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Incest/Taboo Stories

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College Panty Tour

 — Brother's college tour with sister and roommate. by ncal01/04/053.79

College Photo Project

 — His sisters help him with his photo problems. by MasterBate07/17/014.25

College Roommates

 — Brother and sister find love while rooming together. by Jake400007/26/134.29

College Siblings

 — Jason escapes his family by going to college, almost. by aviator196803/19/134.45

College Sister In Law (B4Marriage)

 — How My Sister In Law took advantage of me while drunk! by Noel46908/29/094.18

College Tuition Ch. 01

 — Cousin is really making the grade. by yoursecret1607/22/124.22

College Tuition Ch. 02

 — Davis takes another step. by yoursecret1607/31/123.67

College Tuition Ch. 04

 — David takes his oral and practical exams. by yoursecret1608/10/124.28

College Visit

 — Hot sister visits brother at college. by luvagoodstory07/27/043.57

College Visit

 — Thunderstorms and wine lead to some brosis fun. by smexylissy12/22/084.33

College Visit Ch. 02

 — Continuation of sister's visit with brother. by luvagoodstory07/31/044.47

College visit with the Moms

 — Their hot moms join them on a trip to visit colleges. by TeenForMILFs04/23/144.06

CollegeFuckPartyGirls Dot Com

 — Boy discovers sister at a college fuck party by rockandroller03/24/034.59HOT


 — She seduces her older brother. by LePretre04/27/054.54HOT

Collette, Too

 — Brother & sister continue their love. by LePretre05/22/054.46

Collision Ch. 01

 — In his broken life, Jody is the only perfect thing. by damppanties08/05/124.25

Collision Ch. 02

 — For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. by damppanties08/06/124.46

Color of Sister's Panties

 — A Brother Sister Romance. by SecretLoverOIE12/19/114.06

Colorado Vacation

 — A family get-together leads to more. by gymmyt01/25/064.53HOT

Colors of Lust Ch. 02

 — Machine helps him take sister, ex-wife, more. by hotpup07/03/084.25


 — Family women bring him back from a coma. by Slickman01/02/044.76HOT

Coma Ch. 02

 — Jake & his family continue his cure. by Slickman03/06/044.75HOT

Coma Ch. 03

 — Annie helps another family through a tragedy. by Slickman03/23/044.60HOT

Come and Sleep in Mummy's Bed

 — She teases and flaunts herself but he's unsure. by geronimo_appleby03/06/124.43

Come Break Away With Me Ch. 01

 — A vanilla tale of a brother and sister's love realized. by KrystalHazard03/01/154.69HOT

Come Dance with Me

 — Woman & her father-in-law share a common interest. by hammertime05/21/054.55HOT

Come In Leo

 — She invites a younger man in. by Dingy_Jo08/14/034.27

Come Love Me

 — A desperate Mother advances upon her Son. by Chariott04/24/154.02

Come On, Daddy!

 — Teasing daughter takes advantage of daddy. by ComePlayWithMePDX07/28/093.67

Come Over Here, Son . . .

 — Father and son clear their minds. by asbyatt01/03/093.85

Come to Bed with Daddy

 — Dad watches daughter masturbate and then incest happens. by Stonedancer11/22/164.27

Come Together - Bernice and Russell

 — Siblings find they long for love..from each other. by LadySugar10/27/104.44

Come Together Ch. 01

 — Aroused sis takes on sibling. by fluidline112/12/034.47

Come Together Ch. 02

 — Siblings in menage a trois with brother-in-law. by fluidline112/27/034.61HOT

Come Together Ch. 03

 — He takes other sister in a foursome. by fluidline102/03/044.58HOT

Come Together Ch. 04

 — They finally come together. by fluidline106/23/044.70HOT

Come with Me

 — You, her, and her sister. by AmysNewFreedom04/27/034.13

Cometh the Storm

 — A tale of forbidden love between Mother and Son. by JayJayB12/20/024.49

Cometh the Storm Ch. 02

 — Son and Mother become more intimate after sleeping together. by JayJayB02/20/034.63HOT

Cometh the Storm Ch. 03

 — James & Catherine explore their taboo desires further. by JayJayB08/08/034.64HOT


 — Brother 'comforts' younger sister. by jezebella01/23/024.20

Comfort & Care

 — Rogue Uncle takes care of sick niece. by OldDog05/06/044.55HOT

Comfort & Care Ch. 02

 — Rogue uncle continues his niece's care. by OldDog07/10/044.41

Comfort & Care Ch. 03

 — Rogue uncle cleans up his niece. by OldDog08/10/044.38

Comfort & Care Ch. 04

 — Darlene learns new things. by OldDog09/09/044.54HOT

Comfort & Care Ch. 05

 — Darlene begins to explore. by OldDog09/05/054.40

Comfort Fucking

 — Sophie & Trixie take Mom's place. by Silver_Star05/06/023.69

Comfort Zone Ch. 08

 — Eroticism between an elderly man and daughter. by nkuravan7307/05/114.06

Comfortably Numb

 — A song for mother and her son by jodokus02/22/034.14

Comforting Aunt Sadie Ch. 01

 — Lonely Aunt starts what the family will finish. by JTallon08/18/084.47

Comforting Aunt Sadie Ch. 02

 — Cousin Lisa joins in. by JTallon09/09/084.47

Comforting Aunt Sadie Ch. 03

 — The family gets into it. by JTallon09/30/084.55HOT

Comforting Mom

 — Son helps widowed mother through her grief. by BadBoyA09/17/054.10

Comforting Mom

 — Son encourages mom to let loose. by IAmAwake06/02/124.04

Comforting Mom

 — A desperate Mother seeks help from her willing son. by HeyAll09/13/174.50HOT

Comforting Mom

 — Son provides love and comfort to insecure mom. by Jimyfoxx06/27/174.38

Comforting Mom

 — 18-year-old lesbian daughter slyly seduces her lonely mother. by silkstockingslover02/01/184.75HOT

Comforting Mother

 — Lonely mom and son find each other. by American Heretic10/07/004.52HOT

Comforting My Big Sis Athena

 — My sis Athena broke up...time to make her happy... by ilikepie556009/15/142.81

Comforting My Crying Mother

 — He helps his Mom find a new love. by standingstones03/04/154.28

Comforting My Little Sister

 — She turns to me after she breaks up with her boyfriend. by 8letters03/06/174.69HOT

Comforting My Lonely Sister

 — Alex comforts his self-conscious sister. by HeyRainMan08/09/013.97

Comforting My Mom

 — My mom needs me. by flashgordon56200611/28/174.21

Comforting My Step-daughter

 — Restoring her sexual self esteem. by MastrStoryTeller03/23/124.66HOT

Comforting My Step-daughter Ch. 04

 — Amy becomes my maid and slave. by MastrStoryTeller06/07/144.39

Comforting Sister Ch. 01

 — She finds comforts in her brother’s arms. by Lalah03/07/084.54HOT

Coming Back Home

 — Daughter finds what she needs with her dad. by Giveandgetoral08/02/124.50HOT

Coming Back Home to Mom

 — She knew her boy's wife wasn't good enough for him by MisterReason05/30/164.23

Coming Full Circle

 — A mother's desires for her son finally prove too much for her. by ronnie1106/13/154.41

Coming Home

 — Daughter-in-law visits her in-laws' house. by sirajahmed1012/23/064.58HOT

Coming Home

 — Dan tells the story of his homecoming. by IrishRose121511/16/044.35

Coming Home

 — Mother and Sister reveal different side to Jimmy. by ronnie1105/14/094.28

Coming Home

 — Cousins confront feelings. by VictoriaCollins05/27/094.48

Coming Home

 — A visit home yields unexpected surprises. by Octavius_XXX05/24/10

Coming Home

 — It started with mom driving him home from college. by Leenysman03/24/164.43

Coming Home Ch. 01

 — His sister tells him all about her desires. by Randen09/14/024.65HOT

Coming Home Ch. 01

 — Jack returns to find his sis & mom together. by GrantaMason11/08/044.40

Coming Home Ch. 01

 — Paul enjoys his mother and her friend. by MajesticDeep206/04/074.46

Coming Home Ch. 01

 — A young woman returns home to seduce her father. by autoplot04/30/114.59HOT

Coming Home Ch. 01

 — Alicia's son visits for a holiday. by aadirtyoldmaninphx107/28/174.46

Coming Home Ch. 02

 — The day after with Jack, SIster Liza and Mom. by GrantaMason11/08/044.29

Coming Home Ch. 02

 — Paul and his mother enjoy time with the neighbours. by MajesticDeep206/05/074.49

Coming Home Ch. 02

 — Kerri and her father explore their feelings further. by autoplot05/08/114.57HOT

Coming Home Ch. 02

 — The holiday dinner is very special. by aadirtyoldmaninphx107/30/174.48

Coming Home Ch. 03

 — Jack's mom takes on 10 horny teenagers. by GrantaMason11/10/044.37

Coming Home Ch. 03

 — Kerri and her father spend a last night outdoors. by autoplot06/15/114.53HOT

Coming Home Ch. 03

 — Alicia introduces her son to toys and friends. by aadirtyoldmaninphx108/04/174.44

Coming Home Ch. 04

 — Brother arranges gangbang for sister. by GrantaMason11/19/044.45

Coming Home Ch. 04

 — Kerri and her father risk getting discovered. by autoplot06/25/114.60HOT

Coming Home Ch. 04

 — Alicia's son learns some new things. by aadirtyoldmaninphx108/08/174.39

Coming Home Ch. 05

 — Liza and Jack get married. by GrantaMason11/20/044.51HOT

Coming Home Ch. 05

 — Kerri confesses all to her sister, with unexpected results. by autoplot08/01/114.69HOT

Coming Home Ch. 05

 — And the gang's all here. by aadirtyoldmaninphx108/12/174.54HOT

Coming Home Ch. 06

 — Sisters hatch a plan to seduce their father. by autoplot09/05/114.70HOT

Coming Home Earlier

 — A mother comes home from work early and gets a suprise. by poetichustler821910/05/094.17

Coming Home Earlier Ch. 02

 — Mother joins in on the fun. by poetichustler821911/18/094.34

Coming Home Early from School

 — Brother Jack and sister Elisha fuck for the first time. by MyCousinsAss05/24/164.43

Coming Home for Christmas

 — Cheating ex destroys Christmas but family makes it better. by J_Lovelace12/04/064.54HOT

Coming Home for Christmas

 — A young student waits at the airport for her brother. by ellerymanteau11/23/174.42

Coming Home Party

 — Siblings get it on and don't even know it. by stoneypoint02/11/06

Coming Home Party Ch. 02

 — Siblings discover true identities at Hotel. by stoneypoint04/06/064.19

Coming Home Pt. 01

 — After three years I come home to visit my mom and sister. by oldnudist08/06/15

Coming Home Pt. 01

 — Her brother comes home to his sister's love. by sexy69kitten08/11/173.95

Coming Home Pt. 01

 — When Joe moves back in, he finds a new side to his sister. by House66512/19/174.31

Coming Home to Mom

 — Mom and son finally make love. by standingstones03/07/154.38

Coming Home To Mother

 — She's not the modest mother he remembered! by Banjo38206/04/024.60HOT

Coming Home to Mother

 — Harry is going home after three years to his dominant mother. by Croony07/14/174.40

Coming Home to Mother Pt. 03

 — Harry's mother invites a friend over. by Croony09/05/174.54HOT

Coming in First

 — Nicky's two brothers compete for their prized little sister. by Braindard10/27/154.79HOT

Coming of Age

 — In a future world, daughter becomes a woman. by bradley_stoke09/18/014.01Editor's Pick

Coming of Age

 — Mother discovers diverse sexual turn-ons. by Tantaliser04/20/023.87

Coming of Age

 — Parents give twins a loving party with friends. by RubyBango06/14/034.40

Coming of Age

 — A brother deflowers his sister on her 18th birthday. by Summer4707/24/07

Coming of Age

 — An 18 year old gets a sex education from Mom. by Jimmela04/22/154.35

Coming of Age - 1966

 — Mother/son incest/romance. by SSW_105009/25/154.61HOT

Coming Soon: The Magical Mystery Tour!

 — Mark your calendar for this themed author event! by Literotica03/16/184.72HOT

Coming to Live

 — My niece, about to start grad school, moves in with me. by John_Spivey196602/28/124.19

Coming To My Senses

 — Divorce transforms daughter & dad. by Jool10/10/004.59HOTEditor's Pick

Coming to Terms Ch. 01

 — A mother and daughter get to 'know' each other. by literotica18230712/07/084.43

Coming Together

 — Jilted brother discovers his sister's charms. by mrbutch10/23/074.41

Coming, Mother

 — Son with erection gets stuck in traffic with Mom. by Max Jenkins10/07/004.11

Commander Carla

 — Sluts obey her. by LustyLee7701/11/084.48

Commando Caper

 — Going commando gets girls in sticky situations. by sarahhh06/20/07HOT

Common Ground

 — Will a father and daughter ever find it? by Songbirdie07/08/054.04

Common-Sense Talk With Mom

 — A mom & son relationship. by Momstheboss03/24/114.39


 — There are many forms of communication. by phsssst07/03/044.40


 — Mum needs a talk with her son and finds words aren't enough. by GeorgieH03/21/154.49

Company Picnic

 — Step father & daughter bonding time. by teanah11/14/124.27

Compassion or Passion?

 — Natasha gives to her son Chris. by Moondrift09/08/034.53HOT

Compassionate Mama & Papa

 — A daughter is turned into a woman. by Sowmya10/06/074.15

Complex Life

 — Siblings like complex life better. by coochiebarber08/02/144.47


 — Father-daughter relationship gets complicated. by drteetho03/21/124.56HOT

Complications Ch. 01

 — Jeff finds love in the most unexpected places. by 3raser06/21/134.03

Compromising Thoughts

 — When a father and daughter's thoughts collide. by Gifted_Writer09/05/114.28

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