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Her Diary Pt. 03

 — Submissive girl's journal about her online relationship. by CornishBabe01/15/084.33

Her Diary Pt. 04

 — Submissive girls journal on her online relationship. by CornishBabe01/16/083.50

Her Diary Pt. 05

 — Submissive girl's journal on her online relationship. by CornishBabe01/17/085.00

Her Horny E-mail

 — My late girlfriends emails she use to send me. by casemister06/22/124.11

Her Letter to Him

 — Older sub finishes a task and writes her Master her actions. by RjThoughts07/17/143.58

Her Luring

 — His mind is set on you. by CrowsTouch06/08/034.27

Her Perfect Saturday

 — A lady gets all she can handle. by kleptobrainiac06/22/033.83

Hi Sweety!

 — Long time, no see, by ConqeurAll05/29/043.89

Him, Her, Him & Ass

 — Sizzling phone talk turns anal and bisexual. by libidinal08/28/094.00

His Depraved Pet

 — A master gives his slave instructions by submissivedominant04/26/094.24

His Depraved Pet Ch. 02

 — A slave is given steamy instructions. by submissivedominant06/01/09

His Depraved Pet Ch. 03

 — A Mistress orders her slave to play with her tits. by submissivedominant07/21/094.45

His Fantasy Story for Me

 — My online friend writes a scenario for me to get me wet. by WallFlowerRay07/14/182.80

His Silent Snapshot

 — Do they know each other? by pawsx2408/21/163.91

Home Coming

 — A letter to a boyfriend away at school. by provolognetrout09/30/054.12

Horny-Looking Harlina Ch. 04

 — I exchange hot emails and chat with my sexy Harlina. by johara09/22/03

Horny-Looking Harlina Ch. 05

 — Harlina, Hasheena, and I exchange email. by johara10/01/03

Horny-Looking Harlina Ch. 06

 — Email exchanges to Hasheena and Harlina. by johara10/02/03

Horny-Looking Harlina Ch. 07

 — Letters to Johara, and Harlina. by johara10/05/03

Hostile Government Take Over (Skit)

 — A political skit. by Everettcb09/24/111.00

Hot Mail

 — Did he truly find a reluctant exhibitionist? by Black Tulip11/04/054.17

Hot Online Chat

 — We wanted each other so bad, we had to talk about it. by MyAntonio10/07/114.71

Hot Savanah Night

 — One sided "cyber sex" conversation written for a girl. by hotkarl4411/16/094.15

House Call

 — Role playing with doctor. by lickmycum2311/08/043.92

How do I love Thee...

 — A Valentine's Letter to Him... by Tara_Neale02/21/144.43

How Getting Fired Has Changed Me Ch. 05

 — A transcripted conversation between me and my wife's friend. by Need_to_serve03/26/153.50

How I'd Do Her, How She'd Like It

 — An erotic chat between lovers. by icescamper02/23/094.19

How Shall Our First Time Be?

 — Online lover describes your first meeting. by v_swift01/14/074.31

How to 'Overcum' Writer's Block

 — Lit writers seek muse thru fantasy and double penetration. by pjwolf07/14/073.50


 — Naughty talk between two horny friends. by naughtygirl69s05/14/053.87

I Am So Sorry Baby!

 — Husband pleads for forgiveness. by dirtyjoe6912/27/063.76

I Am Wearing No Knickers

 — Nawty BBW teases her internet lover. by TwistedTania01/01/084.10

I Can't Stay Away

 — He's a bad boy... but he's my bad boy. by mary91505/13/143.00

I Can't Wait

 — Jason sends an email to his boyfriend. by juturuna03/09/074.71

I Dream of Her

 — A man answers a friend's question about what he really wants. by MagnaCumLiterate08/15/154.29

I Had a Dream about You

 — After an erotic dream, a wife emails her deployed husband. by sexually_monogamous_animals11/22/154.00

I Hate You

 — Transcript of a photo sharing IM conversation. by CornishBabe02/25/083.69

I Know You Want Me

 — What if we got together? by the_lovebunny05/15/034.46

I Love You Dammit

 — Boredom does lead to love. by OzzyDaBum03/09/121.00

I Made You Gush

 — A letter to his Mistress about his dream. by lemmethink11/04/054.06

I Miss You, Baby... Ch. 01

 — Teasing scenarios written for my distant lover. by caramelcream04/03/113.42

I Miss You, Baby... Ch. 02

 — Teasing scenarios written for my distant lover. by caramelcream04/04/112.40

I Miss You, Baby... Ch. 03

 — Teasing scenarios written for my distant lover. by caramelcream04/07/113.83

I Shall Worship Your Cock...

 — She explores BDSM with an online Dom... by fuckmesore07/09/124.29

I Still Love You

 — Unrequited love letter of a happily married woman to a man. by willandlynn06/21/122.75

I Tell a Fantasy

 — IM fantasy between strangers. by FredAstaire2311/18/033.92

I Want You To Hurt Me, Baby...

 — She writes to him about her bondage fantasies. by candacem430810/14/063.94

I Won't Forget You, Carmen Orosan

 — Cybersex can be exciting with the right partner. by Cybergod02/23/092.00

I'm a Beast Ch. 03

 — He had to survive to marry his future children's mother. by ForeverFaithful10/30/084.50HOT

I'm Not a Swinger

 — Journal entry organizing my thoughts about swinging. by srs9407/25/183.12

I'm Ready For You, Master

 — sub waits for her Master. by naughtyjuiceS03/29/054.10

I'm Sorry

 — Sorry is not such a bad thing to say. by black saphire03/20/074.41

I've Got a New Girl Now

 — Man gets revenge on his ex-girlfriend. by eroticognitive12/29/064.06

If I Could

 — A letter I wrote to a woman I can't have. by pmfranks09/06/104.70HOT

If I Only Knew

 — A man mediates on his past, and present. by Walk8607/21/184.40

If Not for the Time

 — An apology letter for a husband's incestuous mistake. by Algonquin Twit11/14/104.04

If Only For One Time

 — Hot pantyhose nasty sex letter. by gdudelst04/02/114.12

If Only: An Undelivered Letter

 — My desires are eating away at me from inside. by Dragonfly21307/26/164.00

If You Were Here

 — A request by text message. by Sultry8111/29/104.16

IM in Lust

 — A late-night sexy conversation online. by melodiclyrics10/28/084.90HOT


 — Two women have a conversation by MaskedLady09/25/124.33

IMing Our Love

 — An actual conversation with a former girlfriend. by runningtears05/04/104.20

In Another Place and Time

 — A letter describing your last meeting. by Lilone05/04/054.50

In Case Of

 — Heartbreaking, sobering, and tragic letter to a mother. by Walk8611/11/173.79

In Defense of Vanilla

 — A must read rant on why we are wrong about sexual submission. by LovingGF11/17/184.74HOT

In Seat 10B

 — A letter describing a surprising, sexy event on an airplane. by MungoParkIII09/21/074.44

In Sickness ... and in Lust

 — Nurse Sue receives his *special* oral care. by TropicalHeat03/09/133.92

In The Bathroom

 — A sensuous letter to you, my love. by dsoul10/28/114.20

Incest Through AOL

 — Daddy and step-daughter have relations. by NaughtyBritt08/17/104.15

Incest Through AOL Ch. 02

 — Another late night chat with Daddy by NaughtyBritt08/23/102.77

Incestuous Emailing

 — Cybering with my son. by Catmoore11/03/134.49

Inside Me

 — Her experiences and fantasies described to her lover. by miss_claremont09/20/094.00

Instant Message Conversation 01

 — She tells him what she wishes she could do to him. by MythMinded07/30/094.71

Instant Messages from War

 — Deployed soldier and young wife exchange erotic messages. by sexually_monogamous_animals11/20/154.37

Instant Messenger with Master

 — A slut follows her master's directions. by BlueFish1103/01/094.04

Instant Messenger: Restaurant Role

 — Do cyber friends meet or just role play it? by teerenrut12/05/044.40

Intelligent Lady Bouquet

 — Penetrating her thoughts with a verbal garland. by tafxkz01/23/064.52HOT

Interesting E-Mail

 — Sex in the mail? by Ed061312/08/094.00

Internet Fun With Carmen

 — Carmen is always up for some roleplaying. by CalX02/18/073.83

Intimate Expression

 — An attempt to put feelings into words. by damppanties03/11/064.50HOT

Intimate Strangers

 — On a vacation gone wrong, he finds solace with a stripper. by UncleTony11/15/094.00

Into the Flame: Undelivered Letter

 — Promises were made to be taste is never enough. by Dragonfly21306/17/183.00

IRS Audit

 — Taxpayer seeking loopholes gets cuckold instead. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER04/24/07HOT

Island Slave Ch. 04

 — Melanie's Story, Quinn's Heartbreak. by dweaver99911/25/074.64HOT

Isobel Ch. 01

 — Icelandic Isobel tells me her filthiest fantasies. by silversun8405/04/124.67

It Happened on AIM

 — A transcript of a cyber session. by LordGriffin05/13/043.29

Jaime's Letter

 — Letter to wife from soon-to-be-visiting husband. by Master_Vassago04/02/044.08

Jane and Renee Play

 — An IM conversation where Renee watches Jane play. by CornishBabe01/19/083.57

JennaPendragon Marking & Collaring

 — Transcripts of the event. by Pendragon_Information11/23/182.00

Jesamil and Niomina's Wedding

 — Hand-fasting ceremony between two loving people to bind them. by Pendragon_Information09/21/18


 — Just passing through a chat room. by DiaperedSiouxsie09/30/033.60

John & Rosa 05.18-21.2018

 — John and Rosa meet in a chat room and hit it off immediately. by YourNewboyFriend07/07/18

John & Rosa 05.22.2018

 — John and Rosa go to the cinema, they trade the role of slave. by YourNewboyFriend07/08/18

John & Rosa 05.24.2018

 — They peep, Rosa hears of John's trios, fingers and buttholes. by YourNewboyFriend07/09/18

John & Rosa 05.25.2018

 — Oh my! John & Rosa really like to do it in many fun ways. by YourNewboyFriend07/11/181.00

John and Jane

 — Letters between a loving couple. by elphaba6910/22/123.67

John and Rosa

 — They're back together, try roll play, new positions; & sis? by YourNewboyFriend07/03/183.67

Joseki's Journey's: The Falls

 — A present is given. by Joseki Ko07/09/045.00

Joseki's Journey's: The Garden

 — My first trip into GCN Gor chatrooms. by Joseki Ko07/07/045.00

Journal Entry of a Single Mom

 — Thoughts of restless sexual desire. by cinnamon197711/29/093.50

Journal of a Victorian Gentleman

 — Living in Victorian England had its benefits. by TheBigandBaldGuy11/29/104.20

Journal of an Older Eager Lover

 — Contemplating a romantic liaison. by Silverstag08/24/053.72

Journey Complete

 — Spouse shares homecoming plans as a long business trip ends. by Emperor_Nero04/28/074.88

Julie Says

 — Writer meets teenager on the Internet by Salteena08/11/044.50HOT

Julie's Christmas Tasks

 — Home for Christmas with Humiliations to endure. by Julie2001/26/114.27

June 4, 2011

 — A party to change my life. by mrsomeone06/18/112.27

Just Between Friends

 — An innocent late-night conversation turns erotic. by HubbysToy09/27/124.57

Just Imagine

 — A letter to her lover. by Panacheiam08/13/053.92

Just like a Mother

 — A man recalls his childhood life. by Walk8612/20/173.67

Just The Way You Like It

 — He still knows how to turn her on. by Lovepotion6907/25/034.22

Just Whom in the Heck Do You Think

 — Just whom in the heck do you think, you are? by Everettcb03/09/123.25


 — A promiscuous co-ed's request. by BobCollier02/03/104.00

KIKing The Domme

 — A KIK conversation with a Domme. by Random_subHoneys09/28/17

Kim & Jack Pt. 01

 — Long Distance Couple make the time pass by sharing fantasies. by BigJackHorner12/18/164.22

Kim & Jack Pt. 02

 — Long Distance Couple make the time pass by sharing fantasies. by BigJackHorner12/20/163.91

Kim & Jack Pt. 03

 — Long Distance Couple make the time pass by sharing fantasies by BigJackHorner12/21/163.88

Kim & Jack Pt. 04

 — Long Distance Couple make the time pass by sharing fantasies. by BigJackHorner12/22/164.00

Kim & Jack Pt. 05

 — Long Distance Couple make the time pass by sharing fantasies by BigJackHorner12/23/163.57

Kim & Jack Pt. 06

 — Long Distance Couple make the time pass by sharing fantasies. by BigJackHorner12/24/164.10

Kissing Jane

 — He emails a woman he's met on the internet. by victorth02/18/064.14

Kissing My Cowgirl

 — Steamy IM cono between typical guy & innocent cowgirl. by candekissez02/19/083.77

Lady Flashman's Diary

 — Lady Flashman enjoys her husband's jealousy. by Gunnlaug04/22/144.20

Lady Sutterby Goes

 — Correspondence to a dear friend. by lindiana08/07/054.44

Last Night

 — A message of desire to an online lover. by lustybard08/11/064.17

Last Night I Had a Dream About You

 — An erotic love-letter. by McCrow05/27/114.05

Last Night…

 — Mutual masturbation and self control at its hottest. by papaya_lynne07/02/064.48

Late Night

 — Long distance love letter written at 2 am. by naughtEgirl12/12/055.00HOT

Late Night Drunk Sexting

 — My long distance boyfriend tries to make things up to me. by The_Sexy_Submissive05/18/153.07

Late Night Texting With Daddy

 — Sexting between Daddy and his little girl. by TheShortGoodnight06/19/143.85

Lauren Pulls Off "The Switch"

 — Lauren reveals her seduction plans via text messages. by msgrant6708/23/133.99

LDR Secrets

 — The story of two people falling in love on the Internet. by wife2hotblk08/06/092.88


 — Letter to a lover. by VeniVici04/28/113.50

Lesbian Cyber Sex

 — Lesbian lovers have a hot time on their computers. by Ldy_Sea01/26/114.11

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