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"Call Me Mommy"

 — A young man meets a woman with an interesting kink. by calcul8ing12/30/174.54HOT

"Flattering" Best Friend's Mom

 — After months of flirting, his dream comes true. by TeenForMILFs04/21/143.92

"I Can't Stop Loving You," Ch. 01

 — Wealthy widower Walter, 68, falls in love with Susan, 39. by SusanJillParker02/15/163.56

"I Can't Stop Loving You," Ch. 02

 — Walter 68 falls for Susan 39, after his beloved wife died. by SusanJillParker02/22/163.71

"I Can't Stop Loving You," Ch. 03

 — Walter 68 falls for Susan 39, after his beloved wife died. by SusanJillParker02/23/163.80

"I Can't Stop Loving You," Ch. 04

 — Walter 68 falls for Susan 39, after his beloved wife died. by SusanJillParker02/24/164.29

"I Can't Stop Loving You," Ch. 05

 — Wealthy widower Walter, 68, falls in love with Susan, 39. by SusanJillParker02/29/164.25

"I Dare You, Mrs. McCutcheon"

 — Sequel. Noah gets invited to his MILF teacher's house. by BluePoppy04/05/184.66HOT

"Like Mother . . . " Ch. 01

 — MILFs and their daughters go shopping. by zrob05/02/094.29

"Like Mother . . . " Ch. 02

 — MILFs and their daughters go shopping. by zrob05/03/094.40

"Mediterranean" Goddess

 — Prof wants one student, must avoid another. by crogersaz08/31/114.66HOT

"Pretending" to Make Out

 — A flirty student's prank goes a BIT too far... by Voboy03/01/184.76HOT

"Quiz Me, Mrs. McCutcheon"

 — Noah fucks his MILF teacher again after he fails a quiz. by BluePoppy07/03/184.70HOT

"Truth or Dare," Mrs. McCutcheon?

 — Noah gets stuck in a supply closet with his MILF teacher. by BluePoppy09/22/174.69HOT

"Uncle" Bill The Mentor

 — Man teaches nieces friend. by Swilly01/22/144.59HOT

"Uncle" Bill The Mentor Ch. 02

 — Uncle Bill is falling for Kate. Part 2. by Swilly01/27/144.73HOT

"Will you buy us some beer?"

 — Two 18 yr olgirls want some beer; he wants some young pussy. by JimBob4403/07/174.19

# Tag Pub

 — "When we close at 2, do you want to stay behind for a drink?" by simplemaster9809/01/194.07

$250,000.00 Secret

 — Abused wife wins more in the separation than she expected. by curiousgeorgette08/01/103.45

'Cool' Surprise

 — She surprises older man when he fixes her A.C. by Lily_Wretched07/10/054.23

(Out of) Control

 — Can he ensure his best friend's mom won't resist him? by teknight01/12/113.93

01: Sheryl and the Tack Hammer

 — Finding a sex partner at an exhibition. by wyvernwand03/19/134.28

02: Sheryl and the Caravan Part 1

 — Exhibition couple meet again. by wyvernwand03/20/134.39

03: Sheryl and the Caravan Part 2

 — A return visit and a first anal for both of us. by wyvernwand03/21/134.17

04: Sheryl & the Lady in a Wheelchair

 — An unexpected bonus with a new partner. by wyvernwand03/22/134.46

10 Reasons Why Casual Sex is Hot AF When You Are Over 60

 — A naughty bit of cougar erotica & a word on sex buddies. by Tigger_Lilly07/22/194.46

100 Years in Purgatory Ch. 02

 — Jon Thomas is joined in Purgatory by a voyeur husband. by JonThomas_03/04/174.44

137 Kenealy Hall

 — Visit is a surprise in more ways than one. by scholarboy01/26/063.99

1422 Clemency Drive

 — Older women can sure start you off on the GOOD road. by Darlantan09/30/074.39

15 two, 15 four, then 69

 — What a great time with a friend's house-sitter. by bruce4901/17/084.05

15 Years Later

 — He runs into high school lover before a funeral. by PhatTony12/31/043.95

18 and Lusting for Lover's Dad Ch. 02

 — He gets more relief from son's girlfriend. by bbw4youngercocks112/25/054.32

18 and My Best Friend's Daughter

 — Checking on Casey was only part of Matt's job. by bbw4youngercocks102/01/084.29

18 to 99

 — I was just the man she was looking for. by furryfan01/31/094.56HOT

18 Yr. Old Boy Pounds 51 Yr. Old MILF

 — Wife wants to teach, but is surprised how good he really is. by MF4BIM11/17/154.31

18, Old Enough For Love

 — Misfit teen finds love and happiness. by R410a08/27/184.80HOT

19 and Lusting for Ex-Lover's Dad

 — Tracy and Kris make up for lost time. by bbw4youngercocks108/24/074.36

2 Days till Christmas

 — Beginnings of a renewed love story. by cutelittlewitch4u12/28/143.43

2 Faces of Sam ... My Baby Girl

 — I meet my baby girl, but she is both a slut and a saint. by LGsDaddy11/05/123.98

2 x 4 Club

 — Holiday party has a unique ending. by 1946EW103/04/11

2019 July

 — A hot threesome on a hot afternoon. by LuciousLadyMary07/19/194.28

2019 July - Motor Home Madness

 — Unexpected encounter with a traveling couple. by LuciousLadyMary07/24/194.24

21 Forever

 — Young maid and older man. by DeeLishus03/12/123.77

25 and Wanting Lauri

 — Mike's fantasies of his best friend's mom finally come true. by bbw4youngercocks108/23/074.31

25 and Wanting Lauri Ch. 02

 — Mike and Lauri have another steamy encounter. by bbw4youngercocks108/27/074.43

25 and Wanting Lauri Ch. 03

 — Mike and Lauri's current meeting has surprising twists. by bbw4youngercocks108/30/074.40

27 Beech Street

 — College guy lusts after sexy older landlady. by English Bob10/07/004.18Contest Winner

2927 Vadodara Express Ch. 02

 — Another passenger joins the fun & games. by prahaar200602/24/064.33

3 Blondes and a Brunette

 — Fun with co-workers, waitress, and a police woman. by sexy_J08/13/093.44

3 Days of Carolyn

 — Younger man helps older woman and gets more into the bargain. by micjammusic01/17/184.46

3's: Teacher-Student Relationship

 — 30 year old meets his former 4th grade teacher. by Dhc00033311/21/184.46

34A Bra and Size 6 Panties

 — Family friend discovers daughters' secret. by andyjmen04/15/073.65

34A Bra and Size 6 Panties Ch. 02

 — What happens after Leah finds him. by andyjmen04/16/073.94

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 01

 — A young man becomes aware of the mothers of his friends. by hetup10/01/154.55HOT

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 02

 — Aidan seduces Claire. by hetup10/03/154.66HOT

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 03

 — Dancing with Vanessa. by hetup10/08/154.64HOT

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 04

 — Driving Mrs. Powell. by hetup10/24/154.63HOT

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 05

 — Aidan continues his affair with Amanda and Claire. by hetup11/12/154.65HOT

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 06

 — Aidan continues his affair with Vanessa and Grace. by hetup01/08/164.71HOT

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 07

 — Amanda and Aidan are almost caught cheating. by hetup10/20/164.68HOT

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 08

 — Aidan decides to end the affairs with the 4 MILFS. by hetup10/30/164.62HOT

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 09

 — Breeding Claire and Grace. by hetup12/12/164.63HOT

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 10

 — Breeding Vanessa and Amanda. by hetup01/14/174.68HOT

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 11

 — Strengthen the relationship before graduation. by hetup01/22/174.62HOT

44 Anonymous Valentines

 — After all those years, she had to know who... and why! by PostScriptor02/01/114.72HOT

80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 01

 — 20-year-old bride has her first girl-on-girl. by shoguy05/16/134.40

80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 02

 — 20-year-old bride fucks wealthy well-hung business magnate. by shoguy05/17/134.48

80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 03

 — 20-year-old bride fucks wealthy well-hung business magnate. by shoguy05/20/134.49

80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 04

 — Husband is devastated after listening to wife and neighbor by shoguy05/21/134.21

80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 05

 — Teen fucks hung older neighbor. Husband listens in shock! by shoguy05/21/134.25

84 Yr Old Therapist Saves Marriage

 — He saves their marriage. by UOFAKRON4404/10/074.50HOT

911, What is Your Emergency?

 — A younger man reunites with a woman who once cared for him. by komrad115612/01/154.70HOT

A "Lease" on Love

 — Alan falls hard for his full-figured landlady. by bbw4youngercocks109/16/124.38

A "Man's" Attention

 — Result of a conversation on attractions to younger people. by WolfsButterfly02/12/134.21

A 45th Birthday She'd Never Forget

 — Three men made three days unexpectedly memorable. by bbw4youngercocks106/07/064.46

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 59

 — An oldie, but a goodie! by Wm_Sexspear12/24/024.46

A Bad Woman

 — My name is Shannon, and I'm a horrible woman... by XaneKudo03/27/182.92

A Barbarian Emerges

 — The first time my barbarian side emerged. by MidMichCowboy05/22/104.02

A Basic Instinct Ch. 01

 — You just can’t fight what you are. by persistantpest03/25/104.06

A Battle of Wills

 — Young Thomas meets his mother's friend while back home. by TabooDreaming09/13/184.49

A Battle of Wills Ch. 02

 — Thomas and Celine play with fire - will they be caught? by TabooDreaming02/19/194.64HOT

A Beautiful Experience

 — A 19-year-old enjoys a well-endowed older colleague. by CurlyWurly02/12/104.32

A Beautiful Teacher

 — Guy makes love to his teacher years after graduation. by MR0ROMANTIC01/03/153.94

A Beautiful Thing

 — She drops in for a visit. by dsoul10/08/074.02

A beautiful woman's bisexual needs.

 — She loved everything, and everything was done. by qualitywheat03/29/144.53HOT

A Bedtime Story: The Bath

 — A story for those long nights you can't sleep. by CrzyCatLdy07/12/144.00

A Bet is a Bet

 — Old neighbor stakes Mustang against my busty wife's fidelity. by TeamEquipe06/07/184.25

A Better Life

 — Two divorcees with compatibility issues come together. by EgmontGrigor201112/19/114.30

A Better Place to Be

 — He is revitalized by a coed he meets at a nightclub. by jowhyd02/13/134.57HOT

A Better Way of Life

 — An older woman needs a new and better life. by Pussymad4205/04/194.69HOT

A Birthday Present

 — Her friends gave her the best present ever. by TinksNottyMomma04/15/113.96

A Birthday Present For Becky

 — He helps an older bbw co-worker celebrate her birthday. by Bucky197812/27/054.28

A Birthday Surprise

 — Surprise striptease for her online lover on his birthday. by ScentOf1Woman07/31/024.47

A Birthday to Remember

 — Marg gives her neighbour's son Steve a birthday present! by NB_Marg04/02/134.49

A bit of fun

 — The confusing life of falling for your friend. by kyraseraphina03/14/174.19

A Bit of the Unexpected Ch. 01

 — Mitchell meets his daughter's friend. by Katrinka06/15/054.07

A Bit of the Unexpected Ch. 02

 — Mitchell goes shopping with the girls. by Katrinka06/19/054.04

A Blissful Afternoon Ch. 01

 — The description of an afternoon sex session. by LeaRN5703/15/124.09

A Blissful Moment

 — Young man shows older woman his piercings. by moonshado12/05/023.42

A Bodacious Valentine

 — Got MILF? by The Fantasizer02/14/194.45

A Boy Grows Up

 — 18-year-old peeping Tom gets caught. by HDTopper06/01/074.43

A Boy Grows Up Ch. 02

 — Mary continues to lead Doug. by HDTopper06/13/074.56HOT

A Boy's Last Summer

 — Passions flare between an older woman and her summer hire. by darkoverlord608/25/194.84HOT

A Breakfast Meeting

 — A young executive has breakfast with a mature tourist. by micjammusic05/14/194.42

A Breath of Perversion

 — A night with his mother's best friend. by scaredstiff05/09/094.15

A Brief Interlude

 — Two strangers share a night of passion. by GoodCatholicBoy11/25/014.24

A Brief Rendezvous

 — High school student meets older man. by Shi_One8106/06/194.30

A Brilliant Mind

 — Ups and downs lead a scientist to a dance instructor. by komrad115610/12/164.78HOT

A Bun in the Oven

 — Mature aged Asian woman has dream fulfilled. by luvanuki06/17/173.89

A Busty Holiday with Mr. Johnson

 — My boyfriend's dad can't get enough of my huge, natural rack. by babysitterstories11/17/144.46

A Busy Day Ch. 01

 — Taking time for fun. by T_Daulton07/11/124.34

A Busy Day Ch. 02

 — Relaxing fun evening. by T_Daulton07/16/124.41

A Cabin, A Lake and Everything Ch. 01

 — The saga of Pam & Bob continues the following summer. by AquaHolic012005/30/164.54HOT

A Cabin, A Lake and Everything Ch. 02

 — The campfire seed planting. by AquaHolic012006/01/164.67HOT

A Cabin, A Lake and Everything Ch. 03

 — Pam gets a few surprises on the 4th of July. by AquaHolic012006/02/164.46

A Cabin, A Lake and Everything Ch. 04

 — First the beach, then the porch. by AquaHolic012006/03/164.64HOT

A Cabin, A Lake and Everything Ch. 05

 — A surprising encounter for both. by AquaHolic012006/04/164.64HOT

A Campsite Story

 — Late night shower leads to more than he could imagine. by JCBear1209/02/033.99

A Cashless Society and a Young Man

 — Without my cards, the day brought a night's pleasure. by Cleevedreams08/31/194.63HOT

A Catered Affair

 — Waitressing for a caterer leads to a wealthy older man... by AlwaysOlder10/08/184.51HOT

A Chance Encounter

 — Older man and young woman have great sex together. by Eroscott07/29/134.75HOT

A Chance Encounter To Cherish

 — Casual acquantices have an encounter to cherish by sunnyboyz03/12/094.43

A Chance Encounter To Cherish Ch. 02

 — Second part of the encounter with a casual acquaintance. by sunnyboyz03/31/094.38

A Chance Encounter with Aunt Sue

 — Friend of the family and I get close. by WimborneMale197805/30/094.00

A Chance Meeting at the Library

 — A young man finds a willing, older partner at work. by itshealthy03/16/124.47

A Change in Life

 — Coworkers discover each other. by Lustin Kink04/09/054.54HOT

A Change in Perspective

 — Sometimes all you need is a change of perspective. by Ann Douglas09/28/174.71HOT

A Change of Scenery Is Good Pt. 01

 — Things change for him when buys a beach front house. by samy6901/01/174.14

A Change of Scenery Is Good Pt. 02

 — A visit to her office turns things around. by samy6901/06/174.66HOT

A Cheerleader Next Door

 — Retired Gent discovers young love. by slitlicker6903/22/044.37

A Chicano's Blond

 — Older Chicano enjoys a younger blonde lady. by ElWapo06/27/014.02

A Christmas Fairytale

 — Their first meeting is a fairytale. by HornyHotDevil12/05/013.15

A Christmas Present

 — A present for a lovely older lady. by MrFalkirk10/16/043.98

A Christmas Present for Sam

 — A tale of love and desire in a marriage. by carl824fm12/19/024.13

A Christmas Surprise

 — Two Old friends receive a gift. by lovelyladyfaire12/22/154.59HOT

A Class Apart

 — Seducing an older woman in Goa, India for some fun. by sexytime_friend09/06/133.86

A Classmate's MILF

 — 18-year-old guy checks out an older woman. by hushhh01/16/093.38

A Close Dance

 — You tease me while dancing together. by holden_200512/27/114.40

A Close Shave Ch. 1

 — Player makes play for older woman. by christo11/24/004.29

A Close Shave Ch. 2

 — Arrogant young man continues affair with older woman. by christo01/05/014.40

A Cold December Night

 — Jacob and I make love again. by angel_6911/17/104.15

A Colleague Reunion

 — We'd worked together for many years without a hint. by Cleevedreams03/27/194.53HOT

A Conscientious Caretaker

 — An 18-year-old meets a man 4 times her age. by EllenDean08/08/124.31

A Conversation with Melvyn

 — Young man wants sex with older woman. by sarahloveitt06/26/134.09

A Conversation With The Devil

 — Looking into a woman's mind. by hickoryfarmer11/26/094.10

A Cougar and a Plumber

 — Marla gets more than her ring out and the sink fixed. by bbw4youngercocks109/29/074.37

A Cougar and a Wrestling Stud

 — Horny divorcee gets her man at a PPV event. by bbw4youngercocks109/24/074.34

A Cougar At Large

 — A widow enjoys younger men. by dave11025607/06/114.49

A Cougar Initiation

 — A 20 year age gap just makes her more attractive to him! by DDBustyBrit01/19/194.40

A Cougar is Born

 — Mature petite blond has her first taste of younger cock. by Yogakay05/20/184.73HOT

A Cougar's Awakening

 — A MILF is inspired to act on urges with a college boy. by Ravenblackerotica12/30/164.31

A Cougar's Conquests Ch. 01: Ollie

 — Ollie gets more than expected when he knocks on Lisa's door. by WilliamsStories01/07/194.59HOT

A Cougar's Conquests Ch. 02: Brad

 — Hung BMX teen knows how to satisfy a cougar. by WilliamsStories03/09/194.70HOT

A Cougar's Conquests Ch. 02: Brad 02

 — Hung BMX teen returns for seconds. by WilliamsStories04/05/194.58HOT

A Cougar's Story Ch. 01

 — A 50-something finds herself in a familiar situation. by olderbroad11/02/084.22

A Cougar's Story Ch. 02

 — Another fling with a younger guy at Jim's urging. by olderbroad11/05/084.40

A Cougar's Story Ch. 03

 — Into the arms of a woman? by olderbroad11/11/084.40

A Cougar's Story Ch. 04

 — A delightful romp with younger lovers. by olderbroad12/06/084.46

A Cougar's Story Ch. 05

 — Beth joins Jim and I and I go on a trip with Jim. by olderbroad12/19/084.48

A Country Road

 — Savanah was a very bad girl. by lovelyladyfaire09/08/144.38

A Country Visit

 — Older woman gets her fill. by jacko5710/14/114.14

A Crush on My Friend's Mom Ch. 1

 — High school senior lusts for busty older babe. by The Duke06/07/014.30

A Crush Taken Further

 — A fantasy that becomes reality. by cwcb06/20/114.17

A Cure For Mondayitis

 — 10 years his junior and asking for it. by MsRoseEvans04/12/114.47

A Cure For Stuttering

 — Of course it involves fucking. by paragon of virtue01/19/104.66HOT

A Cycling Odyssey Ch. 01

 — Sexual encounters of a man cycling across Denmark. by Verynicehands03/22/154.38

A Cycling Odyssey Ch. 02

 — Beach threesome along the North Sea coast. by Verynicehands03/23/164.41

A Dance

 — Your slow dance turns passionate. by Xerxes8205/31/034.01

A Day at the Beach

 — A young man finally meets a MILF. by night_owl_101103/05/063.89

A Day at the Beach

 — She lusts for a younger man, & to her surprise... by sexygodess0609/16/064.36

A Day At The Beach

 — A stranger makes our day. by fighterpilotB406/23/114.32

A Day at the Beach

 — Widowed father of three meets the young school nurse. by mabsls08/28/174.76HOT

A Day at the Races

 — An exciting day leads to her bed. by charliesmate05/30/093.97

A Day at the Races: Race 01

 — Not everything worth watching is on the track. by hallfullat4007/07/103.37

A Day In The Life Of Peggy

 — He forgets his troubles in Peggy's arms. by vulvalvotary08/13/034.38

A Day To Remember

 — Lovely older woman invites him to visit her. by HotRoger10/07/014.00

A Day Trip to San Diego

 — A lonely lady has a great time when hitchhiking. by MaxineAshley01/30/183.59

A Death in the Family

 — A widow and a young pastor cross a line in counseling. by michael295601/15/114.44

A Decade of Waiting

 — I wanted my friends mom for years. by Eroticamage6942009/03/114.12

A Deck Renovation Evolves Ch. 01

 — A simple deck extension leads to bridge building. by AquaHolic012006/09/174.45

A Deck Renovation Evolves Ch. 02

 — The view in the yard gets better. by AquaHolic012006/10/174.58HOT

A Deck Renovation Evolves Ch. 03

 — It finally all comes together. by AquaHolic012006/11/174.69HOT

A Deep Kiss

 — A kiss ignites their lovemaking. by SNAGuy08/28/133.38

A Delayed Flight

 — Bumped from his flight, our hero spends the night in a hotel. by micjammusic07/20/194.50HOT

A Desire Reawakened

 — Widower's sexual side is stirred by young tenant. by bbw4youngercocks101/14/064.49

A Diamond Is Found

 — A webcam encounter. by FLrider01/22/144.33

A Dickens of a Tale

 — Mary was dead. This must be distinctly understood. by romancer11/25/154.59HOT

A Different Type of Workout

 — Latina Milf has adventure with older man. by Mariaposa_3709/07/134.19

A Dirty Old Man

 — Woman seeks her perfect partner a dirty old man. by lovelyladyfaire03/08/134.31

A Dirty Old Man Ch. 02

 — Her obsession with Charlie continues. by lovelyladyfaire03/12/134.58HOT

A Dirty Old Man Ch. 03

 — Charlie has a surprise by lovelyladyfaire03/19/134.52HOT

A Dirty Old Man Ch. 04

 — Henry and Charlie put her on the table. by lovelyladyfaire03/29/134.64HOT

A Disappointing Night Turns Around

 — One thing leads to another with my best friend's mom. by Ninegoodreasons11/01/174.36

A Divorce is Needed

 — Woman gets what she needs, just not from who she expects. by Kilzar31602/28/193.85

A Dream Come True

 — Girl meets a dream cum true. by L.A. Wicker05/24/034.51HOT

A Dream Come True

 — He loves his mom's friend, his former teacher. by Oldlover6910/17/054.50HOT

A Dress White Shirt

 — A life-changing occurrence. by phsssst08/06/054.67HOT

A Drink of Milk

 — A young friend needs help expressing some milk. by m_storyman_x11/04/104.57HOT

A Drive Through The City

 — This is a may-december romance with a little naughtiness. by Admirableintentions08/13/064.24

A Driving Lesson Ch. 1

 — Instructor gives young man an unforgettable lesson. by Debbie05/25/014.26

A Dry Summer Oasis

 — A dream from his childhood magically reappears. by 1965Squash10/19/154.53HOT

A Face from My Past

 — A meandering tale of mature memories and romance. by PostScriptor08/12/154.59HOT

A Fair Swap

 — Just lending a helping hand. by oldbob6811/02/164.31

A Fair Trade

 — Middle age man finds a new life. by JapleinViera08/28/164.50HOT

A Family Affair Ch. 02

 — Helen gets together with her daughter's botfriend. by walterio10/28/044.52HOT

A Family Friend

 — A mentor decides to take the next step. by Christie05278005/17/013.96

A Fantasy Cums True Ch. 01

 — Dan spends New Year's Eve with Mrs. Beach. by Ghostwalker05/07/144.57HOT

A Fantasy Cums True Ch. 02

 — Dan and Mrs. Beach meet again with surprising results. by Ghostwalker05/08/144.60HOT

A Fantasy Cums True Ch. 03

 — Dan takes on Mrs. Beach's Ex and gets a reward. by Ghostwalker05/09/144.71HOT

A Fantasy Cums True Ch. 04

 — Dan and Karen aren't the only ones with a Fantasy. by Ghostwalker04/14/194.51HOT

A Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Young man finally meets his older lover. by Milliemoon03/31/084.37

A Fantasy?

 — Reader gets his wish with a Literotica author. by socalrhino10/22/053.91

A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story

 — Seven steps is a short way for rewarding. by BlackOldWomanLove09/04/054.44

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