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Driving Mom's Friend

 — He drives his mom's best friend to Florida. by horndogdan07/23/074.32

Driving Mom's Friend Ch. 02

 — Day after sweet sex, things get hot. by horndogdan07/31/074.45

Driving Mom's Friend Ch. 03

 — After arriving in Fl., I get introduced to the Widow's Club. by horndogdan11/29/074.49

Driving Mom's Friend Ch. 04

 — He's gang banged by the Widow's Club. by horndogdan01/19/084.42

Driving South

 — There was only one room at the inn. by SamScribble08/17/184.49

Driving Through

 — He meets an older woman. by stoneypoint09/16/074.10

Driving to Her Rescue

 — Former babysitter needs rescue from a broken down car. by mysterion11/17/064.57HOT

Drugged MILF

 — A MILF gets drugged and used. by SlutProblems08/07/193.92

Drugstore Girl

 — Simple crush blooms into evening of sensual discovery. by enjuedevi8805/13/014.24Editor's Pick

Dude, I'm Going to Fuck Your Mom!

 — Guy gets revenge on former best friend through his mother. by thehumpman07/09/094.39


 — You meet the most interesting people when living in a duplex. by JimBob4411/18/174.58HOT

Duplex Ch. 09

 — Mary and Jason watch the hidden video. by naughtyboyincali07/18/154.51HOT

Duty, Honor, Country

 — Tragedy and a twist of fate lead to love. by komrad115606/16/174.80HOT

Dylan Gets Luckier

 — A student is driving Gina crazy this time... by Voboy06/25/164.70HOT

E & E

 — Marine on exercise saves woman and her kids. by Grey Eagle 28611/17/054.76HOT

Earl Grey & Two Sugars

 — Hitchhiker awakens two generations. by Hitchhiker03/16/024.59HOT

Early Morning Dessert

 — The glorious afterglow of passion. by passionatepachu04/20/074.06

Early Morning Escapade

 — Wife on the farm finds fun with 18-year-old neighbor. by Marsev05/23/094.03

Early Morning Memory

 — Snow always reminds her of the day they met. by san_hoshiko08/27/014.51HOT

Early Morning Ride

 — He's hesitant to pick her up, but doesn't regret it. by Listless_Lily10/08/064.42

Earning an 'A'

 — Older woman helps student employee get an 'A'. by pullmepushyou06/20/024.64HOT

Earning His Wings

 — On a summer tour, a young man earns his wings. by Ann Douglas08/12/184.73HOT

Earthy Grocery Store Clerk

 — Mature earthy grocery store checker comes onto young man. by courage3305/15/094.25

Easing Discomfort

 — Docotr helps older woman overcome her dryness. by insatiablewhenwet10/09/014.08

Easing the Pain

 — A young man finds his problems are truly assets. by JEFIIX06/03/084.39

Easing the Pain Ch. 02

 — Young man finds out about his asseets. by JEFIIX07/22/08

Easing the Pain Ch. 03

 — Young man matures. by JEFIIX11/13/084.41

Easter Birthday

 — Easter Bunny has present for one of his helpers. by HarveyMarcus04/11/024.44

Eastern European Cooperation

 — The EU may not be a bad thing after all. by ChelseaBoy02/21/054.43

Eating Gilf-Mommy's Feet Ch. 02

 — Young man makes my boring train ride most interesting. by milfleglover06/02/154.08

Eating Jocelyn's Pudding

 — Old man eats out young girl during dinner. by pikestaff08/21/194.24

Eating Nana's Cookies

 — Met grandmother at pupil pick-up spot. by bruce4904/21/084.31

Eating Out

 — A widower finds an alternative. by secret_admirer7211608/07/174.66HOT

Eating Out Ch. 02

 — A widower finds another alternative. by secret_admirer7211608/10/174.73HOT

Eating Out Ch. 03

 — The Alternative expands. by secret_admirer7211609/02/174.67HOT

Ebony Mother Lover

 — White guy encounters older Ebony lady. by JAVA11/02/013.71

Ebony Mother Lover Goes Anal

 — White lover enjoys a mature black lover. by JAVA11/08/014.02


 — Just what the doctor ordered. by wajawhiii11/12/174.50HOT

Eddy's Mom

 — Robert gets a guided tour towards manhood. by wolf200209/07/024.17

Eden's Christmas Stocking

 — Eden's dream comes true at Christmas. by Cinner11/12/124.19


 — Mature woman romps in assisted living facility. by Ed061302/18/094.25


 — Sucking her tits makes an old woman cum wildly. by kalodin06/25/144.48

Edna Ch. 02

 — Octogenarian Edna gob smacks Kenneth with her sexy feet. by kalodin07/05/144.38

Edna, Tom and Alfred

 — First threesome for a mature couple on holidays. by tirreno1202/08/134.57HOT

Educating Christopher

 — Chris is seduced by gorgeous older Penny. by phantome7103/09/054.42

Educating John Ch. 01

 — He's initiated by an older woman. by seaspirit03/15/054.51HOT

Educating John Ch. 02

 — Val takes things further. by seaspirit03/29/054.63HOT

Educating John Ch. 03

 — Education gets more serious. by seaspirit03/29/054.68HOT

Educating John Ch. 07

 — John's mother returns. by seaspirit05/05/054.60HOT

Educating John Ch. 08

 — John's dream comes true. by seaspirit05/12/054.61HOT

Educating Our Youth Ch. 01-02

 — Our 18 year old neighbor turns me into a MILF. by cindyexposed08/28/144.61HOT

Educating Our Youth Ch. 03-04

 — Shy Stephen suddenly feels pretty bold. by cindyexposed08/31/144.66HOT

Educating Our Youth Ch. 05

 — Unintended consequences. by cindyexposed09/02/144.55HOT

Educating Our Youth Ch. 06

 — My husband watches from the closet. by cindyexposed09/03/144.69HOT

Educating Our Youth Ch. 08

 — Stephen takes me bare back. by cindyexposed09/09/144.66HOT

Educating Our Youth Ch. 09

 — They both take me! by cindyexposed09/12/144.69HOT

Edward's Mom

 — He finds lust with his best friend's Mom. by BadEye5010/22/074.39

Eileen Exposed

 — Mature lady fraudster gets found out. by Atilla05/11/034.38

Eileen Goes Dogging

 — Mature lady goes dogging for the first time. by Eileen4801/06/094.41

Elaine and James

 — A spring and autumn romance. by Kezza6702/27/084.73HOT

Elaine Wants It All

 — Elaine isn't happy with just Abby once she meets her dad. by KaraJ10112/17/154.60HOT

Elder Sex

 — They have sex after Bridge. by ainu09/13/054.36

Elderly Bill's New Lady

 — Convicted for his wife's death, Bill fought for justice by Egmont Grigor12/06/084.69HOT

Elderly Neighbour Sex Ch. 01

 — Small argument leads to sex with elderly neighbour. by foff4403/25/064.34

Elderly Neighbour Sex Ch. 02

 — Second visit leads a little further. by foff4405/02/064.54HOT

Eleanor Reaches The Big Five-O

 — Eleanor has a wonderful birthday massage. by SirDuction12/02/114.53HOT

Electrician Does a Girl a Favor

 — A fun tryst between a contractor and construction manager. by HBuunsch03/21/143.88

Electrician Plays Hard to Get

 — Young girl desires her Electrician for a tryst. by HBuunsch01/16/154.22

Elena Jackson's Visitors

 — She needs an income after separation. They provide it. by MitchFraell12/16/134.22

Elevator Malfunction

 — Not alone when elevator stops between floors. by Nemarle05/18/174.21

Eliza's Game

 — A story about an enterprising woman with a twisted morals. by BlackQueenBishop02/25/114.10

Eliza's Game Ch. 02

 — What does Eliza do with an evening off? by BlackQueenBishop03/02/114.46

Eliza's Game Ch. 03

 — Meeting the generous new client. by BlackQueenBishop10/02/114.72HOT

Elizabeth York Pt. 01

 — Flattered mature moms are such easy pickings. by TeamEquipe04/24/154.57HOT

Elizabeth York Pt. 02

 — A mature mom de-flowered again at garden show. by TeamEquipe06/16/154.54HOT

Elizabeth York Pt. 03

 — Mature mom and the neighbour's teenage son. by TeamEquipe09/08/154.53HOT

Elizabeth's Confession Pt. 01

 — Married woman describes how she learned what a Hot Wife is. by georgekaplan09/20/184.10

Elizabeth's Confession Pt. 02

 — Elizabeth learns more and gets inked. by georgekaplan09/30/184.19

Elizabeth's Confession Pt. 03

 — Elizabeth's first evening out, for a while. by georgekaplan05/23/194.38

Elizabeth's Confession Pt. 04

 — Elizabeth begins to understand Sophia's desires for her slut. by georgekaplan05/30/194.29

Elizabeth's Confession Pt. 05

 — Elizabeth goes home for Christmas. by georgekaplan06/18/193.74

Elizabeth, Ink.

 — He rediscovers his youth with young, tattooed woman. by Reardon104/06/144.72HOT

Elizabeth, My Irish Angel Ch. 01

 — Much older man lives and has sex with a much younger woman. by MotherandSonTrueConfessions09/21/194.13NEW

Ella & The Professor

 — Ella decides to make her fantasy a reality. by MrsDarcyIfYoureNasty03/21/144.17

Ella Finds the Right Guy

 — With the help of a friendly older neighbor. by SPEN STERLING05/29/154.68HOT

Ellen Unaware

 — Asleep, she got what she'd wanted. by LarsCharles04/23/064.24

Ellen's Little Friend

 — Plump middle-aged woman discovers she has an admirer. by furryfan11/21/164.59HOT

Elli and Mike's Story

 — MFMF. by 20silverock1606/22/164.40


 — Showing a young woman the joys of orgasm. by Wiiling05/31/194.50HOT

Ellie and the Deli

 — A delivery boy and his obsession with an older woman. by davidwatts11/14/094.54HOT

Ellie's Story Ch. 01

 — A young woman harbours feelings for her best friend’s father. by ScorchedNick11/06/024.39


 — Strawberry blonde granny next door. by thongcladtommi03/14/142.81


 — A father walks in on his son and his girlfriend. by Sean Renaud02/04/144.25

Embrace Me Ch. 01

 — He was uninterested at first, but she changed his mind. by MissLovelyHeart04/01/144.09

Embrace Me Ch. 02

 — Nathan invites Olivia over to watch movies and eat pizza. by MissLovelyHeart08/03/144.52HOT


 — An older man, a younger woman, and a parking garage. by pmarlowe10/12/184.19

Emerald City

 — He must deal with his older wife's infidelity. by steamer513901/18/064.34

Emily is Healed

 — Student coached to health and intimacy after being assaulted. by beth2smith07/28/174.61HOT

Emily Waits for the Mail

 — Widow savors the arrival of the delivery man. by Madabouthair03/09/194.56HOT

Emily's Crush

 — An older man and twenty-something young lady share a fantasy. by erikafoxx08/05/164.49

Emily's New Daddy Ch. 01

 — Her best friend dad becomes her Daddy. by Jcaboose05/09/184.40

Emily's Shorty-Shorts

 — Ewan likes seeing her in the short shorts. by geronimo_appleby09/19/164.38


 — There is a substitute for the real thing. by BANJAR10/22/104.29

Emma and the Professor

 — Coed and professor discover passion. by ljwp0509/14/064.11

Emma was Hairy Down There

 — Retired man's suspicions about the cashier were correct. by furryfan01/20/174.44

Emma’s Rules

 — Jane finds a way round her daughter’s rules for John. by MDesign06/30/104.60HOT


 — Saying goodbye is never easy. by SecretLoveGoddess05/28/074.39

Employee Report

 — Boss' wife adds to the employee report. by flim6212/21/064.47

Empowering a Frightened Pussy

 — Mature man seeks to help and not be lonely. by LaPatitMort03/24/104.60HOT

Empty Nest Cumback

 — Janis cums of age after 50. by dennyboy211/21/054.47

Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 02

 — Things getting naughtier with planned peeping. by dennyboy212/07/054.37

Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 03

 — Wife's girlfriend is very horny. by dennyboy212/29/054.53HOT

Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 04

 — Ted returns for a threesome. by dennyboy202/03/064.37

Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 05

 — A shemale experience. by dennyboy203/01/064.61HOT

Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 07

 — Teaching his married audiologist about good sex. by dennyboy206/07/064.67HOT

Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 08

 — Lonely audiologist satisfies his suppressed sexual needs. by dennyboy206/28/064.62HOT

Empty Nest Syndrome

 — It's time to take care of herself. by KarennaC03/25/094.43

Empty Rooms

 — Empty rooms are filled with pretty college girls. by Ickenboffer03/13/084.79HOT

Enchanted Palace

 — A place for young men and mature ladies. by Bakeboss03/25/104.19


 — Esme goes one more round with her young musician. by SlickTony12/01/024.59HOT


 — Middle-aged man and woman meet in hotel room for sex. by NormaJane01/30/163.92

Encounter at the Beach

 — 40-ish Mom has an adventurous day at the beach. by bjfriendly05/31/094.24

Encountering Rita

 — A young man encounters a slightly older woman. by CanadianM03/21/064.50HOT

Encounters Ch. 01

 — A shy, hurt man meets his mate online. by silverace110/13/053.76

Encounters to Deny Ch. 01

 — Natasha waited for a ride that didn't come. by xzalimx10/19/143.41

Encounters to Deny Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2. by xzalimx10/26/143.53

Encounters to Deny Ch. 03

 — Natasha learns more about her own desires. by xzalimx12/11/143.50

Encounters with Mrs. Cochran

 — Can't be too careful in an affair with your son's friend. by beware11/09/124.54HOT

Encounters with Mrs. Cochran Ch. 02

 — Her new young lover leads to a new secret life. by beware11/13/124.27

Encounters with Mrs. Cochran Ch. 03

 — Sex without consequences always has consequences. by beware11/17/123.98

End of Term

 — Mark returns to Mary. by Mr James01/20/044.18

End of the Line

 — Epic journey begins with a squeeze. by snapper31df07/24/074.14

Ending Remorseful Nights

 — Annie has an affair and worries guilt doesn't engulf her. by Egmont Grigor12/01/083.81

Endless Love

 — Young man finds everlasting love with older woman. by Endless_Love06/09/094.56HOT

Endurance Test

 — A mature woman shares her young stud with her friends. by Forktongue01/19/03


 — A little extracurricular learning. by Alainn10/17/064.56HOT


 — A father is seduced by his daughter's rival! by thecavedweller03/10/164.21

Engaging with Emma

 — Sometimes it's worth being late for work! by peterpeck03/21/184.56HOT

English Aunties Ch. 01

 — Boy goes to study in England. by cummykaze04/07/053.80

English Aunties Ch. 02

 — The pleasure starts by cummykaze09/03/064.24

English Composition

 — Student is hot for his teacher so he writes about her. by Swampcooler04/13/194.76HOT

English Lane

 — A song and a place remind us of lasting love. by oggbashan03/12/184.81HOT

English Teacher's Exam

 — Coed pupil does her best to seduce the teacher. by idoit2myself01/08/074.07

Englishman's Rose

 — On vacation a waitress is curious about my other girl. by sirwoodcutter08/22/174.64HOT

Enjoying My Son's Whore Girlfriend

 — He enjoys his son's girl while he sleeps. by aaron194412/19/064.25

Enjoying Myself

 — After the end of a relationship a young woman enjoys herself. by Darrenav05/10/193.84

Enjoying the Storm

 — Jenna shares her fantasy with Kyle. by cheshire_kitten06/09/014.22

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