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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Fancy Dress

 — A story of lesbian vampire seduction. by hotchkiss11/16/054.43

Fantasies Awakened

 — Lesbian couple share what they want most. by kokopellidreams709/14/084.69HOT

Fantasies Ch. 1

 — Bicurious woman falls for Amanda. by Catisfaction10/13/003.57

Fantasies Ch. 2

 — Bicurious girl meets with lovely Amanda. by Catisfaction10/13/004.14

Fantasies Come True Ch. 1

 — Her first fantasy comes true on her 18th birthday. by HornyDoll05/11/014.28

Fantasies Come True Ch. 3

 — Girl's lesbian fantasy continues. by HornyDoll06/07/014.47

Fantasies Come True..

 — The girl of my dreams fulfills my fantasy in a crowded club. by ilovegirls42009/06/114.12

Fantasies Do Cum True

 — When a straight girl misplaces her panties. by Brookell07/11/074.47

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 06

 — While he's asleep. by Genderal10/15/064.40

Fantasies Revisited Ch. 02

 — Two schoolgirls discover new things about each other. by BrightCatsEyes06/15/044.50HOT

Fantasies Revisited Ch. 04

 — The naughty girls are back in the headmaster's office. by BrightCatsEyes08/23/054.44

Fantasising About Emma - Donor Ch. 07

 — Letting me watch her lesbian fantasy. by ArrowThroughTheHeart11/11/134.65HOT

Fantastic Massage

 — Her beautiful masseuse does full body caress. by MacSwain61201/01/104.35


 — You and her share sweet, enticingly erotic night. by sexy_cat_princess01/18/074.33


 — About being with the one you Love, whatever it takes. by KAnneMeinel06/15/114.09


 — An old fantasy, soon to be reality. by DarkFang10/01/144.41

Fantasy Becomes Reality

 — The future of sex toys. by Kitten200906/02/114.00

Fantasy Come To Life

 — A seduction is reversed. by SabreQueen07/27/054.27

Fantasy for Two

 — Woman's first time (that she knows of). by DHwriter02/27/094.25

Fantasy in the Dark

 — Thinking of you in the dead of the night. by evil_shicken05/24/074.25

Fantasy Land

 — She would like to take you into her fantasy. by shadowboxer612/20/074.41

Fantasy Made Real

 — Maria's fantasy comes true when John takes contol. by kazzy08/21/014.13

Fantasy of an Eighteen Year Old Salesgirl

 — How I got seduced by this cute salesgirl in a swimsuit store. by redhot3508/24/024.17

Fantasy Shower

 — Communal shower leads to new pleasures. by humminbrd3007/26/033.28

Fantasy Weekend

 — I have chosen to share a fantasy I have about Jessica. by angel_6911/28/104.32

Fara and Sharifah's First Time

 — Singapore Malay girls Fara and Sharifah's first time. by famela04/06/063.52

Fara and Sharifah's First Time Ch. 02

 — Fara and Sharifah's are together again by famela04/07/064.02

Fara, My First Ch. 2

 — Unrequited sapphic love gets requited. by melisande03/10/024.46

Fara, Sharifah and Emilia together

 — A first-time Malay girls threesome. by famela04/11/063.91

Faro Summer

 — Home for the summer, a grad student finds something new. by Belle_in_south09/18/054.73HOT


 — Two roommates play with a hypnotic crystal. And each other. by JukeboxEMCSA11/27/114.70HOT

Fascination Drives Me Wild

 — First-person double fantasy about a close friend. by fascinatedlady08/25/124.22

Fat Chance

 — Fatima discovers size need not be obstacle to love. by bradley_stoke05/17/024.00

Fatback at the Suga Shack Ch. 01

 — Leaving Koko Beach, she takes it up the ass out west. by BlackDahlia6910/12/082.69

Fay Flowers

 — Beautiful 19-year-old girl leaves Kansas for L.A. by Jolie du Pre02/09/053.89

Fear in the Mind

 — Fear can enhance our deepest desires. by hdm303lj02/17/012.65


 — A girl makes love to her idol. by bisexualcindy12/22/144.19

February 14th at Momo's

 — One year of a black saleswoman and her Japanese soulmate. by CookieCutter02/20/064.11

Feeding Edna

 — Amy meets Edna by AmyHart09/14/064.36

Feeding the Emptiness Ch. 01

 — A vampire finds herself hungering for more than blood. by talkingguineapig03/31/134.45

Feeding the Emptiness Ch. 02

 — A vampire finds herself hungering for more than blood. by talkingguineapig04/09/134.73HOT

Feeding Time

 — Lesbian, bondage themed between a vampire and a witch. by NzWiccan08/02/114.69HOT

Feel Jane Fuck

 — A fucking dream come true. by poeta0904/16/103.91

Feeling the Pinch

 — Tricia and Brenda feel the pinch and more after a busy day. by sweet-as-honey11/01/034.57HOT

Feliz Cinco De Mayo

 — Rocio and Isabelle celebrate in the car. by sexyisabelle05/13/064.06

Fell in Love with a Girl Ch. 01

 — The first part of a girl-meets-girl college story. by jessymichelle07/02/094.43

Fell in Love with a Girl Ch. 02

 — Things go a bit further between Frankie and Layla. by jessymichelle07/14/094.50HOT

Felon Failing Fallen

 — Whoever said Hell stays intact during the holidays? by TMAJO11/25/054.78HOT

Female Love!

 — My first sex with her. by Maari01/19/114.38

Female Persuasion

 — Estranged wife is seduced by girl stripper. by CaroleS3110/11/004.36

Female Therapy

 — Sherry's woman therapist is uncommonly helpful. by Toucamingo05/08/054.37

Female Treachery: Snakes in Skirts

 — Stories of female lust, betrayal and revenge. by Samuelx01/09/072.89

Feminine Enchantress

 — Her fantasy becomes real. by notlib12/21/044.10

Feminine Seduction

 — A rainstorm makes them retreat inside, to each other's arms. by AfroerotiK11/14/064.37

Femme Attack

 — Butch connnects with Femme under the stars. by SirHarIey04/02/014.03

Femme Fatale

 — A woman finds herself falling for a mysterious stranger. by jjv37301/15/153.87

Femme Fatale Dominante

 — Lesbian induction and domination of a bitch. by Aimie246912/10/144.53HOT

Femme Runs The Show

 — Her femme makes her beg for it. by Master_Valmont1706/06/074.48

Fenella's Feelings Flip

 — Fenella's feelings take a new turn, or two. by Calandria08/05/074.41

Festival Exhibition

 — Public affection at a musical festival. by Fantasy_Red05/03/104.55HOT

Fetishville Ch. 01

 — Secret fetishes are accidentally uncovered. by shakenmartini5508/01/134.45


 — She's flushed, hot and it love, or sickness? by JukeboxEMCSA12/19/114.30

Fever Ch. 01

 — Was it the fever or the heart? by YoursTruly10108/20/094.19

Fever Magick

 — She finds hope & love in another woman. by Toucamingo09/05/034.48

Fever Pitch

 — Flat mates lesbian encounter. by Cej3010/06/134.26


 — Memory and reality blend for a woman who loves women. by MandolinRain01/22/114.29

Fickle Fate

 — Veteran comes home to find love. by IagosDaughter06/20/134.72HOT

Field Trip

 — Field trip chaperone arranges her own field exploration. by Charlotte35f02/15/064.48

Fight Club

 — Two women on the town. by TheChameleon10/18/113.91


 — The best part is making up. by savismith08/25/144.50HOT

Fighting For Her Ch. 01

 — With a tragic past, she saves another girl from a gang. by YoursTruly10107/26/104.49

Fighting For Her Ch. 02

 — With a tragic past, she saves another girl from a gang. by YoursTruly10107/27/104.56HOT

Fighting For Her Ch. 03

 — With a tragic past, a girl saves another from a gang. by YoursTruly10108/01/104.58HOT

Fighting For Her Ch. 04

 — Never realized that what we had would come to a crashing end. by YoursTruly10111/04/114.66HOT

Figures in the Big Easy, Friday

 — Three bored housewives take a girls' trip to the city. by ARTG09/06/104.04

Figures in the Big Easy, Saturday

 — The girls' second night in New Orleans. by ARTG01/18/114.41

Figures in the Mist

 — Sue stumbles upon two bored housewives at the gym. by ARTG07/29/104.31

Film Night Trio

 — Two girls visit their parent's friend - and things develop. by caseyjones6708/22/134.13

Film School Ch. 02

 — Casting call! by The_Darkness07/30/053.48

Filpina Discovers Her Bisexuality

 — 19-year-old Jezebelle discovers her bisexuality one night. by jockinjezebelle06/25/103.83

Final Examination

 — She receives an offer she can't refuse. by watcher_man04/29/074.39

Final Tutorial

 — The early night air was warm and the skies clear... by NzWiccan03/08/134.47


 — Sexual tension is released in a playful lesbian encounter. by KharisLeaf8204/18/083.89


 — Years of waiting, one night to act. by BackyardBottomslash06/15/114.29

Finally - Dessert

 — After weeks of waiting, two experience each other. by sexymrs04/25/084.33

Finally Meeting Morgan Ch. 01

 — Friday - Dinner, romance, intimacy, with a surprise. by AVixenLiterally04/18/124.61HOT

Finally Meeting Morgan Ch. 02

 — Saturday - Shopping, dining, loving - romance blooms. by AVixenLiterally04/24/124.79HOT

Finally Meeting Morgan Ch. 03

 — Sunday - The clock ticks, plans are made, an unexpected gift. by AVixenLiterally05/03/124.83HOT

Finally Sally Gets Her Prize

 — I give my best friend the gift she most coverts. by YoungBeth06/02/124.29

Finally Together

 — Spanish teacher finally gets with her favorite student. by Sweetmama2209/13/07

Finding a Friend

 — Two girls find each other after their boyfriends fight. by Iluv2knot03/03/104.50HOT

Finding Comfort Ch. 01

 — Can two survivors find solace in each other's embrace? by RustedBeef06/28/134.43

Finding Eden Ch. 01

 — Young woman crosses the line with her roommate. by RadiantDecay03/26/064.28

Finding Euphoria

 — A shy teen lesbian virgin is seduced by a sexy older woman. by silkstockingslover09/05/124.57HOT

Finding Love in Paradise

 — College sweethearts Austyn and Molly can't get it right. by AustynRayn03/25/124.31

Finding Love in Paradise Ch. 02

 — College sweethearts Austyn and Molly can't get it right. by AustynRayn03/29/124.64HOT

Finding Love Pt. 01

 — The search for love begins. by Dru_Druthers08/18/134.78HOT

Finding Love Pt. 02

 — Love has been found ... or has it? by Dru_Druthers08/25/134.81HOT

Finding Love Pt. 03

 — Love is lost but hope rises from the ashes. by Dru_Druthers09/01/134.76HOT

Finding Love Pt. 04

 — New lovers, confusion and revelations. by Dru_Druthers09/08/134.74HOT

Finding Love Pt. 05

 — Acceptance and new beginnings. by Dru_Druthers09/14/134.83HOT

Finding Love Pt. 06

 — Relationships grow and deepen. by Dru_Druthers09/21/134.76HOT

Finding Love Pt. 07

 — Hurts, heartaches and sorrows. by Dru_Druthers09/27/134.81HOT

Finding Love Pt. 08

 — More hurts and fun at the club. by Dru_Druthers10/03/134.82HOT

Finding Love Pt. 09

 — All things must end. by Dru_Druthers10/09/134.68HOT

Finding Me

 — A lost soul found herself at last by Lonely but loved07/28/04

Finding Myself

 — School, sex and submission. by krr195710/04/094.67HOT

Finding Myself

 — My realisation that I am a lesbian. by tinaneesen05/21/134.55HOT

Finding Myself

 — College girl finds herself. by bufflesbian12/08/133.20

Finding Our Babysitter In The Bath

 — Lady finds her babysitter in the bath. by AngieGS07/14/133.57

Fiona & Janine

 — It's love at first sight for a woman and a coworker's wife. by Ignoble11/19/064.56HOT

Fiona and Ariel Ch. 01-03

 — Online friendship between women becomes much more. by hottchic04/20/114.37

Fiona and Ariel Ch. 04-06

 — Fiona and Ariel get it on! by hottchic04/23/114.34

Fiona and Ariel Ch. 07-09

 — The girls have more fun together. by hottchic04/29/114.63HOT

Fiona and Ariel Ch. 10-11

 — Ariel tells her husband about her affair. by hottchic05/06/114.19

Fiona and her Neighbours

 — Fiona is toyed with & humiliated by women neighbours. by pippam_4901/12/094.18

Fiona and Her Work Colleagues

 — Fiona is forced into being a waitress at a special meeting. by pippam_4901/31/094.07

Fiona and the Hen Party

 — Fiona is blackmailed into entertaining a hen party. by pippam_4909/30/084.10


 — The two of you get hot during a fire drill. by InsatiableK10/03/013.89


 — Amber goes looking for her Dom & finds something else. by Colleen Thomas03/15/024.58HOT


 — A fire, a nude sleeper and a hot EMT. by scrummie07/04/054.50HOT

Fire and Ice

 — Two opposites, one love. by SilentVoices01/28/074.41

Fire and Ice

 — Christina and Nadya heat each other up by FiveWolves09/17/134.54HOT

Fire with Ice

 — Pink leggings and an amazing pussy. by comment180011/05/124.50HOT


 — See these sexy sistahs jumpstart their 4th of July holiday. by TasteTee03/28/044.15


 — A delightful start. by aa82200511/24/064.22

First & Intense

 — Debbie & Alyssa become more than just friends. by ShaunaM09/06/054.23

First Anniversary

 — One year anniversary between two lesbian lovers. by Lady LeStat -A-10/27/054.31

First Chance Taken

 — Dominant woman gives friend a new experience. by Miyelo Ina02/07/023.76

First Date

 — Coworkers get it on for the first time. by Luna_Wolf7208/05/034.20

First Date

 — A new beginning in life and a new friendship. by Tara_Neale12/27/123.92

First Day Of School

 — Young, first year teacher gets a few lessons. by eroslit09/01/034.72HOTContest Winner

First Day of Summer

 — Friends plan a day at the beach. by fameahsky04/25/113.47

First Discovery Ch. 01

 — Straight girl with lesbian friends meets the new girl. by Taty1312/28/114.15

First Discovery Ch. 02

 — Straight girl and new girl gets more familiar with eachother. by Taty1301/03/124.34

First Discovery Ch. 03

 — Straight and lesbian girl start their secret relationship. by Taty1301/10/124.51HOT

First Discovery Ch. 04

 — Nikki and Taty decide to reveal their secret relationship. by Taty1302/11/124.57HOT

First Encounter

 — Never before had she experienced a lesbian lover. by australwind11/07/054.40

First Experience with a Woman Ch. 1

 — Two online female friends meet for their first time. by Sweetevil10/26/024.12

First Experience with a Woman Ch. 2

 — Two online friends meet for their first time. by Sweetevil10/28/024.31

First For Everything

 — Her first time getting strapped down. by Master_Valmont1706/15/094.18

First Girl

 — A new town and a new friend make for an exciting combo. by the_shires11/22/134.36

First Kiss

 — Two widows become better friends. by writerman7301/21/024.21

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