Listed below are the stories entered in the 2009 Halloween Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2009 Halloween Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):

by alana9

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2009 Halloween Submissions
Bewitching MotherPilot4029
The ChoiceSpruce_Needle
Halloween TouristSeries 6
Panty Horrorcoldfire69
The Cold LoverGethelred
The Haunted HouseDahlia15
Halloween Help Earns Second ChancePositiveThinker
Halloween! Let's Pick a PumpkinOneMansFantasies
Halloween TreatsSonoraSnow
Read My StoryTalyisBagley
Halloween TreatsTexienne
Fucking Rain on Halloweentheneonheart
The Lust of the Second SireRob_mDear
The Dictator and the WaitressTrimpostinger
Love Bitesbitslinger
Really Should Have Left it OnlineBianca_Sommerland
Hallowe'en DuesCherryCat
Halloween Nÿtemanyeyedhydra
"I Love You, Mommy."WmForrester
Blurred Imagerubyinnature
Costume Partylady_poisyn
Making Sacred the ProfaneClaudetteLauzon
Decision and DesirePelaam
A Haunting in New OrleansNightOwl64
The World Ended on Halloweenvorcla
Whispering Willows Masquerademountaindreamer
Please Don't Go EmilyYoursSINSerely
Halloween Dance For SwingersPositiveThinker
The Red Velvet CloakPrincessErin
Lady GodivaPositiveThinker
Taken to the Halloween Partym_storyman_x
Halloween HomecomingRainierWriterII
Cat Scratchjman_bigdaddy
Halloween: Vicitmvorcla
The House of AzazelMagus_Ronin
Eve’s Halloween Daddy (and Mommy?)scouries
Hostage Horror On HalloweenPositiveThinker
Between a Witch and a DevilLucyDiamonds
Sorority Suck You Bussarahhh
The Costume Partytommcgee
Halloween Fright NightSeethru57
I Hate Halloween!Sweet_tits2
Kiss of the NightKennedyFlynn
Incident at Cemetery JunctionHandley_Page
A Bargain with the DeadTheWitcher
Mother of the Swarmal_Ussa
Believe It, or NotSweet_tits2
The Great Halloween Costume Mix-up!sethp
Fear Strikes Out!Stultus
Are You Ready?Scorpio44a
The Halloween PartyMiddleagepoet
A Walk in the Woodsjayellfields
A Sacrifice for BapometTheBigandBaldGuy
Cornfield Costume PartyGetSome69
Gustaf's Castlesr71plt
Agent of S.T.A.L.K. in Los AngelesFive_Eight
A Trick, A TreatRejectReality
Halloween - 30,000 BCJenny_Jackson
The GiftTexienne
What a TreatGloriaWill
Cougar Treatssr71plt
Spirit of HalloweenLitEroCat
Zanthis Ringm_storyman_x
Just a Little Longerowengreybeard
Jack-o-Lantern Arrives LateBakeboss
My Halloween Treat...reverendaholic
The Halloween Humpthehalloweenhumper
She Had HornsWatchingCloud
Elizabeth's Vampire StoryAbdulbenthere
Halloween Drivebytorchthebitch
Trick or Treat, Bitchbigdaleforever
A Pleasant FrightBianca_Sommerland
Agent of S.T.A.L.K. in PragueFive_Eight
A Devil's BargainTheWitcher
The Dark Moon Covenctemple
The Predatorkromen
"Friendly" UndertakerBoxlicker101
Ghosts of Halloween Pastwife2hotblk
Trick or Treatsweet_p1024
Date with the Devildreamyer
Full Moon HouseDeclan Cravens
A Halloween Partythe_black_male
The Halloween PartyDMaster_14
A Perfect Fitoptimizer888
Mage and SpiritAbdulbenthere
A GOR-y HalloweenTx Tall Tales
Hunter's Moonvorcla
A Trick or Treat to Rememberm_storyman_x
Midnight from the Inside OutMercurius
Frost on the PumpkinOld_Blue
He Knows You Are AloneTonyWards
House Across the Streetbookthirty
The TalismanBallzac
Cindy Lou and the Halloween PartyBoxlicker101
Staying True To Who I AmDG Hear
Lust of the MummiesBoxlicker101
All Horror's EveJenny_Jackson
Sparks of MoonlightKillerRomance
Halloween MurdersDG Hear
The Mirror of Dorian GreyGethelred
Halloween HumorDG Hear
The Knobgoblinjayellfields
Escape of the Schlangesr71plt
Leif PeepingRainierWriterII
Deathless Whispers on the Windthicktimber
The Big Trickkromen
Down Your ThroatLascivo
Karen's Ghoulie GangbangSean Renaud
Sweet DemonWetBlackLace

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