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No Rules & The Clergy Game Ch. 1

 — A new sex game is begun. by Mycke04/24/022.96

No Small Business

 — Jack hires the perfect employee. by Many Feathers12/28/084.61HOT

No Turning Back Now

 — Nylon passion with the mother-in-law. by TightsManUK05/24/124.36

No, Not A Schreibtischtater

 — A mature woman and a young man frolic. by steamer513903/05/063.64

Nob (Hill) Gobbler

 — Mrs. Erickson climbs Nob Hill. by ISawYourMommy05/23/054.58HOT

Non Assisted Living

 — Four friends in a retirement home meet a new friend. by Humpdee8401/16/154.21

Nonagenarian Ch. 02

 — AMTRAK GROPEs; happy geezer; shared exhib wife. by LitEroCat08/19/07

Nonagenarian Ch. 03

 — Epilogue: friendly perversions with aides. by LitEroCat08/24/07HOT

Nora and Ben, A Story of Love

 — Lonely, older woman falls for young guy. by L.A. Wicker04/25/064.61HOT

North Shore Ass Whore

 — This time, Dan gets her ass. by ISawYourMommy10/16/054.61HOT

North Shore Coke Whore

 — Mrs. Morgan reveals her true colors. by ISawYourMommy04/23/064.47

North Shore Whore

 — Dan's got a thing for Mrs. Morgan. by ISawYourMommy03/20/054.48

North to Alaska

 — Two sisters find love in the coldest of places. by komrad115611/07/164.72HOT

Not a Dream

 — A vivid dream is actually reality. by Kapricorn7107/19/103.45

Not Alone On New Years Eve

 — Married man starts out alone but gets chances for sex. by stoneypoint01/04/073.48

Not Another Baby Sitter Story

 — A Born Entrepreneur, "Teriffic Tracy". by BANJAR01/09/124.23

Not Bad, For An Older Guy

 — 40-something man shows 20-something woman some things or two by SPEN STERLING11/14/134.66HOT

Not Enough Rum in the World

 — Sister uses a white lie & an old man on Nude Day. by Fauxarcher07/11/073.87

Not Just Another Tuesday Night

 — An older man watches porn with a younger woman. by DirkDeWayne07/26/103.57

Not Just Another Tuesday Night Ch. 02

 — Older man and younger woman watch porn. by DirkDeWayne08/30/104.47

Not Much to Tell

 — A gentleman assists his neighbor and her sister. by Ed061302/20/134.52HOT

Not My Real Gran

 — First sex with a darling old lady. by hentriettametabullfrog11/30/163.83

Not My Type, But Things Happen

 — A very skinny and remarkably ugly older woman. by uticanyrick12/14/044.25

Not on the Menu

 — A loving farewell from his favorite server. by CFBwriter11/21/154.65HOT

Not Prim or Proper

 — Wild times at the company picnic. by JustLikeEwe06/12/094.51HOT

Not Quite Meatless

 — Daughter's best friend returns as a mature women. by ericviking6903/15/113.88

Not Related by Blood

 — Aunt tries to get closer to nephew. by DrSpidey08/15/153.98

Not So Plain

 — A visit to Amish country can surprise. by hickoryfarmer01/11/104.18

Not Your Typical Friends w/Benefits

 — Wife's friend helps out her neglected husband. by lonelyjohn7603/19/174.40


 — Woman takes sons friend as her lover. by Tooremoved10/09/094.11

Nothing a Good Affair Can't Fix

 — Tennis pro provides relief for neglected wife. by starknest07/09/144.23

Nothing in Common Ch. 01

 — Charlotte runs into an old professor. by sydney638512/10/084.22

Nothing in Common Ch. 02

 — Charlotte wakes up to an interesting morning. by sydney638501/05/094.07

Nothing in Common Ch. 03

 — Charlotte's first day of work changes everything. by sydney638508/27/093.85

November Rain

 — A menstrual cycle feeds his panic. by jamesmarlowe09/03/143.57

Now That's How To Secure A Sale!!

 — Older female sales rep turns into slut to secure contract. by MatureLadyLover04/08/124.47

Now We Are No Longer Strangers

 — A Navy officer is hit by a redheaded thunderbolt. by Sir Galahad07/20/134.81HOTContest Winner

Nude Holly Day

 — 19-year-old assistant has a summer surprise for her kind boss. by RejectReality08/24/124.69HOT

Nude Photography

 — Nude photography leads to love making. by manavata08/02/054.07

Nude Photography Ch. 02

 — Artstic nude presentation for loving response. by manavata08/03/054.19

Number Eight

 — A helping hand, young flame for an old man. by Bob_603/21/144.55HOT

Nurse Ann

 — Older White lady nurses her love slave to health. by lilguy11/14/043.16

Nurse Gypsy

 — Nurse gives high school boy some training. by DuckieRhode04/27/064.24

Nurse Lisa...

 — You get your complete examination. by texasace09/21/103.53

Nurse Sunitha

 — The boy is being sucked off by a Nurse and her aide. by cumfountain04/10/033.53

Nursery Santa

 — He's a last minute Santa. What's her wish? by oggbashan11/12/044.32

Nursing Home Blues

 — Ronda does a little extra for nursing home patients. by L.A. Wicker12/29/004.42

Nursing Home Confidential

 — Grandmother seduces her new roomie. by litpervgrrl05/09/054.44

Nursing Home Honeys

 — An old man doesn't need to dream. by ichabodstinks06/02/064.04

Nursing Home Visit

 — Man meets lonely widow in nursing home. by Prospector05/09/034.49

Nursing Needs

 — Frustrated nurse finds sexual release from a patient's son. by AStropirate10/12/144.37

Nutcracker Temptress

 — A weekend alone brings unexpected pleasures with Mom's friend. by venomlegions07/15/124.23

O Canada! Ch. 01

 — Older man seduces young nurse. by BradBigBrain07/31/084.46

O What a Night Ch. 01

 — A middle-aged man lives out a dream. by topher196705/13/114.11

Obsessed with Mrs. A

 — Obsession with friends 50-year-old Mom becomes reality. by talespinner055903/14/124.50HOT

Obsessed with Mrs. A Ch. 02

 — As I stood there with my cock hanging out of my fly... by talespinner055903/19/124.59HOT

Obsession Ch. 03

 — Robs leaves and she's alone. by CleoRa03/27/17

Ocean Interlude

 — Alicia flees work stress & finds young lover. by jazm4910/25/03

Of Hope Lost and Found Ch. 04

 — He's tall, dark, handsome, and 20 years younger than Dottie. by nageren02/19/154.72HOT

Of Hope Lost and Found Ch. 05

 — And what does Thomas think of all this? by nageren02/24/154.75HOT

Of Hope Lost and Found Ch. 06

 — Is there a future for Dottie and Thomas? by nageren02/28/154.85HOT

Of Love & Sex

 — Mature man commits adultery for the first time. by Oldfool06/11/054.53HOT

Of Rivers and Religion Ch. 01

 — A talented undergraduate begins her affair with a professor. by stfloyd5609/13/164.77HOT

Of Rivers and Religion Ch. 02

 — Dave sets Lily free. by stfloyd5609/14/164.84HOT

Off the Richter Scale

 — Husband is surprised by the babysitter's older sister. by char_roman02/15/134.56HOT

Office Affair with Riya

 — My boss was ready to do anything to keep me. by dennycrane10006/14/124.34

Office Discovery

 — Alexis didn't know Jim was looking for more than her work. by bloodrayne6912/15/083.78

Office Fuck Buddies

 — Office flirting (suddenly) becomes (so) much more. by MRDeany01/06/094.45

Office Gal

 — A sexy woman in the office. by Silentman4509/15/034.16

Office Harem Ch. 01

 — Affair starts with mature admin woman. by GSMan06/21/094.28

Office Harem Ch. 01 Pt. 2

 — The affair continues and she surrenders her back cherry. by GSMan06/25/094.32

Office Harem Ch. 01 Pt. 3

 — She submits to her younger lover. by GSMan06/30/094.23

Office Harem Ch. 02 Pt. 1

 — The Harem starts to grow. by GSMan07/11/094.18

Office Harem Ch. 02 Pt. 2

 — After the sex, her husband calls with a dinner invite. by GSMan07/15/094.39

Office Harem Ch. 03

 — He discovers a climbing companion's companionship. by GSMan07/26/094.27

Office Hours Ch. 01

 — At 25, she has her first ever schoolgirl crush. by acaciatree06/23/064.60HOT

Office Intrigue

 — Young man lusts for older coworker with a secret. by nrvous_9905/23/013.86

Office Notes

 — Young guy catches mature woman dressing & becomes lover. by stoneypoint05/29/074.14

Office Playing

 — Mutual masturbation. by seatacrch08/14/113.58

Office Sex

 — An Imagination of mine. by abcfulfill09/20/093.86

Office Visit

 — An encounter at a college professor's office. by martman515003/13/074.08

Officer Manager

 — Man hires a older lady for the job & get more. by RakenHoe02/28/014.25

Official Welcome

 — Local cop welcomes her to the neighborhood, the fun way. by MTinPA08/13/074.58HOT

Oh God Jessica

 — A woman seductively manipulates others for money. by ticklechambers02/12/132.72

Oh Kate, You're So Fine!

 — Engaged writer meets sexy married fan online. by LadysMan03/17/034.35

Oh My!

 — Online lovers finally meet. by Ineedamuse09/06/034.28

Oh Pretty Baby

 — Middle aged man beds young woman but all is not as it seems. by JohnFranks10/16/064.40

Oh, Teacher, Teacher!

 — His student gives him a "hard" time. by slitlicker6910/05/054.28

Oh, Teacher, Teacher! Ch. 02

 — His student gets more aggressive. by slitlicker6910/17/054.36

Oil Patch Techniques...

 — Oil field lingo gets sexagenarian hot. by Sneaker01/17/013.80

Okay, Baby, We'll Do It!

 — Kirsty gets her Mom to a nude beach. by Alex De Kok06/25/034.50HOT

Old Bods, Young Gods Ch. 01

 — Older woman lusts after young man. by denny905/07/034.35

Old Bods, Young Gods Ch. 02

 — Frustrated, neglected older woman needs sex. by denny905/13/034.45

Old Bods, Young Gods Ch. 03

 — An older married woman sucks him off. by denny906/02/034.67HOT

Old Bods, Young Gods Ch. 04

 — She does her teen lover & his father. by denny906/29/034.47

Old Broad on a Train

 — He meets 72 year old Betty and gets a surprise. by dirtyjoe6910/29/064.29

Old Broad on a Train Ch. 02

 — Betty takes on Jeff and him. by dirtyjoe6910/30/064.40

Old But Not Dead

 — Older walkers meet and enjoy sex. by ainu07/09/034.63HOT

Old Dog - New Tricks

 — Divorced part-time lecturer experiences new things. by bucksman11/27/024.71HOT

Old Dog, New Trix

 — She does her bit to bridge the generation gap. by trixiej06/16/064.40

Old Fisherman and the Babysitter

 — A tough old dude meets a sweet young gal. by LargoKitt07/22/114.50HOT

Old Friends

 — Lifelong friends become lovers. by crimsonrose11/17/054.20

Old Friends And A New Lover

 — Older women, younger man. by penncd04/16/034.36

Old Gals Gone Wild

 — Mature women visit their former campus. by George VI05/12/034.53HOT

Old Guy Gets Lucky on Halloween

 — Older man shares his passion for helping with a young nurse. by andtheend10/11/10HOT

Old Guy Gets Lucky with Young Chick

 — 60-year-old man has sex with a beautiful woman half his age. by SuperHeroRalph08/25/114.31

Old Guy's Heaven

 — Older man meets sexy young woman. by sharkeez03/23/054.50HOT

Old Lady

 — New lover is an elderly lady. by Rapide11/01/114.05

Old Love Old Cuckold

 — Ada cuckolds her husband as he watches. by gonzi212/20/034.15

Old Man Cheating on His Wife

 — Old man has affair with much younger female. by daddy11108/22/071.78

Old Man Fetish

 — A teenage girl gains a fetish for old men. by CumalotCastle08/13/084.18

Old Man Larry

 — A young woman's fantasy for dirty old man finally fulfilled. by brookemarie3412/31/11

Old Man's Disease

 — She had one hell of a cure. by magmaman10/20/064.51HOT

Old Man's Disease Ch. 02

 — Working on the Cure. by magmaman10/31/064.64HOT

Old Man's Fancy

 — May-December romance between teen & octegenarian. by scorpio0015501/31/014.61HOTEditor's Pick

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