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Equal Shares Ch. 27

 — Denise is suspicious of Tom. by steveh1112/04/064.64HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 28

 — Susan and Elaine take care of Denise. by steveh1112/12/064.55HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 29

 — More of Elaine, Susan and Denise. by steveh1112/19/064.55HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 30

 — Last Tango? by steveh1112/25/064.71HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 31

 — Denise lusts while Anne does research. by steveh1101/09/074.70HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 32

 — Stan remembers his wife. by steveh1101/16/074.71HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 33

 — Decisions are made... by steveh1101/22/074.67HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 34

 — ...Actions taken! by steveh1101/30/074.71HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 35

 — Anne's reaction, appointments, and experimentation. by steveh1102/05/074.70HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 36

 — Results and aftermath. by steveh1102/11/074.62HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 37

 — Denise's Sorrow. by steveh1102/19/074.62HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 38

 — Denise looks after Stan; Anne has big news. by steveh1102/26/074.68HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 39

 — A trip to London, and some News. by steveh1103/04/074.59HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 40

 — The Christmas Party. by steveh1103/13/074.65HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 41

 — It's Anne's turn - At Denise's instigation. by steveh1103/20/074.69HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 42

 — Christmas and New Year's celebrations. by steveh1103/26/074.64HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 43

 — Anne leaves The Firm. by steveh1104/03/074.67HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 44

 — Anne at work, Denise and Stan at home. by steveh1104/10/074.71HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 45

 — Elaine and Susan get married. by steveh1104/17/074.73HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 46

 — Opportunity knocks...? by steveh1104/25/074.72HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 47

 — Leaving 'The Firm' - and then... by steveh1105/02/074.75HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 48

 — Confrontations, negotiations and a change of role. by steveh1105/09/074.66HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 49

 — Multiple Climaxes. by steveh1105/15/074.77HOT

Equal Shares Ch. 50

 — A Wedding in Paris. by steveh1105/16/074.83HOT

Eric & Will make a B Movie

 — Polygamy, porn stars, killer bears, naked natives. by qhml101/19/164.89HOT

Erica and Jillian

 — I've been in my new life... by KirkEdwards12/19/084.50

Erin & Jeremy Ch. 02

 — The morning after. by JDay08/29/034.80HOT

Erin & Jeremy Ch. 03

 — And she thought the ride was over. by JDay09/03/034.50HOT

Erin's Beginning Ch. 01

 — A historical forced marriage. by Shynet07/01/034.23

Erin's Beginning Ch. 02

 — Consumation of her marriage. by Shynet07/10/034.22

Erin's Beginning Ch. 03

 — Her final freedom. by Shynet08/17/034.41

Eris - Goddess of Discord

 — The sequel to Athena - Goddess of Wisdom. by RaistlinMajere10/08/114.71HOT

Eros Academy Ch. 01: Welcome

 — Very different sort of education. by SanchoHardbottle01/19/154.41

Eros Academy Ch. 02: First Day

 — Michael has a very interesting first day. by SanchoHardbottle01/20/154.65HOT

Eros Academy Ch. 03: Assignment

 — Michael and Jessica work on Homework together. by SanchoHardbottle01/21/154.68HOT

Erotic Adventures Ch. 01

 — Kristen Carpenter sat alone in her bedroom... by gentletouch196008/17/134.22

Erotic Game Gone Wrong - Miami

 — Two young married trying to recover after poor choices. by ozinsom7712/06/173.67

Erotic Game Gone Wrong Consequences

 — Wife blackmailed into prostitution after poor street choice. by ozinsom7711/17/174.00


 — Excerpt from book in progress. by KirkEdwards11/23/084.60

Escapade Haven

 — A weekend away turns out to be much more fun than expected. by taurents02/25/034.64HOT

Escape From Buggery Ch. 01

 — Sharon and Tracey plan a sex holiday in Buggery. by bradley_stoke11/03/024.04

Escape From Buggery Ch. 02

 — Tracey & Sharon enjoy sex holiday in Buggery. by bradley_stoke11/12/024.17

Escape From Buggery Ch. 03

 — Sharon and Tracey overdo their sex holiday in Buggery. by bradley_stoke11/18/023.78

Escape From Buggery Ch. 04

 — Sharon and Tracey take an excursion in Buggery. by bradley_stoke11/24/024.37

Escape From Buggery Ch. 05

 — Sharon & Tracey meet teachers of Buggery. by bradley_stoke12/03/024.35

Escape From Buggery Ch. 06

 — Sharon and Tracey are lost in Buggery. by bradley_stoke12/08/024.29

Escape From Buggery Ch. 07

 — Sharon and Tracey meet Buttercup in Buggery by bradley_stoke12/14/024.57HOT

Escape From Buggery Ch. 08

 — Buttercup tells Sharon and Tracy about Royal Buggery. by bradley_stoke12/21/024.13

Escape From Buggery Ch. 09

 — The girls find Sweetness & Joy in Buggery. by bradley_stoke12/25/023.83

Escape From Buggery Ch. 10

 — Sharon sees Joy blown to Buggery by bradley_stoke12/29/024.18

Escape From Buggery Ch. 11

 — Tracey and Buttercup escape from Buggery by bradley_stoke01/03/034.89

Escape From Buggery Ch. 12

 — Sharon and Sweetness suffer in Buggery by bradley_stoke01/10/034.30

Escape From Buggery Ch. 13

 — Tracey and Buttercup in Gomorrah by bradley_stoke01/18/034.64HOT

Escape From Buggery Ch. 14

 — Sharon and Sweetness are saved by Sodomites by bradley_stoke02/03/034.38

Escape From Buggery Ch. 15

 — Sharon & Sweetness with the Sodomites. by bradley_stoke01/30/034.80HOT

Escape from Buggery Ch. 16

 — Tracey and Buttercup work in Gomorrah. by bradley_stoke02/21/034.88

Escape from Buggery Ch. 17

 — Tracey and Buttercup come to hate working in Gomorrah. by bradley_stoke02/26/034.83

Escape from Buggery Ch. 18

 — Sharon & Sweetness go to Sodom. by bradley_stoke03/01/034.70HOT

Escape from Buggery Ch. 19

 — Tracey and Buttercup are prostitutes in Gomorrah by bradley_stoke03/05/034.80HOT

Escape from Buggery Ch. 20

 — Sharon & Sweetness make a life in Sodom. by bradley_stoke03/07/034.67HOT

Escape From the Harem

 — Thrilling tale of pirates, sultans, odalisques and harem. by Emma1994UK04/08/124.67HOT

Escape Velocity

 — Solarstorm 2191- Chapter 6. by martincain07/26/034.71HOT

Escort Addiction Pt. 01

 — Jace is recruited into an elite escort agency. by Charli_B10/27/173.77

Escort Tales Ch. 01

 — Antonella gives returning customer a night he won't forget. by bigdaddysmooth07/29/064.49

Escort Tales Ch. 02

 — Kobi takes an odd request from a client. by bigdaddysmooth07/30/064.46

Escort Tales Ch. 03

 — Antonella experiences her first big black cock. by bigdaddysmooth08/05/064.43

Escort Tales Ch. 04

 — Kobi experiences her own first: Two men at the same time. by bigdaddysmooth08/15/064.59HOT

Escort Tales Ch. 05

 — Antonella and Kobi team up to take care of an old client. by bigdaddysmooth08/29/064.71HOT

Escort Tales Ch. 06

 — Antonella's secret life is discovered by a co-worker. by bigdaddysmooth09/29/064.50HOT

Escort Tales Ch. 07

 — Kobi meets a new client who turns out to be a crooked cop. by bigdaddysmooth01/24/074.61HOT

Esther's Story

 — Re-write of Red, White and Blue Halloween. by Tara_Neale06/23/124.88HOTContest Winner

Eternal Love Ch. 01

 — Kylie and Stephan part ways. by MalieRae09/21/08HOT

Eternal Love Ch. 02

 — Kylie and Stephen meet again. by MalieRae09/26/08

Eternal Love Ch. 03

 — The lovers become one. by MalieRae09/29/08

Eva's Education

 — Eva is recruited from her humble village for a new life. by Calandria06/09/084.73HOT

Eva's Further Education

 — Eva is recruited to help train submissives. by Calandria07/18/084.80HOT

Evan's Life

 — Evan Finds his girl while moving. by P_A_Solcrofft05/15/124.44

Every Day Will be Like a Holiday

 — They have an awkward reunion after a one-nighter. by MsQuote12/11/124.13

Every Day Will be Like a Holiday Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2 of a couple that reunites after a rocky second start. by MsQuote12/15/124.36

Every Day Will be Like a Holiday Ch. 03

 — Patty & Rick try to keep their relationship secret from... by MsQuote12/21/124.55HOT

Every Day Will be Like a Holiday Ch. 04

 — Rick gets to know Patty's parents. by MsQuote12/27/124.32

Every Day Will be Like a Holiday Ch. 05

 — Rick and Patty encounter a creepster. by MsQuote01/04/134.33

Every Way The Wind Blows

 — The beginning of a young man trying to come of age. by EdgarJames3406/11/13

Everyone's Favorite MILF 01

 — Amber is seduced as she spies on her slutty mother. by walterio11/22/124.54HOT

Everyone's Favorite MILF 02

 — Amber loses her virginity and Valerie experiences group sex. by walterio12/10/124.59HOT

Everything Will Change Ch. 01

 — Girl is abducted and must prepare for a new life. by DreamMaker1205/20/114.24

Everything's Different Now Ch. 01

 — Aaron has an accident at school - and gains a reputation. by hugecockstu3706/22/124.07

Eviction: Prologue & Week 01

 — Twelve strangers begin their ten weeks of isolation. by s_katie10/15/154.44

Eviction: Week 02

 — Conflict and competition rocks the house. by s_katie10/18/154.68HOT

Eviction: Week 03

 — Temptation grows in the house. by s_katie10/22/154.19

Eviction: Week 04

 — Who will succumb to their desires? by s_katie10/23/154.50HOT

Eviction: Week 05

 — Keeping a secret comes at a cost. by s_katie10/24/154.33

Eviction: Week 06

 — The fragile situation finally collapses. by s_katie10/30/154.25

Eviction: Week 07

 — How much longer can Gwen last in this game? by s_katie11/02/154.39

Eviction: Week 08

 — Things start to swing in Gwen's favor. by s_katie11/21/154.21

Eviction: Week 09

 — Trust is shaken in the house. by s_katie11/22/154.38

Eviction: Week 10

 — The game comes to an end. by s_katie11/27/154.31

Eviction: Week 11

 — Epilogue and cast Where Are They Now? by s_katie11/29/154.38

Evil Benni Ch. 01

 — His mom thinks he's evil; moms usually know best. by Egmont Grigor07/22/054.70HOT

Evil Benni Ch. 02

 — Family touches Benni's heart, but is it enough? by Egmont Grigor07/22/054.72HOT

Evil Benni Ch. 03

 — Disturbing background of Benni's life is exposed. by Egmont Grigor07/23/054.72HOT

Evil Benni Ch. 04

 — Benni seduces a woman whose dad enriches him. by Egmont Grigor07/24/054.83HOT

Evil Benni Ch. 05

 — Benni's sex life gets a boost, then nosedives by Egmont Grigor07/25/054.76HOT

Evil Benni Ch. 06

 — Benni triumphs in business & receives a proposal. by Egmont Grigor07/26/054.72HOT

Excellence In Loving You Ch. 01

 — She battles anger & addiction only to find love waiting. by NikkiTrakz06/26/134.24

Excellence In Loving You Ch. 02

 — She battles anger & addiction only to find love waiting. by NikkiTrakz06/27/133.89

Excellence In Loving You Ch. 03

 — She battles anger & addiction only to find love waiting. by NikkiTrakz06/28/134.00

Excellence In Loving You Ch. 04

 — She battles anger & addiction only to find love waiting. by NikkiTrakz06/29/134.11

Excellence In Loving You Ch. 05

 — Chayne is a very complex creature. by NikkiTrakz07/03/134.50

Excellence In Loving You Ch. 06

 — There is such a heavy feeling of hopeless in her. by NikkiTrakz07/04/134.00

Excellence In Loving You Ch. 07

 — He arrived a few minutes late. by NikkiTrakz07/05/133.80

Excellence In Loving You Ch. 08

 — Chayne stands up exposing her beauty... by NikkiTrakz07/11/134.50

Excellence In Loving You Ch. 09

 — She battles anger & addiction only to find love waiting. by NikkiTrakz07/23/133.50

Excellence In Loving You Ch. 10

 — She battles anger & addiction only to find love waiting. by NikkiTrakz07/27/135.00

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 01

 — Young man begins journey in sexuality. by eric shawn listo06/27/044.31

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 02

 — A family friend takes Danny's cherry. by eric shawn listo07/01/044.55HOT

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 03

 — Danny finally gets Mae's virginity. by eric shawn listo07/05/044.38

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