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Would-be Hooker Re-hab Ch. 01

 — Helping a juicy spinner through bad times. by LaPatitMort04/01/094.55HOT

Wrestling Entertainment!

 — Abi gets challenged to a public wrestling match. by LadyKaren5005/18/104.06

Wrestling in the Metropolitan

 — Lost souls in the ruins of New York make love in the museum. by goldenmyst08/12/184.00

Wrinkled, Ripe and Randy

 — Hot sex with fuck-crazy old woman. by CuddlyAl11/08/10

Wrinkly, Kinky and a Promise

 — Fuck-happy oldie raises her game. by CuddlyAl11/20/11


 — Two broken-hearted, hopeless romantics find love. by komrad115603/30/164.77HOT

XXX Pure Porn Stories: Arlene

 — The Pickup: The older, sexually frustrate woman at the mall. by TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimbo04/23/164.00


 — Young girl shakes up his boring, predictable life. by JimBob4406/23/194.76HOT

Y2K-Y Ch. 01

 — Young programmer bests older vixen. by Jakey02/01/014.56HOTEditor's Pick

Y2K-Y Ch. 02

 — Business trip to Ne Orleans turns hot. by Jakey05/08/044.62HOT

Yachting Woman Ch. 01

 — Walter starts a relationship with an older woman. by VictorBlum08/07/084.35

Yachting Woman Ch. 02

 — Lanette & Walter can't wait to get to plug her arse. by VictorBlum08/08/084.52HOT

Yard Boys

 — Ms. McKenzie lures her college yard help inside for a fuck. by BaronV02/21/174.15

Yard Work

 — A college girl's summer job. by riverboy12/20/144.42

Year of 1966: Late Winter

 — The young man and their "training". by kingswede03/16/044.28

Yearning for Him…

 — Him, her and a bundle of fun. by huney7bear05/02/064.27

Years Apart

 — Two souls were united by a common factor on Valentine's Day. by avinash199702/06/174.66HOT

Yes Please, Headmaster

 — M.I.L.F. uses her charms to get son a place in public school. by Stripemoff12/09/174.57HOT

Yes Sir!

 — Luci is taught an unexpected lesson. by sweetcheex9011/12/113.95

Yes Sir! Ch. 02

 — Luci talks Riley into finishing what he started. by sweetcheex9011/15/114.27

Yes You Can Ch. 01

 — My resistance is a little weaker than I thought. by AnAmericanDarling02/26/084.19

Yes, Teacher

 — Sexy older lady teacher gives student private lessons. by CathyO195501/06/064.41

Yes, Teacher Ch. 02

 — Teacher with older male student. by CathyO195501/22/064.45

Yolanda and the Professor

 — Saved by a perfect couple on Valentine's Day. by olivias01/20/124.46

You Ain't Gonna Believe

 — Woman invites man to a wild party. by Ed061303/22/034.56HOT

You Always Hurt The Ones You Love

 — A significant admission. by WFEATHER02/23/083.66

You Are Mine

 — Auditioned by enticing Hollywood siren of his dreams. by holden_200507/04/054.75HOT

You Are Mine

 — A heartbreaker meets her match. by MaynaweLovely10/28/053.79

You Are My Home Ch. 01

 — Recent Widower buys new house, falls for the realtor. by edsachry07/02/144.70HOT

You Are My Home Ch. 02

 — New Loves prepare to start their lives together. by edsachry07/03/144.68HOT

You Are My Home Ch. 03

 — Diane introduces Michael and Sandy. by edsachry07/10/144.60HOT

You Are My Home Ch. 04

 — Diane introduces Christy to Michael. by edsachry07/11/144.62HOT

You Are My Home Ch. 05

 — Discovering land, and sex games for the PTAD by edsachry07/15/144.76HOT

You Are Not My Father

 — An old guy gets housemates. by jjcole10/14/124.59HOT

You are... DESIRED

 — A May/December Love Letter of Sorts. by TitsFlannagen05/14/164.50HOT

You Can't Deny Your Nature

 — Middle aged divorced woman is pursued by a much younger man. by JonThomas_09/08/174.41

You Can't Deny Your Nature Ch. 03

 — Older man provides Jane with safety from a Tropical storm. by JonThomas_09/23/174.18

You Can't Spell MILF without M-I-L Ch. 04

 — Janet and Tom's final chapter. by Greyman0107/21/184.60HOT

You Don't Have to be Young

 — Hot monogamy. by ranger5410/11/084.24

You For Dessert

 — After you have me for dinner, I have my dessert. by babygirlheather12/20/024.20

You Fucked Where? Ch. 06

 — Another installment of strange places I've fucked. by LeaRN5703/21/124.13

You Fucked Where? Ch. 07

 — Another entry in the strange places I've fucked. by LeaRN5704/07/124.08

You Fucked Where? Ch. 08

 — Another installment in strange places I have fucked. by LeaRN5704/17/124.35

You Fucked Where? Ch. 09

 — A blast from the past. by LeaRN5705/16/123.98

You Haven't Seen "Sexy"

 — A young intern surprises her boss with sexy. by DDH326907/21/174.32

You Just Can't Tell a Book

 — Not by its cover. by magmaman02/22/064.57HOT

You Just Can't Tell a Book Ch. 02

 — The grass isn't greener. by magmaman03/10/064.36

You Know That Nightmare?

 — Heidi's naked-at-school nightmare turns dreamy. by Voboy06/21/184.35

You Make Loving Fun

 — Angela adopted an older dog and learned a few new tricks. by Kozmic Kowboy04/04/194.67HOT

You Only Live Once

 — Nora falls hard for her best friend's father at the lake. by Poppy_Dryden05/30/194.73HOT

You Owe Me

 — Young woman and older man fall for each other. by eroslit09/27/094.69HOT

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 09

 — Jenny tells stepbrother a story. by satyr_13200302/19/064.37

You Taught Me a Lesson

 — Teacher tutors high-school senior. by Liquid Silver02/22/013.85

You Want It, Don't You?

 — Sam gives his daughter's best friend a ride... by emma57909/29/104.46

You Won't Believe the Ladies Here

 — The man Jeff replaced warned him of the senior residents. by VeryDirtyMind03/07/194.44

You Write Erotic Stories? Pt. 01

 — A neighbour finds out my secret hobby, and involves Wendy. by Cleevedreams10/30/184.49

You Write Erotic Stories? Pt. 02

 — Maggie reveals her affair, and we share the sounds of sex. by Cleevedreams05/14/194.52HOT

You'll Know Me, If You're A Sex

 — An 'oh, ya I've always wondered about that' on sex. by Mycke03/20/022.29

You're Never Too Old

 — A mature woman realizes she still has sex appeal. by target4803/28/134.58HOT

You're Never Too Old Pt. 01

 — Mature adults get to play. by flashgordon56200604/16/194.46

You're Never Too Old Pt. 02

 — A visit to a nudist resort. by flashgordon56200604/18/194.38

You're Never Too Old Pt. 03

 — Me & Carolyn. by flashgordon56200604/24/194.42

You're Never Too Old Pt. 03.5

 — A great weekend. by flashgordon56200604/26/194.25

You're Never Too Old Pt. 04

 — Our threesome. by flashgordon56200604/30/194.43

You're Never Too Old...

 — Young Janusz gives Dorothy a new lease of life. by Pussyrider10/31/074.53HOT

You're So Damned Cute

 — She's 24, he's 64. How should they celebrate her birthday? by Bisondkj04/21/184.40

You're Such a Tease...

 — You tease me as I desperately beg for more. by RoleplayerGirl07/21/134.30

You're The Boss

 — Young man starts a new job with a strict boss. by chris4chat01/26/184.61HOT

You've Got Mail

 — They met in a chat room. by Ann Douglas10/02/174.71HOT

Young & Naked

 — 18 and horny, she sleeps with a former teacher. by AnAmericanDarling03/08/084.06

Young 'un

 — Married woman gives young stud a ride home. by Madam-Cecilia10/31/014.11

Young Again

 — Younger woman helps Jerome love again. by KarennaC02/16/084.47

Young Again Ch. 02

 — Brenna and Jerome make plans. by KarennaC03/14/084.45

Young Again Ch. 03

 — Near-tragedy brings Jerome and Brenna closer. by KarennaC03/27/084.46

Young Again Ch. 04

 — Brenna moves in with Jerome. by KarennaC04/08/084.39

Young Again Ch. 05

 — Brenna's becoming afraid. by KarennaC04/17/084.51HOT

Young Again Ch. 06

 — They start to plan the wedding. by KarennaC05/08/084.52HOT

Young Again Ch. 07

 — It's too soon. by KarennaC06/25/084.65HOT

Young Amber - Slut Girlfriend

 — Amber sucks off her much older BF at a party. by badboylax02/01/124.19

Young Blood Ch. 1

 — Older man takes pleasure in pleasuring young coworker. by Charley_Ace06/06/014.38

Young Blood Ch. 2

 — Oh, no! Not mom too? by Charley_Ace06/08/014.44

Young Blood Runs The Hottest

 — It was Friday night. by trainman2k04/10/104.26

Young Couple and Mature Gentleman

 — A little dirty story of a young couple. by tirreno1202/15/164.46

Young Dean Does Mrs. Lowe

 — He blackmails his stuck up neighbor. by Timberwulf07/15/014.43

Young Female Doctor's Exam

 — Geriatric married man submits to erotic exam. by scentto01/02/114.40

Young Friends

 — Sexy woman is taken by friends of her son. by pisces03/29/024.08

Young Gina, Old Grace

 — Guy avenges girlfriend's cheating by fucking old roommate. by Hornyman69WithU04/05/074.21

Young Guy, Older Woman

 — Older woman seduces younger lover, with mutual benefits. by craftybutcher05/05/093.96

Young Jason Experiences More Ch. 01

 — Young guy meets two gorgeous, much older women. by dockcocker11/15/134.18

Young Jason Experiences Rhonda

 — MILF lover meets suburban Rhonda. by dockcocker04/08/074.57HOT

Young Jason's Experiences

 — Twenty-year=old guy makes moves on sexy MILF. by dockcocker04/08/074.33

Young Lee Clark and the MILF

 — His friend isn't at home when he calls. by Mag5805/01/064.47

Young Loving

 — He experiences a younger woman. by standingstones03/02/074.28

Young Luci Cleans For Older Guys

 — A younger Luci recalls her learning days at university. by lucioz09/25/104.68HOT

Young Lust Ch. 01

 — Young man and older women. by toolmannz09/14/084.43

Young Lust Fullfilled Ch. 03

 — Daughter's friend cums for a visit. by 1nwstroker02/11/133.92

Young Man's Fancy

 — socially awkward geek gets invited next door. by furryfan01/05/144.42

Young Mary Ch. 1

 — She may just have found her 'Daddy.' by Red Hugh08/14/024.34

Young Mary Ch. 2

 — Mutual fantasies begin their realisation. by Red Hugh08/16/024.49

Young Neighbour's Bliss

 — Lady & neighbours son relieve each other. by Tomray1008/22/013.91

Young People These Days

 — A middle aged man is surprised by his young lover. by Otazel05/22/064.68HOT

Young People These Days Ch. 02

 — A middle aged man beds two teenagers. by Otazel10/13/064.68HOT

Young Pussy

 — She submits her beautiful body to two older men. by sheffieldfun4two07/31/054.07

Young Simon & His Older Teacher Ch. 02

 — Young man begins tuition from his neighbour. by S English07/28/034.55HOT

Young Studs for Carol Ch. 06

 — Carol meets her son's friend. And more. by thekarpathianman10/15/124.42

Young Tom and Widow Rita

 — Tom, brother of Laura Hughes, loves mature Widow Rita. by Oldlover6911/27/114.43

Young White Bull Ch. 01

 — Middle-aged housewife goes to a party without hubby. by Mag5809/12/103.86

Young White Bull Ch. 02

 — He finds his wife's discarded soiled underwear. by Mag5809/13/104.06

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 01

 — Meeting Lynn, while walking my dog through the dog park. by SusanJillParker07/24/124.12

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 02

 — Lynn accepts Freddie's invitation to live with him. by SusanJillParker07/25/124.34

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 03

 — "Can I sleep with you?" by SusanJillParker07/26/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 04

 — Can I sleep with you? Can you sleep with me? Seriously? by SusanJillParker07/28/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 05

 — Lynn comes to a decision about love and the man in her life. by SusanJillParker07/30/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 06

 — Rescuing more than one distressed damsel. by SusanJillParker07/31/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 07

 — There's a threesome with Lynn and Jamie with in the middle. by SusanJillParker08/02/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 09

 — Life together after the afterglow, three is not a crowd. by SusanJillParker08/04/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 10

 — Jamie, where's Lynn? by SusanJillParker08/05/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 11

 — Lynn's younger sister, Gwen, comes for a weekend visit. by SusanJillParker08/06/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 12

 — Drunk & asleep, stripping Lynn's little sister, Gwen, naked. by SusanJillParker08/08/124.42

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 13

 — Gwen likes sex rough, the rougher the better. by SusanJillParker08/10/124.17

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 14

 — Taking back control from Gwen by giving her what she wants. by SusanJillParker08/11/124.39

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 15

 — Jamie to the rescue. Hopefully, she can tame Gwen. by SusanJillParker08/13/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 16

 — Gwen and Jamie leaves Freddie alone with his bad self. by SusanJillParker08/15/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 17

 — Lynn dead and Gwen and Jamie gone, alone with his bad self. by SusanJillParker08/16/124.42

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 18

 — A white gloved cougar in nylons, while panties & garter belt. by SusanJillParker08/17/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 19

 — Freddie has sex with Dina Merrill & Angie Dickinson combined by SusanJillParker08/18/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 20

 — Lynn's spirit returns to Freddie for one final good-bye by SusanJillParker08/21/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 21

 — For those who believe in reincarnation, Heaven can wait. by SusanJillParker08/23/12HOT

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 22

 — Heaven can wait, the reincarnation from Lynn to Kate. by SusanJillParker08/27/12HOT

Young, Gifted And Wrapped!

 — She fulfils her toy-boy fantasy for her 40th birthday. by Pussygalore807/06/074.43

Younger Guy for an Older BBW

 — She had been driving and had car trouble... who do you call? by onemoreguy110/08/104.19

Younger Woman Seeks Mature Friend

 — She hooks up with him after all the teasing. by shameless197104/15/064.34

Your Assistant is Attractive, But...

 — An older woman inspires a new level of passion. by drrhythmus11/28/083.98

Your Groceries are Here! Ch. 01

 — Stockboy gets his first blowjob. by Slickmeister04/28/084.37

Your Groceries are Here! Ch. 02

 — Jake begins to make home deliveries. by Slickmeister05/02/084.61HOT

Your Groceries are Here! Ch. 03

 — Jake gets surprised by Mrs. Parker. by Slickmeister06/12/084.59HOT

Your Kink Story

 — There are no names other than the submissive and dominant. by Anonymouskink10/22/174.11

Your Lucky Day...

 — She noticed how hard you work, it's time for your reward. by Yvette101/23/054.51HOT

Your Mom - My Lover

 — Conversation with my best friend about his mother. by vizmaster11/22/123.87

Your Mum, Your Mum!

 — Mum has a gangbang with stepson's enemies. by cuckoldbob04/18/053.98

Your son, my lover

 — Elaine is getting frustrated, but Julie has an idea. by Alex De Kok04/21/084.54HOT

Your Tricked...I'm Tricked?

 — Twentyish guy must have his 40 year older neighbor at any cost. by Webplaya01/17/023.91

Yours Lustfully Ch. 04

 — Dave brings the desperate whore out in Aunt Rita! by Dontouchme10/28/184.37

Yours Lustfully Ch. 09

 — "Dave, you've crossed the limit today. I'm not a toilet!" by Dontouchme11/28/183.87

Youth and Maturity

 — A hot summer day on the river gets even hotter. by MNerotica03/01/184.66HOT

Youth Awakening

 — Young man and mature woman have a little fun. by KooneyDodge08/04/124.05

Youth vs Experience Ch. 01

 — Experience gets together with youth. by darkdesires105/20/083.88

Yule Snow & Trade In

 — Two hot tales of older men with sweet young things. by RejectReality01/04/194.75HOT

Yvonne Pt. 01

 — A younger man and an older woman. by istanbulnoir03/14/084.25

Yvonne Pt. 02

 — I meet her again. by istanbulnoir06/20/084.53HOT

Yvonne Pt. 03

 — She tells me about herself. by istanbulnoir06/30/084.40

Yvonne Pt. 04

 — The work of time. by istanbulnoir08/01/084.59HOT

Yvonne Pt. 05

 — Eleven years later. by istanbulnoir08/21/084.59HOT

Yvonne, My Mature Curvy Fantasy

 — Business man fantasises about a much older colleague. by amorone09/10/134.37

Z at the Adult Theater

 — She visits an adult theater. by ZandME02/25/093.99

Z at the Adult Theater Ch. 02

 — Z returns to the place of unexpected excitement. by ZandME02/28/094.42

Z at the Adult Theater Ch. 03

 — Mature Women visit for the final and wildest time. by ZandME07/15/094.33

Z Walks the Truck Stop

 — New Adventures for Z. by ZandME07/15/094.44

Zach and Mrs. Smith's Panties Ch. 01

 — The widow neighbor and her panties make Zach a man! by ZachDocEight07/25/194.62HOT

Zach and The Young Mom from the Bus

 — Zach helps a stressed young mom and gets a great reward. by ZachDocEight08/28/174.46

Zach Ch. 01 The Widow Farmer

 — Zach’s car breaks down and he pays for lodging the best way. by ZachDocEight01/12/184.60HOT

Zach Ch. 02: The Widow's Sister

 — Zach breeds the sister and gets their asses before it's time. by ZachDocEight01/17/184.55HOT

Zach Mrs. Johansen Ch. 01

 — Zach helps the widow neighbor the best way he knows how. by ZachDocEight01/28/184.41

Zack Gets Another

 — Zack has to find another girl. by dante73910/23/104.10

Zesty Older Woman

 — Broken window leads to passion from neighbor lady. by hotpup01/15/054.44

Zip Lining

 — A trip to Costa Rica changes a woman's life. by komrad115604/18/194.76HOT

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