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Pärty at Miss O'Brien's

 — English teacher teaches after school. by flim6211/05/064.38

Peace and Quiet

 — Gwen goes to extreme measures to get some silence. by Sean Renaud05/23/104.04

Polly Takes Control

 — Daughter is forced to take sides. by acdd12306/09/093.92

Polly's Games Continue

 — An innocent husband is a blessing. by acdd12310/23/074.11

Pool Boy

 — Vanessa sunbathes on her day off. by PhDinSB01/30/084.40

Pool Boy

 — BBW milf seduces 18-year-old pool cleaner. by BartlebyWaylon09/07/113.86

Pool Dad

 — Student seduces married man at the pool. by EsotericNiceGuy12/22/114.17

Pool Party

 — His daughter's pool party turned into fun for him. by dan_tofuk04/12/094.33

Pool Party Ch. 02

 — The continuing tale. by dan_tofuk04/17/094.48

Pool Party Ch. 03

 — Reunion! by dan_tofuk05/29/094.48

Poolhouse Memory

 — Inside poolhouse, older woman's fantasy came true. by Sadie2611/28/024.41

Poolhouse Memory - 2006

 — Like the saying goes - age is just a number. by -Sadie26-01/14/064.53HOT

Poolside Ch. 01

 — Lifeguard has affair with a new mother by LeoDavis08/05/134.62HOT

Poolside Ch. 03, Pt. 1

 — Mother asks lifeguard to seduce daughter. by LeoDavis09/02/034.52HOT

Poolside Fun

 — Doug finally gets his girlfriend's mother. by westcoastjohn06/01/124.15

Poolside Romp

 — Just a normal "MILF deflowers a college boy" story. by Steppenwolf281404/25/064.36

Poor Little Cassie Ch. 01

 — Plumbers take advantage of young girl. by teachgirl198011/03/114.53HOT

Popcorn Fantasy

 — Movie night of a couple turns into an erotic night... by Ceru_Leone06/13/183.98

Popcorn, Extra Butter

 — Drunk sluts and good girls at a small town AA meeting. by JimBob4406/10/174.54HOT

Poppa's Cub Ch. 04

 — Kyle spends the night - again. by LadyTigeress10/15/054.42

Poppa's Cub Ch. 06

 — Birthday boy gets his spanking. by LadyTigeress10/17/054.44

Poppy Ch. 01

 — Corruption of an innocent. by jiggeryqua04/29/153.68

Porn at Work

 — Older lady catches me jacking off at work. by dan_tofuk10/19/094.26

Porn Heavy: Best Friend's Mom

 — What better way to wait for your friend to get home? by Sean Renaud05/17/094.15

Porn Heavy: Maid to Order

 — A maid is used by her employer. by Sean Renaud05/18/093.83

Porn Heavy: Teacher's Pet

 — A student finds out the truth about a teachers reputation. by Sean Renaud05/19/094.13

Port in the Storm

 — Sexy mature lady comforts boy in need. by darrkmysticrayvn06/25/124.43

Portland House Ch. 01

 — Retired army officer offered a job in a seniors home. by Jack110704/28/184.29

Portland House Ch. 02

 — Retired Army Officer is offered job in Seniors House. by Jack110704/29/184.52HOT

Portland House Ch. 03

 — Retired Army Officer is offered a Job in a Seniors Home. by Jack110705/03/184.57HOT

Portland House Ch. 04

 — Retired Army Officer gets a Job in a seniors House. by Jack110705/08/184.64HOT

Post Party Massage

 — Prim vice-principal gets drunk and reluctantly submits. by nickatnight10/22/024.12

Post- Game Party Pt. 01

 — The Middleton MILFs score after the fourth quarter. by zrob04/19/104.53HOT

Post- Game Party Pt. 02

 — The Middleton MILFs score after the fourth quarter. by zrob04/23/104.55HOT

Pot Black

 — A Snooker star finds Sex in a small town. by uksnowy02/05/174.10

Powervid: Gloria

 — An older woman rents a porno. by Dirkin08/29/044.26

Practical Ethics

 — Professor finishes business of 25 years ago. by Euan04/20/064.46

Practice Date

 — Shy college boy is invited for dinner and more. by Chicago Bob08/10/024.75HOT

Practice On This Ch. 3

 — Suzie enters the picture. by Chicago Bob08/19/024.80HOTContest Winner

Praising The Qualities Of An Older Woman

 — Coworkers spend quality time together. by Miltone08/05/014.62HOT

Pratibha's Passions

 — A mature indian woman gets seduced. by amitvinod09/11/074.01

Praying for Rain

 — Cabin by the lake with a chance of skinny dipping. by DeadSince200107/14/164.75HOT

Praying for Rain Ch. 02

 — Dancing, dinner, and desire. by DeadSince200107/22/164.75HOT

Praying for Rain Ch. 03

 — A choice of college is made. by DeadSince200110/10/164.71HOT

Praying for Rain Ch. 04

 — Graduation, for both. by DeadSince200111/08/164.60HOT

Preacher's Wife Rides with Tommy

 — Sharing a seat with the preacher's wife is educational. by softspokenstephen07/23/174.40

Preacher's Wife Rides with Tommy Ch. 02

 — Dinner after the car ride. by softspokenstephen08/23/174.53HOT

Preacher's Wife Rides with Tommy Ch. 03

 — Tommy's turn after dinner. by softspokenstephen09/12/174.53HOT

Preacher's Wife Rides with Tommy Ch. 04

 — Tommy's first counseling session helps understand panties. by softspokenstephen11/01/174.47

Preacher's Wife Rides with Tommy Ch. 05

 — Mrs. Pearson show's Tommy how a pretend date can end well. by softspokenstephen12/11/174.57HOT

Precious Things

 — College student makes love to older man. by Powerone05/13/034.63HOTContest Winner

Predator & Prey Ch. 01

 — In the game of seduction who is who? by Harold Masters09/15/034.39

Pregnant Desire

 — Pregnant teacher gets horny on 18-year-old student. by justboycrazy09/18/063.96

Pregnant Desire Ch. 02

 — The affair continues. by justboycrazy11/20/094.09

Prelude to Tea & Cream

 — Instances of exhibitionism viewed as invitations. by vie_secrete10/02/044.30

Prem Paradise

 — Episode 1 - The Beginning. by batali556605/18/143.68

Prescription Refill

 — Gabe stared in amazement at this beautiful woman. by Middleagepoet12/19/094.15

Pretend Therapist

 — Old habits are hard to break. by magmaman01/04/104.26

Pretty Little Summer Dresses

 — Divorced man finds those summer dresses so distracting. by Mylipstoyours08/10/183.99

Prey and Predator

 — Seduction and sex as an art. by Incarnated_Demons05/27/173.87

Prey of the Cougar

 — It was his first porno, but the real thing was much better. by Boxlicker10109/13/124.33

Price for a Piece of Heaven

 — Older guy meets a sexy younger woman. by mtnman200309/25/064.60HOT


 — Looks are everything for Vanessa. by terravista10/15/174.40

Prime Time

 — Aging man is found by a younger woman. by lickemgood09/12/104.19

Prime Time 01

 — Younger woman helping an older man. by lickemgood09/29/104.18

Prime Time Pleasure Ch. 01

 — Young guy discovers an Oasis of Pleasure in the Desert. by JMiller6908/15/064.35

Prince Gyllen Ch. 07

 — Gyllen's MILF of a mother needs some lovin' too. by MythMaker01/07/164.68HOT


 — Older man gives young co-worker her best time ever. by RodThrustin12/25/174.62HOT

Prison Guard

 — Guard has her way with mentally challenged prison inmate. by passionatepoet05/05/09

Private Duty Nurse

 — Man experiences NND with private duty nurse. by Master_Vassago07/06/034.44

Private Eye

 — Private Dick catches philanderer. by mustanger7up04/12/034.10

Private Eye

 — Mature and lookng for some excitement. by patuk5408/10/044.16

Private Hike

 — Hiking guide gets more than he bargained for. by wanderermtn08/20/084.22

Private Hike Ch. 02

 — Jake and Tina 'discuss' her day with Mitch. by wanderermtn08/28/084.17

Private Hike Ch. 03

 — Jake and Tina teach sexy redhead some new tricks. by wanderermtn10/20/084.11

Private Lessons

 — Mysterious woman helps a young man come of age. by AutumnWriter04/07/064.73HOT

Private Lessons

 — Hot teacher gives her virgin student some special lessons. by lovecraft6808/21/154.83HOTContest Winner

Private Tutor

 — Part-time job becomes full-time fun. by slitlicker6911/18/064.34

Prof Receives Surprise from Co-Ed

 — Professor unexpectedly gets flirty surprise and more. by JRob07/15/154.48


 — A young model and friend has become an adult. by WFEATHER03/27/094.50HOT

Professor Hurley

 — A student and teacher can't resist each other. by sydney638510/23/084.31

Professor Jacobs is The One

 — He asks for Vanessa to come to his office. by sweetcheex9002/26/134.02

Professor Jacobs is The One Ch. 02

 — Prof. Jacobs and Vanessa discuss her "limits" over dinner. by sweetcheex9004/23/134.49

Professor Metcalfe's Temptation

 — Self-doubting college professor falls for one of his students. by dirtymindpureheart05/07/114.15

Professor Vic

 — Student seduces her favorite teacher. by gdavis08/03/044.65HOT

Professor's Pet Ch. 00

 — Prologue: Married father is tempted and falls. by GoodyGoodyTwoShoes09/10/114.73HOT

Professor's Wife & Me

 — Indian college guy takes his professor's wife. by amitvinod11/14/043.85


 — Cabbie and the Old One-Nighter by HarryOrwell08/18/114.02

Proof Is In The Pudding

 — A younger man provides evidence of infidelity. by byronbert04/15/104.47

Proper Military Bearing Ch. 01

 — Military dad lusts for son's girlfriend. by katnip_21f02/20/074.66HOT

Prosecutorial Weakness Ch. 1

 — Teacher's feelings for student spiral out of control. by Stardog Champion06/20/023.90

Prosecutorial Weakness Ch. 2

 — Lawyer Andrea meets with 19-year-old Carlos. by Stardog Champion06/21/024.32

Proving Herself

 — College girl wants her dad's mate. by Ovbit11/02/013.55


 — Suddenly, she's beautiful. by wishful107/14/064.43

Pump and Grind

 — Innocent dance with daughter's roommate ends in sticky mess. by Archer205005/23/083.90


 — John teaches Jez a lesson after catching her kiss another. by RiannaTyler05/23/103.70

Punked Off

 — Young street punk breaks photographer's heart. by scouries10/08/064.59HOT

Pupil's Pet Ch. 1

 — She's blackmailed into doing what a pupil wants. by shadowed-man08/05/024.00

Pupil's Pet Ch. 2

 — Miss Tyler digs herself a deeper hole. by shadowed-man08/08/024.26

Pupil's Pet Ch. 3

 — Miss Tyler submits to her student. by shadowed-man02/12/034.30

Pure Love - and Fantastic Sex

 — Chance meeting leads to May/December love affair. by BustyJ04/04/054.15

Pure Temptation Ch. 01: Jon

 — Jon realizes what was always right in front of him. by Jcaboose04/19/184.02

Pure Temptation Ch. 02: Alexis

 — Alexis discovered her very own dirty little secret. by Jcaboose04/20/184.36

Purple Panties

 — David tries to manipulate his landlady. by Conan_T_Barbarian11/16/044.26

Purple Panties Ch. 02

 — Linda recalls how the encounter began. by Conan_T_Barbarian11/19/044.24

Purple Panties Ch. 03

 — What happened after Maggie & her daughter left. by Conan_T_Barbarian11/24/044.54HOT

Pushing Boundaries

 — Professor of Sexual Studies finds a willing assistant. by Lost_Yonder12/18/094.58HOT

Pushing My Boundaries Ch. 06

 — His relentless fucking feels so good. by Kissytina04/03/153.58

Pushing My Boundaries Ch. 10

 — He rode me up the wall and started thrusting his cock ... by Kissytina02/11/184.28

Pushing My Boundaries Ch. 12

 — I was fucking him hard so hard, his smile said everything. by Kissytina02/23/184.18

Pussology 301

 — Older woman teaches him muff diving. by julybear708/18/104.58HOT

Pussy Brush

 — Training your replacements before retirement can be fun. by Magna1202/07/154.37

Pussy Charming Pt. 01

 — After an accident, Jamie's cock takes control. by PusseeCharming07/16/144.27

Pussy Charming Pt. 02

 — James' cock charms more pussy, but at what price? by PusseeCharming07/21/144.34

Pussy Charming Pt. 03

 — Jamie waits to see the shrink, while Marlon gets religion by PusseeCharming07/22/144.48

Pussy Charming Pt. 04

 — Jamie's appointment with the shrink - and a real surprise by PusseeCharming07/23/144.45

Pussy Charming Pt. 05

 — Jamie's nightmare - homeless, and pussies he can't charm, by PusseeCharming07/27/144.31

Pussy Charming Pt. 06

 — Marlon charms a neighbour, then enrols a willing pupil. by PusseeCharming08/01/144.35

Pussy Pleasures

 — Older man enjoys young neighbor's pussy in hot tub. by find_two07/10/064.13

Pussy Whipped

 — A man needs to find a way to feel like a man. by Scorpio44a02/17/104.55HOT

Put in Her Place Ch. 1

 — Arrogant Jamaican housekeeper is shown her place. by boogieman1046911/13/013.93

Put in Her Place Ch. 2

 — Jamaican maid learns her proper place. by boogieman1046906/19/024.21

Put in Her Place Ch. 3

 — Employer's son shares housekeeper with friends. by boogieman1046908/08/024.42

Putting the 'Fun' in Fundamentalism

 — Christian fundamentalist lady has a very lusty side. by Bedu08/02/074.27

Putting the Finger on Kim

 — A pensioner feels a young woman in a taxi. by uksnowy01/13/173.82

Q Is For Quickie

 — Fly the friendly skies the Quickie way. by velvetpie05/23/044.09

Quack, Quack

 — Rude act results in Danny taking all of teacher. by hotpup03/01/054.58HOT

Quality or Quantity

 — I savor both mature lovemaking and young men. by sammican107/31/114.49

Quality or Quantity of Fucks

 — A young woman's conflict between mature men and young studs. by sammican106/07/114.71HOT

Quarterback Scores With Teacher

 — College player makes a touchdown. by peytonmarino04/04/042.71

Queen Anne's New Swordsman

 — Queen uses a young subject for her pleasure. by Bakeboss07/03/103.80

Queen of Diamonds

 — An old friend brings her daughter to the high school reunion. by KenNicottii06/21/184.82HOT

Queen of the Road

 — Bad luck brings good fortune. by Ann Douglas01/02/184.61HOT

Quid Nunc Tertius

 — Amy was tasty, her mother? by oomycota12/31/134.57HOT

Quiet Desperation

 — British-Italian beauty resists desire for mature man. by Mystery_Meat10/02/084.60HOT

Quilting 101

 — Curiosity leads a younger man to try something new. by komrad115605/14/184.82HOT


 — Next door neighbor can hear him in the bathroom. by alexcarr02/14/123.57

Quintessential Toy Boy

 — I couldn't help it if Janice fancied me... by alexcarr02/03/143.10

Rabbit Fever

 — Beautiful young mountain wife gets liberated. by Awful Arthur03/14/134.44

Rabid at Grandview High Ch. 01

 — Students petting in school take the principals as 'punishment'. by hotpup12/05/054.54HOT

Rabid at Grandview High Ch. 02

 — the Principals first & more with students by hotpup01/26/064.75HOT

Rachael Pt. 02

 — A fussy old man finds love with an unaware girl. by JimBob4407/20/094.62HOT

Rachael Pt. 03

 — Life and love have many joys, and many pains. by JimBob4407/24/094.50HOT

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