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Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 01

 — 18 year old scores brownie points with bored boy scout mums by mangrove jack04/06/034.38

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 02

 — Former beauty queen tries out young helper by mangrove jack04/07/034.53HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 03

 — He tries to seduce leggy timid boy scout mum. by mangrove jack04/08/034.53HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 04

 — Businessmen pay him to look after Bored wives by mangrove jack04/09/034.59HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 05

 — He describes Darlene as "a great fuck". by mangrove jack04/11/034.55HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 06

 — He finally gets shy timid Jennifer. by mangrove jack04/12/034.61HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 07

 — Angelique and Darlene`s Pussy hairs cause problems by mangrove jack04/16/034.53HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 08

 — A wild drunken pussy shaving evening by mangrove jack04/18/034.60HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 09

 — Bitch teacher gets it in the arse by mangrove jack04/22/034.55HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 10

 — Mousy mothers makeover ends in adult shop sex by mangrove jack04/23/034.62HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 11

 — The foreplay method of Ballroom dancing. by mangrove jack04/27/034.61HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 12

 — The governor's wife and her Secretary liven up the ball. by mangrove jack04/28/034.67HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 13

 — A hand job and an ass job after the ball. by mangrove jack05/01/034.57HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 14

 — After dinner high jinks with reluctant Mum. by mangrove jack05/03/034.63HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 15

 — Banker's wife uses Richard to square the ledger. by mangrove jack05/07/034.63HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 16

 — Business woman seeks no strings attached sex. by mangrove jack05/12/034.63HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 17

 — Things develop with pregnant photographer mum. by mangrove jack05/14/034.60HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 18

 — Mature ex prostitute loves sex. by mangrove jack05/18/034.63HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 19

 — His boss pleads make me pregnant by mangrove jack06/08/034.68HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 20

 — Richard scores with 45-year-old Japanese virgin. by mangrove jack07/08/034.70HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 21

 — Two pregnant already, will Asuka join the club? by mangrove jack08/17/034.67HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 22

 — The South African Ladies; if they only knew. by mangrove jack11/04/034.62HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 25

 — Richard transforms abused Mum. by mangrove jack06/30/054.63HOT

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 27

 — Mrs Macintyre and the theatre's VIP box. by mangrove jack01/26/064.68HOT

Boy Toy - Not!

 — Two unlikely lovers. by darkstone5705/08/084.20

Boys for Toys

 — Mature woman enjoys numerous younger men. by ShaeLeeTanner11/15/184.42

Boys Will Play

 — Mom's friends watch over son's 18th party. by MelbourneBoi08/13/044.37


 — Angela gets to know the gardener very well! by suziesdad11/05/134.43

Brad Clooney - Troubleshooter

 — Toy shop woes - Sexy MILF needs help. by TeamEquipe12/11/164.30

Brad's Nosy Dad

 — The things a father can find on the family computer. by JustLikeEwe08/04/104.56HOT

Brandon Fulfills a Lifelong Fantasy

 — A young stud reconnects with the milf of his dreams. by milfwriter2608/01/184.51HOT

Brandon Meets Justine

 — College guy meets older woman at the gym. by CoolCucumber04/13/014.13

Brass Beds

 — The director was a pain in the butt for more than one person. by MSTarot03/17/134.64HOT

Brave Little Slut

 — June and Harry do it whilst hubby's out cold. by English Bob05/24/014.02


 — Looks like you have car trouble. by Zrnko_Pisku11/04/123.90

Breakfast at Harry's

 — Ed wakes up at Harriet's after wedding. by Ed061301/01/014.47

Breakfast in Bed

 — Using strawberries as erotic stimulation. by Tripper_Dude08/16/023.95

Breaking Barriers

 — Two women and a man conquering all restraints. by misterwho11/24/134.68HOT

Breaking Kerrie

 —  A women finding out about her true self. by bigboy114502/18/113.31

Breathing in JonGe Blues

 — A tale of loving friends. by femmefatales10/21/084.30

Bree and Tom

 — Bree has no limits. by acdd12307/14/073.27

Bree's Plans Progress

 — Whilst the wife is stuck downstairs... by acdd12303/31/073.98


 — Opportunity knocks. by clarissaj198206/09/164.12

Brenda & the Boys

 — A woman's dream of having two men at once! by tenbears4302/07/104.20

Brenda's Beautique

 — A shampoo, a hair cut, and more. by Silverstag09/02/054.44

Brenda's Misadventure

 — Mature woman gets discount on siding. by TonyMA7002/14/184.34

Brian's Mom

 — Virgin teen discovers his best friend's mom. by Madam-Cecilia12/12/014.39

Bribing the Babysitter

 — Married man asks the babysitter to indulge his fetish. by Mister_Shy08/15/184.58HOT


 — Renewal of wedding vows brings generations together. by Kathi12/24/054.75HOT

Bridesmaids Are Easy

 — Younger man, older woman are paired up at a wedding. by bigcarl79606/02/104.39

Bridesmaids Are Easy Ch. 02

 — First time anal sex. by bigcarl79606/16/104.55HOT

Bridge Club Benefits

 — Timmy finds fun and frolick in his mom's bridge club. by dirtyjoe6908/04/064.43

Bridge Club Benefits Ch. 02

 — The cards keep getting dealt. by dirtyjoe6909/11/064.43

Bridge Club Benefits Ch. 03

 — Tim, Maggie, Frank, & Irene get down to business. by dirtyjoe6910/24/064.49

Bridge Club Benefits Ch. 05

 — The fucking begins. by dirtyjoe6910/26/064.56HOT

Bridge the Gap

 — A mature librarian blackmails a student into serving her. by Croony05/24/174.48

Briefs and Heat

 — A walk in the city and an invitation into her apartment. by walterg06/12/144.37

Brighton Grad - Wedded Bliss

 — A hot honeymoon. by VictorBlum12/18/094.59HOT

Brighton Graduate Ch. 01

 — His classmate's mother has a dancer's body. by VictorBlum02/06/084.61HOT

Brighton Graduate Ch. 02

 — Walter continues with his classmate's mother. by VictorBlum02/24/084.49

Brighton Graduate Ch. 03

 — The story of a grad & his classmate's mom continues. by VictorBlum04/02/084.65HOT

Brighton Graduate Ch. 04

 — Black milf/white college grad romance gets kinkier. by VictorBlum04/03/084.48

Brighton Graduate Ch. 05

 — A black MILF and a white 18 year old get more. by VictorBlum07/28/094.63HOT

Bring Your Curiosity

 — A girl learns to like it rough - from her best friend's dad. by angel_grant01/31/104.62HOT

Bringing Home a Surprise

 — Mike helps a homeless family. by FLrider10/29/144.45

Bringing Sarah Home

 — Maybe a neighbor & a mother can finally get my wife off. by atkins06/01/084.47

Britney's Trip

 — A sexy reader visits her favorite author. by Pop-O08/06/034.46

Brittany's Do-Over

 — An awkward question puts a former student in a tricky spot. by Voboy01/22/184.82HOT

Brodie's Bar

 — Haven wants Damien. by nawteagirl03/10/123.78

Brodie's Bar Ch. 02

 — Damien drives Haven home. by nawteagirl03/16/124.31

Broke Down Car

 — Tim's car breaks down, a housewife helps out. by stoneypoint07/11/074.20

Broken Dreams Valentine's Day

 — Losing a wife, he trained a replacement, but for which? by CrazyDaveTrucker6001/22/194.60HOT

Brooke Doesn't Have These

 — Mrs. Russell felt bad when her daughter dumped Ethan. by VeryDirtyMind06/23/184.29

Brother Fills In For Absent Sister Ch. 02

 — She takes her turn with daughter's guy. by walterio05/06/074.61HOT

Brother in Law's Mom

 — Sex with older woman. by mustanger7up03/05/034.42

Brotherly Love

 — A wife tempted to fuck her brother-in-law. by westcoastjohn11/11/143.64

Brown Eyes

 — A flat tire brings true love to a younger woman. by komrad115612/20/164.73HOT

Brown Eyes in the Storm

 — John took a ride into hell. For Wendy he would do it twice. by MSTarot09/07/154.77HOT

Brownies and Bliss

 — Hot hook-up at a seminar. by kristenreads02/24/134.23

Bruce - A Role Change Ch. 01

 — Bruce had not expected all the changes which followed. by MaryGrangerx4311/01/184.27

Bryan and Kara

 — Bi man gets a night with his big beautiful dream girl. by bbw4youngercocks102/08/094.16

Bryan's Song Ch. 01

 — Middle aged woman learns a young man is interested. by abbeynormal01/28/044.56HOT

Bryan's Song Ch. 02

 — Debra and Bryan's story continues. by abbeynormal03/02/044.58HOT


 — He has his list, she has hers - can they get a twofer? by romancer11/05/184.60HOT

Buggies & Boobs

 — Passion in the old fashioned. by K.R.S.08/10/043.99

Bully Came To Dinner

 — Denise starts something with her son's tormentor. by PerilEyes01/08/154.25

Bunch O'Dicks Ch. 02

 — John meets Laura in Paris. by Tarbut12/27/084.33

Burgundy Lips

 — He's seduced by two mature women. by qdata04/04/064.12

Burnin' For You Ch. 01

 — Fiery young Irish woman has some partying fun. by sexysmrfgrl03/05/073.77

Burning Desires

 — She wants to feel your body. by AutumnWind02/07/034.01

Bus Ride

 — I might have loved if she had given me a blow job on the bus. by Middleagepoet11/28/093.24

Bus Ride

 — Some strange things can never be explained. by nottoold10/26/103.95

Bus Ride - Delhi

 — Enjoyment on a bus ride in the city of sluts. by anirban260110/20/083.96

Bus Ride to Albany

 — An older woman makes Kenny's trip fun. by kennylong02/20/084.53HOT

Bus Stop

 — A delightful romance begins at a bus stop. by egmontgrigor201001/26/104.46

Bus Stop Girl

 — Todd has some fun with the girl at the bus stop. by shellyvilla10/13/024.35

Bus Stop Rendezvous

 — She'd seen him here before. by harley2307/07/044.14

Bus Strangers to Lovers in Hotel Ch. 01

 — Like-minded people meet on a bus and turn sex partners. by cuteboy_adult12/07/173.13

Bus Strangers to Lovers in Hotel Ch. 02

 — Like-minded people meet on a bus, agree to become sex partner. by cuteboy_adult12/10/173.50

Bus Strangers to Lovers in Hotel Ch. 03

 — 2 strangers a day before, now become passionate lovers. by cuteboy_adult12/20/174.25

Business After Pleasure

 — Korey woke up disappointed. by thebeautifulmind03/29/083.52

Business and Pleasure

 — Young assistant makes business flight not quite so boring. by StarrKist01/19/143.83

Business and Pleasure Ch. 02

 — A Hot Hotel Room. by StarrKist02/13/144.25

Business and Pleasure Ch. 04

 — Dani makes Ron feel powerful and leveraged. by StarrKist03/16/144.47

Business Lunch

 — They decide not to go back after lunch. by jase_conner08/17/054.47

Businesswoman in a Tucson Hotel

 — An older woman give into adultery with a writer by spoonbender01/18/033.91


 — Busted smoking dope, she must pay. by Melody10/20/054.20

Butterfly Whirlwind

 — A wild quickie between teacher and student. by Harold Masters03/28/023.76

Buttons on the Printer

 — Which buttons make the printer work... by Arackados04/27/183.86

By The Hand of a Woman

 — Her beauty took his mind prisoner. by nemo_quill06/19/024.23

By the Light of the Fire

 — A woman shares a special night with a younger man. by linkznut05/23/114.63HOT

By the Numbers

 — A Book Club discussion of real life for twelve real women. by hickoryfarmer03/18/104.03

By The Pool

 — Jean misbehaves. by Gabriel_Lee10/22/01

C'mon Blue

 — Softball mom gives umpire the business. by redpilldad07/12/174.19

C.N.A. Story Ch. 01

 — Young man and the respiratory therapist have a secret. by bluefox0710/28/064.55HOT

Cabin Fever

 — Stranded in a Rocky Mountain cabin, passions ignite. by sticky_cherry_syrup06/30/08HOT

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