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Friend with Benefits Ch. 01

 — Classmate becomes a sexmate. by SexySoxFan04/22/083.62

Friend's BBW Mom

 — My friend's fat mom. by johnthome769008/13/154.22

Friend's Hot Mom

 — Fucked friend's sexy mom. by shekar0105/23/184.24

Friend's Mom

 — Best friend is away, but his Mom wants to play... by geek_writer08/30/174.63HOT

Friend's Mother Ch. 01

 — Mature lady lusts for young cocks. by niwsa09/30/113.44

Friendly Facial

 — Offer of one facial gets another. by Sinrman12/05/054.38

Friendly Neighborhood Handyman

 — I try to satisfy my customers. by Knightly06/17/164.54HOT

Friendly Reminder: PC Remix

 — Sometimes we need to be reminded of the truth. by Harold Masters05/16/023.99


 — Bored friend plan a seduction. by starknest07/31/144.16

Friends & Family Ch. 01

 — Story of a well-hung lad growing up in the Midwest. by kingswede10/28/134.25

Friends & Family Ch. 04

 — Mother and her Friends keep a well hung lad busy along with... by kingswede11/29/134.39

Friends & Family Ch. 05

 — Son assists mothers friends in sexual pleasures. by kingswede01/01/144.30

Friends & Family Ch. 06

 — Horny son keeps horny granny and mother happy. by kingswede03/01/144.34

Friends Become Lovers

 — Older man & younger woman find themselves in love. by JamesLacy11/13/014.57HOT

Friends of My Daughter

 — He gets to know Aimie much better. by CaseyEdwards05/15/064.74HOT

Friends of My Daughter Ch. 02

 — He gets closer to young Aimie. by CaseyEdwards05/16/064.76HOT

Friends of My Daughter Ch. 03

 — He enjoys a young beauty. by CaseyEdwards05/17/064.75HOT

Friends With Benefits

 — A disabled man meets a new young friend at the health club. by falcon2907/11/104.23


 — A disaster recovery of the very best kind. by Sven the Elder04/17/024.51HOT

Friendship Ch. 03

 — This is Anna's time to shine. by susannahtowers07/03/123.79

Friendship Ch. 04

 — Anna again! by susannahtowers07/04/124.33


 — Frozen man thawing from the heat of an older woman. by risgrynsfisk04/14/164.24

From Ballroom to Bedroom

 — Philip finds dancing with divorcee very rewarding. by goodyearman01/22/184.32

From Co-worker to Student

 — Innocent celebration leads to weekend of pleasure. by Innocent_Outside07/01/053.88

From Co-worker to Student Ch. 02

 — Scott gets intimate with Ann's mouth & breasts. by Innocent_Outside07/18/054.26

From Co-worker to Student Ch. 03

 — Ann and Scott finally take everything off. by Innocent_Outside07/20/054.39

From Co-worker to Student Ch. 04

 — Ann shares erotic, then emotion time with Scott. by Innocent_Outside08/29/054.22

From Co-worker to Student Ch. 05

 — Scott and Ann finally go all the way. by Innocent_Outside08/30/054.40

From Dice to Dick

 — An innocent game turns into sexual satisfaction. by roxyfox08/14/103.83

From Fire to Frying Pan

 — She tried to seduce, but he was strangely protected. by mintabal323907/12/053.61

From Geek to Stud part 1

 — Young man starts his trip into the world of sex. by Orlanth08/05/034.15

From Hate to Love

 — I finally experience a feminine woman; my mother in law. by Hubline01/02/114.14

From Poor Widow to Rich Wife

 — She comes in his house and his cock resides in her pussy. by Oliver_Baker06/07/194.26

From Son to Father

 — He was handsome, but I swapped him for his father. by WayneGibbous05/18/124.31

From the Car Wash to Heaven

 — He gets an unexpected bonus at the carwash. by Playful Harley08/09/024.66HOT

From the Flea Market

 — A lonely, young woman takes advantage of an older divorcee. by aluisa08/15/174.20

From Whence The Lily Blooms

 — Your best friend's father is a silver fox. by TechnoSlut05/13/044.31

From Wife to Slut Wife

 — If life's a bitch, make the best of it. by erotiquill01/05/164.34


 — A woman teaches her man a lesson in winning. by Celestia11/11/013.94

Frustration of Small Cock Pt. 05

 — James and Ana Spend time Naked Together. by jamtby01/17/194.38

Frustration of Small Cock Pt. 07

 — Ana learns about James and his past. by jamtby02/22/194.14


 — Sex filled night with a stranger. by PuddyTatt2d05/20/034.15

Ft. Lauderdale

 — Young professional woman on trip meets a boater. by Travel Girl10/14/074.74HOT

Fuck of a Lifetime

 — 42-year old man jumpstarts his sex life with a 26-year old. by Cosmogurl1806/26/093.97

Fucked at My Son's Soccer Game

 — A mother is seduced by someone from the opposite team. by ThatBoi2104/10/184.47

Fucked by My Best Friend's Dad

 — I had always had a crush on Jasmine's dad. by BrookyS9608/15/164.14

Fucked In School Uniform Ch. 01

 — An 18 year old's after school sex with an older man. by mandywilluk200011/07/104.30

Fuckfest in Phoenix

 — A hotel desk clerk gets the shit fucked out of her... by Rough Idea04/25/133.99

Fucking Amazing

 — First post on here. Not much only a one-shot hope you like. by LoganJordin10/11/113.92

Fucking Fatties in Florida Ch. 01

 — An older woman in need of getting laid. by JustinNickThyme11/14/064.30

Fucking Fatties in Florida Ch. 02

 — Granny and granddaughter are both in need. by JustinNickThyme11/24/064.27

Fucking Fatties in Florida Ch. 05

 — And mama, the daughter, makes three generations. by JustinNickThyme12/17/064.43

Fucking Fatties in Florida Ch. 06

 — More needy Grannies. by JustinNickThyme02/28/074.54HOT

Fucking Hormones

 — She can't control herself and needs your help. by RubenesqueAphrodite10/24/124.44

Fucking Janet's Mom Ch. 1

 — He's seduced at the pool by his girl's mother. by trojanman03/17/013.81

Fucking Megan with Respect

 — He shows her respect, she shows him. by Z-Writer11/23/064.01

Fucking Mr. Bishop

 — Mum helps out with my boss. by idope24710/21/174.35

Fucking Mrs. Ava

 — Gorgeous older woman seduces her neighbor's son. by HisDirtyLittleSlut10/23/144.28

Fucking Mrs. Ava Ch. 02

 — Finally fucking the hot neighbor. by HisDirtyLittleSlut10/25/144.56HOT

Fucking Mrs. Ava Ch. 03

 — Time to turn the church lady into a cock slut. by HisDirtyLittleSlut10/28/144.56HOT

Fucking My Babysitter, 25 Years On

 — An unexpected reunion. by jjames197602/14/124.29

Fucking My Best Friend's Son

 — Mature slut gets her cervix probed by her best friend's son. by MatureLadyLover07/05/124.10

Fucking my bf's Dad

 — 18 year old having fun with a 40 year old. by cindy_4u10/06/113.98

Fucking My Boss

 — Mutual desire between my boss and me gets us carried away. by dpingjessie06/10/154.55HOT

Fucking My Boss Ch. 01

 — Fucking my boss. by BlondeBiHoe08/09/143.54

Fucking My Boyfriend's Father

 — My boyfriend's father takes me. by bookslut306/28/124.17

Fucking my Daughter's Boyfriend

 — Mom discovers that daughter's boyfriend is huge. by kinki110/08/134.41

Fucking my Daughter's Boyfriend Ch. 02

 — Mrs. Anderson gets into more trouble. by kinki107/05/144.31

Fucking My Mother in Law Barbra

 — I'd been married for 3 years to my wife... by TerryGood04/09/143.51

Fucking My Mother's Best Friend Ch. 01

 — Young man is seduced by his mother's best friend. by Jack110704/03/194.26

Fucking My Mother's Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Fucking my mother's best friend. by Jack110704/04/194.45

Fucking My Step Mom-To-Be

 — His fantasy comes true with dad's girl. by young victor06/23/012.67

Fucking The Mom Next Door

 — Straight to the point: How I fucked the MILF next door. by Nixonyme04/15/113.99

Fucking the Neighbor

 — While home from college I fuck the Milf. by Jadler6907/23/133.50

Fucking Two Older Women In Florida

 — April invites me to new friend's vacation home. by carlf191802/04/104.32

Fulfilling a Need

 — Good deeds repaid by two lusty older women. by Irish Moss07/16/084.47

Fulfilling Namita

 — Indian man seduces much younger lady. by 05/02/023.67

Full Service Center

 — He tries to please mature BBW Goddess, & succeeds. by Jimbow01/18/013.92

Full Service Landlady

 — Young man has an erotic encounter with a mature woman. by tantricjim06/10/114.43


 — A waitress gets served. by EnigmaDoll02/22/094.32

Full-Service Ch. 02

 — A secret affair continues at restaurant/gallery. by EnigmaDoll05/31/094.22

Fully Fashioned Matron

 — He's seduced by matronly neighbour in stockings. by alanc07/22/024.39

Fun at Jia's

 — Adulterous escapade with friends. by Tunak Mizaz09/03/034.14

Fun Cougar Peeks into the Dark Side

 — Curious Cougar has very sexy pedicure and a hot new idea... by Tigger_Lilly09/05/184.41

Fun in the Miami Sun

 — Company business trip takes a steamy turn for new intern. by persianbeauty1912/20/154.06

Fun in the Pool

 — Young man is tempted by much older woman. by buttcheeks77707/20/134.23

Fun in the Pool Ch. 02

 — Young man has more dirty fun with older women. by buttcheeks77701/28/154.22

Fun on Cape Cod

 — Coed gets with a 40ish guy. by marriedtomilf08/06/054.36

Fun On The Beach... Ch. 01

 — His fantasy of an older woman. by heybabes200110/02/064.36

Fun on the Rocks! Ch. 01

 — Young guy meets older German lady. by justcruisin05/15/09

Fun On The Trampoline

 — Unexpected pleasure with niece's best friend. by unclej03/01/034.58HOT

Fun With Kate

 — Retirement Rewards For Horny Couple. by erotiquill11/12/124.40

Fun with Marge

 — Older woman meet younger man. by gadisbugil05/25/134.22

Fun with Professor Montgomery

 — A freshman student in college lives out her fantasy. by naughtystudent12302/08/163.99

Fun with Selma

 — A younger man meets a older woman. by Karadepan04/02/074.17

Further Adventures of Rajesh

 — Rajesh seduces his landlady - and her maid, too. by nonameleader01/24/094.11

Further Annals of the Friday Flower

 — Six women continue their exploration of communal masturbation. by pandsal10/19/084.24

Further Education

 — He just couldn't wait anymore. by Mystique_Maven08/04/074.23

Further Education Ch. 1

 — His real education begins with his first teaching job. by SteveM04/28/013.23

Future Mother in Law Knows Best...

 — Gf's Mom Hits on Handsome Future Son in Law. by Hotnjuicy02/08/184.31

Gabriella, My Teen Latina Wife

 — Widowed father of young son, finds Latina teen for breeding. by swollenbell04/25/194.34

Gail's Adventure

 — She surprises herself with a young stud. by suzie3w06/10/104.71HOT

Gaining Experience

 — She begins an affair that changes her sex life. by egmontgrigor201006/21/104.33

Galuzzo Broke Me In

 — The neighborhood mailman, and, well, me. by AnAmericanDarling01/21/083.81

Game of Chess - Layla Ch. 02

 — Layla returns home after completing an encounter. by Senora07/13/183.58

Game She Played Pt. 01

 — Matured lady trapped him. by Wordsmith197001/13/163.43

Games People Play

 — Young man and his friend's mother play in a private arcade. by techsan08/26/064.53HOT

Gannis Falls Boy Toy

 — Sometimes it pays to stay home on spring break. by cheesy80s09/21/034.51HOT

Garage Sale

 — You can't put a price on everything. by tlc14301/21/124.37

Garage Sale Ch. 01

 — Bob finds more than just bargains at the Garage Sale. by Grey Beard12/16/024.30

Garage Sale Ch. 02

 — Bob meets Carol. by Grey Beard12/17/024.50HOT

Garage Sale Ch. 03

 — Bob and Carol meet each other's special needs. by Grey Beard04/03/054.54HOT

Garage Surprises

 — A spontaneous neighborly encounter. by LarsCharles04/15/064.21

Garden Street Ch. 01

 — Maria brings in a ringer. by Rattlesnake177509/18/054.58HOT

Garden Tour Pt. 01

 — Italian garden tour leads to deflowering wives. by Magna1206/28/194.30


 — The gardener fills in where necessary. by HarryOrwell05/06/114.37

Gardener Wanted

 — Outdoor Fun. by pjd6604/20/194.37

Gardening Ch. 01

 — Unbelievable passion with an older man by Chrissie3904/12/084.63HOT

Gardening Ch. 02

 — Unfaithful wife and her gardener again. by Chrissie3905/02/084.42

Gardening Delights Ch. 01

 — A Gardener takes his employer. by Lion2465506/22/114.27

Gardening Fancy

 — Rich lady of the house seduces young gardener. by alanc05/26/024.40

Gardening is Fun

 — Three short stories showing the sexy side to gardening. by locodriver877602/20/084.38

Gardening Is Fun - Jenny

 — A broken down truck leads to romance. by locodriver877603/11/084.56HOT

Gardening Is Fun – Nadine

 — A hot summer’s day and what comes naturally. by locodriver877603/18/084.50HOT

Gardening is Fun Ch. 02

 — A few more nuggets of my adventures. by locodriver877603/25/084.05

Gardening Lessons

 — Horny wife lusts for well-hung garden boy. by Dr G Spot10/15/004.48Editor's Pick

Gary Answers a Dateline Advertisement

 — Older man meets a love interest. by JamesLacy05/08/024.66HOT

Gary Submits to Monique

 — Mature couple exchange roles experimenting with light S&M. by JamesLacy05/17/024.44

Gary's Fantasy

 — 60 year old Gary finds his fantasy girl. by sexy_mama_0902/28/134.28

Gary’s Hot Tub Affair

 — Cherie surprises Gary in his hot tub. by JamesLacy02/16/024.55HOT

Gavin and Sally Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by HunterShambles02/12/154.43


 — Bundeswehrsoldat verschnascht ältere Nachbarin by Bismarck08/14/033.64

Gee... 52

 — It wasn't Bingo his girlfriend's Mom was playing. by JustLikeEwe01/09/094.52HOT

Geetha Aunty and Her Family Ch. 01

 — Young man makes it with older family friend. by vizmaster08/23/073.63


 — She finds fun with an older guy. by kinkygirl10/18/054.48

Generation Gap

 — He thought they were already at it... by Otzchiim07/11/013.85

Generation Gap

 — Older woman & young man become more than friends. by steelvalentine06/15/024.23

Geneva School for Girls Ch. 01

 — The headmaster teaches busty Jessica not to break the rules. by rmdexter07/06/194.72HOT

Gentle Hands

 — A mature man gives aid and pleasure to a much younger woman. by Talespin11/06/064.53HOT

Gentle On My Mind

 — An Older man is accosted by a stranger in the park. by wellard9411/21/114.67HOT

Gentle On My Mind Ch. 02

 — No longer strangers! by wellard9411/23/114.61HOT

Gentle On My Mind Ch. 03

 — The new relationships progress. by wellard9406/18/124.64HOT

Gentle On My Mind Ch. 04

 — Trying to manage the bad news situation. by wellard9406/19/124.69HOT

Gentle On My Mind Ch. 05

 — Knickers in a twist. by wellard9401/21/144.61HOT

Gentle Touch

 — An older man's sensual touch changes lives. by A_Little_Show08/08/194.20

Gentleman's Maid Ch. 01

 — Older gentleman takes advantage of a young maid. by Goldeniangel08/09/054.49

Gentleman's Maid Ch. 02

 — She learns some more from the older Sir Edward. by Goldeniangel08/10/054.54HOT

George and Aunt Angela

 — Bad weather brings them together. by RomanCEisdead208/28/084.51HOT

George and Tina

 — Older man finds unexpected true love with an 18-year-old girl. by GC6609/30/124.32

George, Aunt Angela and Carol Ch. 01

 — The further adventures of George and his wife's Aunt. by RomanCEisdead210/01/084.49

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