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 — One good turn deserves another. by rj_mcdonnell01/26/073.94

Reverend Miss Jackson

 — BBW minister finds pleasure outside the walls of church. by KJStylez02/05/13

Reverting to Type

 — Making a deal with the girlfriends Mother is rewarding. by byronbert02/21/134.45

Reverting to Type Ch. 02

 — A deal with an older women becomes bizarre. by byronbert04/12/134.13

Revolution Sex Cabin

 — A young political dissident seeks refuge with an older woman. by Kriegsmesser05/13/134.17

Revving Up Widow Jamieson

 — Billie discovers a good dick on the right man is OK. by Egmont Grigor11/22/054.29

Rich Bitch Pt. 01

 — I become rich and start my journey to becoming a cougar. by slimpic1107/09/184.70HOT

Rich Bitch Pt. 02

 — I find the right person to nurture my cougar side. by slimpic1107/10/184.64HOT

Rich Bitch Pt. 03

 — I enjoy Ivan's first cougar outing. by slimpic1107/11/184.77HOT

Rich Bitch Pt. 04

 — I attend my first soccer match with Ivan's Posse. by slimpic1107/12/184.74HOT

Rich Bitch Pt. 05

 — My friends take me to a bar for my birthday. by slimpic1107/13/184.92HOT

Rich Bitch Pt. 06

 — I compete against the young girls at the Memorial Day party. by slimpic1107/14/184.78HOT


 — Rick. For you. A Las Vegas fantasy becomes real. by SNAGuy07/04/154.49

Rick & Lori, Mike & Sheila Ch. 01-03

 — Fun with friends is the best kind. by ninja-mon10/26/064.54HOT

Rick and Hazel Ch. 01

 — 18 year old guy gets taken home by an older woman. by RickLloyd208/31/174.17

Rick and Hazel Ch. 02

 — Rick is introduced to Hazel's work. by RickLloyd209/01/174.33

Rick and Hazel Ch. 03

 — Hazel has a party for some friends - and Rick has to serve. by RickLloyd209/02/174.42

Rick's Diabolical Scheme Ch. 01

 — A scheme is born. Jenny and Trish. by Borntolust01/17/144.17

Rick's Diabolical Scheme Ch. 02

 — The strategy goes awry. Trish introduces Emily. by Borntolust01/18/144.44

Ride About

 — Single rider meets a beautiful woman. by FLrider06/28/114.52HOT

Ride The Cougar!

 — Daniel serves a MILF. by OrderTheReuben02/23/124.41

Ride, Sally, Ride

 — She finally fulfills his twenty-year dream. by BaddJack10/22/054.34

Riding a Boston Cowboy

 — A man from Boston finds himself deep in a cowgirl. by Alainn11/24/064.35

Riding First-Class

 — My son-in-law becomes my lover. by WayneGibbous04/24/114.48

Right in Front of You

 — Bad boys and bad decisions force an older woman to change. by komrad115605/29/184.73HOT

Riley Seduces Elderly Couple

 — College grad introduces elderly woman to lesbian. by Lrt8305/09/183.92

Rimming the Cup

 — A stray golf ball leads a married woman far astray. by Stardog Champion02/07/124.29


 — A disillusioned divorcée is seduced by custom-made porn. by Global Carol06/19/18


 — Daughter's friend helps out and then some. by bakersboy09/27/124.50HOT

Rina Ch. 02

 — Rina and I get a surprise. by bakersboy09/28/124.37

Ringing Sarah's Bell

 — Young man fits and chimes older womas bell. by AaronAardvark03/23/154.28

Ripe For The Picking

 — 18 year old Hannah seduces her father's best friend. by TenderSummerKiss01/27/114.07

Ripe Fruits Ch. 01

 — Cousin's wife delighted him. by kamal1234503/24/064.37

Ripe Fruits Ch. 02

 — Another cheating wife of a cousin. by kamal1234503/26/064.43

Ripe Fruits Ch. 03

 — An affair with a good friend's mother. by kamal1234504/01/064.37

Ripe Fruits Ch. 03a

 — An affair with a good friend's mother. by kamal1234505/06/064.39

Rippling Water Ch. 01

 — An itch is scratched and love blossoms by Heinz5703/11/074.23

Rippling Water Ch. 02

 — An itch is scratched and love blossoms. by Heinz5703/11/074.52HOT

Rippling Water Ch. 03

 — An itch is scratched and love blossoms. by Heinz5703/13/074.59HOT

Rise and Shine

 — Giving head and a wake up call. by Senora11/02/173.96

Rites of Passage (The Slutty Crone)

 — Older women Hedonists; Tantric Sex. by ALEQ09/25/153.92

Riverside Lust

 — 2 JO buddies reconnect & carnally enjoy some hippies. by yowser05/15/154.57HOT

Road Head

 — I love to give my man road head. Here is how it goes. by desired_tempest04/27/094.28

Road Test

 — Now it's Pat's turn to try me. by The Mouse07/21/114.49

Road Trip

 — A trip down mammary lane. by Abner Devereaux02/02/054.29

Road Trip

 — Debs had seven whole days off. by magmaman09/28/134.18

Road Trip Ch. 02

 — Mayhem back home. by magmaman10/05/134.04

Road Trip with a Benefit

 — A retreat turns out to be a real treat. by FLrider07/26/114.52HOT

Road Work Ahead

 — Road crew gets a surprise. by snaillover6911/11/144.05

Roadhouse Blues

 — He gets career guidance from an older woman. by HarryOrwell06/23/114.31

Roadside Assistance

 — An elderly woman comes to a stranger's aid. by footshrimper03/18/024.43

Roadside Stand

 — It wasn't the vegetables that got men to stop. by furryfan03/10/104.27

Rob & Sherri

 — A fantasy come true. by Scownie10/04/034.27

Robbie and Nora

 — His girlfriend's away. Her mother steps in. by hendu1303/25/124.21

Robbie and Nora Ch. 02

 — Robbie and Nora come to an understanding. by hendu1303/29/124.21

Robert Ch. 01

 — Lover of unattractive women and Eileen. by Borntolust10/11/134.51HOT

Robert Ch. 02

 — A lover of unattractive women returns to Eileen. by Borntolust10/25/134.51HOT

Robert Ch. 03-04

 — A lover of unattractive women and Linda. by Borntolust11/12/134.51HOT

Robert Ch. 05

 — A lover of unattractive women and Carol. by Borntolust11/26/134.47

Robert Ch. 06

 — Carol tells her story. by Borntolust12/07/134.39

Roberta's Party Ch. 01

 — Divorced mother romps with college classmates. by Canadagander04/11/03HOT

Rock My World

 — Get your lips wet. by SilkenOrgasm05/09/054.24

Rock My World Ch. 02

 — You have a little bathroom fun. by SilkenOrgasm05/15/054.32

Rock n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution

 — Lonely young man discovers joy in an older woman. by Interval10/19/034.57HOT

Rocks in Their Heads Pt. 01

 — His desire for her gives them both new opportunities. by Thefireflies02/28/184.63HOT

Rocks in Their Heads Pt. 02

 — Revelations, temptations, frustrations, and commitments. by Thefireflies03/11/184.54HOT

Rocks in Their Heads Pt. 03

 — Will they keep their flame alight? by Thefireflies04/01/184.80HOT

Rocky Horror in a War Zone

 — Young Potter serves his Goddess in a military camp. by Lofn201009/26/113.64

Rocky Mountain High

 — Twists and turns lead to love for an unlikely couple. by komrad115608/10/164.72HOT

Rod Meets Sandi

 — Sexy lady shows Rod what he's been missing. by phxrod02/18/064.29

Roger's Weekend Ch. 01

 — Older and younger amputees meet and enjoy each other. by rmlooker03/19/184.68HOT

Roger's Weekend Ch. 02

 — Older and younger amputees continue their weekend. by rmlooker06/02/184.60HOT

Rolling in Pine Needles

 — A 50+ kayaker gets lucky with a horny 24 year old. by quietheron04/21/054.55HOT

Romance in Red

 — Lust or Love ... you be the judge. by lovelyladyfaire02/03/174.82HOT

Romance of the Rails

 — Young guy and older lady get it on in cab of loco 1058. by shoeslayer05/30/124.31

Romp with the Principal

 — A wild romp with the boss in my office at school. by TheyCallMeDelly09/28/144.07

Ron's Little Bit

 — Older boss enjoys an eighteen year old employee. by Catherine20Kissess10/06/023.41

Room 232

 — 18 year old girl has fun one night stand with older man. by thick_caramel_delite06/18/083.68

Room 422

 — A sequel to 'Happy Birthday, Mrs. Freemont'. by DankertV11/14/044.56HOT

Room for Rent

 — A divorcee rents a room to a college student. by sensualsharon07/26/164.50HOT

Room Service

 — A Lady and her friends order some room service by Forktongue03/23/03

Room Service

 — An older man and younger woman fulfill a mutual fantasy by bbig45506/29/144.19

Room Service in 314

 — A first encounter in a hotel room leads to a fantastic time. by Goforittoday12/27/114.07

Room Service...

 — A cougar gets naughty with a cub waiter. by sensualsharon05/18/134.31

Room Sex

 — A couple makes love in a hotel room. by dsoul05/11/043.60

Roomies: Babysitting

 — Kim cares for Professor's Grandchildren and then for him. by patricia5109/05/064.45

Roommate Seduction

 — A hot young hunk moves in with a horny college student by lovepowers02/08/034.31

Roommate Seduction Ch. 02

 — Landlord gets what he is lusting after. by lovepowers02/12/034.15

Roommate Seduction Ch. 03

 — Neighbors take advantage of each other. by lovepowers02/16/034.41

Roommate Seduction Ch. 04

 — Will gets Mrs. Kizer joins the fun. by lovepowers02/25/034.50HOT

Roommate Surprise

 — A roommate's mother takes him for a spin. by m_storyman_x03/25/124.71HOT


 — An intriguing encounter. by Bob_605/16/144.41

Rooms for Rent

 — Landlord rents to sexy coeds. by Dave169_904/07/044.39

Rooms for Rent Ch. 02

 — Amy seeks help with her classes. by Dave169_904/13/044.46

Rooms for Rent Ch. 03

 — Becky & Sue perform. by Dave169_904/29/044.32

Rosalita Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old guy is reunited with older Latina. by Ahabscribe09/26/084.75HOT


 — Unusually mature people find each other & intense sex. by backwoodsman195207/07/054.62HOT


 — Boss builds up courage to date older secretary. by S English07/27/044.42


 — A mature married woman discovers something of herself. by Jebb21501/21/114.23


 — A summer filled with mature sex and submission. by ndbf4ever05/17/094.09

Rose Across the Way

 — Kenny had grown up wanting the woman next door. by furryfan08/17/104.65HOT

Rose Ch. 02

 — Bob gives Rose intense oral sex. by backwoodsman195208/01/054.60HOT

Rose Ch. 03

 — Rose and Bob take a memorable trip by car. by backwoodsman195208/07/054.69HOT

Rose Ch. 04

 — Rose and Bob enjoy Lunch and waking from a nap. by backwoodsman195208/17/054.60HOT

Rose Ch. 05

 — Rose and Bob end their trip with a hot sunset. by backwoodsman195209/10/054.71HOT

Rose Pt. 01

 — Rose desires a man much older than herself... by DrippingRose12/05/154.32

Rose, My Italian Gardener

 — Professor is seduced by alluring Rose. by scouries08/25/064.70HOT

Ross the Boss Ch. 02

 — Lorna sets Ross up to massage mature coworker. by sirhugs01/03/034.33

Rough Day

 — You enjoy sex after a Rough Day out. by Ravenara10/28/083.91

Roughing It

 — He goes camping with his childhood crush. by Jakey01/10/014.35


 — A Vietnam love affair. by espeteroh05/08/054.41


 — Sexually inexperienced banker is offered an erotic trade. by rxm7608/31/184.75HOT

Rozy Made Me Cozy

 — Rozy Made Me Cozy. by massagerblore02/11/152.25

Rreceptionist Loved

 — Find new heights with my office mate. by isbguy04/23/134.13

Ruby Fisher and the Boys

 — Divorced and turning forty isn't fun. Two young guys are. by TxRad03/24/164.78HOT

Ruby Jane Asks For Help

 — Computer support comes in many forms. by Sven the Elder02/09/113.97

Rudy's Romps Ch. 01

 — Meet Marie, young, pretty, and bored at home. by CorvusTurrim77705/20/164.59HOT

Rudy's Romps Ch. 02

 — Meet Sandy. She's getting older and looking for adventure. by CorvusTurrim77705/20/164.13

Rudy's Romps Ch. 03

 — Older blonde Sandy takes the next step with Rudy. by CorvusTurrim77705/24/164.23

Rudy's Romps Ch. 04

 — Sandy's trip to the coffee shop gets steamy. by CorvusTurrim77705/25/164.33

Rudy's Romps Ch. 05

 — Sandy goes out shopping with metaphysical Rudy. by CorvusTurrim77705/26/164.50HOT

Rudy's Romps Ch. 06

 — Sandy has to make a crucial decision about Rudy. by CorvusTurrim77705/27/164.42

Run for It

 — Male find satisfaction with unusual partner. by uksnowy02/22/173.03

Run In With Mom

 — He meets his girlfriend's mom after a run. by lengthylarry07/14/034.21

Running for Fitness or Sex?

 — An evening run becomes a lot more. by Bedu09/06/074.35

Running for Fitness or Sex? Ch. 02

 — An evening run becomes a lot more. by Bedu09/12/074.52HOT

Running for Fitness or Sex? Ch. 03

 — An evening run becomes a lot more. by Bedu09/24/074.60HOT

Running into Trouble

 — He bumps into an old girlfriend and then falls for her mom. by Swampcooler05/14/174.71HOT

Runs in the Family

 — I take on Kim's granddaughter. by dispatcher5902/13/184.68HOT


 — Virgin gives herself to 34 year-old. by AnAmericanDarling12/03/084.01

Russian Waitress

 — A young foreign beauty's continuing education. by johnnieblue4408/25/114.68HOT

Ruth - The First Time

 — Dance with older coworker leads to more. by ChelseaBoy03/31/054.37

Ruth and the Boy Next Door

 — Bored middle-aged housewife seduces a virgin. by Pussyrider09/23/084.35

Ruth's Big Baby

 — Ruth finds a young man to make her baby. by vargas11109/10/054.25

Ruth's Cottage Ch. 01

 — A break in the country promises more than Jack bargained for. by ExiledWelshman06/27/174.22

Ruth's Cottage Ch. 02

 — Jack and his host come together. by ExiledWelshman07/11/174.55HOT

Ruth's Cottage Ch. 03

 — Jack goes back to visit Ruth and gets a surprise. by ExiledWelshman08/03/174.27

Ruth's Next Steps

 — After her younger neighbour, Ruth looks for new thrills. by Pussyrider09/26/084.46

RV Adventures

 — Woman escaping rain finds a great adventure. by FantacySeeker02/15/134.25


 — On sabbatical in Kazakhstan, Dan meets Elena. by academicwriter09/15/104.83HOT

Sabie and Mr. Roberts Ch. 01

 — A young womans' attraction to her best friends' father. by InnocentPersuasion12/26/123.56


 — She visits her former high school teacher. by fieryjen11/19/074.39

Sadie Rose Researches No. 01

 — Danny likes it doggy-style. by SadieRose02/09/064.52HOT

Sagarika's Adventure

 — When a professor falls in love with her student. by PrabhatNaked11/20/16

Saheen's Red Panty

 — Sexy Indian neighbor gets a bang of her lifetime. by c3k04/27/034.30

Sailing with Samantha

 — An 18-year-old becomes a woman with her Uncle. by joan65810/26/074.62HOT

Salacious Robinson

 — A full-throttle next door neighbor fantasy. by SylviaDay01/21/114.25


 — He enjoys his wife's grandmother's company. by anon5621200112/10/024.43

Sally Lays the Bricklayers

 — Slut wife gets it on with two workers. by Fourtsix07/18/024.14

Sally's Birthday Surprise

 — Sally gets gangbanged on her birthday. by Fourtsix07/24/024.03

Sally's Cancun Sexventure

 — Sally has sex with a group of local guys in Cancun. by twistedgraygoat01/14/154.26

Sally's Motor Home Sexventure

 — Sally has sex with three men under a waterfall. by twistedgraygoat03/14/154.11

Sally's Motor Home Sexventure - Dale and George

 — Sally meets Dale and George for sex while being watched. by twistedgraygoat02/10/154.38

Sally's Motor Home Sexventure - Gary

 — Sally meets a modern day gold miner and has sex. by twistedgraygoat02/10/154.26

Sally's Motor Home Sexventure - Tom

 — Sally meets a young man in the men's shower. by twistedgraygoat02/05/154.27

Sally's Sr. Sex - Brian and Mike

 — Sally has sex with 2 of her students from 35 years ago. by twistedgraygoat03/25/153.96

Sally's Sr. Sex - Darren

 — Sally begins an eighteen year old virgin's sex education. by twistedgraygoat03/19/154.26

Sally's Sr. Sex - Jose'

 — Sally, as a senior citizen, has sex with the produce guy. by twistedgraygoat03/17/154.30

Sally's Sr. Sex - Mike

 — Sally has sex with the owner of the pool company. by twistedgraygoat03/20/154.21

Sally's Sr. Sex - More Darren

 — Darren spent the night and Sally continued his sex education. by twistedgraygoat03/21/154.32

Sally's Sr. Sex - Neal

 — Sally has sex with her black personal trainer. by twistedgraygoat03/17/154.17

Sally's Sr. Sex - Neal and Jeff

 — Neal brings along a friend for a threesome. by twistedgraygoat03/18/154.53HOT

Sally's Sr. Sex - Stan

 — Sally has Wednesday sex with their 75 year old neighbor. by twistedgraygoat03/24/154.23

Sally's Sr. Sex - Tom

 — Sally has sex with the accountant from 30 years ago. by twistedgraygoat03/26/154.22

Sally's Valentine Appalachian Trail

 — Sally has sex with a group of men on the trail. by twistedgraygoat01/30/154.07

Sally, The Whore Next Door Ch. 1

 — James is curious about his neighbors. by Chubby Chic07/31/023.96

Sally, The Whore Next Door Ch. 2

 — James officially meets the neighbors. by Chubby Chic08/10/024.13

Sally, The Whore Next Door Ch. 3

 — James finally fucks his older neighbour, Sally. by Chubby Chic08/26/024.39

Sally, The Whore Next Door Ch. 4

 — Young James & mature Sally Continue to play. by Chubby Chic09/03/024.28

Sally, The Whore Next Door Ch. 5

 — James & mature Sally enjoy a threesome. by Chubby Chic09/10/024.41

Sally, The Whore Next Door Ch. 6

 — Young James & 2 mature neighbours enjoy a threesome. by Chubby Chic10/03/024.37

Sally, The Whore Next Door Ch. 7

 — You're surprised mature Sally's Slutty lust for you. by Chubby Chic01/24/034.45

Salma Was Much More...

 — Aged masseuse excites Indian woman. by rubysen04/02/044.36

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