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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Cousin Becky Ch. 4

 — Becky & Frankie get caught. by jacksgirl07/03/024.25

Cousin Benny

 — Cousin Benny fucked her when her parents were next room. by phallicdesire01/03/154.21

Cousin Bitch

 — He gets with his soon to be married cousin in Delhi. by hottest_indian_guy04/13/094.19

Cousin Brenda

 — Cousins get closer during visit. by jt12309/05/044.55HOT

Cousin Brenda

 — Cousins fall in love. by Lefreak11/21/074.26

Cousin Cassie's Capers

 — Andy and his cousin go wild. by T.G. Penmaster09/04/044.28

Cousin Cindy

 — The little snoop owes him one. by fidopedar04/02/064.35

Cousin Cleo Ch. 01

 — Cousins separated by a generation. by Storysaurus06/05/134.39

Cousin Cousine

 — A romantic interlude between cousins. by 2Tango12/14/014.39

Cousin Crystal Comes for a Visit

 — Cousin Crystal comes to visit us for the summer. by trentm2911/03/173.66

Cousin Dana

 — Sunbathing with cousin Dana leads to more. by sohowanderer03/28/034.25

Cousin Debbie Tries Anal

 — First time sex with a cousin leads to anal exploration. by Coptional04/06/11

Cousin Emma Ch. 01

 — Declan wants her to submit to him. by touchy_miss03/18/094.00

Cousin GG

 — Dreams came true. by slay07200210/07/082.83

Cousin Gina

 — Cousins develop and then act on their mutual attraction. by tommcgee08/16/084.45

Cousin Gina Ch. 02

 — Gina, Myra and I enjoy a 3-some! by tommcgee09/25/084.55HOT

Cousin Gina Ch. 03

 — Off to college we go! by tommcgee10/13/084.58HOT

Cousin Heidi Ch. 01

 — Young man has first sexual experience with girl cousin. by TwoHands11/24/024.50HOT

Cousin Heidi Ch. 2

 — Howard's further adventures with his cousin. by Neosoul07/13/034.45

Cousin Jane

 — Visiting man looks up lovely relative. by Peter08/17/004.21

Cousin Jenny Ch. 2

 — Jim and Jenny arrive at the farm. by Gramophone03/23/014.48

Cousin Jenny Ch. 4

 — Jenny arranges for Jim to meet her best friend. by Gramophone08/11/014.59HOT

Cousin Julie's Summer Vacation

 — Jimmy finally has sex with his sexy cousin Julie. by CarBuffStuff08/26/093.24

Cousin Kate Returns

 — My kissing cousin returns, but not just for a visit. by FLrider03/24/134.32

Cousin Katie Fucks My Ass

 — Two cousins take it in the ass. by sqerlyassman04/03/064.03

Cousin Kayla

 — My cousin and I get together after a decade apart. by ARavenInTheNight11/19/154.03

Cousin Kayla Ch. 02

 — Commitments made and a random threesome. by ARavenInTheNight01/31/174.23

Cousin Lacey

 — Mark & his cousin share many firsts. by slyc_willie09/26/064.70HOT

Cousin Laura Ch. 01

 — Cousins grow closer as time goes by. by gandalfwizard05/14/044.40

Cousin Laura, My First Love Ch. 01

 — Hot cousin deflowers a shy guy. by ForceFull09/29/064.42

Cousin Laura, My First Love Ch. 02

 — Trouble develops at college. by ForceFull11/04/063.92

Cousin Laurie Ch. 1

 — Virgin cousin gives him dance lessons. by Bill Stevenson10/07/004.50HOT

Cousin Laurie Ch. 2

 — Cousins get oral. by Bill Stevenson10/07/004.64HOT

Cousin Lindsay Wants More

 — This time, Lindsay wants more than help masturbating. by lissylover107/12/144.23

Cousin Lindsay's Panties

 — Hot cousin's thong and hand provide afternoon fun. by lissylover109/17/094.23

Cousin Lindsay's Secret

 — She loves it in the ass, and that's exactly what she gets. by lissylover107/18/154.15

Cousin Lindy Cums, and Stays

 — My lifelong love visits, and winds up staying. by FLrider06/20/154.38

Cousin Loni

 — Older cousins get re-acquainted after years of separation. by Red_Writer07/01/024.54HOT

Cousin Love Ch. 01

 — He finds his cousin irresistable. by bigbuff308/12/074.21

Cousin Love Ch. 01

 — Cousin Eric and I fuck for the first time. by TheRavenNTheRose12/03/084.14

Cousin Loves

 — Cousin loves. by eaglejj20012/17/134.06

Cousin Lovin

 — Step-cousins get down and dirty. by HardRaine2207/12/083.69

Cousin Lynne Again

 — Cousins continue their explorations by pard7508/11/044.12

Cousin Lynne Ch. 01

 — Older cousin shows him how. by pard7408/23/034.37

Cousin Lynne Ch. 02

 — Older cousin gets oral. by pard7408/30/034.39

Cousin Lynne Ch. 03

 — Cousins have oral and more. by pard7411/27/034.45

Cousin Lynne Ch. 04

 — Cousin arranges a threesome. by pard7404/15/044.56HOT

Cousin Lynne: Finale

 — He tries an orgy at Lynne's. by pard7504/20/053.98

Cousin Madison Ch. 01

 — He is sent to a farm but at least Cousin Madison is there. by highclassic09/23/174.48

Cousin Madison Ch. 02

 — Madison realizes her mistake. by highclassic10/06/174.72HOT

Cousin Madison Ch. 03

 — Abby joins the other girls. by highclassic12/07/174.41

Cousin Maggie Ch. 01

 — Mentally challenged woman involved with older cousin. by dirtybuffalo11/09/034.49

Cousin Maggie Ch. 02

 — Things get dirty between cousins. by dirtybuffalo11/12/034.38

Cousin Maggie Ch. 03

 — He takes her to Buffalo. by dirtybuffalo11/14/034.49

Cousin Maggie Ch. 04

 — Cousins & Denise travel to Hershey, PA. by dirtybuffalo11/14/034.42

Cousin Maggie Ch. 05

 — Backyard sex. by dirtybuffalo11/17/034.40

Cousin Maggie Ch. 06

 — Maggie's birthday part 1. by dirtybuffalo11/19/034.45

Cousin Maggie Ch. 07

 — Maggie's Birthday Part 2 by dirtybuffalo11/20/034.34

Cousin Mia

 — Mia might be more than just a cousin. by TemporaryWriter07/28/084.57HOT

Cousin Mia Ch. 02

 — There is definitely something about Mia. by TemporaryWriter09/20/114.68HOT

Cousin Monica

 — Monica begins cousins' sexual explorations. by j_w06/15/074.08

Cousin Monica – Tales Ch. 01

 — Changes in Monica's life bring the whole story. by j_w07/01/103.99

Cousin Monica – Tales Ch. 02

 — Another shadow into their past. by j_w07/02/104.24

Cousin Monica Ch. 02

 — She gives him something to really think about. by j_w06/16/074.03

Cousin Rocks My World on Nude Day

 — Kissing cousin comes for a visit to rekindle incestuous lust. by SuperHeroRalph07/08/114.21

Cousin Ruthie's Visit

 — Man & his wife entertain his favorite cousin. by MadProf07/25/054.16

Cousin Sally

 — Unexpected experience between cousins. by Nmsy05/06/024.28

Cousin Sally

 — The ugly duckling. by Leezy02/12/124.24

Cousin Sarah

 — Christmas at grandma's brings adult cousins closer. by Jizaz_Jester01/10/03HOT

Cousin Sheri: She Slipped

 — She slips in the hottub & falls in his lap. by LadysMan09/25/034.29

Cousin Sister Pt. 01

 — Moving in and testing my boundaries. by milftasticmalaika01/17/173.82

Cousin Sister Pt. 02

 — Boundary extended-All axis pass to kiss my sister. by milftasticmalaika02/01/174.02

Cousin Sister Pt. 03

 — I finally get to suck her gorgeous breasts. by milftasticmalaika06/01/174.07

Cousin Steph

 — Two cousins share a week at the beach. by bobthefish06/24/124.19

Cousin Tabby Ch. 01

 — Family Background. by jdcentury05/14/164.45

Cousin Tabby Ch. 02

 — Ronnie's Journey. by jdcentury05/17/164.48

Cousin Tabby Ch. 03

 — Just Living Life. by jdcentury05/18/164.59HOT

Cousin Tabby Ch. 04

 — At Long Last. by jdcentury05/21/164.59HOT

Cousin Throws a Twist

 — He sees a new side of his cousin. by Robb08/24/044.15

Cousin Visits My Hotel

 — Cousin stops by for a night of sexual abandon. by yooper06/01/013.95

Cousin Vonda's Wonderful Visit

 — She likes to show off. by Island_Barbarian06/29/094.39

Cousin Walks In Ch. 01

 — My best friend/cousin walks in on me. by teninchhammer1006/22/174.75HOT

Cousin Walks In Ch. 02

 — Confronted by our Moms but the fun continues. by teninchhammer1001/10/184.72HOT

Cousin's Confession

 — Businessman looks up his cousin while in Miami. by willywilly1900806/22/014.37

Cousin's Desire Becomes Real

 — Ryan's dream of getting Jen finally happens. by doucheboss24307/19/12

Cousin's First Time

 — Cousins Mark & Maryanna fuck for the first time. by sexy_mama_0911/06/124.31

Cousin's Plan

 — A cousin plans to seduce her cousin and her stepbrother. by Gharver08/05/15

Cousin's Sexy Surprise

 — Sex with my cousin, but will her sister spoil it? by PaulEllie11/08/174.18

Cousin's Visit

 — Jennifer pays a steamy summer visit, sharing her new self. by openmindedwoman08/14/124.47

Cousin's Visit Ch. 02

 — Jennifer's exhibitionism grows, and her step-aunt shows. by openmindedwoman06/14/134.08

Cousin's Visit Ch. 03

 — Jennifer slides deeper into exhibitionism with her step-aunt. by openmindedwoman07/05/134.50HOT

Cousin's Visit Ch. 04

 — Amanda takes charge as her brother returns home. by openmindedwoman08/09/134.51HOT

Cousin's Visit Ch. 05

 — Robert's girlfriend gets a surprise from his step-mom. by openmindedwoman11/12/134.63HOT

Cousin's Visit Ch. 06

 — Mom or Step-mom? Does it matter? by openmindedwoman01/19/164.58HOT

Cousin's Wedding

 — Brother and Sister discover each other. by kokomo266310/14/134.55HOT

Cousin's Wife

 — Cousin's busty wife rides him on holiday. by Lustfull12/02/023.71

Cousin, Oh My!

 — Mady dreads seeing her cousin, but soon she can't get enough. by SexyBrunette00009/02/084.42

Cousin, Sister, Who Cares?

 — A camping trip I'll never forget. by FLrider08/13/154.28

Cousinly Couplings

 — Identical blonde twins plot to seduce their hunky cousin by BrettJ12/01/144.46


 — Orphan finds family love. by plesmone01/08/034.45


 — Two cousins take that step closer. by pamilalovebug10/10/054.07


 — David learns the meaning of kissing cousins. by Many Feathers05/09/074.57HOT


 — Two cousins are caught by Mom. by dogeme03/16/164.00

Cousins & Cuisine

 — Fate works in mysterious ways. by Randen04/05/024.59HOT

Cousins & Lovers

 — She falls for her gorgeous cousin. by Fanta C10/07/004.50HOT

Cousins (And Lovers)

 — I have to relive part of my past when I meet my cousin again. by Storm6206/11/124.43

Cousins (Part 1)

 — Meeting my sweet cousins after so many years by whoreshipper09/08/094.24

Cousins Alone Ch. 01

 — A young man visits his hot cousin. by sandollar0405/18/053.94

Cousins Alone Ch. 02

 — A pier conversation. by sandollar0405/20/054.45

Cousins Alone Ch. 03

 — Jason visits his hot cousin in cabin by a lake. by sandollar0405/20/054.41

Cousins Alone Ch. 04

 — Jason is "fucked in another sense." by sandollar0401/23/064.30

Cousins and a College Party

 — My cousin and I cross the line as a party ends early. by whiskyguy4609/09/164.29

Cousins and a College Party Ch. 02

 — I returned to my dorm room... by whiskyguy4602/23/174.54HOT

Cousins Celebrate Christmas Pt. 01

 — Colton introduces his cuz to gay porn. by WoeIsMe08/23/14

Cousins Celebrate Christmas Pt. 02

 — They take it one step further. by WoeIsMe09/09/14

Cousins Celebrate Christmas Pt. 03

 — Aaron gets rough with his cousin. by WoeIsMe10/12/14

Cousins Celebrate Christmas Pt. 04

 — Colton takes Aaron's virginity. by WoeIsMe03/05/15

Cousins Celebrate Nude Day Ch. 01

 — Ben and Jill break taboos at nude beach. by beaconsfield06/22/053.75

Cousins Celebrate Nude Day Ch. 02

 — They take their relationship to a new level. by beaconsfield06/26/054.27

Cousins Celebrate Nude Day Ch. 03

 — Cousins attract outside attention. by beaconsfield07/18/054.46

Cousins Celebrate Nude Day Ch. 04

 — Two sets of cousins hear stories. by beaconsfield07/27/054.52HOT

Cousins Ch. 02

 — I grabbed my boxers and went back to my room. by Slambeasty11/01/113.64

Cousins Ch. 03

 —  by Slambeasty01/21/122.79

Cousins Enjoy a Day on the Lake

 — Take 2 cousins, add 2 horny brothers and a boat. by pghpa04/08/17HOT

Cousins Hookup

 — Two cousins find each other. by standingstones01/11/154.05

Cousins in a Threesome

 — Threesome between consenting adult cousins. by blr_guy2809/16/143.77

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