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 — A mature woman seduces an 18 yr old boy. by Geoffrey02/03/044.36

Entertained by a Stranger

 — Traveler connects with older man at the airport. by henry4902/13/064.44

Entertaining Colin

 — Amanda's "conquest" takes control. by Intercontinental07/09/083.90


 — Older woman, younger man. by kindle03/20/034.35

Epiphany Ch. 01

 — Married youth conselor finds herself in sticky situation. by Stardog Champion11/21/044.27

Epiphany Ch. 02

 — Allison, Tony, & Darrin collide. by Stardog Champion11/22/044.37

Erica's Love

 — Aging Erica finds unexpected love. by Starlight04/28/024.34

Erica's Story

 — It can be hard to loosen up to let another into your life. by tarkatony01/24/124.71HOT

Erik Nolan Ch. 01

 — Victor's housemate Erik talks bold about his mom. by PerilEyes05/14/153.74

Erik Nolan Ch. 02

 — Erik fills Amie's head with filth. by PerilEyes05/31/154.26

Erik Nolan Ch. 03

 — Amie and Erik take a drive, and Amie makes a resolution. by PerilEyes07/14/154.62HOT

Erik Nolan Ch. 04

 — Amie serves Erik breakfast in bed and then gets rid Kurt. by PerilEyes04/17/164.06

Erin and I

 — The Sexual Addiction of Two. by salvatore3102/21/133.69

Erotic Education For...Ch. 1

 — He falls for roommate's older ex. by Floor ex man06/25/004.00

Erotic Education For...Ch. 2

 — Older woman shows him ecstasy. by Floor ex man06/30/004.14

Erotic Passionate Other Woman

 — The other woman's sexual feelings about her partner. by SensualBeauty10/05/153.92

Especially for Him

 — The beginning of a sexy movie for an online lover. by Loving5007/06/154.18

Especially for Him Pt. 02

 — The continuation of a sexy video made for an online lover. by Loving5009/28/154.40

Especially for Him Pt. 03

 — Sean watches the video and plays with Jennifer. by Loving5010/18/154.15

Especially For You

 — What a surprise! by sexnovella05/28/154.20

Ethan and Ms. Appleby

 — Young man in lust with family friend. by me7102/12/123.14

Ethel's Exit Row Ch. 01

 — Marc finds that Ethel gets very horny when she flies. by Decayed Angel12/09/064.36

Ethel's Exit Row Ch. 02

 — Ethel figures how Marc can reciprocate. by Decayed Angel12/10/064.31

European History 201

 — Dr. Brown gives Dawn a make-up test for her missed exam. by MisfitToy01/28/104.27

European History 201 Ch. 02

 — Dr. Brown requires Dawn's after-class participation. by MisfitToy08/14/104.52HOT

European Interlude

 — First the sisters, then their mother. by jay.palin09/08/064.68HOT

Ev and Kev

 — He loves older women - every chance he gets. by Mr Anything Goes03/17/044.43

Eva Down Under Ch. 03

 — A tourist finds love in the Outback. by DawnJ07/25/084.77HOT


 — He satisfyies the private needs of an older woman. by Wes9908/02/024.31

Even Monkeys in the Trees Do It

 — Student teacher tutors a student in biology. by petemgurk10/28/074.35

Evening Delight

 — Francesca and Michael continue their fun. by PrettyMissM11/20/113.88

Ever play "Sex chicken"?

 — Who will blink first? by SingleDad123410/16/154.01

Every Man Needs a Maid

 — Widower just wants a clean house, no cliches. by sirhugs10/18/134.45

Every Man Should Have a Hobby

 — Mine? I like boning old ladies. by atkins12/10/094.38

Every Monday After School

 — Exploring uncharted territory. by BlueNotes05/20/144.57HOT

Every Time

 — Every time and everywhere I see her, she makes me want her. by NickFoxx03/06/134.16

Every Time Ch. 02

 — Tammy gives Nick a great ride and let's a secret slip out by NickFoxx03/11/134.49

Every Youth Deserves...Ch. 1

 — 18 year old gets involved with middle-aged couple. by MiamiCuban03/04/024.48

Every Youth Deserves...Ch. 2

 — 18 year old & married couple continue sexual adventure. by MiamiCuban03/07/024.54HOT

Every Youth Deserves...Ch. 3

 — 18-year-old and married couple go swinging. by MiamiCuban03/20/024.58HOT

Everybody's Mid Life Crisis

 — Man accidentally encounters a younger woman. by xtcnymphette05/05/054.61HOT

Exam Room Release

 — Beautiful mature nurse helps me with a sample... by Alex_Erotic01/14/144.36


 — As the slow lingering kisses continued... by ayer06/10/073.92

Exchange Lover

 — 18-year-old Black student seduces older British lady. by taste_tea06/23/034.16

Exchange Student

 — Exchange student has discreet fun with host family. by stoneypoint11/17/074.09

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 12

 — Danny is aroused by his mother-in-law. by eric shawn listo08/17/044.55HOT

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 12.5

 — Mother-in-law begins to learn a life's worth of lessons. by eric shawn listo08/18/044.54HOT

Exchanging Gifts Ch. 01

 — Middleton MILFs share their good fortune. by zrob07/19/124.42

Exchanging Gifts Ch. 02

 — Middleton MILFs share their good fortune. by zrob07/25/124.48

Exciting Vacation

 — Quiet vacation suddenly becomes spicy. by dreamer100004/11/073.67

Executive Ass.'t

 — Newlywed Martin is ripe for his MILFy secretary's advances. by jvalet4501/18/154.62HOT

Executive Chronicles Ch. 01

 — A former executive finds sex on a college campus. by CollegeProfessor12/22/124.09

Executive for Hire

 — Emergency board meeting starts her off right. by stoneypoint04/22/063.86

Executive for Hire Ch. 02

 — Bridgette gets overdue dip from Corp Exec. by stoneypoint05/07/063.86

Exercising with Benefits Ch. 02

 — The next night - the loving continues. by Bigguyyyyy06/11/154.57HOT

Exhibitionism Leads To Mature Fun

 — Mature lady finds new interest with young guys. by Bobwilliams04/11/124.30


 — A former beauty queen makes a lonely man's dream come true. by brunorivera04/07/053.99

Exorcising Brian

 — Deserted lady makes a bold decision with a younger man. by Rex Siter02/02/124.77HOT

Experience Ch. 01

 — First steps on a sexual odyssey with sweet older woman. by NeonBlack16903/05/124.07

Experience Ch. 02

 — Yes, we're getting to it now. by NeonBlack16903/16/124.60HOT

Experience, or 3 Fucks an Hour?

 — That's Sammi's choice between mature and a young stud. by sammican103/19/124.69HOT

Experienced Woman in Need

 — The beginning of an intimate friendship. by frisco97202/09/104.21

Exploring Sylvia

 — Teenage male explores gorgeous older lady. by jasper_zehr01/29/024.08

Extra Biochemistry Tutorials

 — A student gets a little more help than he expected. by cymbelline03/10/104.41

Extra Credit

 — High school athlete passes math with private lessons. by FGL10/15/004.07

Extra Credit

 — Student falls in love with hot teacher. by TheStinger05/16/034.64HOT

Extra Credit Ch. 01

 — What do you do when you can't complete an exam for an A? by Sieryn04/21/064.18

Extra Credit Ch. 02, Pt. 1

 — Love affair with teacher continues. by TheStinger09/04/034.59HOT

Extra Credit Ch. 02, Pt. 2

 — Teacher and Lover's adventures continue. by TheStinger11/10/034.61HOT

Extra Credit Ch. 02, Pt. 3

 — Student and Teacher's journey concludes. by TheStinger11/12/034.62HOT

Extra Marital Office Bliss

 — An encounter between you and your younger boss. by robsmidt12/04/083.23

Extracurricular Activity

 — College student and her professor review lecture notes. by trfetish10/13/093.71

Eye of the Beholder

 — Joyce was plain, tall, skinny and to him - beautiful. by furryfan11/03/084.52HOT


 — Sometimes a second chance is a long time coming. by Alex De Kok07/12/134.62HOT

Eyes Only Ch. 01

 — A seemingly senseless case vexes the Iron Crowbar and Team. by WifeWatchman02/12/164.62HOT

F & F Wednesdays

 — A hot, young waitress takes him on a real fishing trip. by old_n_dirrty02/03/124.51HOT

F4: Maiden's Wait

 — A maiden not so young lands a grateful young lover. by sr71plt05/10/144.04

Fact And Fantasy Ch. 01 Pt. 1

 — Teasing my friend's son. by SylviaG08/28/133.94

Fact And Fantasy Ch. 01 Pt. 2

 — Sex with Sam. by SylviaG08/29/134.60HOT

Faculty Play Ch. 01

 — She loves her job, but will she perform to keep it? by sticky_cherry_syrup06/29/08

Fading Willpower

 — He's got 26 years on me... by AnAmericanDarling09/16/084.29

Fair Play

 — Life goes on, if you let it. by humminbean12/17/084.63HOT

Fair Play, A Second Time

 — Love is ageless; age is not loveless. by humminbean01/20/094.65HOT

Fair Play, A Visit with Bette

 — A quiet evening, a deeper affection. by humminbean07/04/094.61HOT

Fake It to Make It Ch. 01

 — College professor abandons his wimpy ways. by JLCC11/11/144.57HOT

Fake It to Make It Ch. 02

 — Vanessa points Dave in a different direction. by JLCC11/12/144.47

Fake It to Make It Ch. 03

 — Sonia pushes too far so Dave takes matters into his own hand. by JLCC11/13/144.55HOT

Fake It to Make It Ch. 04

 — Sonia is a playful young woman and pushes Dave some more. by JLCC11/14/144.63HOT

Fake It to Make It Ch. 05

 — Sonia proves she has been an excellent student. by JLCC12/19/144.71HOT

Fake It to Make It Ch. 06

 — The making of a harem? by JLCC02/14/154.75HOT

Fallen Angel

 — Innocence lost, passion found. by 5swede511/27/013.50

Fallen for a Roadie

 — Sweet and sensual encounter between two strangers. by Cheya02/13/144.40

Falling In

 — Girl has an encounter in the rain with a handsome older man. by angel_grant08/02/094.60HOT

Families' Vacation

 — My family goes on vacation with the Carsillos and Romas. by EKnowsHow06/02/154.14

Family Friend

 — Daughter wants dad's best friend. by SlightlyDivine11/22/084.24

Family Friend Ch. 01

 — She makes sure that Jack becomes a man. by sweetstud2109/07/024.22

Family Friend Ch. 02

 — Jack and Fiona make it to the bedroom. by sweetstud2109/14/024.40

Family Friend with Benefits

 — A younger married man is tempted by an older woman. by quietmalelife03/03/164.19

Family in Transition

 — Sexual escapades alter an extended family. by Seymour_Klitz06/23/014.49

Family Nurse Ch. 01

 — Father In-Laws Final Fantasy. by eroswizard11/27/134.13

Family, Sex, and Consequences Ch. 04

 — Patricia Allen goes on a date with a young man. by darkbeast01/12/134.24


 — Sheffield lad unexpectedly falls for his older neighbour. by Richard Donnehy10/02/054.67HOT


 — A partly true dirty romance. by risque_temptation09/28/013.69

Fantasia 42

 — Mature, Jewish brunette seduces muscular, younger neighbor. by Mystery_Meat08/27/064.47

Fantasia 60

 — A 60 y/o woman & 37 y/o man reunite. by Mystery_Meat03/26/074.67HOT

Fantasies Can Cum True

 — Reality is better than fantasy. by babygirlheather10/23/024.46

Fantasies Fulfilled

 — Mature man's fantasies fulfilled by younger friend. by OlderButtWiser05/16/104.76HOT

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 02

 — Life gets complicated. by Genderal10/01/064.45

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 14

 — The aftermath of Irene's encounter with her son. by Genderal08/17/124.41

Fantasies Of A Specific Man

 — She escapes from life and finds you. by seasons.gr05/06/044.20

Fantasy Football

 — Hot older woman shows Joe College how to hit the hole. by AreaMan01/23/144.53HOT

Fantasy Football Ch. 02: Extra Points

 — Bring your A game home to Mama. by AreaMan05/14/144.60HOT

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Three old friends fulfill a fantasy. by seigar10105/22/074.32

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — It's all in the mind. by magmaman03/12/084.25

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Mature man gets his threesome dream come true. by Jackcasual06/28/094.15

Fantasy in Suburbia

 — Story of how I got it on with my neighbour. by S_Queen11/28/154.44

Fantasy Man

 — For some damn reason, I see everything as sex. by DG Hear10/01/064.65HOT

Fantasy That Came True

 — He lusts for his wife's sexy mother. by diamond_dice11/09/013.86

Fantasy To Finally Reality Ch. 04

 — Septagenarians are hot. by soninlaw06/14/084.55HOT

Fantasy Weekend

 — A 56 year old takes his 22 year old mistress away. by RedSox0405/23/093.96


 — Man and wife who talk about their life will get better life. by Hitchhiker02/29/044.61HOT

Farmhouse - Day 02

 — The weekend continues as friends become lovers. by sandy7704/17/124.57HOT


 — A young man and mature woman fulfil each other sexually. by AStropirate12/23/144.20

Fast Food

 — A night with Joseph. by pjstewart5001/02/044.53HOT

Fast Food Fantasy Ch. 2

 — Shift manager is suprised by young stud. by Madam-Cecilia02/15/014.31

Fast Times at Ridgemont Retirement

 — Johnny and Mrs. Alcand have an audience. by jthserra10/17/044.15

Fast Times at Ridgemont Retirement Ch. 02

 — Ethyl was giving him a hummer. by jthserra10/27/044.32

Fate is a Funny Thing

 — The lady & the lodger... by Teenage Venus08/01/044.34

Fate Wields a Reward

 — A chance meeting with John teaches me a lesson about fate. by angel_6909/30/114.46

Fateful Attraction

 — A young man attracts older women. by tantricjim02/27/154.57HOT

Father & Son

 — How they both fucked me. by sammican104/11/124.46

Father Christmas-in-Law

 — Snow-bound holiday hijinx with hubby's Dad. by MonikaBlue02/20/034.54HOT

Father in Law

 — Woman finds compassion in the arms of her father in law. by Giveandgetoral04/15/144.43

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