennaC04/26/084.50

Deus Et Plastica

 — A bargain with a ghostly lover. by TE99910/22/074.39

Dharma Tramp: Love and Rockets

 — Young Freya writes a letter to an old friend. by MissBri05/19/063.67

Diary Confessions Pt. 01

 — Extracts of my personal sex diary. by Sienna06/27/174.64HOT

Diary Confessions Pt. 02

 — Extracts of my personal sex diary. by Sienna12/15/174.67HOT

Diary Confessions Pt. 03

 — Extracts of my personal sex diary. by Sienna01/18/184.00

Diary Entry #01

 — Diary entries. by deardiary12/10/094.18

Diary Entry #02

 — It had to be filed under remarkable nights. by deardiary12/13/094.83

Diary Entry #03

 — Diary entires. by deardiary12/16/094.43

Diary Entry #04

 — Diary Entries. by deardiary12/29/094.50

Diary Entry #05

 — Diary entries. by deardiary12/30/094.60

Diary Entry #06

 — Diary entries. by deardiary02/04/104.80

Diary Entry #07

 — Diary entries. by deardiary03/09/104.43

Diary Entry #08

 — Diary. by deardiary03/18/104.50

Diary Entry #09

 — Diary entry. by deardiary05/03/103.67

Diary Entry #10

 — Diary entry. by deardiary04/25/113.50

Diary Entry #11

 — Diary entry. by deardiary07/06/114.17

Diary Entry #12

 — Diary entries. by deardiary07/31/115.00

Diary of a Slut

 — A woman discovers another side to herself. by paulabryce3206808/11/064.83HOT

Diary of an Oversexed Woman

 — Misc Sexual Encounters. by slowhand33501/09/164.57HOT

Diary of Seducing my Muse

 — After years of waiting, I finally take her to bed. by HeyNonnyNonny10/02/094.38

Different Strokes

 — An "email" with a plan for doings things differently by Persisto08/31/063.25


 — She can't stop thinking about the new woman in her life. by patricia5101/31/094.68HOT

Dirty Little Secret

 — Her husband has a secret life. by KarennaC05/04/083.50

Dissolution and Disillusionment

 — The end of a DDlg from the broken little's point of view. by unpublaauthor12/21/164.48

Distant Dom

 — A little bit about Amanda... by thestoryguy3309/22/134.50

Do I Love You?

 — I don't even know what love is... by mary91505/13/143.55

Do Me--Ravings of a Mad House Wife

 — I want to be your whore. by yrcatrin05/27/083.83

Do You Feel What I Feel

 — Rhianna takes her revenge. by fetidare01/19/153.73

Do You Remember?

 — She sure does by Hipnotic08/24/054.11

Doing All the Hard Work

 — a slow, intense fuck by writehug9012/13/154.36

Don't Get Caught

 — Two lovers - one late night quickie. by SexyBetelgeuse03/10/134.00

Donna Ch. 01

 — A hot cyber sex session with Donna. by silversun8405/08/124.35

Donna Ch. 02

 — Another encounter with my insatiable love slave by silversun8405/09/124.25

Donna Ch. 03

 — My sexiest student comes to my office. by silversun8405/11/123.62

Donna Ch. 04

 — In our role-play I enjoy my son's young girlfriend. by silversun8405/15/124.83


 — A letter from a Knight. by Joseki Ko07/21/042.80

Dreams & E-mails

 — Her e-mail tells just how much she wants him. by tinkanjil11/22/053.80

Dreams of Electric Hearts

 — Can you ever believe what you're told on the Internet? by JohnFranks10/09/062.67

Dreams of Meeting

 — Dreams of meeting her online lover. by angelicminx02/13/054.59HOT

Dreams Really Do Cum True: Ch. 00

 — Her fantasies become her doom and it started with a letter! by EveOfDesire01/27/114.38


 — It starts in the car. by DianaM12/16/083.43

Driving and Dreaming

 — Lady daydreams about servicing her lover in the shower. by Hikergirl03/09/074.52HOT


 — An answer to Voicemail, by WarmMilk. by AGreyFoxxx01/17/103.33

E-Mail Erotica

 — What would happen if we caught each other reading? by Loving52212/27/064.00

East of Eden

 — Big Brother is watching the wrong couple. by PositiveThinker12/27/093.62

Eclipsed Compassion

 — To you, even if you don't read this. by mlraven05/23/185.00NEW


 — She writes letters to a much older lady! by joeycomeau07/29/112.00

Education of Chelsea: Fantasies

 — A letter to her Master about her deepest sexual fantasies. by simply_cyn10/20/054.19

Education of Chelsea: Love Letters

 — Chelsea writes a letter to her Master. by simply_cyn09/30/054.48

Edwardian Lady's Diary

 — Erotic extracts from an Edwardian lady's diary. by rjd6909/02/154.35


 — Sex talk. by katxmeowx06/19/093.64

Email 02

 — Cyber sex. by katxmeowx07/16/092.00

Email from Cindy's Box #01

 — A pair of emails I wrote to a male reader. by little_asian_cherry10/03/104.52HOT

Email From James

 — Away on business, he shows how he missed her. by SaraW_198307/11/064.64HOT

Email from Lisa

 — Traveling on business, friend gets her cum. by Global Carol01/08/054.44

Email Report on Pastor JP Enis

 — Report on investigation into Pastor Enis and his church. by SunrockSin11/30/084.36

Email Sex

 — Two lovers share an erotic email exchange. by angelbex04/24/054.27

Email Succubus

 — The hottest response I've received to my stories. by the_harmless07/17/174.06

Email to McA! 01

 — Long distance. by MsWhovian04/04/173.67

Email to McA! 02 - The Reply

 — McA replies. by MsWhovian04/18/17

Email to McA! 03

 — Continuing emails between the lovers. by MsWhovian06/14/17

Email to my Lover

 — Communicatons is the vital in a long distance relationship. by techsan03/07/064.09

Emailing Coleen Again

 — Infinite Wasteland of Time (adult). by anglosextantyen4u02/11/114.00

Emails to Her Husband

 — K misses Jack's cock and finds various substitutes. by JackFlash195907/25/074.29

Emails to Lovers Ch. 02

 — She tells him how she wants to cum. by Texas Tease01/24/054.25

Emails to Lovers Ch. 03

 — She wants him to remember how good she is. by Texas Tease04/25/054.52HOT

Emily Ch. 01

 — She wants to show the prudish librarian a good time. by silversun8405/06/124.50

Emily Ch. 02

 — Unhappily married strangers meet on a cruise ship. by silversun8405/13/123.88

Emily Ch. 03

 — Lady Emily & her gardener resist their feelings no longer. by silversun8405/26/123.50

Emma and Jason - The Island

 — Post-Storm Exploration. by TarnishedPenny12/17/174.52HOT

Emma and Jason Ch. 02 - The Hike

 — Dreams make for the best picnics. by TarnishedPenny12/22/174.64HOT

Emma and Jason Ch. 03 - Canoeing

 — A voyage to love. by TarnishedPenny12/29/174.91HOT

Employees Only

 — Occupational fantasy described in a real cybersex session. by VFucci01/01/084.62

EMT's Best Treatment

 — Saying goodbye to a good man. by mman04/26/034.04

Endless Possibilities

 — Writing to her lover proves to be a distraction in itself. by Minox08/24/074.40

Energy Source

 — Toy begs Faustus for a solution to the energy quagmire. by Taunus03/21/111.00

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 01

 — Young Queen sends letters of love to her favored lover. by RedHairedandFriendly04/17/064.50

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 02

 — Queen tempts lover with more words of erotica. by RedHairedandFriendly04/24/064.60

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 03

 — Glass phallus is the item of heated conversation. by RedHairedandFriendly05/09/064.11

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 04

 — Politics with a bit of love woven in. by RedHairedandFriendly05/29/064.67

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 05

 — She tells him of the ivory balls she'll keep. by RedHairedandFriendly06/28/064.80

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 06

 — Passion ignites as Elissa answers Cadmus' letter of rumors. by RedHairedandFriendly08/14/065.00

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 07

 — War reigns down, but passion runs high between two lovers. by RedHairedandFriendly10/19/065.00

Epistle To My Lady Ch. 01

 — The Captain opens up more to his Queen. by SEVERUSMAX04/23/063.92

Epistle To My Lady Ch. 02

 — The Captain expresses his own wish for a private life. by SEVERUSMAX05/08/064.38

Epistle To My Lady Ch. 03

 — Cadmus expresses his growing desire for anal sex. by SEVERUSMAX05/29/064.20

Epistle To My Lady Ch. 04

 — He lets the Queen know that she is his love. by SEVERUSMAX06/22/065.00

Epistle To My Lady Ch. 05

 — Cadmus agrees to his Queen's request. by SEVERUSMAX08/12/065.00

Epistle To My Lady Ch. 06

 — Cadmus shares news and more of his feelings. by SEVERUSMAX09/29/065.00

Epistle To My Lady Ch. 07

 — Cadmus reveals much of his true feelings. by SEVERUSMAX12/25/065.00

Eros & Logos: Seduction by the Word

 — Making words flesh. by Sappholovers04/27/044.64HOT

Erotic Dance Roleplay

 — A simulated "cyber chat" where she is ordered to dance by centaur mare02/13/034.17

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