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Erotic Couplings Stories

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 — She had a photo album of every cock she'd known. by TonyDowse09/15/064.71HOT

Vicki Cleans Up

 — She cleans up on his fantasies about nude maid service. by RejectReality06/23/154.64HOT

Vicki Loves - Ch. 03: Celia

 — A pool party for two. by housewares01/18/184.84HOT

Vicki Lynn's Adventure with Derek

 — She and Derek are caught in the act. by Vickilynn05/18/054.35

Vicki's Viewpoint

 — The memoirs of an escort. by odlum01/23/074.37

Vicki's Viewpoint Ch. 02

 — She meets old, young, & shares a voyeuristic moment. by odlum03/03/074.36

Vickie's Party

 — A shared fantasy with a sexy mature lady. by avalon_sunset09/13/104.35

Vicky's Night Out

 — A woman who can't get enough cock. by ShiningStarr09/17/124.03

Victim of the Game Ch. 01

 — A mafia hitman struggles on his last target. by grayfox_mgs01/25/064.29

Victim of the Game Ch. 02

 — Two detectives get a call in the morning. by grayfox_mgs02/09/064.06

Victim of the Game Ch. 03

 — A retired hitman is seduced into doing one more kill. by grayfox_mgs02/23/064.50HOT

Victim of the Game Ch. 04

 — Pretty secretary gets in the way of Trapper's search. by grayfox_mgs03/09/064.83

Victim or Survivor

 — A BBW strikes back. by Alex Ledue06/01/043.81

Victor and Carly

 — Carly's hands-on approach at learning Anatomy excites Victor. by Amourbkqueen10/06/154.02


 — Bet in haste, lose at pleasure. by AaronAardvark07/20/123.83

Victoria Ch. 01

 — The ride home. by sandollar0401/23/083.98

Victoria Meets Her Online Lover

 — Married woman meets with her internet lover. by storyteller252503/28/063.79

Victoria's Dirty Little Secret

 — She's overcome by professor. by RisiaSkye10/08/004.33

Victoria's Little Secret

 — Ice queen exterior hides her passionate nature. by Cherokee Rose02/07/064.54HOT

Victoria's Lunch Date

 — A classy Manhattan escort loves her job! by JulianDelacourt06/15/164.06

Victoria's Secret

 — What really happened behind closed doors. by M Crimm05/29/023.27

Victoria's Secret

 — Two lovers with pent up sexual tension. by pat97008/06/143.33

Victoria's Secrets Ch. 01

 — Surprise visit for Angel begins oral satisfaction. by VerbalIntercourse06/13/064.14

Victorian Obsession

 — Just follow the rules! by Blubik02/28/083.31


 — In Ancient Egypt, the Priestess Nane surrenders to Kahotep. by Alainn07/01/094.28

Victory Dance

 — Happy happenstance leads to a satisfying spontaneous tryst. by Jazz_E_too11/03/164.39

Video Ch. 1

 — Teasing while watching a video with some friends. by vic45006/24/024.35

Video Ch. 2

 — They're not finished - they're just getting started. by vic45006/25/024.41

Video Game

 — Girl fills out her fantasy on her boyfriend and he loves it. by HornyReba09/07/133.95

Video Game Vixen Ch. 04

 — Sanaa returns to college. by wiggle_bounce03/24/064.55HOT

Video Game Vixen Ch. 07

 — Sanaa takes a night out with a friend. by wiggle_bounce06/06/064.62HOT

Video Rental Ch. 01

 — Renting an adult video leads to adult interaction. by Irish Moss04/15/044.24

Video Rental Ch. 02

 — Back room video leads to another encounter. by Irish Moss04/02/054.52HOT

Video Store

 — Guy meets girl at a video store. by Series 609/21/034.37

Video Store

 — Couple find fun in a video store. by rose4umfh12/10/054.12

Video Store Sexcapades

 — A little after hours fun ensures the customer is satisfied. by TrulyTerrific03/01/114.34

Video Store Vixen

 — Holiday weekends turns into sexual exercise. by biggshow1309/28/054.20

Video Story: Jennifer Finds Surprises on the Roof

 — She shares the story of how a club meeting led to surprises. by LitTV02/13/173.68

Video Story: Raquel's First Hard and Rough Sex

 — She meets a musician, who shows her new kinks. by LitTV01/22/173.95

Vietnam Vet and Catholic Girl Pt. 01

 — Returning Vet meets 19 year old girl. by RonK196601/13/163.85

Vietnam Vet and Catholic Girl Pt. 02

 — Returning vet meets 19 year old girl. by RonK196601/19/163.98

Vietnam Vet and Catholic Girl Pt. 03

 — Returning Vet Meets 19 Year Old Girl. by RonK196601/23/163.42

Vietnamese Beef Pho

 — When is a friendship just a friendship? by Future_Girl02/23/184.48

Vietnamese Take-Out

 — Hot Vietnamese girl is a yummy dish for her white boyfriend. by moreau05/03/084.16

Vieux Carre

 — A growing dialogue leads two acquaintances to the Big Easy. by hurricane6407/27/054.80HOT

View From the Balcony

 — Two lovers enjoy the hotel balcony. by captivate11/18/024.38

View from the Belfry

 — Ecclesastical erotica. by OhPossum09/05/113.67

View from the Roof

 — He takes her up on the roof to see the view. by Veronika03/19/073.88

View from the Window Ch. 04

 — Will Adrienne and Bret fight their growing attraction? by sharpchick04/25/064.73HOT


 — One recent weekend evening in our bed. by drsalt08/03/033.76


 — Husband helps his wife relax after work. by WinterSolstice02/12/034.06

Vignette #01

 — Her fiance finds out what she does for a living. by DawnJ02/02/084.33

Vignette #02

 — A couple engage in foreplay all day long. by DawnJ03/14/084.05

Vignette #03

 — Her lover makes coming home a sweet treat. by DawnJ03/26/084.00

Vignette 01

 — Coffee, Tea or Cum. by MadBrown07/04/114.02

Vignette 02

 — The 7.77 Mile High Club. by MadBrown07/27/114.45

VijayaLakshmi- A Legion of Sex Ch. 01

 — The beginning of a sexual anthology - past is always haunting. by shanti201012/25/154.11

Viking Silver

 — A chance meeting leads to excitement. by cymbelline09/09/104.35

Viking Vacation

 — A Fellatrix travels across the world for the perfect cock. by gimmie_your_load11/21/114.70HOT

Villa Adventure

 — Playtime at the Love Villa. by awired5007/26/144.00


 — They spent a little time sightseeing. by pinter01/27/033.84

Village Vixens Get Enough Cum

 — Sexy village girl gets what she wants. by kishan08/22/024.10

Villain of Black Valentine's Day

 — Walter takes out his unhappiness on Valentine's Day. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/21/083.79

Vince and Jess

 — Boyfriend takes Daughter. by louiseforyou07/04/094.11

Vince's Plans

 — He has a plan, but little does he know what is coming. by cdhawkeye96a09/29/064.07

Vindictive Romance

 — A new romance is found through vengeance. by Tipson10/10/124.00

Vineyard Adventure

 — Boy meets girl at a winery tasting room. by grandcruvin05/24/074.33

Vintage Port School for Girls Ch. 01

 — All-girls school teaches their girls well. by Zack298109/23/054.53HOT

Vintage Port School for Girls Ch. 02

 — Erica remembers her own days as a student. by Zack298109/25/054.53HOT

Vintage Port School for Girls Ch. 03

 — Melvin sits in on a class. by Zack298110/07/054.51HOT

Violet Flowers Blows Flute

 — Erotic Tamil Story. by madhavichandran07/11/124.41


 — A day at work gets out of control. by vivyenne07/30/094.49

VIP Lounge

 — A businessman decides to check out an "adult" lounge. by rdodger09/18/173.60

VIP Status

 — Victoria shows her husband extra attention. by mdutchess2809/07/043.90

Virgin Chronicles

 — She has her first orgasm. by Jenielle02/22/044.29

Virgin Mary: The Camp Ch. 02

 — Mary and the nuns stop for gas near a truck stop. by Buzzboy03/19/143.67

Virgin Mary: The Camp Ch. 06

 — Mary is lost and naked to the dark hallways. by Buzzboy01/26/174.24

Virgin Mary: The Camp Ch. 09

 — Mary goes to the showers with the other girls. by Buzzboy12/25/173.21

Virgin Party Girl Ch. 02

 — After her 1st, she play with other boys. by Marla B07/02/044.21

Virgin Sacrifice

 — A virgin sacrifices her innocence to the gods. by lilmistris03/10/113.91

Virgin Seeking Ch. 02

 — Devyn lets Jordan have his way with her. by fms961210/31/174.43

Virgin Territory

 — My adventure started innocently enough... by Holybuckets08/01/144.28

Virgin's Blood

 — Sex scene from author's novel 'Virgin's Blood'. by Tianna_Xander04/12/084.08

Virginal Tits Ch. 01

 — Busty brunette is self conscious about sex by Tdisk05/18/134.46

Virginal Tits Ch. 03

 — Week of teasing and new experiences for busty brunette. by Tdisk06/10/134.46

Virginal Tits Ch. 04

 — Fashion and other challenges for the busty brunette. by Tdisk06/11/134.55HOT

Virginal Tits Ch. 05

 — Busty brunette's sex education continues. by Tdisk07/01/134.54HOT

Virginities Lost Ch. 1

 — College kids explore new territory together. by Leo Davis11/01/004.59HOT

Virgins No More

 — Matt and Sarah finally satisfy their passion. by Sky Blue11/20/004.32

Virgins No More Ch. 2

 — Matt and Sarah arrange their second time together. by Sky Blue12/29/004.36

Virgins No More Ch. 3

 — Matt and Sarah do it again. by Sky Blue01/01/014.61HOT

Virtual Fucking Becomes Reality

 — I drop in on my online sexting cyberwhore. by peebudy07/05/103.77

Virtual Lovers

 — A cooperative story by Smiley777 and me. by BgMma02/01/034.12

Virtual Reality Love

 — Love in the Metaverse. by ihorizon04/09/084.14

Virtual Sex

 — I fuck my way from cyber emails to cams and beyond. by Catmoore01/20/164.74HOT

Virtual Stranger

 — He finds a stranger in his bed. by 8scoops07/12/094.53HOT

Virtual to Reality Pt. 01

 — Virtual play becomes real life. by uxb04/18/154.12

Virtually Yours

 — Virtual lovers share more than a bar of soap. by Fizzxxx05/29/05HOT

Virtually Yours Ch. 02

 — Online lovers meet on a secluded clifftop. by Fizzxxx06/17/05HOT

Virtually Yours Ch. 03

 — Virtual lovers experience their hottest sex. by Fizzxxx06/20/05HOT

Virtually Yours Ch. 04

 — Virtual lovers have fun in front of the computer. by Fizzxxx07/16/05HOT

Virtue or Vice Ch. 01

 — To pay for education, Terri becomes "Tori". by BrettJ06/24/054.41

Virtuoso Performance

 — A post-concert ball. by MollyBloom190403/16/064.48

Vishal's Sex Adventure Ch. 02

 — Vishal goes for Priya but ends up fucking her neighbor. by sexlover_9412/08/133.71

Vision of Lust

 — A chance encounter in the woods. by LordPriapus08/04/013.70

Vision of You

 — Subway ride with sexy vision of my past. by dickjonson6906/14/094.00

Vision Under the Waterfall

 — Suddenly widowed, she needs to heal. by DAZ198906/21/054.25


 — He comes to her. by spacemanspiff_1107/29/034.61HOT


 — Short story of lasting love and desire between 2 lovers. by WinstonBentley05/26/154.12

Visit at the Trailer Park

 — Girlfriend and I visit married couple. by RonK196602/05/164.09

Visit at the Trailer Park Pt. 02

 — Girlfriend and I visit married couple. by RonK196602/11/164.20

Visit at the Trailer Park Pt. 03

 — Visiting a Married Couple. by RonK196602/19/164.28

Visit at the Trailer Park Pt. 04

 — Girl Friend and I visit Married Couple. by RonK196602/25/164.38

Visit from a Family Friend

 — Recently single Mike gets a visited by young girl from home. by MikeSay09/30/154.49

Visit from a Family Friend Pt. 02

 — A recently dumped guy has a night out with two young ladies. by MikeSay09/23/164.57HOT

Visit From a Friend

 — Tired man gets a lift. by marriedhehore03/07/013.35

Visit from a Friend

 — Evening's visit becomes much more. by LadyMargaret05/22/054.38

Visit from Robert Has Delicious End

 — Her aunt's former husband is her next massage client. by Niki_Montana06/27/164.70HOT

Visit to College

 — Girl visits boyfriend at college. by SecretObsession10/17/034.37

Visit to Doctor

 — He meets a hot female doctor. by ntvtxn02/27/074.37

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