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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Computer Games

 — New stepbrother has more than meets the eye. by mpqm196807/01/064.21

Computer Groups

 — Gay incest with my mouth and daddies cock. by MesaAzGuy06/23/114.52HOT

Computer Groups Ch. 02

 — After Daddy, I experience my sister. by MesaAzGuy07/16/114.55HOT

Computer Stripper

 — Discovering why his sister went to Europe. by WFEATHER01/12/083.47

Con Leche

 — Derek and his mother reconnect. by oOScarletWingsOo09/10/093.98

Conception Party

 — I'll do anything to be pregnant. by ZombieGirl8609/09/103.97

Concerted Coincidence

 — Dan and his little sis attend a concert they'll never forget. by Braindard06/26/144.68HOT

Concluding the Wild

 — How daughter-in-law lets things proceed. by rupanita04/13/054.15


 — Absolution can get... sticky! by Alessia Brio03/09/124.21

Confessing Father, Daughter Love

 — A daddy's attempt to justify incestual relationship by Frenchman12/11/094.23


 — Forgive me Father, for I have sinned... by Salteena06/02/024.30

Confession Ch. 01

 — A son tells all. by phsssst08/21/044.47

Confession Ch. 02

 — Mother welcomes her son. by phsssst10/15/064.52HOT

Confession Ch. 03

 — Mother seeks new pleasures. by phsssst11/23/064.55HOT

Confession Letters

 — Rhonda sends her son to visit horny aunt. by MunchinMark10/07/004.20

Confession of a Helicopter Mom

 — Helping my son get ready for college. by Proj3ctPurp1e07/13/174.35

Confession of a Preacher's Wife

 — Minister's wife expresses her true self with her own son. by tj313112/15/014.47

Confession of a Son in Love

 — Did you have sex with your mother? by ItsMe194911/14/084.49

Confession of a Son in Love Pt. 02

 — Son explains his incestuous affair with his mother. by ItsMe194911/19/084.46

Confession of a Son in Love Pt. 03

 — Love and lust grows between submissive mother and son. by ItsMe194911/25/084.38

Confession Time Pt. 01

 — A cousin's secret attraction comes to light. by tishiefruitloop01/18/184.12

Confession Time Pt. 02

 — A cousin's secret fantasy is voiced. by tishiefruitloop01/25/184.35

Confession to Mom

 — Son confesses his desire to his mom in a letter. by jmorgan01/19/114.39

Confession to My New Roommate

 — Josh tells his new roommate about his twin sister. by storiesfromtheotherside09/08/164.35

Confession to My New Roommate Ch. 02

 — What happens when my mother finds out about me and my sister. by storiesfromtheotherside09/14/164.53HOT

Confession: Escalation to Incest

 — Incest confession. Cousin/Sister. by Ononomus03/26/153.88


 — A man confesses for a lifelong of transgressions. by furious112/25/093.54


 — Mother needs to get some things off her chest. by carrieoct1511/03/084.18


 — Kim confesses about the past year to Father Tony. by JosephBarnosky01/05/124.10

Confessions Ch. 01

 — Incestous confession leads to a dangerous new relationship. by zombie2209/13/044.49

Confessions in the Family Room

 — Sloppy grotesque kink between brother & two sisters. by mutterguffin212/13/084.55HOT

Confessions in the Family Room Ch. 01

 — Sloppy grotesque kink between brother and two sisters by mutterguffin210/07/094.54HOT

Confessions in the Family Room Ch. 02

 — Sick and twisted sex is taken to new levels. by mutterguffin209/02/094.61HOT

Confessions in the Family Room Ch. 03

 — Nasty dirty actions bring Lisa and Tony closer. by mutterguffin209/14/094.68HOT

Confessions in the Family Room Ch. 04

 — Putrid new levels of debauchery are achieved with siblings. by mutterguffin210/02/094.54HOT

Confessions in the Family Room Ch. 05

 — The danger line is crossed between Becky and Tony. by mutterguffin211/01/094.63HOT

Confessions in the Family Room Ch. 06

 — Brother converts basement into kinky perverted sex room. by mutterguffin202/07/104.56HOT

Confessions Of A Brother Fucker

 — Sister welcomes brother home for great sex. by khukusanyal11/13/064.29

Confessions of a Cum Slut Pt. 08

 — Chaz introduces me to Alex, and Mommy blows him, a kiss. by CandiNyse12/20/164.28

Confessions of a Daddy's Girl Pt. 01

 — Daddy's Special Father's Day. by AngelaK03/11/174.10

Confessions of a Loving Mother

 — A sexual awakening leads to mother/son incest. by HeyAll06/22/144.66HOT

Confessions of a Mother Pt. 01

 — She tells all. by Ganistaniro06/24/144.16

Confessions of a Mother Pt. 02

 — The next episode by Ganistaniro09/25/143.95

Confessions of a Porn Star Ch. 07

 — "I love you Daddy...Mom, Sister, and Brothers." by SusanJillParker06/12/154.27

Confessions of a Slutty Cousin Ch. 01

 — Gang-banged at the family reunion. by LowLullaby01/10/094.02

Confessions of a Slutty Cousin Ch. 02

 — A surprise attack from a closer relation. by LowLullaby01/11/094.41

Confessions of a Slutty Cousin Ch. 03

 — Reprises, confessions, and six different men. by LowLullaby01/12/094.53HOT

Confessions of an Unholy Mind

 — A boy's journey of sex, and obsession with his older sisters. by franklarkin05/11/144.37

Confessions of Daddy's Lover

 — Shari seduces her father becoming his life longer lover. by ADOM12/08/144.17

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 02

 — Persuasive brother gets knock-out sister to model. by shoguy09/07/134.25

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 03

 —  brother takes pictures of hot sister as she models for him by shoguy09/08/134.35

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 05

 — Brother & Sister lust crazed. Mom sees video and wants son. by shoguy09/10/134.38

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 09

 — Older endowed men with sexy teens. by shoguy09/14/134.03

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 10

 — Father's boss. 2 Teens fuck older endowed father and uncle by shoguy09/15/134.10

Confinement with Mom

 — He owes his mother big favors after the incident. by HeyAll03/20/164.58HOT


 — Gareth suggests his sister share the hotel room. by geronimo_appleby03/18/154.40

Conflicted in Paradise Ch. 01

 — The sequel to Conflicted. Kelsey and friends go on vacation. by EldridgeinOO01/07/114.63HOT

Conflicted in Paradise Ch. 02

 — Stacey meddles to bring everyone back together. by EldridgeinOO01/10/114.78HOT

Conflicted in Paradise Ch. 03

 — The vacation comes to a spectacular close. by EldridgeinOO02/01/114.82HOT

Conflicted: The Fuckbots Run Amok

 — Hot teen cheerleaders have a nice day, and a town burns. by stevieraygovan07/01/093.90

Confronting Brother

 — The follow-up to Brother's Halloween Switch. by Scarcrow12/06/014.50HOT

Confronting Mother

 — Mom's secret is revealed when daughter reads her diary. by estories6904/14/014.42

Confronting Mother Ch. 2

 — Kelly gets into a catfight with her mom's lover. by estories6904/20/014.36

Confronting Mother Ch. 3

 — Mom finds new lover while Tori & Kelly heat up. by estories6905/18/014.38

Confronting Mother Ch. 4

 — Mother and Daughter back together again. by estories6905/27/014.54HOT

Confronting Mother Ch. 5

 — Mother and Daughter saga continues. by estories6909/21/024.55HOT

Confronting My Son

 — A mother needs her son's cock. by standingstones11/10/134.34

Confused and Horny

 — Naive girl gifted pleasure by daddy on her 18th and bred. by Foxy4U08/12/163.33

Confused Connie

 — Brother and Sister explore the naughty... by SimoneLisbon10/31/154.10

Confusing Birthday

 — This family really knows how to party. by keyj07/25/023.03

Confusion and Pleasure

 — Sophie is subjected by sister to confusion & pleasure. by HectorOfTroy07/02/054.47

Confusion and Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Can Sophie resist? by HectorOfTroy07/15/054.51HOT

Confusion is Nothing New

 — Dad cures his son's melancholy. by Araddion09/26/064.45

Conjugal Visit

 — Son has a conjugal visit, but doesn't know who with. by mybub06/28/094.16

Connect the Dots

 — A twisted story of cuckholding. by Franco Pauli04/22/083.92

Connected Ch. 01

 — David and Hope realize their love and begin their journey. by loved4eternity05/05/104.46

Connected Ch. 02

 — David and Hope try to make it work. by loved4eternity05/10/104.52HOT

Connected Ch. 03

 — David and Hope face trouble. by loved4eternity05/26/104.44

Connected Ch. 04

 — David and Hope have company. by loved4eternity06/12/104.46


 — Father, daughter and son find a way to connect. by inviolate10/19/093.87


 — Mother and son connect. by Moondrift08/14/104.22

Connecting with Dad

 — My father connects with me through a friend. by Proj3ctPurp1e12/12/164.38

Connecting With Mother

 — Homecoming raises old unrealised urges in the son. by Nettles706905/28/094.41

Connecting With Mother Ch. 02

 — Getting more involved with Mother, Aunt and Wife. by Nettles706906/12/094.41

Connecting With Mother Ch. 03

 — Getting still closer to Mum. by Nettles706906/19/094.45

Connecting With Mother Ch. 04

 — Enjoying herself in front of others. by Nettles706907/18/094.48

Connecting With Mother Ch. 05

 — Mother and Wife continue their explorations. by Nettles706907/28/094.45

Connecting With Mother Ch. 06

 — Can Mother and Wife reconcile? by Nettles706909/03/094.60HOT

Connecting with My Mom

 — Mother and son discover their true desires on the internet. by Eroscott07/04/164.58HOT

Connie - The Adventure Begins

 — Lonely mom falls for son. by DomincDrake12/29/104.19

Connie - The Adventure Continues

 — What happens next she cannot hide! by DomincDrake02/02/114.34

Connie – The Next Adventure

 — Lonely mom gets more of her son. by DomincDrake01/11/114.33

Connie's Dilemma

 — Tragedy nurturs Connie into womanhood. by Jack Gates01/25/054.01

Connie's Dilemma Ch. 02

 — Connie finds out what's in store. by Jack Gates02/21/054.40

Connie's Education in Exhibitionism Ch. 03

 — A reclusive woman enjoys her relatives. by applevalyan08/05/084.55HOT

Connie's Kids

 — Her children devise an erotic plan to make her happy again. by Layne Bryant II08/30/044.62HOT

Connie: Slut MILF

 — Son tricks his Mom into revealing she's really a slut. by busty_fucker12/28/074.65HOT

Connie: Slut MILF Ch. 02

 — Aunt Cathy gets into the act. by busty_fucker01/18/084.68HOT

Connie: Slut MILF Ch. 03

 — Mother seduces son's girlfriend. by busty_fucker03/05/084.71HOT

Conning Mom

 — Sons scheme to get their mothers in bed. by Mikelh12/07/014.34

Connor's Senior Year Ch. 01

 — Connor gets over Kaylee with help from his friends and mom. by Megamuffin04/13/174.70HOT

Connor's Senior Year Ch. 02

 — Connor and Megan share secrets. Study group after school. by Megamuffin04/21/174.66HOT

Connor's Senior Year Ch. 03

 — A discovery at school. Leo and Megan stay for dinner. by Megamuffin08/03/174.76HOT


 — Coincidences with random hookups. by noname555121210/17/144.11

Conscience Doth Make Cowards of Us

 — She is ruled by conscience, but he finds a way. by Starlight08/13/024.46

Consequences Ch. 01

 — She is taken in front of husband & daughter. by PrevertedMe06/15/114.29

Consequences Ch. 01

 — Jenny has to live with her Uncle Max. by Goldeniangel07/10/124.22

Consequences Ch. 02

 — He has daughter for the first time. by PrevertedMe06/22/114.55HOT

Consequences Ch. 02

 — Uncle Max's idea of an appropriate punishment for spying. by Goldeniangel07/13/124.40

Consequences Ch. 03

 — Shopping leads to another embarrassing scene with her Uncle. by Goldeniangel07/13/124.46

Consequences Ch. 04

 — Drunken party loosens niece's inhibitions once she's home. by Goldeniangel07/17/124.50HOT

Consequences Ch. 05

 — Uncle Max shows Jenny the difference between a boy and a man. by Goldeniangel07/19/124.63HOT

Consequences Ch. 06

 — Jenny gets jealous when Uncle Max brings home a date. by Goldeniangel07/23/124.71HOT

Consequences Ch. 07

 — His daughter earns a spanking. by PrevertedMe07/13/114.59HOT

Consequences Ch. 07

 — Uncle Max finds Jenny masturbating in his bed. by Goldeniangel07/27/124.62HOT

Consequences Ch. 08

 — Jenny's plan to pop her cherry backfires. by Goldeniangel07/30/124.68HOT

Consequences Ch. 09

 — His daughter plays Daddy's Good Lil Girl. by PrevertedMe07/18/114.62HOT

Consequences Ch. 09

 — Jenny gets taken over and over again. by Goldeniangel08/14/124.61HOT

Consequences Ch. 10

 — Uncle Max takes his niece's anal cherry. by Goldeniangel08/25/124.65HOT

Consequences Ch. 11

 — Uncle Max & Jenny ride out their conclusion. by Goldeniangel09/07/124.57HOT

Consequences Pt. 15

 — Jen plays with Drums while her brother-in-law visits. by xleglover06/01/144.30

Consequences Pt. 22

 — Jen takes care of her husband's brother. by xleglover08/06/144.35

Consequences Pt. 23

 — Jen goes farther with her brother-in-law; is it mercy sex? by xleglover08/28/144.42

Consequences, Marie

 — There are two kinds of consequences, he got them both. by Scorpio4406/11/084.39

Consequences: Max Ch. 01

 — Uncle Max teaches Jenny a lesson about respecting privacy. by Goldeniangel06/30/164.33

Consequences: Max Ch. 02

 — Max gets a stand-in Jenny, but finds its not the same. by Goldeniangel07/01/164.61HOT

Consequences: Max Ch. 03

 — Max uses another woman to show his niece his needs. by Goldeniangel07/15/164.62HOT

Consequences: Max Ch. 04

 — Max takes his niece's virginity and makes her his. by Goldeniangel08/05/164.49


 — A brother and sister reunite after years apart. by alembic92202/08/174.36

Consoling Callie

 — Grief can have unexpected consequences. by MarcoTambo11/15/174.21

Consoling Cindy

 — Man and sister visit sick dad, sister needs consoling. by realfunguy05/27/104.33

Consoling Mom

 — Mom becomes Son's girlfriend after divorce. by indian_fun09/10/034.16

Consoling Mom

 — A son returns to his mother. by standingstones09/06/144.41

Consoling Simone

 — Her scorned fantasy leads to hot TLC. by BurningEssence10/18/064.54HOT

Consoling Simone Ch. 02

 — Her incestuous friends turn her scorned fantasy into reality. by BurningEssence11/02/064.40

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