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Erotic E-mail

 — What will happen when they meet? by Merob07/23/034.11


 — She writes to her friend about her sexual adventures. by Goldeniangel03/28/054.05

EuroLetters Ch. 02

 — She writes home about her continued sexual adventures. by Goldeniangel03/29/054.51HOT

EuroLetters Ch. 03

 — Girl writes home about her new playmates. by Goldeniangel04/08/054.53HOT

EuroLetters Ch. 04

 — She writes more about her group sex experience. by Goldeniangel04/11/054.66HOT

EuroLetters Ch. 05

 — Gina's moved on to another city and another adventure. by Goldeniangel05/19/054.60HOT

EuroLetters Ch. 06

 — Gina gets busy on the trip. by Goldeniangel05/22/054.65HOT

EuroLetters Ch. 07

 — Gina continues her affair with her classmate's father. by Goldeniangel05/25/054.68HOT

EuroLetters Ch. 08

 — Gina finally gets sandwiched - between twins. by Goldeniangel06/03/054.48

EuroLetters Ch. 09

 — Gina ends her trip with a gangbang. by Goldeniangel06/04/054.46


 — This is all she left behind. by Scaramouche12306/06/124.27

Everyday I Write The Book Ch. 01

 — Lyndie's journey begins with send-off from her sister. by velvetpie01/31/053.60

Everyday I Write The Book Ch. 02

 — Lyndie's first photo shoot. by velvetpie02/01/053.57

Everyday I Write The Book Ch. 03

 — Lyndie meets a fan. by velvetpie02/01/054.25

Everyday I Write The Book Ch. 04

 — A lively cocktail party. by velvetpie02/02/054.00

Everyday I Write The Book Ch. 05

 — Lyndie's tale continues. by velvetpie02/04/054.50

Everyday Things

 — Daily Admirations. by JonMHoll9204/26/174.62

Exerpts from a Chat

 — First attempt at cybersex. by Lily Lady06/21/054.09

Exotic Encounters

 — Two people have a leather and cuffs encounter on IM. by Phoenix Weaver10/16/054.00


 — A insect problem gets out of hand for Christina and me. by Middleagepoet10/01/094.00

Fancy Meeting You Here

 — Daddy meets his daughter in a strip club. by daddywillpleaseyou12/28/034.26

Fantasizing in Threes

 — Chat with a friend about hot pictures. by WantonWench11/06/044.10


 — A fantasy about everything she wants you to do to her. by grandtheftcondom03/10/124.25

Fantasy and Memory

 — Letter describes fantasy & recounts great blowjob. by ListenHere12/09/064.18

Fantasy Email

 — Emails passed between two lovers. by kaminokd09/27/113.33

Fantasy Email Ch. 01

 — Steamy email exchanges. by insatiables08/20/104.20

Fantasy Email Ch. 02

 — Steamy email exchanges. by insatiables08/23/104.45

Fantasy for a Long Distance Lover

 — She entertains her long-distance lover via IM. by baileymouse02/11/074.33


 — A fantasy can become a reality. by LadyDi69709/27/124.50

Farewell, My Heart

 — To a lover never met but cherished. by SexyChele05/13/034.56HOT

Feding Kim

 — The feeding of a slave. by Joseki Ko01/01/053.11

Fever Pitch

 — My raging soul submits to pictures. by alexcarr08/06/122.00

Final Disclosure

 — Toy confronts Faustus in 2020. by Taunus02/28/114.00

Finnegan's Awakening

 — An Erotic Correspondence with James Joyce and an Acolyte. by LetMeTypeInElvishDamnYou01/12/164.00

First Anniversary

 — Letter from a young man to his older lover. by vizmaster11/26/093.75

First Encounter with Your Wife

 — Husband receives email from wife's fling. by aneighborguy09/22/103.85

First Taste

 — The first erotic email he sent to his lady. by kramus07/21/074.43

First Time By The Bay

 — He recounts their first experience together. by otaku7201/16/064.60

First Time Chatlog

 — The chatlog between the inexperienced and the excited. by Maddirose12/05/134.69HOT

Flashed By Liz

 — Seeing Liz flash in an adult store. by xsgt10/19/033.25


 — A description of my sexual journey. by Earthgoddess01/11/094.06

Following Instructions

 — She writes a letter of submission and releases herself. by SexySouthernBel02/17/094.50

Folsom Prison Blues

 — Jimmy's time is almost served and Katie is ready and waiting. by Selena_Kitt12/04/064.48

Fom Iraq with Love

 — Newlywed soldier sends his thoughts back home to his bride. by LuciousBi-Writes4U01/24/064.39

For a Recovering Friend

 — Written to a friend recovering from surgery. by WFEATHER01/26/064.42

For Master Robert

 — A letter to Master from his obediant Pet. by Roberts_Pet01/03/084.40

For Melanie T

 — An open letter to the woman I desire. by lomar208/14/094.50

For Mr. Right

 — My real thoughts and desires. by candekissez03/02/084.57

For My Man

 — I want you to take me...roughly. by yrcatrin05/20/084.15

For Pleasure and Power

 — She explains her desire to be corseted. by Learningfast10/09/104.37

For the Record

 — An audio blog really worth listening to... by LaurelAspen04/03/183.60

For This, I Want to Thank You

 — A letter to my inspiration. by tbabyhot12/20/094.43

For You

 — Thinking of her lover... by mollyollyo06/15/104.35

For You

 — A letter of longing after an intense sexual relationship. by Mistress80909/23/174.06

Fortune Shines

 — Teacher is seduced by an anonymous note. by zestyandshy02/13/053.81

Fortune Shines Ch. 02

 — Teacher is seduced through anonymous emails. by zestyandshy06/23/054.25

Fortune Shines Ch. 03

 — Emails between former student & teacher continue. by zestyandshy06/29/053.67

Fortune Shines Ch. 04

 — Emails between former student & teacher continue. by zestyandshy02/22/063.60

Fortune Shines Ch. 05

 — The emails continue between a professor and admirer. by zestyandshy05/15/063.67

Fran Johnson Ch. 09

 — Housewife Fran completes the total cuckolding of Bill. by Heironymous05/01/104.01

Friday Night's Letter

 — A letter to a friend in answer to hers. by marleywasone10/11/034.25

Friend From the Mall

 — I search for your stand-in, and a new bra. by Fishalicious02/05/074.11

From Friend to Lover? Ch. 01

 — Feelings change from friendship to sexual desire. by SexySoxFan05/01/083.33

From Friend to Lover? Ch. 02

 — More lustful thoughts I must send you. by SexySoxFan05/02/082.50

From the Sea

 — A sexy e-mail sent from a sailor to his love ashore. by melodiclyrics10/25/084.43

Fuck Pig Diaries

 — A diary entry from a cheating wife. by Sean Renaud01/14/093.55


 — A transcript of a hot chat session. by wildbill112807/04/033.30

Gina Ch. 03

 — Tommy fucks Gina in her living room. by Tommy198208/14/064.34

Girdle Interview

 — She describes her figure training & clothes to interviewer. by Learningfast10/20/084.53HOT

Girl on MSN

 — A girl described what she would do to me on cyber. by nanaskate07/17/094.14

Girl on the Milk Carton

 — Girl writes letter to Milk carton company. by subwryter03/10/134.41

Girls' Night Out

 — Lesbian lovers meet for the first time over dinner. by Cinner11/14/124.36

God is Calling. I Can't Marry You.

 — Priesthood used as an excuse to break up with fuck buddy. by SusanJillParker12/25/144.44

Goddess, Simone & YOU

 — A conversation between myself, my Higher Power & Other... by SimoneLisbon09/14/154.30

Going to Work Naked

 — A letter to a lover. by leealder10/27/114.29

Gold Card Ch. 05

 — Susan emails about her early morning Gold Card experiences. by MungoParkIII11/08/074.40

Gold Card Ch. 06

 — Ted emails Susan about his sexy day with the Gold Card. by MungoParkIII11/09/074.58HOT

Gold Card Ch. 07

 — Susan's email tells of her return to the coffee shop. by MungoParkIII11/14/074.57HOT

Gold Card Ch. 10

 — Awaiting word from Ted, Susan tells her Gold Card Story by MungoParkIII11/16/074.64HOT

Gold Card Ch. 11

 — Susan tells Ted of her surprise. by MungoParkIII11/17/074.52HOT

Gold Card Ch. 12

 — Ted tells Susan about his adventure, then makes an offer. by MungoParkIII11/18/074.61HOT

Gold Card Ch. 13

 — Susan responds to Ted's story & accepts his invitation. by MungoParkIII11/19/074.69HOT

Gold Card Ch. 15

 — Ted gets in touch with Susan, then gets his Gold Card bill. by MungoParkIII11/22/074.38

Gold Card Ch. 17

 — The Gold Card Company responds to accusations and rumors. by MungoParkIII11/24/074.31

Good Girl

 — I need someone to treat me rough. by AbbyGrace05/16/124.61HOT

Good Morning Love

 — She's with her husband, but thinking of you. by kittin01/21/064.17

Good Puppy

 — Sometimes it truly seems real. by Qwitecontrary04/22/034.45


 — Eavesdrop on a telephone call between to parting lovers. by RedHairedandFriendly10/25/053.96

Google Chat

 — A hot IM conversation during the school day. by Jumper4310/04/123.67

Got You under My Skin

 — Passionate letter to a lover, with deep sexual desires. by mwest04/07/174.58HOT


 — You do her so good. by YeahBabyyy04/16/044.22

Grandmother's Secret

 — A diary explains a lot. by KarennaC02/15/094.07Contest Winner

Greetings Your Majesty

 — A plea for revenge. by Joseki Ko07/19/042.80

Handcuffs Anyone?

 — A steamy email depicting a fantasy of you, me and handcuffs. by papaya_lynne02/22/054.09

Happy Birthday, Gia Ch. 01

 — A letter to Gia to keep her warm on her birthday. by JacksonWyoming09/12/074.20

Happy Fuck off!

 — A letter to my cheating wife. by TCct03/31/144.52HOT

Happy Valentines

 — Letter to my Love. by Perfect102/08/114.50

Harborside Affair

 — Love and lust for man and woman. by SxRx07/15/074.38

Hardly the Mile High Club

 — A letter from a stranger on a train. by PnkOcelot03/23/084.17

He Dared Me

 — To masturbate at the office. by Molly Magee08/19/033.80

Heated Whispers

 — Conversation about men leads to distraction. by simply_cyn07/11/045.00

Hello Sailor

 — Pregnant wife writes to her husband in the Navy. by al_Ussa12/20/104.17

Her Diary Pt. 01

 — Submissive girl's journal about her online relationship. by CornishBabe01/13/083.50

Her Diary Pt. 02

 — Submissive girl's journal about her online relationship by CornishBabe01/14/083.00

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