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Sweet Music Ch. 2

 — Stripped, spanked, showered and sexed. by thehorn11/23/014.71HOT

Sweet Music Ch. 3

 — The oiling of Nina & the tickling of Lucy. by thehorn01/13/024.68HOT

Sweet Music Ch.4

 — Coming Clean. by thehorn12/02/034.54HOT

Sweet Release

 — I walk down the hallway. by prettygirl3505/15/123.79

Sweet Seduction

 — Beautiful Barbara Letti seduces her lonely ex-teacher. by Neverwhere12/18/014.18

Sweet Seduction

 — Barbara knows exactly how to cheer up Mr. Arnold. by AARON FINLEY05/07/034.26

Sweet Sis-in-law

 — You will love to do. by raasakama699606/25/083.74

Sweet T and Biscuits

 — Sensuous older siren initiates young neophyte's education. by AaronAardvark12/30/124.49

Sweet, Sweet Liz

 — Online relationship becomes real. by timjac207/08/104.32


 — Alone in a bakery, she takes a chance on an older man. by SilverMuse08/24/164.78HOT

Swim Lessons

 — Daughter's swim lessons lead to fun with her swim teacher. by morninwould05/23/124.52HOT

Swim Team

 — Mom hooks up with son's teammate from the swim team. by jt12304/07/064.40

Swim Team Ch. 02

 — Her affair with her son's teammate intensifies. by jt12304/18/064.54HOT

Swimmerboy Pt. 03: Mom's Third Best

 — A hot affair with mom's third best friend. by mattmatthews03/30/174.61HOT

Swimmerboy Pt. 04: Rocky Love

 — Swimmerboy's affair deepens with his mother's friend. by mattmatthews03/31/174.64HOT

Swimmerboy Pt. 05

 — Swimmers gang a lady sports reporter. by mattmatthews04/09/174.66HOT

Swimmerboy Pt. 06

 — Fame scores swimmerboy A-list pussy. by mattmatthews04/19/174.64HOT

Swing Chronicles Ch. 01: Barb and Don

 — Chapter 1. by LuckyGuy9604/14/154.41

Swing Chronicles Ch. 03a

 — Barb and Don, Ch 3, (1/3). by LuckyGuy9605/14/154.47

Swing Chronicles Ch. 03b

 — Barb and Don, Ch 3, (2/3). by LuckyGuy9606/10/154.26

Swinging Seniors

 — My first summer after retirement. by DG Hear08/29/134.39

Switching Slut Ch. 06

 — Jeff gets a break with dad's girlfriend. by P_E_C09/04/054.55HOT

Sylvia's Mother

 — He finds the mother more appealing than the daughter. by rocket_man04/08/094.35

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 02

 — He finds the mother more appealing than the daughter. by rocket_man04/15/094.39

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 03

 — He finds the mother more appealing than the daughter. by rocket_man04/16/094.42

Sympathy For The Angels

 — Love blossoms between middle-aged widow and young widower. by jack_straw02/24/034.68HOT


 — You have a little fun on the couch. by MissNDecisve06/09/044.06

Tabbitha Decides to Visit Gary

 — Unhappy wife seeks out older friend. by JamesLacy01/29/024.59HOT

Table Top Love

 — Couple find better use for dining room table. by jal137402/02/084.03

Taboo: Sex With Father-In-Law Ch. 01

 — Holly took her fil as her lover. by black_mamba8807/05/094.37

TAD to Tel Aviv

 — Young US soldier meets older Israeli woman. by LBMM200801/30/134.60HOT

Tahitian Nights

 — Dave Bishop meets another older woman, this time in Tahiti. by BTH240609/29/024.66HOT

Take a Chance

 — Tanya decides to seduce older man. by wanderermtn10/20/083.66

Taken by a Stranger

 — Victoria loses her inhibitions. by SmoochingSamantha01/23/074.30

Taken in a Public Car Park

 — Mature lady takes younger cock. by TomW5006/27/084.12

Taking Care of Amber

 — With girlfriend out of town, Jack is left with daughter. by nasty_dan06/10/064.51HOT

Taking Care Of Older Men

 — Wife enjoys providing relief in nursing homes. by ARGEE03/15/014.54HOT

Taking Care of Tilly

 — Love will find a way to save a broken family. by A_Little_Show01/20/144.63HOT

Taking It Slow

 — A grad student makes out with older woman. by flim6208/03/064.47

Taking Janine

 — Janine gets her ass fucked in the grocery stock room. by buttcheeks77706/14/124.02

Taking Jenn's Mom Ch. 02

 — Sandra's POV of her night with Jenn's bf by eisbehr07/22/114.38

Taking My Busty Undergrad Home

 — Marie needed a place to crash for spring break. by babysitterstories11/18/144.37

Taking Our Neighbour

 — Mandy seduces her neighbour's son. by English Bob06/19/034.32

Taking Ruth Home

 — He and his mother-in-law make a stop on the way home. by ALawyer01/27/044.31

Taking Tanya's Picture

 — Paul takes Tanya's erotic pictures with certain requirements. by echodancer06/20/104.49

Taking the Neighbor

 — New to the neighborhood and marking my territory. by skygod60010/31/154.25

Taking Their Sons to Work

 — Everybody wins when these ladies take their sons to work. by Boxlicker10104/14/124.27

Tales of a Mature Prostitute Ch. 06

 — Elephants in the room. by GabbyBX11/13/134.30

Tales of a Suburban Sex Goddess Ch. 05

 — Older man pleasures a young woman. by LC1006/09/104.36

Talk and Action Ch. 02

 — Friends talk about breast fucking and she practices some. by misterwho01/03/154.45

Talk and Action Ch. 03

 — She learns that pleasure can come with tonguing too. by misterwho01/04/154.52HOT

Talk and Action Ch. 06

 — She thinks doggy style can be quick and save her dress. by misterwho01/08/154.56HOT

Tam's New Job

 — She didn't need the money, she wanted the fun. by sarge1303/10/074.26

Tamara & Mr. Ivanov: First Time

 — She gets shod, sniffed, exhibited, tickled & ravished. by Grushenka10/18/063.97

Tamara & Mr. Ivanov: The Seduction

 — Old family friend prepares her to lose her virginity. by Grushenka10/18/064.48

Taming Of The Shrew

 — He tries to tame rude landlady, & gets tamed instead. by Chilly106/12/014.22

Taming the Shrew

 — A mother's deception leads to love. by komrad115607/01/164.58HOT

Taming the Teenage Shrew

 — Teaching the neighbor a lesson. by cuninglinguist6111/25/084.65HOT


 — Pregnant girl with a history falls for older man. by L.A. Wicker05/09/024.50HOT


 — Older man would love to be her toy. by Pleezer4U11/29/044.49

Tammy Ch. 2

 — Walt thinks back to that sad day. by L.A. Wicker05/13/024.51HOT

Tammy Tonsils

 — Older author's first encounter with a naughty, hot coed. by badboylax10/16/104.48

Tammy's Mom

 — Coed's mom enjoys her daughter's friend. by Frederick Carol07/10/084.58HOT

Tammy's Mom Ch. 02

 — Jane keeps Bill 'warmed up, ready' for Tammy. by Frederick Carol10/11/084.64HOT

Tantra Massage

 — A different type of massage. by gpbvkb02/05/063.89

Taping a Family Get-Together

 — My wife has me cheer up her widowed mom. by WayneGibbous08/21/104.45


 — The loss of a woman's son leads her to love. by komrad115605/10/164.74HOT

Tara Gets A Special Fuck

 — She gets what she loves. by bee-ess05/04/033.88

Tara Gets Wet

 — Next-door-neighbours get it on. by Wyatt08/31/014.37

Target Ch. 01

 — An itch is scratched and love blossoms. by Heinz5703/01/074.54HOT

Target Ch. 02

 — A itch is scratched and love blossoms. by Heinz5703/02/074.75HOT

Target Practice Ch. 2

 — Paula introduces him to a friend. by Chicago Bob08/17/024.80HOT

Taste of Sherry

 — He's not 21, but he wants a taste of his mom's friend Sherry. by RejectReality05/27/134.64HOT

Taught a Lesson

 — Student gets help with his homework. by Coop8310/31/044.58HOT

Tavis Untitled Ch. 01

 — Sundays pick up at the arcade. by Tavis07/05/074.38

Tavis Untitled Ch. 02

 — It's good to be home. by Tavis07/06/074.44

Taxi Cab

 — Cassie's erotic taxi cab ride home. by pamie6902/29/043.09

Taxi Cab Confession

 — A woman's pleasurable cab ride. by Lola4911/12/09

Taxi Cab Ride

 — Older woman is picked up by a younger taxi driver. by pami6906/23/053.44

Te Au Moana

 — The tides of change pull at a man after his divorce. by stlgoddessfreya01/08/154.11

Tea and A**

 — Beware of redheads offering tea. Or don't. by Moxie10/05/034.24

Tea and Hobnobs with Lizzy

 — My Thursday neigbourly delight. by alexcarr10/07/134.14

Teach Me

 — Professor asked for enrichment program. by IntimateSpirit10/09/053.70

Teach Me Ch. 01

 — Sexy teacher is all he can think about. by betweenthesheets05/01/124.63HOT

Teacher & Student Ch. 01

 — A high school student finally gets the woman of his dreams. by Hydranoid07/26/134.23

Teacher and Student

 — She had been his teacher, mentor and tutor until... by Xesevoli05/16/114.22

Teacher Outcast

 — He begins affair with older female teacher. by EdRichards703012/13/034.20

Teacher Plays Strip Math

 — Sexy teacher motivates her male students. by George VI09/22/024.44

Teacher Takes Student's Virginity

 — Ms. West takes 18-year-old Josh's virginity. by HotForTeacherSlut05/13/114.21

Teacher Taught Us...Everything!

 — College teacher manipulates competition for young stud. by Adom&Eav07/07/014.41

Teacher Teaches More

 — Teacher teaches more than academics to her student. by sunnyboyz09/20/023.42

Teacher Teaches Well Ch. 02

 — Cynthia reveals her affair to her best friend Mrs. Causing. by ilovematurewomen12/29/024.44

Teacher Teaches Well Ch. 03

 — Mrs. Causing decides to seduce Joey. by ilovematurewomen06/22/034.63HOT

Teacher Teaches Well!

 — Joey is seduced by his teacher. by ilovematurewomen11/17/024.56HOT

Teacher Training Time Ch. 02

 — Young guy continues to humiliate former teacher. by JRob01/10/074.28

Teacher's Beautiful Legs

 — Ms.Johnson's legs turn Richie on. by Chevalier12/18/024.46

Teacher's Delight Ch. 1

 — John is educated in sex by father's cousins. by Libertine01/27/024.64HOT

Teacher's Delight Ch. 2

 — Classy lady takes advantage of John's education. by Libertine01/31/024.69HOT

Teacher's Delight Ch. 3

 — Inga takes control. by Libertine03/02/024.68HOT

Teacher's Favorite

 — Teen is helpless against her teacher's advances by cybersxxpert05/01/034.01

Teacher's Pet

 — Mature teacher finds excitement with 18-year-old student. by nasty_dan05/03/054.42

Teacher's Pet

 — Being Teacher's Pet has its advantages. by famousthree04/24/073.42

Teacher's Pet

 — A pregnant teacher and 18 year student find intimacy. by dalton1402/16/114.47

Teacher's Pet

 — Sweet student falls for her Teacher. by GoldenMaia09/16/154.41

Teacher's Stud

 — Michael needs to make the grade in Miss Donahue's class. by bbw4youngercocks105/17/124.19

Teacher-Student Porno

 — A retired professor makes a porno with an innocent student. by Baxter7205/24/104.24


 — A student learns from her teachers. by theteach09/15/06

Teachers Aren't Told Everything

 — Teacher & school leaver connect at leaving disco. by marriedbuthoping12/12/054.30

Teachers Pet?

 — Being a mother and wife wasn't enough anymore for Taylor by Miss_Jenni07/06/143.84

Teaching Amanda

 — Student seduces her teacher and begins a wild sexual journey. by DiminutiveDame01/22/104.16

Teaching Amanda Ch. 02

 — Amanda truly becomes Graham's little slut. by DiminutiveDame02/05/104.21

Teaching Amanda Ch. 03

 — Graham takes Amanda to her first gangbang. by DiminutiveDame05/07/104.18

Teaching An Old Dog A New Trick

 — A younger woman teaches him about a relationship. by Rum01/20/034.43

Teaching Celina Ch. 01

 — Young woman asks older widower to "teach her sex . . . " by zenarcade06/25/134.42

Teaching Celina Ch. 02

 — Celina asks Tom to "teach her sex," they go out. by zenarcade07/03/134.82HOT

Teaching Celina Ch. 03

 — Tom and Celina continue - and add a third. by zenarcade12/30/154.86HOT

Teaching Cristina Ch. 01

 — Mature man seduces young Filipina virgin. by likebadfun02/13/093.70

Teaching Her to Open Up

 — The making of a high society slut. by cuninglinguist6112/09/064.75HOT

Teaching Is An Art

 — Two strangers share their art at a teaching seminar. by Kirini07/30/074.37

Teaching Joey

 — Kitty teaches Joey how to have sex. by kittygopurr04/23/023.93

Teaching Kaylea

 — I teach 18 yr. old employee Kaylea about sex, including anal. by BuckyDuckman09/18/144.53HOT

Teaching Lovely Lisa

 — Lisa learns about sex. by rafters1106/12/104.36

Teaching the Cocktease

 — Sexy student teases teacher to his breaking point. by abigailx0011/09/094.52HOT

Teaching The Young

 — He enjoys younger women. by manthing11/25/044.61HOT

Teaching Tommy

 — MILF lets 20/yr old neighbor use her for sex. by CANDIKANE4603/19/094.41

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