Listed below are the stories entered in the 2009 Halloween Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2009 Halloween Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):

by alana9

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2009 Halloween Submissions
The Red Velvet CloakPrincessErin
Sorority Suck You Bussarahhh
Just a Little Longerowengreybeard
Date with the Devildreamyer
"Friendly" UndertakerBoxlicker101
Lust of the MummiesBoxlicker101
The TalismanBallzac
Panty Horrorcoldfire69
Kiss of the NightKennedyFlynn
Halloween Dance For SwingersPositiveThinker
Believe It, or NotSweet_tits2
Halloween - 30,000 BCJenny_Jackson
He Knows You Are AloneTonyWards
Hallowe'en DuesCherryCat
A Devil's BargainTheWitcher
Cat Scratchjman_bigdaddy
Halloween HomecomingRainierWriterII
Please Don't Go EmilyYoursSINSerely
Halloween TreatsTexienne
A Trick or Treat to Rememberm_storyman_x
Halloween Drivebytorchthebitch
Spirit of HalloweenLitEroCat
Whispering Willows Masquerademountaindreamer
The ChoiceSpruce_Needle
Read My StoryTalyisBagley
I Hate Halloween!Sweet_tits2
The Knobgoblinjayellfields
Halloween MurdersDG Hear
Hunter's Moonvorcla
Halloween Fright NightSeethru57
The Predatorkromen
Really Should Have Left it OnlineBianca_Sommerland
Halloween TreatsSonoraSnow
A Halloween Partythe_black_male
Are You Ready?Scorpio44a
Bewitching MotherPilot4029
Eve’s Halloween Daddy (and Mommy?)scouries
Sweet DemonWetBlackLace
All Horror's EveJenny_Jackson
Cornfield Costume PartyGetSome69
A GOR-y HalloweenTx Tall Tales
Love Bitesbitslinger
Karen's Ghoulie GangbangSean Renaud
A Bargain with the DeadTheWitcher
The Dark Moon Covenctemple
Halloween! Let's Pick a PumpkinOneMansFantasies
Zanthis Ringm_storyman_x
Full Moon HouseDeclan Cravens
Frost on the PumpkinOld_Blue
Trick or Treat, Bitchbigdaleforever
Trick or Treatsweet_p1024
The GiftTexienne
The Halloween PartyDMaster_14
The Mirror of Dorian GreyGethelred
A Haunting in New OrleansNightOwl64
Hostage Horror On HalloweenPositiveThinker
House Across the Streetbookthirty
Escape of the Schlangesr71plt
Staying True To Who I AmDG Hear
The Big Trickkromen
The Cold LoverGethelred
A Sacrifice for BapometTheBigandBaldGuy
Cindy Lou and the Halloween PartyBoxlicker101
Taken to the Halloween Partym_storyman_x
Mage and SpiritAbdulbenthere
The World Ended on Halloweenvorcla
The Halloween Humpthehalloweenhumper
The Lust of the Second SireRob_mDear
Halloween Help Earns Second ChancePositiveThinker
The House of AzazelMagus_Ronin
Halloween Nÿtemanyeyedhydra
Midnight from the Inside OutMercurius
The Halloween PartyMiddleagepoet
Cougar Treatssr71plt
A Walk in the Woodsjayellfields
Sparks of MoonlightKillerRomance
What a TreatGloriaWill
Halloween: Vicitmvorcla
Lady GodivaPositiveThinker
Costume Partylady_poisyn
A Pleasant FrightBianca_Sommerland
Elizabeth's Vampire StoryAbdulbenthere
Agent of S.T.A.L.K. in PragueFive_Eight
The Great Halloween Costume Mix-up!sethp
Down Your ThroatLascivo
My Halloween Treat...reverendaholic
Deathless Whispers on the Windthicktimber
Agent of S.T.A.L.K. in Los AngelesFive_Eight
The Haunted HouseDahlia15
A Perfect Fitoptimizer888
Halloween TouristSeries 6
Between a Witch and a DevilLucyDiamonds
Fucking Rain on Halloweentheneonheart
Leif PeepingRainierWriterII
"I Love You, Mommy."WmForrester
Decision and DesirePelaam
Halloween HumorDG Hear
Gustaf's Castlesr71plt
Blurred Imagerubyinnature
Jack-o-Lantern Arrives LateBakeboss
The Dictator and the WaitressTrimpostinger
Making Sacred the ProfaneClaudetteLauzon
Mother of the Swarmal_Ussa
Ghosts of Halloween Pastwife2hotblk
Incident at Cemetery JunctionHandley_Page
Fear Strikes Out!Stultus
She Had HornsWatchingCloud
The Costume Partytommcgee
A Trick, A TreatRejectReality

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