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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Having Hazel in My Apartment

 — First a massage, then hot and heavy action. by The Real Fn Deal09/09/023.38

Having My Cake

 — Prim wife accepts an offer. by ohamanda03/29/104.50HOT

Hawa and Souleymane at Walmart

 — Somali Hijabi dates bisexual Mauritanian security guy. by Samuelx10/13/17


 — Husband has encounter in a tropical paradise. by woody1_3803/21/024.50HOT


 — Some tours take our breath away. by Mari1205/13/183.13

Hawaii Ch. 01

 — You meet in Hawaii for an affair. by MickNasty09/08/083.64

Hawaii Ch. 02

 — Your fantasy affair in Hawaii continues. by MickNasty09/09/084.00

Hawaii Ch. 03

 — Your Hawaiian affair continues. by MickNasty09/11/084.14

Hawaiian Heat Ch. 01

 — Finding a one-night stand in tropical paradise. by tmh1009/28/104.00

Hawaiian Heat Ch. 02

 — My last night in Hawaii ends better than I expected. by tmh1009/29/103.87

Hawaiian Loving

 — Sex galore on Waikiki . by SandraMustard09/22/144.75HOT

Hawaiian Paradise

 — The passion heats up in paradise. by jimboloney12/26/064.11

Hawaiian Treat

 — Traveller finds passion on the beach--but what was her name? by idyllic_thoughts07/24/074.38

Hawaiian Vacation

 — A couple on vacation. by tunotohp12/27/093.22

Hawaiian Vacation Ch. 01

 — A tropical fantasy featuring with Talia. by Rothgar10/20/104.21

Hawaiian Vacation Ch. 01

 — Husband and wife have great sex on their second honeymoon. by LovesNipples10/11/124.45

Hawaiian Vacation Ch. 06

 — After a nap on the beach, I give Talia's tummy a double-shot. by Rothgar04/24/134.53HOT

Hawk Hunting

 — Local girl stalks former best friend's lover . by eagelwolf02/02/144.28

Haying Time in Wyoming

 — Hired hands learn work isn't all you can do outside. by wyo_girl10/14/024.43


 — Stranded young woman rescued by trucker. by Laphroaig02/20/124.49

Hazards of the Job

 — Four professional "athletes" ply their trade. by techsan06/28/064.23

He Calls Me His Baby Girl

 — A night of sexy role play fun by Tanall02/22/153.65

He & She

 — Couple dreams of each other. by Whirling Dervish10/15/00

He and She

 — He comes home to her on a rainy night. by Dis Vicious11/28/054.33

He and She

 — A story of He and She. by dblnipple05/28/074.06

He and She

 — Best friends take their relationship to another level. by honeycoatedslut10/30/094.53HOT

He and She

 — Girl in the Office. by S300009/09/173.31

He and She Ch. 02

 — The continuing saga of He and She. by dblnipple06/09/074.36

He Asked For It

 — A couple returns from a night out. by brown_eyed_kat11/10/084.25

He Awakened Me

 — A weekend of awakening and discover of myself. by TrinaT02/17/034.62HOT

He Belongs To Me Now

 — Our love is spoken without words, he belongs to me now. by kandie11/30/093.93

He Betrays His Wife

 — He involves his college girl friend in his marriage. by edmead02/08/083.79

He Brought Wine

 — A knock at thte door leads to fun. by a butterfly03/17/064.21

He called

 — She cheats on her husband with a sexy boyfriend. by exxxpression05/23/103.33

He Came in the Night - She Did Too

 — The first touch of his tongue sent a wave of pleasure right. by Bumpinguglies03/23/174.15

He Came, He Saw Ch. 04

 — They try their first sixty-nine position on the beach. by cumallday06/04/064.49

He Can Get It

 — He told me it wouldn't hurt. by zenobia112/02/092.87

He Comes Home

 — Her Marine comes home to surprise her. by littlemissnaughtygal03/23/034.15

He Comes Home Ch. 02

 — Next morning she realizes he's still home. by littlemissnaughtygal03/28/033.93

He Comes Home Ch. 03

 — Is he dreaming while he works out? by littlemissnaughtygal03/30/034.45

He Cums Home

 — He comes home to his loving girlfriend after too long away. by Sillywilly8807/05/174.30

He Didn't Catch Her Name

 — He'd picked her up in a bar. by Dinsmore01/17/064.16

He Didn't Want a Fling

 — Old fling rekindles as Tom sees best friend's sister again. by KimSchwarz12/04/163.88

He Drops By

 — He lets her explore. by RedVixen04/15/044.35

He Enjoys Me

 — Lover Wakes Her Up for His Lovemaking by BrnEyedBeauty01/05/034.14

He Filled My Hole

 — Man ties woman to her bed and... by mysterylady92705/16/024.18

He Got To The Airport Late

 — And met his lover at 30,000 feet. by Stephen7Redo04/27/034.35

He Got to the Airport Late (Redux)

 — Red-eye widens this man's eyes...and hardens his manhood. by Stephen7Redo04/26/093.77

He Had a Girlfriend

 — What happens on holiday stays on holiday, right? by EmmaMackenzie08/05/164.23

He Had No Idea

 — She knows someone is watching them, but he doesn't... by SilkBlackSin03/16/144.39

He Hooks a Good One! Ch. 04

 — Sara spends the night. by rmlooker03/29/144.82HOT

He is Away

 — Pilot falls for sexy French woman. by thereallybigboss04/26/083.62

He Lay Awake and Dreaming

 — From Her point of view. Just the beginning. by CarnalianAngel11/27/135.00

He Loves Her

 — A tribute to a lovely lady. by williamearle04/02/054.30

He Loves Me, He Loves YOU Not...Ch. 1

 — Samantha has hots for best friend's guy. by Traci Spencer03/31/023.93

He Outraged My Modesty

 — There was will and the way opened. by egabrag02/05/143.89

He Owns Her

 — She submits to him completely. by Honey4U12/07/014.33

He Planned a Secret Ch. 02

 — Things unravel after a mistake. by Scorpio44a09/04/114.73HOT

He SAID He Was a Virgin

 — He was gorgeous, & they were in love. by Valeryque03/07/023.33

He Said, She Said

 — They take turns describing their passion. by GreenEyedJeff10/24/014.25

He Said, She Said

 — He surprises her at work. by celticlass02/26/063.85

He Said, She Said

 — They both have a story to tell. by Boomerjr3412/29/143.95

He Said, She said

 — Police find over age lovers, life's embarrassing moments. by theoutcast04/05/183.59

He Said, She Said Ch. 01

 — Boss resists fantasizing over sexy new employee. by AverageBear01/03/094.53HOT

He Said, She Said Ch. 01-02

 — Lust at first sight; they share their perspectives. by Wordy_1s10/08/124.87HOT

He Said, She Said: Hers

 — Her version of activities on her parents' couch. by SpecialK01/28/014.27

He Said, She Said: His

 — He pleasures his girlfriend in her parents' living room. by Vegas Neon01/28/014.32

He Said, She Said: Those Friday Stockings

 — Longtime co-workers embark on illicit affair. by FogBard07/05/074.44

He Scores Big

 — After the game, she made her move. by patdown07/11/174.22

He Sleeps...

 — He does not know me, he is asleep, but I cannot resist... by musicalchick08/01/144.17

He Sleeps... Ch. 02

 — It would appear that two can play at this game! by musicalchick08/05/144.45

He Sure Got His Foreplay

 — Virgin ass no more, I wanted to play and turn him on. by sweetnessuk04/25/124.25

He Sure Likes That Back!

 — BBW & new boyfriend's first time together. by ElaborateHoax07/02/044.15

He Surprises Her at the Door

 — Woman comes home to her lovers fulfillment of a fantasy. by Wild1InStL10/16/104.29

He Takes Away All Her Fears

 — She was afraid until she met him. by littlemissnaughtygal05/29/034.35

He Takes Control

 — A son in law finally takes control. by mikejb08/15/053.39

He Takes Her In The Prison

 — A visit to Alcatraz gets hot. by GrnEyedRae03/22/043.55

He Taught Italian

 — A professor and grad student have a hot classroom encounter. by cupcakesandcum01/07/113.70

He Was So Shy

 — Cute guy and he just could not bring himself to ask her. by Kelly Louise05/18/054.41

He Was Sweating

 — Couple finally meet for incredible sex. by sweetjulia08/08/034.64HOT

He Was Sweating

 — Their meeting is as hot as they hoped. by julia so sweet03/06/044.50HOT

He Was The Best Man

 — I suck my buddy and he fucks my wife for me. by oralguy8212/27/124.12

He Was The Best Man Ch. 02

 — Gary continues his use of us and adds his brother. by oralguy8212/30/124.22

He Writes, She Writes

 — Lovers share their account of an evening. by Vermillion09/15/034.11

He'll Get Hard Remembering This

 — No one else can do what I can to you, and you love it. by Safetystars06/19/154.54HOT

He'll Never Know

 — He fantasizes about roommate's girlfriend. by bigstick05/09/034.62HOT

He'll Never Know Ch. 02

 — He is having sex with roommates girlfriend. by bigstick05/18/034.57HOT

He's All Man

 — They meet at work, then meat at work. by DonMateo03/31/084.41

He's Just a Friend

 — What Julie was looking for wasn't there. by Ooshnafloot08/15/173.96

He's the Boss

 — Employee & employer get down to business. by sassy_shaz05/18/014.00

He-She: Our First Encounter

 — Online lovers meet for the first time. by lilblonde12/18/014.64HOT

He-She: Our First Encounter Day 02

 — Internet lovers meet for the first time. by lilblonde06/24/064.80

Head & Sex

 — She gives you both in your bedroom. by TiggerIsErotic02/27/012.69

Head For Music

 — CD gifts lead to happy surprise. by GASlipLover04/11/044.40

Head Games

 — Jack plays with Laurel's head *and* her body. by Calliope06/14/034.61HOT

Head in the Clouds

 — En route to Madrid, a carnal carnival's the peak attraction. by avasogently04/15/094.33

Head Master Takes It Slow

 — Good sex on campus. by candywants09/06/064.60HOT

Head Nurse

 — Student nurse is given on the 'job' training. by ROOTS02/23/024.41

Head Out on the Highway

 — Biker fun with a waitress. by LorenzoAbajos05/03/154.12

Head Queen of Saratoga

 — Her oral skills bring me to multiple orgasm. by johnnieblue4408/20/094.64HOT

Head Trip Cum For Me

 — Girl is controlled by her love button. by kogio707/06/034.25


 — College girl helps dad's best friend. by Elizabeth Brandon03/18/013.84


 — They have sex stageside at heavy metal concert. by Margin Walker08/24/034.62HOT


 — A surprise outdoor meeting. by wishful104/30/054.29


 — A Headmistress becomes his Mistress. by skip.6908/26/064.48

Heads and Tails

 — A girl’s differing viewpoints of the same sexual experience. by FamiliarEnough10/19/10

Heads and Tails: Her Story

 — They were two sides of the same coin. by RedHairedandFriendly05/17/054.47

Heads and Tails: His Story

 — They were two sides of the same coin. by fireballxl505/17/054.25

Heads or Tails

 — You've got her now. by Emaresse01/17/074.62


 — An office hurt leads to deeper healing. by Sven the Elder01/10/024.58HOT


 — Man finds clinical satisfaction with sexy nurse. by bassbelly08/24/074.25

Healing Interlude

 — Two professionals share an intimate encounter at conference by wife2hotblk07/13/094.39

Healing Revenge

 — Losing, getting revenge, healing and being healed. by CarlCruz04/08/174.20

Healing Touch

 — She just wanted to help. by magmaman08/24/084.38

Health Inspector

 — New restaurant need a health certificate. by Ashson02/26/144.29

Healthy Competition

 — He uses her to get the deal. by summaswine04/29/064.18

Heart Shaped Box

 — Jasmine & Micheal are at it again - in New York. by outre02/18/054.47

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