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My Friend

 — Who says being alone isn't any fun? by Arianna Lee01/30/053.86

My Friend; The Glamour Model

 — She is infatuated with her best friend. by surrealmadrid08/12/093.69

My Girls Ch. 3

 — He watches his girls make love for the first time. by mseaking07/23/024.08

My Golden Girl

 — Masturbating over a fantasy about a new woman in my life. by joefixette02/27/083.83

MY Hot Shower

 — Me alone in the shower waiting for you to come home. by kwoznia102/01/103.88

My Hot Tub

 — She unwinds in hot tub after long day at work. by myhiddendesire276910/27/063.90

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 30

 — Katie's uncontrollable urges. by Freddyj88111/12/144.30

My Hotel Room

 — A man fantasizes about mature women in his hotel room. by MaxPower2204/11/153.74

My Landlord's Daughter

 — I caught her masturbating in front of the mirror. by sleepyheadboy01/24/08

My Liberation

 — Did she - in her sleep? by OneTouchMystery05/07/074.49

My Life With Rose Ch. 01

 — A pool party leads to mutual masturbation. by thespeck08/15/124.33

My Life: Sex Toy's Perspective

 — Words from a vibrator. by dirtyjoe6907/10/064.17

My Little Purple Friend

 — A woman masturbates at the computer. by TJsLilAngel01/02/093.79

My Little Purple Rabbit

 — What pussy gets up to when its cock's away. by sarah_siddons11/18/074.39

My Love Affair with a Hairbrush

 — She learns to love herself with a hairbrush. by RobynG12/21/074.47

My Loving Girlfriend

 — She teases boyfriend with her fingers. by Nomean_feet09/19/033.97

My Masturbation

 — A mini story of pussy play and imagination. by Lovelylady4103/06/184.36

My Masturbation Awakening

 — A weekend of non-stop masturbation. by manmeltr03/14/174.05

My Masturbation Session

 — My masturbation and edging session. by ijerkoff04/04/114.16

My Masturbation Story

 — She recounts her her new sexy toy. by AngelSCC03/05/104.10

My Masturbation Story

 — I love jerking off. by Tony_Martin01/19/164.42

My Meeting with Emily

 — Emily and I experiment with our relationship. by Last17Steps03/25/11

My Memoirs Ch. 01

 — My life story, My memoirs. by Krystal_Diva05/22/113.93

My Memoirs Ch. 02

 — I had just enjoyed a fantasic night, but how would I feel? by Krystal_Diva05/27/114.00

My Missing Valentine

 — By herself, but not alone. by humminbean01/31/094.44

My Moment of Truth

 — College girl indulges in phone sex before class. by tightie04/12/073.88

My Mother My Wife Ch. 07

 — John and his Mother spy on Clara and his father on the beach. by QuietJohn11/19/164.49

My Naughty Boy Next Door Adventure

 — Me watching Martin in his tiny Speedos leads to more! by cruiser_201509/27/174.40

My Nerdy Date with Myself :)

 — Taking matters into my own hands to deal with hormones. by michie10/03/124.47

My New Boss Ch. 01

 — Brooke meets Paul and is immediately intrigued. by bethanie15512/06/134.47

My New Friend "Luke"

 — While wife is away Luke brings some satisfaction. by 1mbibry07/19/174.42

My New Toy

 — Phone friend challenges her to buy a toy. by Nicola3104/05/024.24

My New Toy

 — She gets a new toy to satisfy. by babe1905/04/034.24

My New Toy

 — Wife uses toy for her husband. by mrsdozer02/09/053.95

My New Toy

 — Typical anticipation of the arrival of a new toy. by JenPB01/31/114.52HOT

My New Toy

 — Girlfriend introduces a new toy to boyfriend. by jasliz09/24/114.17

My Online Love

 — He thought it was going to be a boring night at home. by currentz10/28/044.06

My own summer

 — About summer, masturbation and a horny boy with anal toys. by ElfenDream05/27/104.25

My Panty Fetish

 — My kinky fantasies. by kinkyjill10/31/094.14

My Parent's Neighbors Pt. 01

 — A young woman reacquaints herself with the neighbors. by O205/26/184.22

My Perfect Lover

 — One woman's lustful encounter with her mirrored twin. by OralFixxxation01/20/064.79HOT

My Perfect Night Ch. 01

 — Your night of pleasure starts with a blowjob and masturbation. by seafever03/25/104.05

My Personal Research

 — Writer gets personal with local librarian. by Madam-Cecilia10/11/014.30

My Pink Vibrating Friend

 — Alex enjoys some alone time with her sex toys. by PrincessErin01/02/124.18

My Pleasure For Him

 — Self masturbation for your pleasure. by Rare_Naivety05/14/093.97

My Prostate & Me: Alone Together

 — Happy Together. by lord_jefe02/12/124.60HOT

My Pussy My Pleasure

 — Adventures in masturbating: the early years. by lance gt08/05/063.91

My Release

 — She needed release and you. by katlin696909/28/054.34

My Second Task Ch. 02

 —  by gamecontroller06/03/144.54HOT

My Secretary Jennifer Ch. 1

 — Secretary gets caught playing with herself. by NiteWriter03/15/014.36

My Secretary Jennifer Ch. 2

 — She learns to love being nasty and dirty. by NiteWriter03/16/014.42

My Secretary Jennifer Ch. 3

 — She experiments with a banana & 2 cucumbers. by NiteWriter03/17/014.44

My Sensual Bath

 — Taking a bath and learning through self-pleasure. by bb_peaks11/01/083.73

My Sexual Awakening

 — First sexual experience is mutual masturbation. by OldHippieInOz05/06/144.12

My Sexual Awakening Ch. 02

 — Cathy gives me a fashion parade to remember. by OldHippieInOz05/10/144.26

My Shower

 — There's more than cleanliness in her shower. by TheForgottenPrincess05/29/044.01

My Solo Time

 — I want the best solo experience. by jengx405/28/124.46

My Start with Toys

 — How I got started using toys when in my teens. by Annatartywife11/03/134.22

My Story Ch. 01

 — His journey to becoming a male stripper. by Eddy_Bort05/08/054.39

My Toy #1: Easy as 1, 2, 3!

 — Solo masturbation on the orders of her Dom. by sailorpaul11/21/094.04

My Toy Saves the Evening

 — Give her a toy over a man any day. by dirtyjoe6912/23/063.09

My Toys

 — My thoughts of how it all began. by livinnsinptwn05/09/093.23

My Turn

 — Howie and Liza host a sex toy party. by oldhippie194908/28/103.98

My Veggie Tale

 — Her favourite veggies are not always for eating. by silverace106/15/053.82

My Way To Wake Him Up

 — She's got a strap on for you. by kttysbehind09/15/034.56HOT

My Wet Dream Letter

 — She masturbates while reading email from her husband. by w.b.p.06/21/053.92

My Wife And Her Toys

 — Their first exploration with toys on him. by Funnbunnies05/18/084.21

My Wife Melissa & Her Toys

 — Married couple loves toy-play. by doubleboast05/09/023.93

My Wife's New "Lover"

 — New dildo satisfies both of our desires. by lovetomakehercome06/22/064.09

My Wife's Trip

 — Faithful wife finds herself in challenging circumstances. by MakeItGreen08/16/174.14

Mystery Shopping

 — Lucy gets an interesting assignment. by beckettsbride06/05/114.57HOT

Nadia Chronicles: Eileen

 — Nadia buys her first vibrating dildo. by closer05/27/023.23


 — Dark secrets and dangerous desires. by joysstory06/12/05

Naked Drive

 — Solo sex from night to morning. by stretchncatch08/30/073.88

Nancy's Inferno Ch. 03

 — She revisits the bedroom. by Stardog Champion06/06/104.15

Nasty Phone Sex

 — His slave talks dirty till he comes. by Sean Renaud08/12/053.53


 — Natasha admires her own body in the mirror. by lilith197910/31/043.91

Nathan & Cass Ch. 01

 — Nathan takes charge to teach Cass how to orgasm. by Apocalypse_Please07/03/134.43

Nathan Cums Over To Play

 — Nathan plays hard ball. by sweetie_sultry_sub08/05/034.38

Natural Insemination Ch. 06

 — Katie gets a surprise visit at home from Richard. by Jenny_C01/21/124.40

Natural Nymphs 01: Aetheria

 — Aetheria enjoys a summer afternoon alone atop the bluffs. by luxzakari04/21/153.17

Naturally New Zealand - Beth

 — Outdoor arousal. by wildsweetone06/09/033.88

Nature Calls....

 — An erotic experience that may change her nights forever. by LadyMorgain04/22/034.28

Nature Lover

 — Exploring myself while exploring in nature. by Babygirlmindy05/02/184.34

Nature Wooed Me

 — Masturbation out in the balcony on a rainy night. by anthonyparallel06/27/063.86

Naughty Coworker

 — Female employee gets what she has coming. by NothernBelle06/10/024.04

Naughty Eve

 — Schoolgirl frantically masturbates herself. by Windstalker02/20/044.38

Naughty Girls Club

 — The women get together to enjoy a good book and more. by Many Feathers10/12/084.62HOT

Naughty Librarian Ch. 04

 — She gives Jon a show with her dildo. by sophia jane05/12/054.28

Naughty Nap Time

 — Frustration from a missed encounter. by Euterpe3904/13/044.26

Naughty Vixen Ch. 01

 — Hot little girl gets big dildo like her ex. by Kansascity42005/12/134.40

Navy Wives Club

 — With men away, wives take matters into their own hands. by Cousin-Barb11/18/054.48

Navy Wives Club Changes Course

 — The men come home and A new club structure begins. by Cousin-Barb03/13/064.58HOT

Needful Things

 — A middle aged lady buys an antique love charm by MarkCane06/24/143.95


 — SHE & HE comfort theirselves on a lonely night. by Uncle South Loop06/17/034.00

Neighbor Girl

 — She's grown up while he was away. by bigfoot1211/30/054.59HOT

Neighborly Secrets

 — Single mom unwittingly puts on a show for her neighbor. by SwtCountryGirl05/26/104.26


 — Lonely neighbors fantasize about each other. by MrShyTown11/22/033.72

Neighbors Ch. 02

 — She takes her satisfaction into her own hands. by femmepen10/06/034.00

Neighbors Ch. 02

 — Jenny and I have our second experience together. by bprivate11/20/094.28

Neighbors' Tryst

 — A wife finds solace in the arms of her neighbor. by jackh557704/08/164.48

Neighbour Michelle's Lingerie

 — He came upon about neighbours undies. by arisesirdicky08/21/074.00

Neighbour's New Dildo

 — He catches petite girl in the act. by Vasdefrn10/09/004.37

Nellie's Sketchpad Ch. 02

 — Nellie tells Pete a Bedtime Story. by RandiTGreer09/21/154.37

Never Fail Again

 — Her first time achieving full orgasm. by ZannaBlithe07/11/123.90

Never Satisfied

 — A girl who can't get enough. by joe101810/08/123.62

Neverending Vibrations

 — When a prank goes a little too far. by fetidare01/13/153.91

New and Improved

 — Her toy can move so many ways. by snaillover6911/05/144.12

New Beginnings Ch. 01

 — An old man's new innings: the attention of a woman. by misterwho10/02/124.53HOT

New Beginnings Ch. 02

 — The Daughter is awakened to need she must fill. by misterwho10/06/123.89

New Found Pleasure

 — With him gone, she finds pleasure elsewhere. by Nicola3103/14/024.23

New Job

 — Guy in a new city, finds a job with some benefits for them. by patheticlittleworm01/11/132.00

New Kid on the Block Ch. 02

 — Jason meets Kelly and relaxes after a long day. by phyrecat2705/20/074.08

New Lease on Life - My Favorite Toy

 — Remembering my first experience using a rabbit vibrator. by WhipKitty01/13/124.42

New Self Bondage Harness

 — A great new toy! by greatbondage07/17/174.31

New Toy Changes Wife

 — She takes charge after wearing strap-on. by Bakeboss02/26/104.33

New World of Prostate Play

 — Married couple experimenting with a new journey into our sex. by awired5007/05/144.30

Nice Hot Shower

 — Your squeeay clean fun in the shower with a toy. by Rescue32501/20/034.12

Nice Ride Home

 — A solo ride home turns into a pleasurable opportunity. by DualLegion07/24/173.59

Nice Work If You Can Get It

 — She stumbles across her fantasy job. by markyoni10/19/034.63HOT

Night at the Clinic

 — Alone at work, Jill explores her sexuality. by SevenSquared09/29/114.66HOT

Night Falls Again

 — Miranda goes to sleep on an egg. by sandoula07/19/043.92

Night of All Nights

 — Searching for the perfect experience. by sr71plt10/15/113.92

Night on the 9th

 — A Parisian hotel and its thin walls. by bellefleure09/06/104.67HOT

Night Time is the Right Time

 — Masturbation and a dildo. by pjd6604/17/183.79

Nightmare Hotel Ch. 01

 — Kimberly Westley is checked into a haunted hotel. by makelovetome05/22/153.71


 — Pleasing myself with a fantasy. by KachineKoko04/21/093.94


 — I found innocent Nikki's writing. by RelentlessPerversion06/29/104.14

No Hands

 — I forbid myself to use my hands for self pleasure. by hblocalgrl05/23/114.31

No Honor Ch. 01

 — A CIA agent discovers her kinky side from a Russian spy. by Scornelius04/06/144.32

No One's Reality

 — A story of female masturbation as she has an erotic fantasy. by CreekPrincess02/01/103.56

No Rest For The Horny

 — Deserted rest stop + horny girl + imagination=hot self love. by angryjimmy04/26/064.00

No Touching

 — Jake and his girlfriend's best friend play a dangerous game. by JosephWrites01/17/134.56HOT

Not An Average Sunday Afternoon

 — He discovers pillow humping and a lot more. by Akito0107/12/044.35

Not Fair!

 — An early morning daydream. by Kedral11/05/044.38

Not Sharing

 — A couple prepares for an event. by readcarefully10/02/154.16

Not Your Everyday Journal

 — Made to document it, a subbie masturbates every day. by littlemissjen07/20/094.41

Nude Tuesday

 — Summer camp staff gets a little naked. by Intermezzo_Erotique06/26/073.67

Number 86 Ch. 01

 — Alone again - finding my 'aunts' are not as I expected them. by SaucySexySlut07/22/124.13

Nurse Nancy Pt. 01 (Story Version)

 — Dude is introduced to a new form of therapy. by Frankiezz305/02/094.40

Nurse Nancy's Penis Therapy Pt. 01

 — Dude is introduced to a new form of therapy. by Frankiezz304/18/094.07

Nurse Nancy's Penis Therapy Pt. 02

 — A Visit from Nurse Agnes. by Frankiezz305/19/094.29

Nurse Nancy's Penis Therapy Pt. 03

 — Nurse Candy loses control. by Frankiezz306/01/094.43

Nurse Nancy's Penis Therapy Pt. 04

 — Nurse Candy gets busted. by Frankiezz311/22/094.49

Nurse Nancy's Penis Therapy Pt. 05

 — Nurse Candy gts Ttught a lesson. by Frankiezz312/23/094.34

Nurse Nancy's Penis Therapy Pt. 06

 — Nancy pays a visit to Dr. Firefly. by Frankiezz312/25/104.75HOT

O O Calcutta Ch. 04

 — A cataclysmic impregnation and a desperate flight. by kaypee08/23/144.36

Object Confessions 16: Sexy Smurfet

 — Her little blue dragon dildo is a secret under her clothes! by Cherish_Desire03/17/163.94

Object Confessions 4

 — This sexy lady rides wine bottles to satisfy her needs. by Cherish_Desire02/18/134.28

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