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 — She enjoys herself while cleaning the apartment. by walkthetracks11/16/033.88

Cliff Diving

 — When her boyfriend's mistress becomes her own fantasy. by freecici_xo02/01/154.33

Climax by Delta

 — Modern technology helps a girl to cum. by Bakeboss11/23/093.73

Clit Master Ch. 02

 — Stage four. by bouncingboobs06/17/173.52

Clit Master Ch. 03

 — Becoming of age. by bouncingboobs06/23/173.80

Clouds Drift By

 — A phone conversation interrupted by a rabbit. by Jaisen05/26/104.12

Clover, George and the Dildo

 — George wants me to use a dildo. by clovermoffatt08/08/163.78

Cock Cup Vibrations

 — Not only for women. by glory_first09/25/133.83

Cock-ringer in Thailand

 — He's teased but not allowed to cum. by KneeLing11/02/043.81

Cocking It Back

 — Kristen gets some time with her sister's toy. by thenry01/13/044.55HOT

Coffee Mornings

 — Marion loved Thursday coffee morning with the girls. by geronimo_appleby10/29/054.43

Coffee Shop After Hours

 — Jake takes a break with his underling. by Ravens_Dove01/31/124.15

Coffee,Tea, Me...

 — He's early. He's quick. by hoo_hoo_boo10/07/133.82

Cold Water

 — She takes a long shower with a new toy. by VampyreVixen09/03/083.67

College Camping Experience Ch. 04

 — Five girls last day of camping finishes with a bang. by storytyme04/21/144.36

College Days - Bets and Dares

 — Four girls and five guys share a party. by zipper694u11/04/083.92

College Girls Ch. 01

 — Alone in the Gym: Monica has fun by herself. by WhiteDragon1701/13/074.03

Come Over Now

 — Leah wants you, now. by leahlove08/31/164.27

Come Watch Me Masturbate

 — He spends time with hismelf. by huppenkothen02/10/043.99

Comfort Food

 — An unusual ice cream puts Amy in the mood by TheEarl09/05/034.42

Coming For You

 — Amy's boyfriend is away and needs to fulfill her needs. by MissDXX05/08/153.62

Complex Relationship Ch. 01.2

 — Katy looks at her time on the ship before her capture. by PaulStevens06/20/094.53HOT

Computer Lover

 — Tryan chats with her Swedish friend, by Nomansland6905/04/074.50HOT

Computer Problems

 — Working on her computer can be very...enlightening. by Georgepat06/02/054.49

Coney Island Express

 — Sandy takes subway ride of her dreams. by tangaroa101/13/054.29

Conference Call

 — Pent-up man finds release during his conference call. by playn4fun12/12/084.16

Conference Call

 — Helen confronts her manager about a second job. by JesseJohnson01/23/094.00

Confessions in a Taxicab

 — Carmen's confession is a little naughty. by snobaby2206/16/064.05

Confessions of a Saucy Housewife

 — Bored housewife gets the pleasure she really needs. by madamnight12/30/083.45

Confessions of an Addict Ch. 01: Beginning

 — A young woman discovers her own body. by LucidlyConfused04/23/154.15


 — A short story involving a mysterious device. by Kurio7812/03/164.48

Corn Job

 — Corn on the Cob, mmm... by snaillover6911/04/144.09

Corporate Cowgirl

 — Executive goes beyond her job description with new attorney. by JenniferMidnight01/31/054.58HOT

Corporate Massage

 — A guy gets a hot massage with fringe benefits. by Lulu6404/08/113.97


 — A masturbation session. by itschaotic06/15/053.36

Corrupting Colette Ch. 02

 — Ingrid teaches Colette to please herself. by heinekitty01/29/114.34

Corset Rebel Ch. 01

 — Fuck buddies find each other online. by brookes06/22/144.33


 — A girl masturbates on a leather couch. by CyTheWriter07/19/114.00

Cougar Training

 — A gift opens up a Divorcee's World. by zombie2210/12/104.31

Covert Control

 — Mislaid instructions lead to intense experience. by geronimox1605/19/174.31

Covert Control Ch. 02

 — Katie and Alfie have a new toy to play with. by geronimox1607/13/174.64HOT

Covert Control Ch. 03

 — Wanda Joins In. by geronimox1609/01/174.67HOT

Coworker Fantasy

 — My first story :) by MrsDilby061104/07/154.12

CoWorkers: Preview

 — Here we meet our heroine Ashley. by Studderfish06/18/10

Crazy Monkey Sex

 — Her imagination runs free. by ashesatwork06/01/053.92

Cream Ch. 02

 — Griffin gets lap-dances from Kim, and fingers her to orgasm. by MawrGorshin09/03/154.48

Cream for Her Coffee

 — Hemasturbates in front of wife and her good friend. by PapaCass02/09/094.50HOT

Creamed Corn

 — You embark on a corn field adventure. by Mike_S03/16/013.42

Creative Interlude

 — Inside the mind of an erotic writer. by Ann Douglas08/25/174.30

Cross Your Legs For Me

 — Some women can really do this! by AlwaysHungry01/27/164.64HOTContest Winner


 — I tease and pleasure myself in front of my brother's friend. by AliBobCat07/08/103.85

Cruise to Alaska Day 06

 — Mom & daughter duel to settle an argument. by LaPatitMort09/16/064.59HOT


 — Shy young man gets a hand producing a sperm sample. by ChibiNeku01/06/094.38

Crystal Conversations

 — She calls married friend with details of her hot date. by Barnaby01/20/064.61HOT

Crystal Drop

 — You asked what it's like when I masturbate. by Blue69lover01/31/144.17

Crystal's Pussy Play

 — She is saving her virginity for Mr. Right. by Boxlicker10105/08/074.19

Cuckoled by a Toy

 — Wife humiliates husband with new dildo. by Bakeboss10/19/094.05

Cucumber Slumber Ch. 01

 — Girl meets guy in market and shows him what a cuke is for. by MagicFingers01/30/134.26

Cucumber Slumber Ch. 02

 — They take care of each other again and again. by MagicFingers01/31/134.51HOT

Cucumber Temptations

 — 23 years old fantasises of a rough pounding from cucumber. by DirtyDaunica04/10/154.23

Cucumbers & Wine

 — Surrender to lover on phone. by floweringlotus09/23/03

Cuda It Be Love

 — A girl and a car. by D_K_Moon02/07/08

Cum Out & Play Tonight

 — Two friends with benefits play together. by xangelwings68x10/28/044.02

Cum Party Hostess

 — An adventure into masturbation. by Many Feathers08/23/084.11

Cum Play Again?

 — A guy, a chick, and a toy. by DeMilo07/16/064.30

Cumming Alone

 — Steamy letter ushers in some solo fun. by couerdeglace05/25/074.13

Cumming For Christmas

 — An elf discovers a naughty side to herself. by Insatiable_Little_Devil_200312/07/154.49

Cumming Home

 — He finds her alone and pleasuring herself. by Tailgunner6907/23/074.08

Cumming in the Back Seat

 — Hot phone sex. by hotchickk1707/22/11

Cumming Out Her Ears

 — A woman listens to her favorite Literotica audio storyteller. by Torinona04/10/144.23

Cumming with You

 — When he's far away, she uses her imagination. by hornyswimmer06/13/174.57HOT

Cumshot Addict

 — Johnny's addicted to watching bukkake and cumshots. by monsieur_venus03/26/113.50

Cunning Lingus

 — From the memoirs of Jacque de la Tour (circa 1923). by barbie2k03/20/02

Cure for Insomnia

 — Dina can't fall asleep, but she knows how to fix that. by DinaDevereux04/14/153.91

Custom Dildo

 — Michael designs a special toy. by Jakey10/20/063.84

Cyber Fun Ch. 04

 — Rob takes matters into his own hands. by thoiblush05/28/054.07

Cyber Love

 — A cyber lover is always better than no lover. by Vickymp11/28/054.00

Cyber Queen

 — Cyber Sex and the Joys of Masturbation by Mysteria2702/05/134.24

Cyber Sin'dy

 — "Want to see my...?" by My Erotic Tale03/06/053.78

Cyber Situation

 — Busy guy and gal entertain each other via the web. by dandygent06/25/053.72


 — I dream of a hot girl at school. by J_J_Livingstone06/20/114.04

Cylinda and the Wind

 — She loves the way the wind feels against her pussy & ass, by Boxlicker10108/30/074.24

Cynful Enticement Ch. 3

 — Brie finds a new toy. by Cyn05/09/024.11

Cynthia Black, CEO Ch. 01

 — Stunningly powerful women need pleasure, too. by SteveDamon05/12/113.62

Daddy's Girl Ch. 02

 — What are the sounds coming from his girl's bedroom? by WFEATHER02/11/064.27

Dana & Stuart Ch. 01

 — Dana tries to surprise her husband. by rckplsky04/26/093.92

Dana Likes Toys

 — Wife enjoys masturbation with toys. by thunderhead1208/03/073.32

Dancing with Myself

 — A woman takes advantage of a rock concert. by apathykiss07/17/053.06

Dani and her Magic Wand

 — The day I discovered rechargeable ecstasy. by Sruby6702/16/174.33

Dani's Demise

 — 'Game Over' for a playful college girl. by Deepbluedream09008/19/074.40

Danielle's Decline

 — The sequel to Danielle's Discovery. by D_K_Moon04/20/10

Danielle's Delight

 — The third story in the series about Danielle. by D_K_Moon05/18/10

Danielle's Discovery Ch. 01

 — Repressed housewife discovers the joys of masturbation. by D_K_Moon01/15/09

Daphne's Duckie Dildo

 — Hot woman uses her squeaky bath toy. by Boxlicker10104/07/084.33

Dark & Light Masturbation

 — Journey in convoluted landscape of masturbation fantasy. by jameschristopher01/04/053.58

Dark Obsession

 — Cinnamon becomes obsessed with a black penis. by Cinnamon6901/03/064.30


 — Letters to her Lover 2. by Belle_in_south02/27/043.22

Date With A Centerfold

 — Her name is Miss November. by velvet hammer05/02/043.72

Dating is the Shits

 — She finds pleasure alone. by passionmaster09/07/014.00

Dave And Sugar

 — Kandy needed to fucked and wanted it NOW! by kandie06/23/113.46

Dave And Sugar Ch. 02

 — He asked, "Do you have anything bigger than that toy?" by kandie07/12/114.34

Dave And Sugar Ch. 03

 — A sexy phone call is a way for two people to get off. by kandie07/22/114.00

David & His Dildo

 — Bisexual man plays with toys. by Boxlicker10108/22/034.03

Day Dreams About Nice Things ...

 — A nice way to daydream the afternoon away. by DaddysTisha12/15/083.50

Day Long Lesson Plan

 — Mutual masturbation. by sloeburn11/18/124.26

Day of Anticipation

 — Girl is turned on all day and then get home and plays. by BeingElly02/24/104.37

Day's End

 — A relaxing soak in the tub. by the lady k12/17/044.27

Daydreaming at work

 — Reading a Lit users story turns me on. by Herzog1105/14/134.00

Dazed But Not Confused

 — She explores the depths of her cute ass. by FallonPiper01/12/064.56HOT

De-Stressing the Business Trip

 — Colleagues wind down together at trip's end. by quietone12/04/064.28

Dear Diary Ch. 02

 — A girl writes more sexual escapades in her diary. by -geisha.grrrl-06/19/054.30

Dear Diary Ch. 05

 — Exhausted fantasies. by -geisha.grrrl-08/25/054.11

Dear Diary: Lonely

 — Laying in bed at night, thinking about the past. by CaseyMcCoy08/23/134.45

Debbie & I

 — He shares his love of masturbation. by westpete11/29/044.47

Debbie's Descent Ch. 01

 — Debbie gets a birthday gift. by SteveBigg110/18/044.23

Debbie's Dildo

 — She's ready to party. by b7brad6307/27/114.02

Deborah & The Christmas Candle

 — Deb can't wait for Eric to come home. by gamma3309/21/014.17

Dee's Anniversary Massage

 — Dee gets rubbed the right way. by derzing06/26/083.97

Deena's Gift

 — Inexperianced older woman gets a toy from her girlfriend. by Honey_Bee_1612/14/034.18

Delayed on the Underground

 — A blowjob for a stranger leads to a "fruity" experience. by very left footed09/06/043.92

Denise's Wild Side

 — Four women go to a sex store... by cumkitten06/12/133.44

Deployment Sexting

 — Horny wife gets drunk and kinky for pictures . by Long_way_off11/23/124.09


 — It was as if the women were sizing me up. by Middleagepoet01/01/102.93

Derek Watches Himself Cum

 — Derek fucks his ass with a big dildo while jerking off. by cum_on_man05/30/164.31

Descent into Depravity

 — Alice learns of her late husband's depravity. by Bluepen45109/30/174.67HOT

Descent into Depravity Ch. 02

 — Alice learns to enjoy nudity and Larry's dirty stories. by Bluepen45110/12/174.69HOT

Desert Aviation

 — You wouldn't think a flight suit would be sexy, would you? by Boofyboyd04/25/064.36

Desert Oasis Ch. 11: Let's See

 — He keeps his promise, and gets more than he expected. by WantonSalon09/04/164.64HOT

Desire Awakened

 — Catherine gets cosy with her brother-in-law. by __Lisa__07/03/124.62HOT

Desparate Times

 — John's sex life is none existent but he has ways of coping. by HirstWood10/26/163.50


 — Fun alone when desperation strikes. by PrincessHoney02/03/044.11

Destiny Rules

 — Romancing Melissa. by Carson Michael06/18/034.44

Diagnosis Sex

 — Nurse learns new uses for medical equipment. by Dakota_North10/27/014.46

Dial 'S' for Seduction Ch. 01

 — Early evening teasing & masturbation on the phone. by incotula07/02/094.29

Diary of a Rose

 — Morning Masturbation. by rosebud_610/19/094.07

Diary of a Rose Ch. 02-03

 — Masturbation Diary. by rosebud_602/25/103.79

Diary of a Rose Ch. 04

 — Masturbation Diary. by rosebud_602/26/104.33

Dice Girl Ch. 01

 — A girl who lets the dice govern her life, the story begins. by SexSmith12/31/074.29

Did You See Me?

 — Fun in the sun. by pjd6603/13/184.32

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