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It Started in the Rain Ch. 01

 — Rainy morning ride changed everything. by Scorpio4412/13/044.73HOT

It Started in the Rain Ch. 02

 — What began in the rain now includes Pam. by Scorpio4402/22/054.76HOT

It Started in the Rain Ch. 03

 — Just how loving can life be? by Scorpio4401/19/064.77HOT

It Started in the Rain Ch. 05

 — A deeper involvement with the Navy. by Scorpio4410/10/064.81HOT

It Started Online

 — You never know who you'll meet online. by 88girfriend03/05/104.32

It Started Online Ch. 02

 — They have more real world fun. by 88girfriend03/19/104.27

It was a Long Day

 — Boss and his AE. by USMC0304/10/083.94

It Was A Rainy Night...

 — Lonely doctor is seduced by a sexy angel. by Mycke04/11/013.56

It Was On The Doorknob

 — It all stared with a purple bra. by kelsiejane03/31/083.66

It Was Only a Game

 — Tessa's game heats up out of control. by Starlight01/03/034.21

It Was Your Eyes That Did It

 — Being stuck in traffic has its benefits. by marriedbuthoping11/02/064.33

It Wasn't A Dream

 — You and him, in the moonlight, on the carpet. by gentle_man09/20/014.71HOT

It's All a Matter of Balance

 — Inspired by a recent visit to the leisure centre and viewing. by uksnowy03/13/183.93

It's All in a Day's Work For Mareme

 — The help helps. by Bisondkj07/09/184.46

It's Better Then Working!

 — You enjoy sex in a library. by Bathroomslut04/20/043.89

It's Gonna Be Fine

 — A meeting online leads to love. by marriedbuthoping12/05/064.56HOT

It's Good to be a Mature Man

 — An older man meets a beautiful younger woman. by OldManLovesAllWomen09/19/164.26

It's Good to be a Mature Man Ch. 02

 — Mature man discovers younger women are attracted to him. by OldManLovesAllWomen09/21/164.49

It's Good to be a Mature Man Ch. 03

 — Mark has an encounter with his ex wife. by OldManLovesAllWomen09/25/164.43

It's Good To Be Me Pt. 02

 — Seduced by my sexy neighbor. by fatdaddio05/09/184.59HOT

It's Magic, You Know

 — A phone call changes a worried mother's life forever. by komrad115609/27/184.84HOT

It's Never too Late

 — Anne's marriage to younger man is broken. by Starlight07/25/013.82

It's Never Too Late

 — A mature woman gets seduced and introduced to kinky sex by coollvr102/02/104.46

It's Not Your Fault

 — Son's friends collide with grief stricken mom. by Lyc700007/11/173.66


 — No women is sixty in the dark. by Softly09/04/024.35

Italy Ch. 2

 — Linda's escort changes her life. by Softly10/07/024.39


 — Mature woman teaches guy about sex. by Daniellekitten05/29/084.54HOT

Ivy's Back Gets Her Washed

 — One thing leads to another. by gamma3309/03/054.27

Jack & Karen Ch. 01

 — Naughty couple have fun with young motel clerk. by Ahabscribe07/30/074.64HOT

Jack and Molly Ch. 01: Intro Dares

 — Looking for a little attention, Jack and Molly find someone. by OldManSoftHeart03/30/194.32

Jack and the Cuban Woman

 — An old bar owner meets a dark-skinned MILF. by mariaposa3410/15/174.41

Jack His Girlfriend and Her Mum Ch. 01

 — Jack likes his girlfriend's Mum. by Jack110708/11/194.03

Jack's Apartment Ch. 01

 — Young mans life changes after a car crash. by Jack110708/10/194.19

Jack's Beginning

 — Jack learns how special mature women are. by extra_3709/19/054.66HOT

Jack's Education Ch. 18

 — Jack's teacher has a surprise for him. by rovijack4307/20/064.66HOT

Jack's Needs and Urges Ch. 01

 — Young Man Growing Up. by Jack110706/17/194.26

Jack's Needs and Urges Ch. 02

 — Jack Seduces his Best Friend's Mother. by Jack110706/20/194.28


 — An averted tragedy brings two lovers together. by komrad115612/29/164.78HOT


 — College man roughly takes older woman in her office. by WordSlinger06/23/064.36

Jackie Pt. 01

 — Jackie loses husband and begins new life. by slimpic1102/24/164.41

Jackie Pt. 02

 — Edward changes Jackie and Shannon's attitude toward Swinging. by slimpic1102/25/164.66HOT

Jackie Pt. 03

 — Jackie's daughter becomes involved with Swinger. by slimpic1102/26/164.58HOT

Jackie Pt. 04

 — Swinger's flexible clothing dining. by slimpic1102/27/164.55HOT

Jackie Pt. 05

 — Swinger's pajama party. by slimpic1102/28/164.70HOT

Jackie Pt. 06

 — Swinger's Biker Bar night of fun and games. by slimpic1103/01/164.66HOT

Jackie's Problem

 — Jackie runs into to trouble and comes to me to think. by paulsmeenus08/05/144.46


 — He gets lucky twice in one night. by Ann Douglas11/15/174.66HOT

Jacquie - Nobody's Fool

 — Flirting with mum's nurse pays off with amazing sex. by speedballslick01/03/184.57HOT

Jade's Story

 — Hot secretary bangs a confident, muscular intern. by fiftyFIFTY11/29/174.15

Jae-Sun: Conjugation

 — Jae helps his Spanish teacher after class. by Sarkopheros05/27/164.36

Jae-Sun: Driveby Samaritan

 — Karina's car broke. Jae knows how to take care of her. by Sarkopheros12/03/154.22

Jake the Handyman

 — A young man reaps the benefits of being tall. by HarryOrwell06/10/114.43

Jake the Handyman Ch. 02

 — A referral for a job well-done. by HarryOrwell06/11/114.44

Jake's Bonus

 — Young exec gets a bonus after productive workday. by CanadianM04/05/064.47

Jake's Education

 — A young man gets more of an education than he'd thought. by hendu1305/08/124.45

Jake's Education Ch. 02

 — Jake's education continues. by hendu1305/11/124.58HOT

James & Jasmine Ch. 01

 — Boss and intern plan an unexpected business trip to Paris. by gapster707/03/184.74HOT

James & Jasmine Ch. 02

 — James & Jasmine travel to meet their beautiful client couple. by gapster707/05/184.82HOT

James & Jasmine Ch. 03

 — James & Jasmine have an oral party in their hotel room. by gapster707/08/184.85HOT

James & Jasmine Ch. 04

 — James & Jasmine consummate their relationship in Nice. by gapster707/11/184.80HOT

James & Jasmine Ch. 05

 — James & Jasmine explore Nice and a threesome with Sophie. by gapster707/15/184.81HOT

James and His Best Friend's Mom

 — James fantasy comes true with his best friend's mom. by Lrt8304/04/183.95

James and the Giant Melons Ch. 02

 — James meets a bully's mother. by infatuatedbybreasts05/27/104.48

Jameson Ch. 03-04

 — Continuation from BDSM Cheri's romantic night and punishment. by Imalay05/14/143.69

Jameson Ch. 05

 — ...continued story, Cheri tries an escape. by Imalay05/25/144.00


 — Recovery in the hospital was a new experience. by falcon2903/15/183.57

Jamie and the Mexican Cougar

 — A college student is seduced by his busty mature landlord. by Original_Aramis01/15/174.68HOT

Jamie and the Mexican Cougar Pt. 02

 — The next day. by Original_Aramis01/25/174.63HOT

Jamie Goes From Boy To Man Ch. 01

 — Jamie finds a benefactor. by BobBaker05/03/134.26

Jamie Goes From Boy To Man Ch. 02

 — First subduction. by BobBaker05/04/134.46

Jamie Goes From Boy To Man Ch. 03

 — Mommy must be obeyed. by BobBaker05/05/134.30

Jamie Goes From Boy To Man Ch. 04

 — Jamie's Lessons Begin. by BobBaker05/10/134.47

Jamie Goes From Boy To Man Ch. 05

 — Dessert is the best part of the meal. by BobBaker05/11/134.49

Jamie Goes From Boy To Man Ch. 06

 — Held in her gilded cage. by BobBaker05/22/134.34

Jamie Goes From Boy To Man Ch. 07

 — She sets her tra. by BobBaker05/28/134.52HOT


 — Teaching computers can be fun. by Harvey50303/24/044.22

Jan Ch. 1

 — He seduces busty coworker. by The Glove10/15/004.22

Jan Ch. 2

 — He's distracted by sexy landlady. by The Glove10/15/004.32

Jan Ch. 3

 — He and Jan meet their landlords. by The Glove10/15/004.58HOT

Jan's Ride Ch. 01-02

 — Daughter's boyfriend meets her mom. by schoolmrs11/15/163.89

Jan's Ride Pt. 03-04

 — Jan gets to know two more of her daughter's boyfriends. by schoolmrs11/29/163.93

Jan, My "Mrs. Robinson"

 — A middle-aged married man strays for the first time. by sparktj01/31/144.38

Jane Finds Herself

 — The man she spoke to online becomes reality. by Cleevedreams03/29/174.34

Jane Finds Herself Ch. 02

 — After their first meeting Jane must taste more. by Cleevedreams10/27/184.21


 — Older guy does the paper carrier. by midranger09/06/024.50HOT

Janet & Debbie Go Shopping

 — Janet & Debbie wind up having some terrific sex! by Janet5109/07/014.22

Janet Ch. 2

 — Papergirl saga continues and ends. by midranger09/13/024.67HOT

Janet Has a Lovely Mother

 — A school teacher finds love. by me_thestoryteller04/10/124.22

Janet's Debt

 — Struggling with money, Janet is out of options. by Rheyn04/29/164.33

Janet's Mom Unveiled

 — His girl's mom takes care of him. by JRob03/25/054.40


 — An older woman eyes her son's friend. by kamalw107/28/034.28


 — A mature woman discovers a new sexual hunger. by Lancerlott10/28/174.57HOT

Janice Ch. 02

 — Janice continues her relationship with Adrian. by kamalw102/03/054.34

Janice, My Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Realizing my fantasy of older divorced woman. by heartlandwriter06/19/124.39

Janice, My Fantasy Ch. 02

 — She comes back for more. by heartlandwriter06/19/124.45

Janice, My Fantasy Ch. 03

 — We wear each other out again. by heartlandwriter06/23/124.50HOT

Janie Helps a Little Old Man

 — A housewife's oral encounter with an elderly man. by sywwu12/12/114.40

Janie in the Library

 — She gets a surprise from a male professor. by divergirlxoxo02/23/064.59HOT

Janie in the Library Ch. 02

 — Student & professor try to deny their true feelings by divergirlxoxo05/27/064.65HOT


 — Sexual encounter between old friends. by anglosextantyen4u01/28/094.13

Jasmine And Her Older Neighbor

 — Young girl becomes slut for group of older men. by Jon_blue_eyes4905/19/10

Jasmine's Long Distance Jollies

 — It's amazing how far her cries of frustration carried. by Lamh Dearg05/05/104.56HOT

Jasmine's Tanning Oil

 — Skinny girl looses her virginity to older neighbor. by giventofly08/22/013.71

Jason & Sara Ch. 01

 — Older man/younger woman discover each other. by bluelaces28804/09/184.35

Jason & Sara Ch. 02

 — Jason & Sara continue to build a relationship. by bluelaces28804/14/184.58HOT

Jason and Mrs. Johnson

 — Bridget's mother looks after Jason. by Charles Petersunn07/03/074.69HOT

Jason Comes to the Back Door

 — Mrs. Johnson takes one for her daughter. by Charles Petersunn12/14/084.73HOT

Jason Does the Old Dyke

 — He turns her straight. by dass445005/22/034.54HOT

Jason Mows My Lawn

 — The weather was hot and so was I. by MarieProvost10/12/104.34

Jason's Mom

 — Young man has erotic experience with friend's mom. by sot05830010/05/134.49

Java Attraction

 — Girl's account of night with her manager. by Liquid Silver08/02/014.02

Java Attraction Ch. 2

 — Manager takes control of young employee. by Liquid Silver08/04/014.20

Jay's Mom

 — Best friend's mother makes a move on him. by Highlander05/16/014.20

Jayne's Christmas Present

 — 71-year-old mother-in-law asks for an early Xmas present. by serialscribbler10/02/164.39

Jazmin - First Meeting

 — Married man fulfills fantasty of tasting Asian pussy. by BobStetson04/16/19

Jazmin - Fourth Meeting

 — Jazmin sleeps over the married man's house. by BobStetson04/22/19

Jazmin - Second Meeting

 — Married man fulfills his Asian pussy fantasy again with Jazmin. by BobStetson04/18/19

JC & Me

 — Older man tell of his love for teenage girl by ibalubaduba11/18/013.96

Je Suis A Tois...

 — Man enjoys the lunchtime promenade. by Salteena07/25/024.54HOT

Jean Keeps Her Job

 — I give way to temptation and abuse my authority. by danielx305/04/064.25

Jean Teaches Love Lessons

 — She teaches a young man how-to love. by BobBaker02/26/084.40

Jean Teaches Love Lessons Ch. 02

 — Bobby's lessons begin. by BobBaker06/28/134.40


 — The sailor meets another memorable MILF. by pegasusiltf05/06/074.27

Jeff and Lisa Miss Ski School

 — She meets her older man. by BTH240608/31/024.63HOT

Jeff's Mom, Mrs. D Ch. 00

 — Introduction - The start of a relationship with a friend's mom. by Rocketspeedfish06/13/184.04

Jeff's Mom, Mrs. D Ch. 01

 — Losing my virginity to Ms. D. by Rocketspeedfish06/14/184.17

Jeni's Arrangement Ch. 01

 — An intimate evening with Rhett. by eymach04/17/084.31

Jeni's Arrangement Ch. 02

 — The Letter by eymach05/04/084.16

Jeni's Arrangement Ch. 03

 — Consent and Satisfaction. by eymach05/19/084.35

Jenna Ch. 01

 — 22-year-old dude savors curvy 38-year-old hottie. by infinitee6904/16/054.25


 — Jennie discovers her mother's boyfriend isn't so bad. by brian47331704/27/094.54HOT

Jennie and Mike

 — Mike gets a rude awakening. by brian47331705/07/094.61HOT

Jennifer and the Minister

 — Wife helps husband's boss to secure new contracts. by rockycoveboy08/27/184.48

Jennifer's Robe Ch. 01

 — Why does a woman always look so sexy when she wears a robe? by JerseyJohn01/01/124.60HOT

Jennifer's Robe Ch. 02

 — Jennifer and Chris bring it to the next level. by JerseyJohn02/04/124.73HOT


 — A Spinster surprises a man, who surprises her too. by HunterShambles11/19/164.53HOT


 — Senior flirting at checkout has unexpected result. by Slowandeasy4704/09/174.32

Jenny and The Johnsons Ch. 01

 — Troubled young woman meets happily married couple. by Jokx6002/05/124.49

Jenny Ch. 01

 — Sometimes life throws you a curve. by ITPro05/25/094.56HOT

Jenny Ch. 02

 — Jenny and Josh grow closer; daughter shows up unexpectedly. by ITPro05/30/094.68HOT

Jenny Ch. 02

 — A Mature woman finds love and life. by HunterShambles11/24/164.53HOT

Jenny Ch. 02

 — Jenny comes round for more fuck buddy fun. by Slowandeasy4704/27/174.50HOT

Jenny Ch. 03

 — The day of the Party arrives, with a big surprise! by ITPro06/04/094.70HOT

Jenny Ch. 03

 — All things change, sometimes for the better. by HunterShambles11/28/164.48

Jenny Ch. 04

 — Swimming erotic, who knew. by HunterShambles01/08/174.41

Jenny Must Have Daddy's Friend

 — 20 year-old Jenny plans and seduces her father's friend. by Hailstar04/14/154.30

Jenny the Babysitter

 — When the dad got home the fun began. by tifferny95405/31/153.80

Jenny Wren Ch. 01

 — Love spans the generations. by qdata03/13/064.50HOT

Jenny's Charity Ch. 02

 — Jenny fucks Pham's grandfather as a 90th birthday gift. by aguycelmar05/29/104.06

Jenny's Deja Vu

 — New events spark Jenny's memory of past events. by Laurie09/08/024.65HOT

Jenny's Holiday Income Ch. 03

 — Jenny earns a main event but pays a heavy price. by StoneKidman06/21/143.96

Jenny's Tutorial

 — Aging Jenny finds young love with Garron. by Starlight05/31/024.51HOT

Jenny, There's Evil in the World

 — Well-endowed girl seduces best friend's father. by nisvan07/10/123.65

Jeremy's Dorm Dance

 — My wife is Jeremy's date to his first dorm dance. by robertl02/07/174.15


 — A young man's journey through life. by Edison3wire10/17/124.11

Jerry and Jenna

 — Older man makes love to younger yoga partner. by jennanips06/25/114.34

Jerry's New, Young, Eye-Candy Ch. 01

 — Mature man's young delicious date starts to care. by LaPatitMort03/17/094.57HOT

Jerry's Ride

 — Older man takes lover for a motorcycle ride...and more. by jennanips07/17/114.21

Jess and the Younger Man

 — Teacher is taught a few things. by smartissexy09/12/074.05

Jess Gets More Than...

 — Beautiful 40-year-old wins 'big' at the casino. by Alistair06/30/024.35

Jessica Seduces Professor Peters

 — Jessica is seducing her Lit. Professor. Quite happily. by thurst6902/20/083.90

Jessica Seduces Professor Peters Ch. 02

 — Jessica tries hard; Veronica & Alan have a dispute. by thurst6903/11/083.47

Jessica: Becoming Delia Ch. 01

 — 18 year old Jess gives in to 2 old bikers. by Randyrayhottt08/12/164.45

Jessica: Becoming Delia Ch. 03

 — Jess wakes up next to Edwin and the adventure continues... by Randyrayhottt02/19/194.61HOT


 — Jessie helps guy with busted truck. by Grey Eagle 28611/21/054.64HOT


 — A trip to the bank leads to a major transaction. by HarryOrwell07/12/144.39

Jessie and the Cougar

 — "Love" story about an older woman & a college kid. by dis_pac02/13/054.46

Jessie: Hot Child of Dallas

 — Young gal finds older man to fill her up in every way. by hotpup12/10/054.45


 — A precious gem of a young lady. by Big_I_92906/20/134.09


 — An older man with a much younger GF. by sambush08/05/143.83

Jill and Me

 — Older woman, younger man. by kooky12302/02/124.05

Jill and Sam

 — College girl learns how her body affects males. by Xvirgin02/24/153.90

Jill At Last Ch. 01

 — Attorney finally connects with gorgeous secretary. by Wudan6910/11/06HOT

Jill At Last Ch. 02

 — The night ends well. by Wudan6910/12/06

Jill Ch. 03

 — Real Estate Agent Jill crosses the line. by lckscknfck707/10/114.10

Jill's Lazy River Odyssey

 — Small town girl rides the big stick. by SurfinRadically08/29/043.89


 — Daughter's best friend all grown up. by sharkandpen02/01/114.56HOT


 — A mature woman provided solace to disheartened younger man. by tantricjim12/01/174.47

Jim's Girl Friend Ch. 01

 — Susie really enjoys meeting her boyfriend's father. by Boxlicker10110/14/064.40

Jimbo, JJ, and Me Ch. 01

 — Divorce gets friendly with father and son new neighbors. by squarejohn10/11/104.48

Jimmy and the Dancer Ch. 01

 — A young man finds a new friend at the gym. by InsatiableSteve04/21/184.35

Jimmy Makes Suzy 'His'

 — Jimmy gives up younger women and makes sexy, mature Suzy his. by guytoearth12/17/134.62HOT

Jimmy Makes Suzy 'His' Ch. 02

 — Suzy adds Karen to Jimmy's conquests and joins in. by guytoearth01/02/144.56HOT

Jimmy Makes Suzy 'His' Ch. 04

 — Adding one more and the kinkiness grows. by guytoearth02/21/144.64HOT

Jimmy meets Miss Victoria Ch. 02

 — Miss Victoria continues to teach Jimmy in the ways of sex. by Rocytman04/23/134.68HOT

Jimmy meets Miss Victoria Ch. 03

 — A young college boy gets taught all about sex. by Rocytman10/13/134.54HOT

Jimmy meets Miss Victoria Ch. 04

 — Jimmy's training takes a decidedly kinky turn. by Rocytman05/28/174.50HOT

Jimmy meets Miss Victoria Ch. 05

 — Miss Victoria takes a break as Vicki and Jimmy make love. by Rocytman05/30/174.61HOT

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