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Two Strangers One Sailboat Equals Seduction Ch. 6

 — The perfect ending to a perfect day. by Salsa10505/26/013.76

Two Years Make a Difference

 — Her younger lover has definitely changed for the better. by Macadamian09/20/084.15

TxQ - The Temp

 — My office Angel shows me her devilish side. by Tx Tall Tales11/23/124.60HOT

Tyler Tries Ria

 — In which Tyler gets what he's always wanted. by Notoriouslycurious09/27/174.32

Tyler's After Work Surprise

 — In which Tyler comes home late from work. by Notoriouslycurious10/26/174.18


 — A nice little Uber ride. by coolgirl103/22/173.26

Uber Driver

 — Driving a car leads a younger man to find true love. by komrad115607/13/174.75HOT

Uber Driver Hooks Up with Rider

 — Older Uber driver plus porn and younger woman. by ikemay02/14/184.62HOT

Ugly Duckling

 — MIL and SIL reach a volatile understanding. by FinalStand07/21/134.53HOT

Ugly Duckling Ch. 02

 — The affair continue and Celine gets involved. by FinalStand11/20/184.84HOT

Ugly Redhead Complete

 — An immature ginger causes trouble. by LordLoxley03/19/154.65HOT


 — Mature. Sophisticated. Dangerously great fuck. by johnnieblue4401/02/144.68HOT


 — Natalie finds herself falling for a stranger. by ofloveandlust10/25/174.13

Una buena maestra

 — Educación muy completa. by Vudu Blanco11/10/032.90


 — A young man's realisation of a mature woman's charm. by peterpeck03/19/164.39

Unbelievable! Ch. 02

 — Paul's sexual parameters expand. by peterpeck03/21/164.46

Unbelievable! Ch. 03

 — Paul finds his work rewarding. by peterpeck03/24/164.64HOT

Unbelievable! Ch. 04

 — Eve reveals Paul's alter ego! by peterpeck03/26/164.46

Unbelievable! Ch. 05

 — Wedding Day Revels! by peterpeck04/08/164.69HOT

Uncle & Sunita: Unleashed by Deepa

 — She makes arrangements, but their night is interrupted. by misterwho06/05/074.54HOT

Uncle Henry Ch. 01

 — Uncle Henry does a favor for a friend. by curiousaboutthat01/20/114.01

Uncle Jim & Five Related Women Pt. 01

 — Tempering the Family Feminist - Ellen's Story (part 1 of 5). by LaPatitMort04/28/124.61HOT

Uncle Jim & Five Related Women Pt. 02

 — Millie's Time With Her Uncle (part 2 of 5). by LaPatitMort05/05/124.67HOT

Uncle Jim & Five Related Women Pt. 03

 — Mary is not like her sisters. (part 3 of 5) by LaPatitMort05/18/124.71HOT

Uncle Jim & Five Related Women Pt. 05

 — Mandy's Story & One Last Sisterly Plot (Part 5 of 5). by LaPatitMort05/26/124.65HOT

Uncle Oscar

 — Christina finally meets my old uncle. by arthor09/27/114.01

Uncle Shom And Sunita Find Time

 — More leisurely yielding to lust after crazy first encounters. by misterwho11/29/064.56HOT

Uncle Shom Is Taken

 — Sunita's sympathy melts into unbridled lust in both of them. by misterwho11/27/064.40

Uncle Shom Spreads Her

 — He lets her feel what she had touched before. by misterwho11/27/064.54HOT

Under the Bed

 — A mature story. by AdamArotti04/30/16

Under the Mistletoe

 — Necessity brings a young man home to work and to love. by komrad115612/21/184.80HOT

Under the Mistletoe - Hung Is He

 — A memorable Christmas with his best friend's mother. by walterio12/29/114.62HOT

Under The Oak Tree

 — The follow-up story to "Under The Cedar Tree". by Original_Aramis12/31/184.53HOT

Underneath Your Clothes Ch. 01

 — She charms him, but will she take him? by TasiasTiger09/15/024.29

Underneath Your Clothes Ch. 02

 — Chloe gives in and takes him to new heights. by TasiasTiger09/16/024.34

Understated Beauty

 — Tragedy brings two future lovers together. by komrad115608/12/164.76HOT


 — Older professor awakens an awkward young student's lust. by angel_grant04/06/104.79HOT

Uneducated 01

 — Two sisters are going to learn. by JimBob4401/01/164.46

Uneducated 02

 — Two sisters learn quickly. by JimBob4401/03/164.72HOT

Unencumbered: the First Encounter

 — Mature on the rebound makes his fantasy a reality. by John_Q_Public08/07/154.39


 — Dad's best friend turns out to be her best lover. by angel_grant09/11/064.70HOT

Unexpected Aftermath

 — An old man's simple affair has consequences. by magmaman06/27/094.59HOT

Unexpected Benefits

 — Its amazing what a relaxing massage will do to a client. by Sweetslit12/02/024.26

Unexpected Encounter

 — Young man comforts grief stricken older woman. by jackstraw209/15/074.36

Unexpected Encounter Ch. 02

 — The completion of a wonderful surprise. by jackstraw209/21/074.45

Unexpected Fun

 — Two friends go shopping to have fun, but they don't shop. by Ceru_Leone06/18/184.28

Unexpected Help

 — Roommate helps with my performance anxiety. by Honeybadgersdream12/18/184.45

Unexpected Love

 — A damaged heart finds love where it least expects. by PolyLvr10/23/104.44

Unexpected Nightcap

 — Sexy young family friend stays for a drink and more. by shakenmartini5511/16/064.39

Unexpected Visitor on Business Trip

 — Sister-in-law makes an unexpected visit. by popeye01/19/034.33

Unintended Lover

 — Unhappy wife plays a daring game under her hubby's nose. by NymphMyosotis03/09/123.97


 — May-December romance blooms in the Cape Cod June. by LilyTigress08/23/054.74HOT

Unique Up On Her

 — 'Impossible' pursuit yields satisfying rewards. by techsan04/05/054.38

University Life Ch. 07

 — A female professor gives stud student riding lessons. by blindjack11/28/064.49

Unknown Destination

 — Two lonely people find one another. by redkissy07/29/174.55HOT

Unknown Destination: Meeting Again

 — Ed and Anna get together again. by redkissy09/27/174.64HOT

Unlawful Love

 — Older woman wanting her oats. by JimRitchins05/14/053.29

Unlawful Romance

 — Teacher changes his life for the better. by Slasher601/19/153.81

Unleashed Desires, Ageless Passions

 — He discovers the passions of the older woman. by JonOwens07/06/074.67HOT

Unleashed Desires, Ageless Passions Ch. 02

 — He discovers the desires and passions of the older woman. by JonOwens07/13/074.67HOT

Unleashed Desires, Ageless Passions Ch. 03

 — Tensions mount in his love & lust for an older woman. by JonOwens07/24/074.67HOT

Unleashed Desires, Ageless Passions Ch. 04

 — He meets the dentist. by JonOwens08/01/074.69HOT

Unleashed Desires, Ageless Passions Ch. 05

 — Marriage hell and loving bliss collide. by JonOwens08/18/074.63HOT

Unlikely Sex Partners

 — Mature writer finds more than a proofreader. by LaPatitMort04/28/094.58HOT


 — Sometimes it's not as hopeless as you think. by humantouch05/23/124.21

Unsuspecting Trophy

 — Girl gets older man. by Curiouswatcher01/07/144.72HOT

Unusual Companions

 — A girl finds a man from her past at a Valentines Day event. by xelliebabex01/30/154.62HOT

Unwelcome Thoughts Pt. 01

 — A man wrestles with his thoughts and tries not to masturbate. by Microbevel804/26/184.30

Unwrapping Presents is Fun!

 — Crashed motorist is rescued on Christmas Eve. by Alex De Kok12/03/054.71HOT

Up All Night Down Under

 — American sailor meets an older woman. by eroticorgasm09/12/014.33

Up And Down

 — An elevator ride takes a detour. by Themoodyone11/02/094.22

Up for Auction Ch. 02

 — Night with a Friend of My Mother. by eroswizard12/23/134.25

Up the Stairs

 — Frank finds passion with a 20 year old sex siren. by Sadie2612/29/024.40


 — New cable boxes bring two wounded lovers together. by komrad115609/26/164.77HOT

Upon a New Dawn

 — A mature woman discovers that she has a young admirer. by Jacqueline195104/26/174.50HOT

Upstairs Infidelities

 — Luna takes a chance and steals Tony away from a party. by Lark_Dolan04/17/194.18

Urology Miracle

 — Sexy Female Doctor and Nurse help test out new medication. by baranbrat06/07/15

Us & Then

 — Celeste said she loved me! by Suite21men08/22/103.31

Use Her

 — A pornstar milf puts her skills to the test. by RiaBella6904/29/173.84

Using Evy

 — Evy wanted me 4 her own, but settled for being used instead. by salvatore3112/18/153.49

USL Wrestling: Match 01

 — Intro - Alex vs. Emily. by USLMAN12/01/174.31


 — A new idea brings two people together forever. by komrad115604/07/184.83HOT

Vacation Slut Pt. 01

 — I continue my sexperience while on vacation. by luvzcock06/09/173.65

Vacation Slut Pt. 02

 — Part 2 of Vacation Slut. by luvzcock06/10/174.21

Vacation Slut Pt. 03

 — Kalrheinz returns. by luvzcock06/15/174.27

Vacuum Man

 — Repair guy is lady's lover - & her daughter's, too. by stoneypoint04/03/074.18

Val's Badminton Ch. 01

 — Val's instruction begins. by maudecardy11/28/084.29

Val's Badminton Ch. 02

 — Val keeps up her training. by maudecardy12/05/084.33

Val's Badminton Ch. 03

 — Val introduces an exercise machine. by maudecardy12/06/084.47

Val's Badminton Ch. 04

 — Val shows off her gym, and her husband. by maudecardy12/07/084.27

Valentine Birthday

 — Lucky girl celebrates three things that night. by HarveyMarcus02/14/024.42

Valentine MILF Comfort

 — Boyfriend gets comfort from her mom, lots of comfort. by CrazyDaveTrucker6001/31/194.27

Valentine's Day Detention

 — Young man has to stay after with hot married teacher. by thehumpman02/03/084.36


 — Sexy neighbour comes across. by Harper211/25/174.23

Valerie Ch. 3

 — She reveals herself to him. by ReturnedOne03/13/024.66HOT


 — Romantic/Sexy/Erotic meeting in Vancouver. by maddie0102/01/084.17

Vancouver Night

 — He receives the truest form of complete giving. by BigDave187109/02/094.27

Vanessa Pt. 01

 — Beautiful 32 year old Latina gets erotic massage. by 60andsensual12/27/174.39

Vanessa Pt. 02

 — My second encounter devouring a 32 year old, sexy Latina. by 60andsensual01/16/194.29


 — The wonder of desire cannot be contained by anything. by AAAtheist07/11/184.83HOT

Varsity Mom Sacks the Quarterback

 — Needy mom sees opportunity with son's friend. by The Mad Splatter10/14/044.52HOT

Vegas Birthday Party

 — Erin turns 40 in the glass elevator. by alwaysupforu200405/24/114.56HOT

Vegas MILF Jackpot Ch. 01

 — Sexy mother of an old friend may heat up "the strip." by SevenDust09/02/083.77

Vengeance Ch. 01

 — An eye for an eye, a life for a life... by Evolution20XX07/27/083.92

Vengeance Ch. 02

 — How can one be so calm in the face of death? by Evolution20XX08/03/084.30

Vengeance Ch. 03

 — Cameron starts to come out of his shell. by Evolution20XX08/07/084.34

Vengeance Ch. 04

 — Cameron and Giovanna finally give in to each other. by Evolution20XX08/10/084.39

Vengeance Ch. 05

 — Vonni pushes Cam, who pushes back harder than expected. by Evolution20XX08/13/084.37

Vengeance Ch. 06

 — Vonni bares all to Cameron. by Evolution20XX08/16/084.52HOT

Vengeance Ch. 07

 — The true puppetmaster reveals himself. by Evolution20XX08/19/084.55HOT

Vengeance Ch. 08

 — Cam and Vonni's story continues to develop. by Evolution20XX09/22/084.30

Vengeance Ch. 09

 — Vonni surrenders herself on the living room floor. by Evolution20XX09/29/084.47

Ventura's Great Adventure

 — Ventura takes on a Toy Boy. by alexcarr04/11/124.33

Ventura's Highway

 — A gorgeous younger man helps an older woman find her roots. by komrad115605/18/174.69HOT

Venus in Her Prime

 — Sean meets an older married woman. by ROBERTODAVO05/22/183.98


 — A young man debauches an eager old woman. by atkins05/29/064.38


 — A young man becomes fascinated with his new neighbour. by Rikki12/16/124.38

Verbal Venom - Raw (Quick Version)

 — Oral treats greet a young man open to an older woman's charm. by MalikalimX01/11/084.16

Veronica & The Bookstore

 — Mature woman surprises adult bookstore browser. by LuvsAShow08/01/044.41

Veronica Ch. 01

 — Veronica falls in love with her father's best friend. by PrincessErin02/15/084.08

Veronica Ch. 02

 — Veronica falls in love with her father's best friend. by PrincessErin02/16/084.40

Veronica Ch. 03

 — Veronica falls in love with her father's best friend. by PrincessErin02/17/084.34

Veronica Ch. 04

 — Veronica falls in love with her father's best friend. by PrincessErin02/18/084.33

Veronica Hot Mature BBW

 — A young man meets a mature BBW for hot steamy sex. by mrstanley10/21/154.32

Very Personal Trainer

 — Young BBW works off extra calories. by slitlicker6911/06/074.42

Very Senior Sex

 — Elderly mistress gets with even older handyman. by ainu08/16/064.68HOT

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 01

 — New vicar starts day with granny gum job. by dass445005/18/044.25

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 05

 — Vicar reveals new depraved world to Rev Jessop. by dass445007/09/044.50HOT

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 06

 — Sisters of Our Lady of Succour surprise vicar. by dass445007/17/044.53HOT

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 07

 — Busty sisters - Marcia & Olivia - can the vicar cope? by dass445007/29/044.56HOT


 — She helsp 65-year-old man with computer & more. by Merob07/12/034.10


 — His boss's wife is his first older BBW woman. by 136909/07/064.19


 — Just a loving story. by timjac212/22/094.27

Vicki's New Massage Techniques

 — He experiences his older masseuse's new techniques. by russeltrust09/01/044.52HOT

Victor and Carly Pt. 02

 — How to spice things up in a study session. by Amourbkqueen10/22/154.41

Victoria the Magnificent

 — Victoria finally gets to marry her daughter's ex-husband. by LiteraryArt78903/30/183.36

Victoria the Magnificent Pt. 02

 — Victoria continues to play mind games with her daughter. by LiteraryArt78907/13/184.33

Victorious Failure Ch. 01

 — College freshman is seduced by his neighbor. by Mr_Exposition07/24/064.42

Video Of Kim

 — Co -worker discovers fellow female worker naked on net. by MrRobbur07/09/09

Video Story: Coed Jessa and the Professor

 — Blonde coed Jessa's flirting leads to her first blowjob. by LitTV01/16/173.87

Video Story: Riley Reid and the Mechanic

 — Stranded girl is rescued by passing mechanic, who she happily rewards. by LitTV01/09/173.50

Violets Are Blue

 — Violet's bad day brightens when her old teacher calls her. by AARON FINLEY05/04/034.32

Vipin Uncle and Mom

 — An Indian Bengali mom has sex with neighbour as son watches. by bigshotinthebush11/19/094.18

Virgin in the Grass

 — Young virgin lets older neighbor take her. by AnAmericanDarling05/21/084.06

Virgin Man's First Sex

 — He's taught by a older woman. by nnjnyclookingforfun01/12/064.21

Virginia's Ambition

 — Boisterous threesome with the boss & his wife. by johnniedee00408/21/044.57HOT

Virtue in Iniquity

 — An older man and younger woman have an arrangement. by Malraux11/26/164.63HOT

Vishal's Sex Adventure

 — He learns to fuck, from his teacher. by sexlover_9411/13/133.93


 — A love of the elderly leads a younger man to love. by komrad115611/15/164.83HOT

Visiting 'tant Shirl

 — The line between exotic and erotic is a very thin one. by AaronAardvark06/14/174.43

Visiting Janice

 — Toy Boy delight. by alexcarr08/16/113.83

Visiting My Old High School

 — His fantasies of Mrs. Ross are fulfilled. by JoeDreamer01/14/064.68HOT

Viviana's First Old Man

 — Viviana gets attacked and loves it. by NaughtyDaisy216912/10/173.96

Viviana's First Old Man Pt. 02

 — Viviana enjoys time with Mr. Jones after last week's adventure. by NaughtyDaisy216912/12/174.21

Vixen or Angel

 — Young lady takes advantage of older gent. by Foxe-Male06/23/024.19

Vonna's Photo Shoot

 — Mr. Marcus does a second spread on Vonna. by HarveyMarcus05/05/104.53HOT

Vote Slut

 — "You turned eighteen last Thursday?" by Decayed Angel11/13/063.98

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