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Doctor's Appointment with 'Jan'

 — Jan's sister Jean gets a surprise from the doctor. by stoneypoint11/12/05

Doctor's Help

 — Doctor helps cure nurses never-ending condition. by stoneypoint04/06/08

Doctor's Orders

 — Younger woman finds rest at older man's Paradise. by bb_peaks04/07/094.28

Doctor's Physical Exam

 — The wife convinced me it was time for a check up. by scentto05/27/073.73

Doctor, I Got a Problem

 — An octogenarian visits a sexologist for a particular problem. by Eliogabalo09/23/024.39

Dog Days

 — Pets bring two people together. by Leezy08/20/114.47

Doin' the Boss Ch. 01

 — She learns from romance with boss. by RobynG12/26/024.50HOT

Doin' the Boss Ch. 02

 — She dangerously learns love with her boss. by RobynG05/21/034.54HOT

Doin' the Boss Ch. 03

 — Her boss is very inquisitive. by RobynG07/12/034.63HOT

Doin' the Boss Ch. 04

 — Young woman continues satisfying her older lover. by RobynG08/16/034.64HOT

Doin' the Boss Ch. 05

 — Young assistant satisfies desires with older man. by RobynG01/02/044.67HOT

Doin' the Boss Ch. 06

 — She takes pleasure cavorting with older man. by RobynG05/22/044.64HOT

Doin' the Boss Ch. 07

 — Younger lady & former boss continue their oral relationship. by RobynG09/04/054.59HOT

Doin' the Boss Ch. 09

 — She relives youth with improptu meeting. by RobynG11/02/064.81HOT

Doin' the Boss Ch. 10

 — Continued sage of girl's adventures with much older man. by RobynG06/17/074.69HOT

Doin' the Boss Ch. 11

 — Younger woman continues her naughty affair with older guy. by RobynG12/14/074.51HOT

Doin' the Boss Ch. 13

 — Younger woman and older man's affair continues. by RobynG02/17/094.79HOT

Doin' the Boss Ch. 14

 — Young woman satisfies married partner again. by RobynG08/16/114.57HOT

Doin' the Boss Ch. 15

 — Former secretary loves teasing, pleasing married boss. by RobynG03/06/134.39

Doin' the Boss Ch. 16

 — Young woman continues her rendevous with older married man. by RobynG07/26/134.24

Doin' the Boss: Again

 — Her continued adventures with older boss. by RobynG01/07/034.56HOT

Doin' the Boss: Babysitting

 — She babysits for her lover boss and wife. by RobynG01/19/034.43

Doin' the Boss: Caught!

 — Young girl and her older boss. by RobynG04/21/034.49

Doin' the Boss: Double Quickie

 — Young girl continues affair with married man. by RobynG04/14/034.50HOT

Doin' the Boss: The Park

 — Secretary enjoys playing with older boss. by RobynG03/01/034.56HOT

Doin' The Married Neighbor Lady

 — Young man helps neighbor lady and helps himself as well. by JRob10/27/104.45

Doing Bibi

 — What should be a fling is deeper from the start. by Red Hugh01/13/044.46

Doing Dad's Girlfriend Ch. 01

 — Much younger trophy girlfriend seduces son. by fuzzyb201/06/154.59HOT

Doing Dad's Girlfriend Ch. 03

 — Adrianna sets me up with her very hot & talented mother. by fuzzyb201/22/154.56HOT

Doing Dad's Girlfriend Ch. 05

 — With Adrianna and my dad away, I party with Alexa & friends. by fuzzyb202/24/154.59HOT

Doing Daddy's Boss

 — Nikki 'convinces' Pete to save her father's job. by bbw4youngercocks112/08/124.14

Doing Dana's Dad

 — Jaime and Mr. Cody have sex on the staircase. by RomanceQueen01/02/024.11

Doing Eva Ch. 02

 — Eva visits Paul on campus for hot sex. by fuzzyb209/25/134.65HOT

Doing Eva Ch. 03

 — Paul goes back to Eva's for a DP experience. by fuzzyb210/01/134.64HOT

Doing Eva Ch. 08

 — I take Eva for the weekend and she enjoys new meat. by fuzzyb202/02/144.53HOT

Doing Her Yardwork

 — Tommy cuts her yard, and gets quite a tip. by krackdaddy03/24/013.54

Doing Her Yardwork Ch. 2

 — Tommy goes out without Kathy on his mind, until... by krackdaddy04/05/013.95

Doing Mr. Wallace Ch. 01

 — Wendy seduces teacher after graduation. by nasty_dan08/06/054.65HOT

Doing Mr. Wallace Ch. 02

 — Mr. Wallace can't get enough of sexy former student. by nasty_dan08/07/054.66HOT

Doing Mrs. Hanson's Yard

 — ...and doing Mrs. Hanson! by susurrus09/03/094.60HOT

Doing Robby's Chores...And Mom

 — Dad took my best friend fishing before he did his chores. by Red_Helmet01/12/094.20

Doing the Coach a Favor

 — High school athlete takes care of business for Coach. by thongcladtommi05/16/103.87

Doing the Dishes

 — Older woman, younger man. by kooky12312/19/103.96

Doing The Doctor's Daughter Ch. 01

 — Lying teen nymphet nails older guy. by jay.palin12/03/034.59HOT

Dolly's Reunion

 — Sexually awakened woman reunites with lover. by woolywombat06/28/044.06

Dolly's Romance Continues

 — Mature widow finds a May/December romance. by woolywombat02/23/094.67HOT

Dom and Annie. And Suzanne.

 — Horny man finds relief with his wife's mother. by maninconn08/16/084.53HOT

Domestic Goddess

 — Marie takes good care of 'the boys'. by maycroft10/02/084.34

Dominique Leads the Way

 — Led astray by a glimpse under a young girl's dress. by Flexibility02/02/164.33

Don't Be Afraid

 — Older man lusts for a younger woman.. by furryfan11/30/084.23

Don't Fancy Yours, Mate!

 — Unjustified sympathy for his choice of co-delegate. by nortythorts02/02/134.40

Don't Fancy Yours, Mate! Ch. 02

 — The shimmering nightdress. by nortythorts02/25/134.53HOT

Don't Fancy Yours, Mate! Ch. 03

 — Rude messages and a "brief encounter" at the station. by nortythorts03/23/134.45

Don't Hold Me Back

 — Horny 18-year-old & middle-aged man make love by the fire. by AnAmericanDarling04/17/094.27

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

 — He has an affair with a younger woman. by Pleezer4U11/29/044.45

Don't Neglect Your Girlfriends

 — Because you never know whom she'll turn to or when. by bbw4youngercocks112/10/124.38

Don't Tell Eric Ch. 02

 — The guys help Amy fulfill a long dormant fantasy. by zeke8104/29/094.48

Don't Wake Him...

 — A night of passion next to my man... by hinatu666602/25/154.12

Donate Sperm

 — Donate Sperm to get a rich woman pregnant. by theoldone09/13/114.20

Done Here Now Who? Ch. 01

 — Vacation at a 'Senior Living Community'. by stoneypoint03/05/064.30

Done Here Now Who? Ch. 02

 — An Explanation of 'Fallopian Falls'. by stoneypoint03/31/064.59HOT

Done Here Now Who? Ch. 03

 — Offers & older women. by stoneypoint04/20/064.27

Done Here Now Who? Ch. 05

 — Conk and Jan finish off at her cabin. by stoneypoint07/27/064.52HOT

Done Here, Now Who:...

 — Conk & Jan caught having emergency sex on beach. by stoneypoint05/27/064.53HOT


 — Younger man gets together with sexy mature coworker. by Goodguylxviii08/11/154.38

Donna & Me

 — He has his first experience with an older woman. by davidh1909/03/014.02

Donna Ch. 01

 — A young man's ongoing journey. by SomewhereInMyPast04/16/144.17

Donna Ch. 02

 — My mature coworker takes control of our relationship. by Goodguylxviii08/13/154.06

Donna Ch. 03

 — My relationship with Donna continues. by Goodguylxviii08/16/154.21

Donna Fucks Son's Friend Bareback

 — Donna teaches son's best friend a lesson in satisfying women. by MatureLadyLover09/10/104.48

Donna’s Office Affair

 — Negleted woman gives into temptation with a coworker. by Big Gunz04/07/104.44

Door 2 Door

 — A widow turned slut seduces a Jehovah's Witness. by SEVERUSMAX09/09/044.19


 — Lonely widow gets in the saddle again. by oliveau12/25/134.10

Doreen Does, Or Does She?

 — A mother and her son-in-law play... by Shadowlands04/23/123.86

Doris's Desires Ch. 01

 — 48-year-old woman is drawn to son's friend. by StrongMaster702/07/054.44

Doris's Desires Ch. 02

 — Doris fists herself, then gets a hand, so to speak by StrongMaster702/09/054.47

Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 01

 — Mr. Marcus is responsible for a twin's health. by HarveyMarcus04/26/054.50HOT

Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 02

 — Marcus family celebrates Anna's art contest win. by HarveyMarcus05/04/054.66HOT

Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 03

 — Mr. Marcus's curiosity and urges are satisfied. by HarveyMarcus05/08/054.61HOT

Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 04

 — The Cocksworths invite Harvey & Annie to a party. by HarveyMarcus05/20/054.57HOT

Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 06

 — Mr. Marcus is alone with Saroya, but not for long. by HarveyMarcus08/31/054.61HOT

Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 08

 — Mr. Marcus is stuck with his mentee. by HarveyMarcus09/21/054.63HOT

Double Birthday

 — Photo session becomes an opportunity for revenge. by HarveyMarcus04/30/024.42

Double Dates

 — MILF and young lover have separate weekend plans. by zrob01/01/084.42

Double Fantasy

 — Emma and Henrik make each other's fantasies come true. by bbw4youngercocks105/25/164.35NEW

Double Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Emma gets down and dirty with Henrik under the bleachers. by bbw4youngercocks105/26/164.32NEW

Double Trouble

 — Two coworkers get it on at work. by StaciHunter12/23/033.99

Double Trouble

 — College student boards with girl friend and her mother. by tantricjim01/30/144.45

Down But Still Up For Fun Ch. 01

 — First they have an accident, then use him as a sex toy. by BobBaker07/15/084.43

Down But Still Up For Fun Ch. 02

 — Mercy takes Jimmy home for more tender loving care. by BobBaker07/19/084.55HOT

Down But Still Up For Fun Ch. 03

 — Big sister takes a turn with younger Jimmy. by BobBaker07/25/084.53HOT

Down But Still Up For Fun Ch. 04

 — Carol and Mercy and Jimmy, makes three in a bed. by BobBaker07/29/084.57HOT

Down But Still Up For Fun Ch. 05

 — Some guys just have it made. by BobBaker08/05/084.68HOT

Down But Still Up For Fun Ch. 06

 — Girls' friend comes to the door & wants to play. by BobBaker09/30/084.69HOT

Down by the Lake

 — Accidental encounter changes lives. by BogartsBoss03/18/124.46

Down By the Lake

 — An older woman comes on strong. by standingstones04/19/144.32

Down by the Lake Ch. 02

 — One becomes two, can three follow? by BogartsBoss03/28/124.64HOT

Down by the Lake Ch. 03

 — Becoming Three. by BogartsBoss03/31/124.58HOT

Down by the Lake Ch. 04

 — A Fashion Show, and a Welcoming. by BogartsBoss04/09/124.66HOT

Down by the Lake Ch. 05

 — Closer to being family. by BogartsBoss04/17/124.66HOT

Down by the Lake Ch. 06

 — Time to move in. by BogartsBoss04/19/124.69HOT

Down by the Lake Ch. 07

 — Bikes are good for my love life. by BogartsBoss04/26/124.65HOT

Down by the Lake Ch. 08

 — We settle in, and my kids have some surprises for me. by BogartsBoss05/01/124.59HOT

Down by the Lake Ch. 09

 — Labor Day BBQ, Family life settles in. by BogartsBoss05/06/124.65HOT

Down by the Lake Ch. 10

 — Shelley ups her game. by BogartsBoss05/11/124.61HOT

Down by the Lake Ch. 11

 — Halloween comes but once a year. by BogartsBoss05/16/124.70HOT

Down by the Lake Ch. 12

 — Wrapping it up. by BogartsBoss05/20/124.68HOT

Down by the River Side

 — Fishing & death lead to passionate love. by Starlight07/15/024.53HOT

Down on the Farm Ch. 01

 — She makes a visit she won't soon forget. by FastEddie2602/22/064.23

Down on the Farm Ch. 02

 — Adventure in the barn continues. by FastEddie2603/05/064.47

Down the Block to the Right

 — Mya finds love with an older man. by HexingGirl12/13/124.56HOT

Dr. Ames

 — Actor is mistaken by a fans for Doctor he plays. by Ed061312/10/024.61HOT

Dr. Bather

 — Her father's friend did her a favor, it should be returned. by SallyCat01/25/064.01

Dr. Bather Ch. 02

 — He uses her mouth. by SallyCat01/26/064.36

Dr. Joe Pt. 02

 — Sightseeing and Sex. by jamisonh21304/30/16

Dr. O and Sarah

 — A piano student visits her former teacher. by thezinger02/25/124.55HOT

Drawing a Nude 20 Yr. Old Waitress

 — 40 something artist draws nude 20 something waitress. by mikee_4312/05/144.63HOT

Dream Lover

 — Girl falls deeply in love with much older man. by rogtom_6906/17/024.43

Dreamcatcher: Circle of Friends Ch. 1

 — Mother's friend takes advantage of James. by Joseph Hunter06/08/024.01

Dreamer X

 — A dinner party surprise. by eroticbr02/26/103.76

Dreaming Of...

 — Young girl dreams of corruption. by Liquid Silver04/06/013.91


 — They can be confusing. by magmaman09/11/123.95

Dreams Become Reality

 — After years of lusting, I get Jack in the flesh. by TwistedRedAngel10/21/133.70

Dreams of Jean

 — Ted acts on long time fantasy with mature neighbor. by Leestories02/12/124.53HOT

Dreams of Jean Ch. 02

 — Ted's neighbor and stepmother try to stake a claim. by Leestories05/18/124.37

Dreams of Jean Ch. 03

 — Ted devises a test for this theory with his best friend's mom. by Leestories06/22/124.35

Dreams of Jean Ch. 04

 — Ted manipulates the situation to realize a dream. by Leestories08/31/124.41

Drifting Off

 — Settling in to sleep, she pleasures herself. by 2sweetforu01/27/03

Drifting Off

 — Leaving a gorgeous woman in bed can be a real mind fuck. by SamAtwell07/11/124.42


 — P.J. gets drilled by young man. by pjstewart5001/31/054.47

Dripping Taps

 — Thomas fixes Freda's drips. by Moondrift09/29/044.38

Driver Needed

 — He hires a girl. by Grey Eagle 28611/16/054.63HOT

Driving Companion

 — Tired executive opens up to unexpected younger passenger. by BillAdams05/15/154.71HOT

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