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House Guest Ch. 02

 — Vicky tries to teach Joey a lesson. by ilovematurewomen01/05/033.88

House Hunting

 — A chance encounter, an older woman, and some real estate. by the dreamseeker09/14/024.36

House Hunting

 — Professor goes house hunting and catches a cougar. by Fubai09/04/174.31

House Hunting with Mary

 — Middle age guy and woman hook up to celebrate. by Waltdurham08/02/164.21

House Hunting with Mary Ch. 02

 — In the shower fun. by Waltdurham08/19/164.25

House Sitting

 — Lust, desire, a rainy night...and no wife. by Rhiannon_Nyx05/20/084.04

House Sitting

 — A young man encounters his hot MILF neighbor. by Thumper_Harder01/15/164.52HOT

House Sitting Ch. 02

 — A young man house sits for a horny housewife. by Thumper_Harder04/08/164.56HOT

House Sitting Ch. 03

 — A young man continues his adventure with the Milf next door. by Thumper_Harder05/04/164.62HOT

House Sitting for Aunty Jean

 — Paul house sits for Aunty Jean and becomes a man. by Moondrift07/21/064.54HOT

House Swap

 — Fate brings an older woman to a younger man. by komrad115611/12/164.78HOT

Houseboat Log Ch. 01

 — Christening my houseboat, a wet, wild woman helps me. by professionalpaul02/17/134.36

Houseboat Log Ch. 02

 — Continued adventures on the Wet n Wild on the Gulf Coast. by professionalpaul02/27/134.60HOT

Houseboat Log Ch. 03

 — Cruising with Ellie, morning and evening fun on the water. by professionalpaul03/05/134.61HOT

Houseboat Log Ch. 04

 — Oral delights and a cum slut discovery and pact. by professionalpaul05/11/134.66HOT

Houseboat Log Ch. 05

 — A Pirate's Life For Me!! by professionalpaul07/15/134.58HOT

Household Chores Ch. 01

 — Helping out my new landlady. by SamScribble04/05/124.44

Household Chores Ch. 02

 — And a helping hand for my landlady's friend. by SamScribble04/10/124.51HOT

Housekeeping Ch. 01

 — Tom meets the new housekeeper and has a fantasy. by ShafterParker03/05/083.38

Housemate Ch. 01

 — Young woman renting from older man leads to passion. by peacekeeper2504/23/064.41

Housewares Assistance

 — Big woman enjoys great customer service. by billspeak09/07/023.92

Housewife Hookers

 — Starting and running a business. by jjones904/17/102.51

Housewife Hookups Pt. 01

 — Jane and her husband discover what turns them both on. by Ravisher7103/03/164.31

Housewife's Summer Adventures

 — Housewife seduced and controlled by her young neighbor. by walterio04/26/184.49

Housewives Club Pt. 01

 — Wife's adventures. by amorouslion09/10/174.51HOT

Housewives Club Pt. 02

 — Housewives Club: adventures continue. by amorouslion09/14/174.62HOT

Housewives Club Pt. 03

 — Luscious Dimples - Adventures Continue. by amorouslion11/18/174.60HOT

Housewives Club Pt. 04

 — Adventures of a horny housewife - continues. by amorouslion10/12/184.24

Hove Housewife's Awakening Ch. 01

 — How a nice Hove housewife became a naughty girl. by ChloeStevens01/05/194.38

Hove Housewife's Awakening Ch. 02

 — A Good housewife continues her journey. by ChloeStevens01/11/194.39

Hove Housewife's Awakening Ch. 03

 — Former clean living housewife releases her inner slut. by ChloeStevens02/16/194.42

How Bad Can It Get?

 — Do any good deeds go unpunished? by imhapless03/04/124.58HOT

How Did I Get Here?

 — He speculates on how he got into sexual situation. by Ed061303/16/034.41

How Did It Happen?

 — A married women gives herself a reward for faithfulness. by PIA6903/05/094.01

How Do I Tell Him??

 — Anniversary gift has unintended consequences. by dispatcher5911/01/183.85

How Does Your Garden Grow?

 — Getting all out of life (and black cock) while you can. by sr71plt04/17/134.25

How Far Would You Go With...

 — ...your mother-in-law? What would they do for £1,000,000? by milfocker10/28/064.35

How For the Teacher

 — Student-teacher wants her supervising teacher. by 4thecuse07/30/113.42

How I Became a Cad

 — A summer intern gains valuable experience. by RandyVicar08/18/154.22

How I Became a Slut Ch. 02

 — My mother's boyfriend. by sophiewilliams09/15/104.29

How I Became Just Plain Bill

 — William the boy becomes Bill the man. by WildaRaven01/01/064.34

How I Blew My Rent, Literally!

 — How I gave my rent a blowjob... by BigBigPRN10/15/143.99

How I Ended Up on the Internet

 — College guy gets with hot MILF on vacation. by fittytuck09/15/054.24

How I Made My Bf's Day

 — He was stressed so much and so I gave him sex massage. by sumona11/04/163.73

How I met Judge De Rubio

 — Payback is a bitch. by seattlejack11/29/174.09

How I Met Margret

 — Young Stud revisits first night with Cougar fiance. by Mordecai9102/20/134.35

How I Paid The Rent

 — Young girl finds a way to get a job and pay the rent. by JRob03/29/134.33

How I Paid The Rent Ch. 02

 — Young woman continues to find ways to pay rent, keep her job. by JRob05/10/134.61HOT

How I Paid The Rent Ch. 03

 — She satisfies tenants and boss with special talents. by JRob06/09/134.59HOT

How I Paid The Rent Ch. 04

 — Young woman makes tenents happy with her special talents. by JRob07/12/134.55HOT

How I Spent My First Summer

 — Newly retired teacher enjoys his first summer after divorce. by furryfan10/29/124.46

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

 — Students aren't the only ones with busy summers. by mabsls09/19/174.79HOT

How It All Started

 — Young neighbor learns from a middle age widow. by thongcladtommi10/27/084.27

How Many Times Can 66 Go Into 38?

 — Older man surprises a younger woman with his stamina. by walterio02/19/084.56HOT

How Many Times Can 66 Go Into 38? Ch. 02

 — Action at Barb's wedding, then a Caribbean cruise. by walterio09/16/084.58HOT

How Many Times Can 66 Go Into 38? Ch. 03

 — More unexpected encounters on the Cruise Ship. by walterio09/18/084.59HOT

How Many Times Can 66 Go Into 38? Ch. 04

 — The cuise continues with SCUBA and muff diving. by walterio09/24/084.59HOT

How My Cheating Wife Saved Our Marr

 — Affair with another man rekindles the fires of passion. by tin_man33409/30/133.60

How My Mother Discovered Sex

 — Mom at 70 is shown the wonders of sex. by maggie200205/06/024.24

How My Pussy Became Bald

 — How she became clean shaven. by 98941girl04/13/063.82

How Romantic

 — Sex for oldies in the pits unleashes romance. by egmontgrigor201005/28/104.50HOT

How That Douchebag Got That Bitch

 — Or maybe it's the other way around? by PayDay12/08/114.67HOT

How To Be a Good Mentor

 — A new teacher has issues. Can his mentor help him out? by Voboy01/20/174.85HOT

How to Boil a Frog

 — Two strangers - trapped together in a cabin in the woods. by Seanathon03/29/144.57HOT

How To End The Week

 — Having fun in my garden. by suelove5810/31/114.60HOT

How to Get an A

 — Student persuades teacher to give her a better grade. by muffinmurray03/26/084.36

How To Keep Your Daughter Safe

 — She takes the edge off of her daughter's date. by Giln12/18/073.91

How to Seduce an Old Woman

 — Learn to screw a septagenarian - from an expert. by atkins11/15/054.27

Hubris of Youth

 — Young man meets a strangely familiar older woman. by ilikeithot630805/11/164.80HOT

Hubris of Youth Pt. 02

 — Part 2. by ilikeithot630801/11/174.84HOT

Hulls' Hunters

 — A tale of the hidden side of the city of Hull, England. by sbaggyblurb12/23/082.90

Human Candy

 — Joe and I find ourselves in an alleyway. by AnAmericanDarling06/21/104.02

Hunchback Road

 — While Daddy sleeps, she and older man sex it up. by AnAmericanDarling03/23/114.25

Hung Jury

 — Four women enjoy their erotic vacation. by Lola4909/11/09

Hurricane and Home-made Wine

 — Maddie takes a detour through the past. by Jack_Venango03/17/074.46

Husband's Away

 — You seduce him while hubby is away. by alanc08/01/024.03

Hypnotic Conquests

 — Professor uses hypnosis to seduce two women. by masterhypnotist07/03/024.66HOT

I Allowed Him a Kiss

 — One kiss may lead so far. by zeshanan11/24/064.45

I Am A Teacher

 — Why she began to teach young men. by AWesTexUn10/25/014.62HOTContest Winner

I Am A Teacher: Brian

 — She continue her tutoring with her second student. by AWesTexUn11/07/014.59HOT

I Betrayed Her

 — An older family friend is played by a younger woman. by capt1310/24/064.15

I Call Her Amy

 — I came, I saw, I lusted, I... by Nakod Apa06/17/064.74HOT

I Call on Virginia

 — Despite age differences, they enjoy making love. by Boxlicker10108/01/044.24

I Can't Get Enough

 — Mature real estate agent seduces her young client. by joan65811/16/074.49

I Check Out The Checkout Girl

 — A cashier and an older man find lust and maybe more. by rutger503/10/174.62HOT

I Could Be Her Grandfather

 — Lonely older man is infatuated by a homely teen. by Madabouthair01/17/134.37

I Fucked My Daughter's Boyfriend

 — My daughter's boyfriend walks in as I'm taking my dress off. by BeachOnTheRox08/06/124.28

I Fucked My Teacher

 — I'm a horny 18 year old and I fucked my 30 year old teacher. by JoeBenn9090912/19/161.88

I Fucked Your Mom

 — Brandon's teenage fantasy comes true 15 years later. by bbw4youngercocks102/09/094.39

I Get Bullied, My Mom Gets Fucked

 — College football player fucks MILF after pissing on her son. by I_Love_MILF01/04/193.26

I Had a Jack-Hammer

 — College boy + a hot mom from the neighborhood = sparks fly! by Swampcooler12/14/154.70HOT

I Hate Valentine's Day

 — 18-year-old is seduced by her neighbor. by eighteen and wet01/28/054.13

I Helped A Young Lad

 — Married woman teaches 18-year-old about sex. by ARGEE01/15/034.39

I Hope Jeremy Didn't Hear

 — A mother takes the cherry of her son's friend. by mikeinto01/22/104.20

I Like It BIG

 — A doctor who has a thing for 32G breast. by 32Gor34DD07/16/163.55

I Like Older Ladies

 — At work and play. by tallone12312/13/154.52HOT

I Look Like Jail Bait-Blind Date Ch. 01

 — Kim roleplays with an older, perverted man she met online. by ILookLikeJailBait10/07/164.38

I Look Like Jail Bait-Blind Date Ch. 02

 — Kim meets a stranger, a much older man that she met online. by ILookLikeJailBait10/10/164.35

I Love College Girls

 — A tutoring lesson turns steamy. by EdwardSteele06/12/123.36

I Love My Aunty Ch. 03

 — Aunt Beatrice wants me to screw her friend. by Sucker4Boobies09/23/164.44

I Love Older Women

 — A mature lady admirer speaks of his latest tryst. by bbw4youngercocks101/28/084.38

I Love Older Women Ch. 01

 — I've had these extreme desires for older women. by Jckadams2508/16/104.04

I Love Older Women Ch. 02

 — What a way for boss Kerry to discuss Paul's promotion! by bbw4youngercocks106/30/084.52HOT

I Love Older Women Ch. 03

 — Paul has a way of satisfying a tough customer. by bbw4youngercocks107/01/084.52HOT

I Love Paris

 — Romantic trip to Paris gets hot. by patuk5401/03/034.65HOT

I Made It Home, Finally

 — And everyone accepted my being there. by cindylynn3401/03/184.36

I Miss You

 — Door closes and you're mine. by Euphoria_01/29/104.39

I Need It

 — Boss gets what she wants. by blkpython0301/26/052.72

I Need My Daddy

 — She finds a surrogate daddy. by midnightfalcon02/13/104.44

I Need To Be In Love

 — He helps older woman erase her past.. by eroslit05/14/034.50HOT

I Needed A Ride

 — High school senior hits up his parents friends for a ride. by melbclayman02/02/154.22

I Never Did That

 — "What happens in Vegas..." by magmaman06/25/124.26

I Shouldn't Have...But I Did

 — An older woman finds pleasure with a young man. by EZ_CUM_EZ_GO10/04/094.57HOT

I Think I Might Regret This Ch. 01

 — An older man meets a young seductress. by O204/07/174.61HOT

I Think I Might Regret This Ch. 02

 — Jay meets Amber and makes a deal with the girls. by O204/15/174.66HOT

I Think I Might Regret This Ch. 04

 — Jay realizes he has no regrets. by O204/24/184.59HOT

I Think You Are Man Enough

 — "Aunty" agrees that a young man's grown. by ErrantWayfarer04/20/074.30

I Thought I Hated Him

 — Antagonistic co-workers collide. by firstkiss04/08/074.59HOTEditor's Pick

I Thought I Hated Him Ch. 02

 — The situation escalates. by firstkiss04/16/074.77HOTEditor's Pick

I Thought I Hated Him Ch. 03

 — We both get what we want. by firstkiss04/26/074.79HOTEditor's Pick

I Thought I Hated Him Ch. 04

 — It's better than she expected. by firstkiss05/03/074.81HOT

I Thought I Hated Him Ch. 05

 — Things don't go smoothly at the office. by firstkiss05/24/074.77HOT

I Thought I Hated Him Ch. 06

 — Sometimes you have to fight for what you want. by firstkiss08/30/074.80HOT

I Thought I Hated Him Ch. 07

 — Conflict leads to surprising results. by firstkiss09/25/074.83HOT

I Thought I Hated Him Ch. 08

 — What the future holds. by firstkiss10/16/074.79HOT

I Thought I Hated Him Ch. 09

 — Despite everything, Daniel is still the boss. by firstkiss10/20/074.83HOT

I Thought I Hated Him Ch. 10

 — Conclusion. by firstkiss10/21/074.86HOT

I Waited Twenty Years

 — I know mature women - I waited twenty years for this pussy. by LynnGKS08/03/114.47

I Waited Twenty Years Ch. 02

 — My pussy hurts, my tits are sore – I can’t fuck like this. by LynnGKS08/07/114.50HOT

I Waited Twenty Years Ch. 03

 — I took my time and enjoyed hearing the horny bitch beg. by LynnGKS09/25/114.47

I Waited Twenty Years Ch. 04

 — She'd done two guys a lot, but this was her first train. by LynnGKS10/14/114.48

I Would Do Anything Ch. 03

 — A continuation of a story about a boy obsessed with breasts. by braandknickers04/19/144.27

I Would Do Anything Ch. 04

 — Young man finally pleases his Mistress. by braandknickers04/26/144.58HOT

I'd Like You To Meet...Ch. 1

 — Busty blonde girlfriend's mom is even bustier. by quad6804/16/013.83

I'd Like You To Meet...Ch. 2

 — Busty blonde's Mom exposes talents. by quad6804/19/014.36

I'd Like You To Meet...Ch. 3

 — Busty mom pushes the boundaries. by quad6804/23/014.36

I'd Like You To Meet...Ch. 4

 — busty blonde daughter and mother reconcile differences by quad6805/04/014.40

I'd Like You To Meet...Ch. 5

 — Busty mom & daughter reach surprise climax. by quad6805/10/014.29

I'd Rather Have Her Mom

 — Not just your typical boy-meets-woman story... by Zazbek07/27/014.55HOT

I'll Just Borrow Matt, Sweetheart

 — Kathy's Mom tries out daughter's boyfriend. by Frederick Carol02/16/024.58HOT

I'll Respect You in the Morning Ch. 01

 — Married, but not to each other. by espeteroh09/21/054.41

I'll Take Care Of You

 — A son discovers that his mom makes porno videos. by EvieLynZasse01/02/143.82

I'm 18 Now

 — An offer from a former student. by notemale08/27/064.29

I'm a Good Girl

 — My master made me meet an older man... and do dirty things. by MasterandCheekypants09/10/153.60

I'm a Whore

 — Over 40 years in the oldest profession by arobbins10/18/103.90

I'm An Adult Now!

 — Tira learns how hot best friend's father really is. by wildtiger6003/01/024.42

I'm An Adult Now! Ch. 2

 — Tira gets to be a tease. by wildtiger6003/07/024.60HOT

I'm An Adult Now! Ch. 3

 — Tira gets what she wants and more. by wildtiger6003/08/024.65HOT

I'm Lost & Horny

 — Weary traveler finds a warm farmer's welcome. by footshrimper06/21/024.05

I'm not Done with You

 — A young professor gets schooled in sex by her older dean. by vegasokie0309/25/154.73HOT

I'm Young with Two Mature Women

 — Finally in Grad school and I find two eager neighbors. by Xesevoli03/14/124.40

I've Always Been Incorrigible

 — Even as a senior citizen, Oliver Tyler had a one track mind. by VeryDirtyMind02/20/174.61HOT

I've Been Missing Out Ch. 01

 — Sex was never like this in my old days. by SylviaG02/09/094.42

I've Been Missing Out Ch. 02

 — My first date for years upsets my friends. by SylviaG02/11/094.46

I've Been Missing Out Ch. 03

 — I make a big mistake. by SylviaG02/13/094.55HOT

Ian's Side of the Story

 — From a man's point of view. by lovelyladyfaire01/14/144.50HOT

Ice and a Fire

 — Passion evolves from an icy road incident. by Windshadow02/09/044.62HOT

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