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What's A Geoduck?

 — A college girl masturbates with a mullosk. by sintax11/08/044.62HOT

What's a Girl To Do?

 — Lonely divorcee, gets caught masturbating in a fitting room. by IRonMan7808/03/094.15

When I Masturbate...

 — My thoughts, fantasies & scenarios when I'm pleasuring myself. by live98702/21/153.78

When I Think About You...

 — Thinking of you all day long, I finally come home... by VintageGrl11/01/114.24

When My Dreams Cum True

 — Fictional story of my intermost desires. by eroticchick_8403/14/084.12

When No Toys Are Available

 — She gets freaky with make shift toys. by dirtyjoe6912/24/063.70

When the Roomie Is Away...

 — Literotica reader has fun with a BDSM story. by sparklite09/10/083.98

When You're Gone...

 — His kisses make her yearn. by big_brown_blowjob_eyes09/17/084.08

When You're Not Home

 — Wouldn't you like to know she's up to? by HoRnY24_704/29/053.99

Where Did You Go?

 — What happens when he gets booted off and she has the need! by sammy 200610/31/063.85

While He Was Gone

 — Dan leaves Mischa a gift to enjoy while he's out of town. by Bad Mischa Bad09/06/054.35

While Hubby's Away with Toys I Play

 — She remembers some good times. by dirtyjoe6912/24/063.96

While the Apartment Awakens

 — Getting clean, getting off. by Callidora03/24/074.17

Whisper Quiet

 — A pleasant night in a hot tub. by peithos01/12/134.12

Whispers Of Erotica

 — She's hot, she's horny, & she wants him. by Erotica_Writings09/07/044.02

Who's Got the Remote?

 — Wife shows husband her new toy. by CamillaHumby04/04/122.87

Why Didn't You Tell Me?

 — He has a night just full of surprises. by ExoMani02/27/084.36

Wicked Game Ch. 09

 — Task Number Eight. by velvetpie06/06/044.60HOT

Wicked Widow of the West Ch. 02

 — Polished steel butt plug 'opens up' adventure. by Beau_Jack_Walker11/06/024.27

Wife Gears Up For Sex

 — Shy wife gets bolder with a strap-on. by gearup5807/25/034.46

Will We

 — She's in bed alone, waiting for you. by katlin696909/29/054.24

Willard Quarry

 — A married woman finds true beauty and hatred. by Deadwood03/28/064.60HOT

Window Shopping

 — I find a woman masturbating in a coffee shop window. by VinsanityOrElse12/06/093.83

Winter Sun

 — Young woman loses herself in resort's pool. by Shamus12107402/20/053.58

Winter's Walk

 — Lonely woman finds pleasure in her bath. by VestaMoon09/25/074.36

Wish You Were Here

 — Alone and horny in a hotel room. by julia so sweet07/30/054.05

Wish You Were Here

 — A steamy stoned shower gets hot. by mzchivius02/14/093.38

Wishful Dreaming

 — You come home late to an empty house. by Nemlep12/05/103.17


 — She tells you what she does when she thinks of you. by Waiting4mylover06/09/044.37

With A Dildo Up My Ass

 — A guy trying out his new dildo. by Kinkykille7610/28/074.04

Without You

 — Dreams bring release. by IwannaCum01/27/074.49

Wizz and Wank

 — Too many pints leads to a desperate piss. by WatchesYouCum05/20/162.92

Women Enjoying Naked Men Ch. 01

 — Taryn learns to enjoy seeing naked men in pictures and vids. by escriterra02/26/144.38

Women's Conference Surprise

 — Bored woman gets hot hotel room surprise. by R.10/13/043.43

Women's Sexual Confessions: Frances

 — Women talk candidly about their secret sex lives. by PositiveThinker12/24/093.93

Women's Sexual Confessions: Ramona

 — Women talk candidly about their secret sex lives. by PositiveThinker12/22/093.82

Woodland Vixen

 — Saucy vixen touches herself while strange man watches by saucyvixen02/19/144.06

Work Interrupted Again

 — Tom can't get his work done without interruptions. by willycum02/17/102.90

Working at the Pool

 — 18-year-old pool guy lusts for sexy MILF. by salty_dawg03/21/084.09

Working Hard

 — Online chat in the office leads to a memorable release. by vfrman03/10/073.83

Working Late

 — A new office encounter. by wanting_more09/01/063.86

Working Without Pants Ch. 01

 — Sex at work as Nicole wants him. by PamCarolson01/01/104.43

Working Woman Masturbation

 — Meeting with client creates desire. by passionmaster09/10/013.85

Worth The Wait

 — A warm day and a cool shower make a hot girl crazy. by tigerslittleprincess01/21/153.88

Would Like To Meet. No Strings Ch. 09

 — Self pleasure, mutual pleasure. by nortythorts11/03/134.35

Would You Like Lime with That?

 — Amorous couple shares cold beer & explores bottle. by Sarah_Mystery05/12/074.49

Writing a Story

 — An author tries to write her first story, but is distracted. by BlueFish1109/30/084.44

Writing Stories

 — How writing stories affect this woman. by Chrissie3904/04/084.43

Wrong Number

 — Avante mis-dails her boyfriend's number. by fameahsky04/09/103.60


 — She uses toys and clamps while thinking of hubby. by Angel_EB11/26/064.41

X-Rated Grocery Shopping

 — Hot slut goes to the store to pick up favorite toys. by dirtyjoe6912/25/063.64

Yard Work

 — Joseph gets special payment from the lady of the house. by SquiresBoy07/28/104.40

Yet Another Enduring Thread

 — Couple's first experience with strap-on sex. by TomOne04/10/044.51HOT


 — Masturbation over a lesbian affair by Selbryth09/19/05

You Can Look, But Don't Touch

 — A girlfriend surprises by instructing his masturbation. by TheSissyJane07/16/094.22

You First

 — They enjoy a little mutual masturbation. by westpete12/16/044.32

You Know My Secret

 — Memories of encounters distract me from work. by NoAngel1309/03/144.28

You Like to Watch

 — After chat room, they meet for mutual masturbation. by call_me_dana01/12/073.38

You Like Watching Girls Play?

 — A guy gets a show of his own by HJVento11/19/134.00

You Should Try a Toy Rabbit!

 — The pleasure of a toy rabbit. by Hisblushingslut10/06/073.61

You Talk In My Dreams

 — Masturbating while you hold me. by Molly Magee06/30/104.11


 — She masturbates from thinking about you. by Stygian Blaze03/07/063.95

Young Lust Fullfilled Ch. 01

 — Mutual needs met by daughters friend. by 1nwstroker01/08/133.66

Young Widow Ch. 02

 — When there is no man around... by suzie3w07/09/084.45

Your An Empty Promise Ch. 02

 — He wouldn't help her, so she helped herself. by apathykiss06/09/063.82

Your Dare

 — She enjoys a heated touch in a bathroom stall. by babygyrl8401/02/134.40

Your Eyes Upon Me

 — He masturbates and comes for you. by wordman01/15/054.14

Your Husband's New Girlfriend Ch. 03

 — Maybe a change of venue will be good. by LyricallySpokN02/28/133.90

Your Package Came, So Did I

 — The next best thing to actually having you here. by maxrandolph6902/01/07

Your Touch Pt. 01

 — Remembering his touch during a steamy bath. by Mistress_Elf08/31/094.25

Your Twin

 — A story of masturbation. by rosebud_610/04/103.71

Your Words

 — She touches herself and cums as she reads your words. by schoolgrrl03/01/064.45

YWCA Lifeguard

 — Lifeguard enjoys watching a MILF swim. by Horny Couple05/24/064.09

Zero Day Exploited Ch. 03

 — Lindsey joins the Maker Culture. But what did she make? by astuffedshirt_perv08/04/154.63HOT

Zoë's Prospects Ch. 01

 — Makeshift masturbation: it takes one. by ToadieZ09/06/074.29

Zoe's Dressed for Success

 — Desire strikes Zoe when she's dressed at work. by megto12/19/133.50

Zoha's Day In

 — Zoha finds a better way to kill time than going out. by thestralburst08/04/153.35

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