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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Awakening Lust

 — Son falls for Mom's hot body. by Marshy7706/22/064.12

Awakening Lust Ch. 02

 — Mom comes up with a great idea for son. by Marshy7707/03/064.17

Awakening Obsession

 — A son discovers the sensuous power of his mother. by Sisyvin101/24/083.97

Awakening Obsession Ch. 02

 — The son's obsession turns to voyeurism. by Sisyvin102/15/084.26

Awakening Obsession Ch. 03

 — The son seduces his mother. by Sisyvin103/16/084.51HOT

Awakening Obsession Ch. 04

 — The son's obsession grows. by Sisyvin104/04/084.62HOT

Awakening Obsession Ch. 05

 — The son just can't get enough of her. by Sisyvin104/15/084.57HOT


 — A girl helps her brother with his confidence issues. by jennaliscious04/15/124.43


 — Do dreams reveal what we aren't willing to try in life? by lil16v01/30/164.04


 — A midnight encounter awakens a daughter's fantasies. by PrevertedMe10/23/184.59HOT

Awakenings Ch. 01

 — Teen's diary reveals her secret uncontrollable urges. by Erlikkhan03/04/014.47

Awakenings Ch. 01

 — Mom & Son Begin to Make Discoveries in New House. by Tedluvs38C06/18/15

Awakenings Ch. 02

 — Jenny's punished for not wearing panties to school. by Erlikkhan03/17/014.51HOT

Awakenings Ch. 03

 — Daughter learns that the back door can be fun. by Erlikkhan04/21/014.48

Awakenings Ch. 03

 — Orv and Kath learn more about their house - and themselves. by Tedluvs38C09/28/164.29

Awakenings Ch. 04

 — Jenny has her first threesome, then her first orgy. by Erlikkhan08/11/014.62HOT

Awakenings Ch. 04

 — Orv & Kath learn more about themselves & their house. by Tedluvs38C02/14/174.33

Awakenings Ch. 05

 — Jenny ends up in a family orgy. by Erlikkhan09/06/014.63HOT

Awakenings Pt. 01

 — Son lusts for mom after aunt moves in. by TxAuthor06/19/174.78HOT

Awakenings Pt. 02

 — Son continues journey of discovery with mom and aunt. by TxAuthor08/03/174.80HOT

Awakenings Pt. 03

 — Mom, Son, and her Sister reach a climax. by TxAuthor08/21/174.79HOT

Awards Banquet

 — Sons win their moms Best Fuck awards. by aladdin4906/08/194.50HOT

Aware of My Son

 — She sees his hard cock. by standingstones06/27/174.26

Away From Civilization

 — Brother and sister find their call to each other. by kamakazi1908/06/064.11

Away From Prying Eyes

 — Mother & Son release their sexual urges in a hotel room. by roninkek03/30/154.01

Away from the Cameras

 — I give my father my virginity and he gives me two children. by datura4802/03/184.51HOT

Awesome Mom

 — She played with him the game of sex. by nitinisnice07/28/043.22

Awesome Mom: Slut Adventure

 — She make their holiday best. by nitinisnice11/06/043.38

Awesome Neightbors

 — He gets lucky with a mother and daughter. by BlackSnake11/03/054.29

Awkward Holiday

 — A trip with my older sister. by Witton196709/13/183.86


 — A brother is woken up by his sister, in so many ways... by thejharrison2406/27/144.41

Aww Shit?

 — A real wakeup call! by RichardKing12/04/133.59

Axel’s Penis... and Mom And Annika

 — Mom & Sis don't want a piece of plastic inside themselves. by scouries04/12/094.60HOT


 — She likes dick. She hates men. What can she do? by kurrginatorX11/22/184.24

Ayano's Pleasure Cruise

 — Mother and son enjoy cruising on the Carnival Elation! by DandyMan6501/02/154.35

Aysha Ch. 1

 — Friend helps her see Dad in a new light. by Patrick08/02/004.39

Aysha Ch. 2

 — Yasmine comes for dinner, and becomes the meal. by Patrick08/02/004.61HOT

Aysha Ch. 3

 — Aysha develops feelings for Jasmine. by Patrick08/02/004.41

Aysha, My Sexy Bhabhi

 — Pakistani guy's love for his sister-in-law. by foki07/16/043.92

Aysha, My Sexy Bhabhi Ch. 02

 — He has a threesome with cousin & sister-in-law. by foki07/27/044.46


 — Secrets are buried and brother and sister act on love. by JimBob4405/02/194.57HOT


 — Meeting an odd new friend, and his mother. by FeverDreamer09/27/114.32

B&D Club Date

 — Amanda visits B&D club with Uncle Denis. by Magicien10/22/024.03

B. A. B. - Big Ass Bitch

 — Mistaken identity leads to rough & tumble lust. by hotpup07/20/064.39

B. A. B. - Big Ass Bitch Ch. 02

 — Big ass mom and their son join in. by hotpup08/23/064.43

Babbette's Boobies Ch. 01

 — Beginning with her boobies, then the entire family. by hotpup07/18/054.54HOT

Babbette's Boobies Ch. 02

 — Bonnie brings her family and friends together. by hotpup08/27/054.65HOT

Babbette's Boobies Ch. 03

 — Ben seduced joins Family Fuck Club. by hotpup08/28/054.63HOT


 — Uncle & niece engage in sin. by picoso07/15/024.35

Babes and Boys

 — Twins discover what they want and have always had. by fadedgiant05/14/144.46


 — Baby loves her Daddy very much. by susurrus08/27/084.37

Baby & Me

 — Daddy & adult Chrissy become lovers. by silverace106/19/044.25

Baby & Me Ch. 02

 — Months later, a baby is due. by silverace107/31/044.24

Baby Boom

 — Inept father must get son and his mom to make a baby. by clinton0909/26/104.21

Baby Boy Ch. 01

 — A busty mom shows her new bikini to her son. by poltergasm06/26/084.28

Baby Boy Ch. 02

 — Busty mom and son take their adventure to the pool. by poltergasm08/05/084.41

Baby Boy Ch. 03

 — Busty mom and son get caught by angry father. by poltergasm08/19/084.17

Baby Boy Ch. 04

 — Busty mom and son begin humiliating dad. by poltergasm08/28/084.12

Baby Doll

 — An aspiring model likes to dress up for Daddy. by Carnal_Flower07/07/154.62HOT

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 01

 — How Paul met his 'A-Cup' angel, Patty. by ProfessorPanty10/04/084.37

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 02

 — A-cup Angel gives him her panties. by ProfessorPanty10/07/084.57HOT

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 03

 — Paul tells Patty about his loving mother. by ProfessorPanty10/07/084.63HOT

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 04

 — Patty takes Paul lingerie shopping. by ProfessorPanty10/09/084.55HOT

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 05

 — Both Patty and Paul expose themselves. by ProfessorPanty10/12/084.65HOT

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 06

 — Heaven between the legs of his A-cup angel. by ProfessorPanty10/18/084.57HOT

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 07

 — A-cup Angel gets spanked, & gives him the strap-on. by ProfessorPanty10/22/084.59HOT

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 08

 — Patty takes Paul to visit Angie, the Domme. by ProfessorPanty10/25/084.52HOT

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 09

 — She gives him pleasure, and a reward. by ProfessorPanty11/04/084.61HOT

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 10

 — Paul learns about Patty and her father. by ProfessorPanty12/09/084.42

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 11

 — Paul takes Patty's punishment for her. by ProfessorPanty12/15/084.40

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 12

 — After Paul's punishment, Patty and Angie console him. by ProfessorPanty12/31/084.58HOT

Baby Girl Calms Aunt Anastasia

 — Kirsten calms hormonal Auntie's nerves. by babygirlstpaul12/12/023.43

Baby Girl Ch. 01

 — Playing with Daddy and Uncle Nikki. by irma_irene03/16/08

Baby Girl Ch. 02

 — Mommy's sorry, part 1. by irma_irene04/14/08

Baby Girl Ch. 03

 — Mommy's sorry, part 2. by irma_irene05/08/08

Baby Girl Ch. 04

 — Big brother wants to play, and so does Mom. by irma_irene07/30/08

Baby My Baby Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old daughter becomes a woman. by Stern Daddy10/18/064.39

Baby My Baby Ch. 02

 — She and Daddy go further. by Stern Daddy10/24/064.46

Baby My Baby Ch. 03

 — Falling deeper and deeper. by Stern Daddy10/30/064.40

Baby My Baby Ch. 04

 — Special gifts for Baby. by Stern Daddy11/02/064.58HOT

Baby My Baby Ch. 05

 — Passionate love together. by Stern Daddy11/05/064.56HOT

Baby Ruth

 — Escalator stripped his mother-in-law naked. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/05/073.57

Baby Sis

 — College brother comes home to horny sister. by Frogpulse06/21/014.40

Baby Sis Ch. 2

 — Siblings continue their sexual exploration. by Frogpulse06/25/014.57HOT

Baby Sis Ch. 3

 — Bother and sis continue summer lovin'. by Frogpulse06/30/014.59HOT

Baby Sister Blair

 — Big brother catches little sister playing with her toys. by gingersnaps8308/10/174.24

Baby Sister Blair Ch. 02

 — Blair has an interesting time with her brother and father. by gingersnaps8308/17/174.35

Baby Sister Pt. 01

 — A nurse helping out her brother. by sexualreality11/13/153.95

Baby Steps

 — Daddy's home early. by torrid girl04/10/053.78

Baby Takes Three

 — His father helps make their dreams come true. by hammertime07/27/044.58HOT

Baby Weight for Me

 — She hates her post-pregnancy weight; her brother loves it. by blackstroker10/05/134.42

Baby's 18th Birthday with Daddy

 — Daddy's cock is object of desire as present. by DaddyLovesHisPrincess09/04/114.20

Baby's Breath

 — Amy turns her Daddy on. by silverace112/04/053.94

Baby's Story Ch. 01

 — Baby finds a way to fulfill her fantasy, for now. by DaddysBabyGurl42001/26/054.35

Baby's Wedding Day

 — Daddy gets her up on the morning of her wedding. by lilhotnspicy09/17/084.23


 — A father gets pregnant his 18 year-old daughter. by Summer4702/24/08

Baby-girl & Daddy Ch. 01

 — Welcome home, Daddy. by Babee_girl09/10/034.01

Baby-girl & Daddy Ch. 02

 — Daddy's reply to Baby-girl's email. by Babee_girl09/15/034.12

Baby-girl & Daddy Ch. 03

 — Baby-girl's surprise outfit for daddy. by Babee_girl09/23/034.17

Babydoll Ch. 01

 — He loves his precious sister by The Fantasizer06/23/034.12

Babydoll Ch. 02

 — Can he get back where he wants to be? by The Fantasizer05/18/054.50HOT

Babydoll Ch. 03

 — The continuing saga of Jimmy and Ashley. by The Fantasizer09/15/054.51HOT

Babydoll Ch. 04

 — It's my birthday. by The Fantasizer04/20/064.57HOT

Babydoll Ch. 05

 — Jimmy's back home for Christmas Break. by The Fantasizer10/31/064.59HOT

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