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Cradle Snatchers

 — His daughter proves a point. by Salteena08/09/054.57HOT

Craigslist Ad

 — Meeting a Perfect Lady. by marksthldn06/24/154.21

Cranky Mother In Law

 — He gets fed up with his BBW Mother In Law's comments. by adamcny05/04/044.21

Crayons and Alexis

 — Alexis was colorful, but it went way beyond that. by Decayed Angel09/11/064.35


 — He loosens her up with a friendly foot massage. by DawnJ03/04/144.03

Cream Tea with Violet

 — Chip's welcome wagon is sexy, with a creamy center. by bluebell03/30/134.27

Creaming with Helen

 — The old woman has fallen -- but she can still get me up. by atkins08/29/104.18

Creampie Wishes

 — She wants what her husband won’t give her. So…. by milfleglover06/06/134.55HOT

Cricket Call

 — Lodger is drawn to much older landlady. by atkins02/08/044.53HOT

Criminal Morals

 — Division manager & employee find love to their liking. by stoneypoint12/01/05


 — Friend's hot Asian mom teaches him about baking. by Julius70003/24/014.12

Crofter's Woman in Distress

 — A journalist's oats come in handy. by Libertine12/27/064.59HOT


 — A husband 'crosses' a line that destroys a marriage. by komrad115609/01/174.62HOT

Crossing the Line

 — Older man's lust for young women boils over. by Kapricorn7111/19/064.26

Crossing the Line Ch. 02

 — Older man's lust for younger women is reciprocated. by Kapricorn7107/31/074.51HOT

Crossing the Line Ch. 03

 — "Date Night" in full swing. by Kapricorn7104/13/084.48

Crossing the Line Ch. 04

 — A proposal he doesn't refuse. by Kapricorn7111/30/094.48

Crotching Tiger & Ridden Dragon

 — The dojo heats up. by My Erotic Tail02/08/044.51HOT

Crotching Tiger & Ridden Dragon Ch. 02

 — We are the champions. by My Erotic Tail02/22/044.52HOT

Crotching Tiger & Ridden Dragon Ch. 03

 — Strength of Tiger & wisdom of Dragon. by My Erotic Tail02/26/044.61HOT

Crotching Tiger & Ridden Dragon Ch. 04

 — The Temple. by My Erotic Tail03/05/044.60HOT

Crotching Tiger & Ridden Dragon Ch. 05

 — The Ying Yang. by My Erotic Tail03/07/044.59HOT

Crotching Tiger & Ridden Dragon Ch. 06

 — Earth, Wind, Fire & Water. by My Erotic Tail03/13/044.58HOT

Crotching Tiger & Ridden Dragon Ch. 07

 — Weapons of Seduction. by My Erotic Tail03/23/044.45

Crotching Tiger & Ridden Dragon Ch. 08

 — The Way of the Crane. by My Erotic Tail05/22/044.57HOT

Cruise to Alaska Day 01

 — Widower takes a stripper on her first cruise. by LaPatitMort07/31/064.40


 — Lonely young man finds older hottie to comfort him. by HarryOrwell04/21/114.25


 — Young man finds company on his first cruise. by carolina6706/28/184.41

Cruising Ch. 02

 — Continuing adventures of Young Tom aboard the SS Ecstasy. by HarryOrwell05/11/114.41

Cruising Ch. 03

 — Young Tom recovers from being dumped. by HarryOrwell05/12/114.51HOT

Cruising Ch. 04

 — Tom meets a married woman. by HarryOrwell06/24/114.48

Cruising on the Jenny Green

 — There are two sides to every older woman. by ronde09/26/034.70HOT


 — Store employee can't get older woman out of his mind. by asrespond06/16/014.49

Crystal Pure

 — How I met former stripper Crystal Pure. by badboylax09/10/134.36

Cuban Heat

 — A married man and a married woman having a fling. by WhettKitty06/30/174.30

Cuck Hotel

 — Two young men help a wife get revenge on her husband. by ThatBoi2106/29/184.32

Cum In Here!

 — He gets dirty with his girlfriend's mother. by JustinNickThyme10/10/064.23

Cum See Me After Class

 — Coed does what it takes to get the grades. by journeysa07/26/064.41

Cum Slut Ms J

 — My first cum slut, a high school teacher. by lightlyfrosted03/07/134.19

Cumming of Age

 — Beautiful older neighbour helps him become a man. by Bobby T05/27/014.50HOT

Cumming of Age

 — Friend's mom makes his fantasy come true. by Bully_Hayes10/27/094.35

Cumming of Age Ch. 10

 — Bobby calls the Safeway Lady. by Bobby T08/09/024.79HOTContest Winner

Cumming of Age Ch. 2

 — Young man continues his lucky streak. by Bobby T05/29/014.52HOT

Cumming of Age Ch. 4

 — Bobby gets Mom's help. by Bobby T06/22/014.69HOT

Cumming of Age Ch. 5

 — Bobby needs a plan. by Bobby T06/29/014.65HOTContest Winner

Cumming of Age Ch. 6

 — Finally, Bobby & his mom put the move on Mrs. Johnson. by Bobby T07/07/014.75HOT

Cumming of Age Ch. 7

 — Bobby gets sidetracked while running an errand. by Bobby T09/20/014.67HOT

Cumming of Age Ch. 8

 — Bobby takes a slight age detour by Bobby T11/16/014.78HOT

Cumming of Age Ch. 9

 — Bobby has sweet dreams. by Bobby T01/08/024.74HOT

Curlew Ch. 01

 — Innocent meeting at the beach leads to amazing sex. by AquaHolic012002/04/164.51HOT

Curlew Ch. 02

 — Curlew learns much more about Pam. by AquaHolic012002/05/164.57HOT

Curlew Ch. 03

 — Curlew contemplates some landscaping and plants new seeds. by AquaHolic012002/06/164.72HOT


 — A chance meeting leads a retired Navy SEAL to love. by komrad115606/07/174.84HOT

Customer Friendly

 — Pretty car dealer takes me on a test drive. by dispatcher5906/20/164.68HOT

Customer Friendly Ch. 02

 — Service after the sale from blonde GMILF car dealer. by dispatcher5907/20/164.71HOT

Customer Friendly Ch. 03

 — You oughta be in pictures. by dispatcher5905/13/184.72HOT

Customer Friendly Ch. 04

 — I love my calendar girl. by dispatcher5908/10/184.62HOT

Customer Friendly Ch. 05

 — All good things must end. Or maybe not. by dispatcher5908/22/184.64HOT

Customer Service

 — Sometimes providing good customer service has rewards. by JudeWrites11/01/114.52HOT

Customer Service on National Nude Day

 — A software upgrade goes much better than expected! by naughtymdguy07/06/174.40

Cut Grass Aphrodisiac

 — A young man has an odd sexual relationship with older woman. by byronbert01/29/164.54HOT

Cut Off

 — Husband is told to find a girlfriend. by jamisonh21306/17/164.24

Cut Off Pt. 02

 — A second date for strange pussy. by jamisonh21308/03/164.25

Cutter Tour Guide

 — Young sailor learns of sex with MILF and gets a surprise. by kalodin02/15/134.48

Cutting Class

 — A young guy finds a new way to unwind with his mom's friend. by CollegeBoyJamie11/26/154.53HOT

Cutting Her Grass

 — Kevin has a crush on his mother's hot friend. by OblongMilk09/22/124.43

Cyber Surprise

 — He gives his cyber lover a pleasant surprise. by 2sweetforu12/19/02HOT


 — Young man at party gets more than birthday cake. by Starlight07/14/014.00

Cynthia's Mom

 — Revenge is Sweet. by SierraSprite07/22/174.35

D's Final Adventure

 — Last of three in Series about D's coming out. by slimpic1112/21/124.71HOT

Dad and Grandpa at the Bar

 — A chance encounter at the bar turns into a naughty night. by mmarie310/01/164.19

Dad Meats Kristy

 — Brandi's dad and girlfriend give in to temptation. by kucoozie06/18/114.44

Dad's Girlfriend

 — Son does his dad's girlfriend on the kitchen table. by stoneypoint08/19/064.15

Dad's High School Sweetheart

 — Young man comes home drunk, passes out in the guest's room. by jakebarnes3309/29/074.15

Dad's Lost Bet

 — Dad loses big to son's friend. by thehumpman11/13/094.21

Dad's Older Neighbor Anne

 — Adam finally makes love to Anne. by MitchR06/01/094.28

Daddy Bruce's "Daughter"

 — Still his favorite girl. by bruce4901/30/084.25

Daddy Challenge Ch. 01

 — Girls Talk in hot tub about challenge by satyr_13200312/07/054.38

Daddy Daughter... Roleplay 01

 — My friend's girl needs something from me. by Indianaboy655502/19/194.60HOT

Daddy Daughter... Roleplay 02

 — Mommy joins in. by Indianaboy655502/28/194.63HOT

Daddy Loves Me Ch. 01

 — How Kylie met her 'Daddy'. by crazycase07/19/084.25

Daddy's Girl

 — Older guy plays daddy for a sexy coed. by espeteroh11/10/054.36

Daddy's Pretty Little Girl Ch. 01

 — 18 year old virgin finds her "Daddy". by evaissuperb12/17/103.94


 — Brad's life changed forever when they met. by TE99904/10/074.64HOT

Daisy and the Dad

 — Daisy seduces her best friend's father. by RhonaDarkstar08/31/154.60HOT

Daisy's New Office Experience

 — Daisy finds ways to overcome office complaints with her boss. by GlitterByrd11/30/123.97

Dale's Women Ch. 03

 — Gloria tells Dale about her failed marriage. by kathrynmburke06/20/193.97NEW

Damn Mid-life Crisis Ch. 01: The Mentee

 — Combination of real life factoids & midlife imagination. by SaintStephen200805/27/153.95

Dan Loses Control for a Toe Ring

 — Young man finds mature women sexy, and loves their toes. by Lrt8304/08/184.31

Dan's Mom Substitutes For Daughter

 — My best friend's mom puts out to save daughter's purity. by JRob12/28/114.34

Dan's Mom Substitutes For Daughter Ch. 02

 — What Jennifer didn't know about her mom was fine by me. by JRob12/29/114.41

Dan's XXX Dream Ch. 02

 — Dan's training of Rachel continues a friend joins in. by graydave04/13/114.26


 — Two nights of lust in a hotel with a sexy woman half his age. by deepemerald09/07/064.55HOT

Dan’s Tale Ch. 02

 — Dan works hard. by wellard9409/02/154.70HOT

Dancing with Myself

 — Mature woman revives sexuality post-Hurricane Katrina. by browngrad11/30/063.74

Dancing with The Duchess

 — My encounter with Tsarist Aristocracy. by Pussrider10/13/104.77HOT

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

 — Millennial man falls for hot Cougar. by ManAmorous06/21/194.36NEW

Dangerous Attraction Ch. 01

 — She is frustrated by her director's antagonistic attitude. by kirinda01/18/123.97

Dangerous Attraction Ch. 02

 — Despite the antagonism, things heat up after hours. by kirinda01/25/124.51HOT

Dangerous Attraction Ch. 03

 — She cannot resist him... and doesn't want to. by kirinda02/14/124.55HOT

Dangerous Attraction Ch. 04

 — She has to face him at work the next day. by kirinda04/28/124.24


 — Tragedy turns to love for an older man and a young girl. by komrad115611/02/164.69HOT

Daniel & Janet

 — How he was introduced to sex by older woman. by darksword04/08/023.96


 — Older gent spends a magical evening with a beaufiful intern. by gapster707/27/064.72HOT


 — My ex sends me her virgin daughter. by SlamDuncan08/14/134.74HOT


 — A revealing encounter leads to more and more fun! by samcsam195812/07/184.70HOT

Danielle and Jack

 — Nude wedding and a virgin bride. by SlamDuncan11/01/134.53HOT

Danielle and Jessica

 — Danielle shares me with her famous virgin friend. by SlamDuncan09/04/134.74HOT

Danielle and Nicole

 — Danielle shares me with her mother. by SlamDuncan09/09/134.64HOT

Danielle Ch. 02

 — Older gent continues his blissful night with young ex-intern. by gapster708/23/064.78HOT

Danielle Gets a Birthday Present

 — Danielle gets a birthday present from her boyfriend. by Destiny696909/14/023.57

Danielle Gets a Visit

 — Danielle gets a visit from Daniel. by Destiny696909/14/023.89

Danni's First Threesome

 — A mature woman explores her best friend and her husband. by vegasokie0301/27/164.68HOT


 — A young man has questions. She has answers. by tlc14310/16/114.49

Dark Chocolate: A Mature Story

 — Dark chocolate is the sweetest treat. by Iread2relax07/13/134.37

Dark Chocolate: A Mature Story Ch. 02

 — Dark chocolate is the sweetest treat. by Iread2relax07/20/134.63HOT

Dark Chocolate: A Mature Story Ch. 03

 — Dark chocolate is the sweetest treat of all. by Iread2relax07/26/134.77HOT

Dark End of the Street

 — Tragedy and therapy bring two lonely people together. by komrad115601/03/184.76HOT

Dark Movie Hall The Rewrite

 — Indian man meets his dream girl. by incesthunter07/07/043.29

Dark on Diamond Street

 — An eager young man meets a mature Madam. by DownstateUpstate05/29/193.98

Dark Shadows

 — A handsome computer whiz helps a beautiful older woman. by komrad115603/03/174.73HOT

Darkest Before the Dawn Ch. 01

 — A young black man discovers how his landlady pays her bills. by Brass_ankle01/20/173.87

Darlene's Great Sex Visit

 — Inexperienced Gary gets a visit to remember from Darlene. by AverageGary09/16/164.06

Date Night with My Wife

 — A night of fun with the love of my life. by amadbaker04/25/153.99

Date with Mom's Friend

 — Mom's married friend agrees to date son. by thehumpman10/01/114.50HOT

Daughter Dear, Save Him for Me

 — Boyfriend becomes close to girlfriend's mother. by Sneaker12/30/004.00

Daughter's Away But Mother is Ready

 — 18 year old teaches his girlfriend's mother a thing or two. by walterio01/16/124.60HOT

Daughter's Away But Mother is Ready Ch. 02

 — Claire continues her fling with Troy; meets new boys. by walterio01/24/124.52HOT

Daughter's Away But Mother is Ready Ch. 05

 — A tragic ending to Claire's debachery. by walterio04/23/124.21

Daughter's BF becomes Father's FB

 — Over time, passion overcomes reluctance. by sterlingdaydream10/10/094.48

Daughter's Boyfriend Ch. 01

 — Hot 65 yr. old realtor fucks hung 19 yr. old billionaire. by shoguy06/17/144.39

Daughter's Boyfriend is a Stud

 — Mom catches daughter with stud boyfriend. by happytreefriend01/17/134.27

Daughter's Boyfriend is a Stud Ch. 02

 — Mom fucks her daughter's boyfriend. by happytreefriend02/28/134.50HOT

Daughter's Cravings Ch. 01

 — Daddy's princess hungers wealth, power and endowed men. by shoguy09/09/144.30

Daughter's Cravings Ch. 02

 — Daddy's Princess has girl on experience with boss MILF. by shoguy09/10/144.50HOT

Daughter's Cravings Ch. 04

 — Depressed state drives Jennifer to her powerful Uncle. by shoguy09/12/144.22

Daughter's Cravings Ch. 05

 — Niece learns about uncle's sexual prowess. Sees him in action. by shoguy09/14/144.36

Daughter's Cravings Ch. 06

 — She encounters the biggest cock...Her Uncle's! by shoguy09/16/144.44

Daughter's Visit

 — Cassandra prepares for her daughter's visit. by f1racer2210/31/14

Daughters of Priapus

 — An elder sorority sister revives an old initiation rite. by Athalia04/11/114.43

Daughters of Priapus - I Said Yes

 — Ginnie finds her soul mate in a well-endowed mature man. by Athalia10/21/144.60HOT

Daughters of Priapus Ch. 02

 — A chance encounter at a nude beach leads to a seduction. by Athalia09/16/134.49

Daughters Party Ch. 02

 — Dad gets to know more girls at party. by Obaki03/14/034.58HOT

David Winters' New Housemaid

 — Older man & young woman find love in each other's arms. by ulsterguy4506/08/08

David's Love!

 — The build up and the fall! by pttyjones05/01/113.70

Davie Ch. 04

 — Davie learns the pleasure of an older woman's company. by 12to811/23/064.55HOT

Davie Ch. 06

 — Davie's friend Tom seduces matronly Mildred. by 12to812/11/064.65HOT

Davie Ch. 08

 — Debbi meets Davie's Captain and a fire is ignited. by 12to807/26/074.54HOT

Dawn Gets a Large Delivery

 — My sexy wife tries to resist being taken by two young studs. by MF4BIM11/14/154.42

Dawn's Friends

 — He gets along well with daughter's friends. by CaseyEdwards04/15/064.61HOT

Dawn's Memories

 — Older woman finds love. by miss_devine09/15/094.70HOT

Dawn's Memories Ch. 02

 — The journey continues. by miss_devine04/18/104.50HOT

Dawn's Story‏

 — A house wifes awakening. by Vinner123403/28/123.80


 — Teenage boy is seduced by older woman. by NymphWriter07/09/124.60HOT

Daydream at Work

 — A recent college graduate and attractive supervisor. by RoryWebster1112/19/134.29

Daydream Come, Come True

 — An older woman imagines - and will have. by hickoryfarmer01/26/083.68

Daydreams of Housewives

 — How MILFs spend their afternoons. by RyanAndPheebs09/15/054.37

De-Stress the Professor

 — A student helps her professor relieve some pent-up tension. by plushpeach01/19/194.57HOT

De-Stress the Professor Pt. 02

 — Molly gives her teacher even more much-needed relief. by plushpeach02/09/194.56HOT

Deacon O'Connor Needs Butter

 — Neighbor has daughter run errands for a randy elderly man. by VeryDirtyMind05/16/174.30

Deal or No Deal

 — What and who did I do last night? Scavenger hunt time! by TheyCallMeDelly12/12/143.77

Dealing with the Loss

 — Couple meets to deal with their losses. by eastsidegent07/24/124.44

Dean and the MILF

 — An unexpected encounter with a MILF. by SupervillainX10/10/074.40

Dean has an Older Lover Ch. 01

 — Young man introduced to passion by older woman. by FLrider04/29/134.48

Dean has an Older Lover Ch. 02

 — One older woman, then a second, a sister at that! by FLrider05/07/134.51HOT


 — She writes down her fantasies, knowing he has to read them. by Bisondkj06/07/184.53HOT

Dear Diary...

 — Coed recounts her own adventures in baby-sitting. by AliceInWonderland7910/21/063.53

Dear Diary: My Older Women

 — My experience growing up with older women. by stebon5507/26/164.00

Dear John

 — May/December Romance - Older Woman/Younger Man. by CougarMom1308/03/113.89

Dear Mr. Fantasy

 — She was young enough to be my daughter (luckily she's 40). by Kozmic Kowboy03/18/194.47

Dear Prudence

 — Hollywood - where fantasy and reality intermix. by Ann Douglas09/29/174.68HOT

Dear Rob

 — Sue finds a letter written by her husband by English Bob02/10/034.23

Dear Sweet Dee

 — Memories finally spoken of. by Many Feathers06/15/104.76HOT

Death a Bit Premature

 — "I am sorry, it says here you passed away" they said. by magmaman09/08/104.42

Debbee and Charlotte

 — Two beautiful girls, and two older men. by Donald Miller11/12/104.57HOT

Debbie Comes Downstairs

 — Milf from upstairs looks for a sexy encounter. by imorris02/22/173.91

Debbie's Addiction Ch. 08

 — Debbie is given to Jack's nephew. by masterofnymphoslut11/26/164.46

Debbie's Addiction Ch. 10

 — Jeremy's day with Debbie continues. by masterofnymphoslut12/20/164.68HOT

Debt of Gratitude

 — Woman repays debt with sex and falls in love. by chatbug09/08/024.26

Debts Too High

 — Older woman abuses a businessman. by onerous10/06/023.78

Debts Too High Ch. 02

 — Further abuse from older bbw. by onerous06/14/043.69

Debts Too High Ch. 03

 — Things get dirtier. by onerous06/14/044.06

Deceived, Dumped and then Rewarded

 — After being duped, he makes love to his buddy's mother. by walterio03/28/184.50HOT

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