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Babydoll Ch. 06

 — Getting ready for the night. by The Fantasizer11/07/064.60HOT

Babydoll Ch. 07

 — Happy New Year! by The Fantasizer03/09/074.66HOT

Babydoll Ch. 08

 — Back home for Spring Break. by The Fantasizer04/01/074.59HOT

Babydoll Ch. 09

 — Spring Break, the next day. by The Fantasizer06/05/074.64HOT

Babydoll Ch. 10

 — Spring Break : damn, that was close. by The Fantasizer11/20/094.54HOT

Babydoll Ch. 11

 — Thanksgiving - Homecumming with the family. by The Fantasizer11/18/124.45

Babydoll Ch. 12

 — Jill, Ashley, and Christmas. by The Fantasizer12/17/124.39

Babydoll Ch. 13

 — Home alone. by The Fantasizer12/22/124.62HOT

Babydoll Ch. 14

 — Another night with my Babydoll. by The Fantasizer12/27/134.65HOT

Babydoll Ch. 15

 — Winter wonderland. by The Fantasizer07/03/144.72HOT

Babydoll Ch. 16

 — New Year's Eve - the Date. by The Fantasizer08/14/144.72HOT

Babydoll Ch. 17

 — New Year's Day. by The Fantasizer09/27/144.54HOT

Babydoll Ch. 18

 — Who needs who? by The Fantasizer12/08/144.60HOT

Babydoll Ch. 19

 — Temptations. by The Fantasizer12/23/144.58HOT

Babydoll Ch. 20

 — The Deep End. by The Fantasizer12/27/144.53HOT

Babydoll Ch. 21

 — Little John. by The Fantasizer12/11/154.60HOT

Babydoll Ch. 22

 — Baptism by Fire. by The Fantasizer12/19/154.40

Babydoll Ch. 23

 — Christmas and New York for New Year's Eve. by The Fantasizer10/06/164.56HOT

Babydoll Ch. 24

 — Wedding Time ("Bachelor Party"). by The Fantasizer10/13/164.49

Babydoll Ch. 25

 — Wedding and Honeymoon. by The Fantasizer10/19/164.45

Babydoll Ch. 26

 — Complications. by The Fantasizer10/25/164.47

Babydoll Ch. 27

 — Babydoll Forever. by The Fantasizer10/27/164.70HOT


 — How it all began... by JaneDoe3104/04/164.26

BabyGirl becomes Mommy & Daddy's Slut

 — Daddy and Mommy claim their daughter's virginity. by BouncyBabyGirl01/15/174.37

Babygirl Megan

 — When Mom's away, Daddy will play. by Sadie2611/30/024.43

Babygirl Megan Ch. 02

 — Mom returns and the 3some follows. by Sadie2612/29/024.49


 — Sister rewards him for a favour. by TheDarkCloud10/10/074.18

Babysitting at Aunt Patty's Part 1

 — College-aged nephew has a new experience at his aunt's house. by PJeremy04/20/074.52HOT

Babysitting Benefits

 — Favor to family creates dream opportunity. by Velius Ironhorn05/21/054.15

Babysitting for Aunt Michelle

 — Nephew comforts neglected Aunt while babysitting. by cubbiefan8403/28/074.30

Babysitting My Aunt

 — Teen girl get together with mom and aunt. by gen_man6912/08/094.41

Babysitting My Aunt Ch. 02

 — Jenny meets her best friend Kelly and things get hot. by gen_man6901/17/104.60HOT

Babysitting My Aunt Ch. 03

 — Jenny has a foursome! by gen_man6905/21/154.61HOT

Babysitting My Cousin

 — My 18 year old cousin and our surprise sleeping arrangement. by bobcat75310/07/143.81

Babysitting My Niece

 — Uncle babysits 18-year-old niece. by Sweetness05/28/043.82

Babysitting Sister

 — He takes his sister for the first time. by standingstones10/18/164.26

Babysitting the Aunt Kay Way

 — She was doing her sister a favor. by MisterReason12/06/124.25


 — Daddy tucks in 18-year-old daughter. by plaidskirt07/06/044.37

Bachelor Party - Sister Pinch Hits

 — Fiance's little sis crashes party, gets creamed. by Personaltrain6910/23/084.01

Bachelor Party Fuck-Up

 — Revenge plan goes awry. by carrieoct1511/03/084.29

Bachelor Party Panic

 — Male stripper has to dance for gf and sister. by Grillytilly10/23/164.57HOT

Back Again

 — A father's taboo desire for this daughter. by joan18252507/27/073.14

Back at the Bakersfield Motel Ch. 01

 — Bad weather strands cousins at a familiar motel. by MemberX04/04/134.35

Back at the Bakersfield Motel Ch. 02

 — Outdoor fun leads to indoor fun for the two cousins. by MemberX01/23/124.52HOT

Back at the Bakersfield Motel Ch. 03-04

 — Donny's cousin comes to his room that night. by MemberX01/27/124.41

Back Bedroom

 — Surprise in the middle of the day with son. by soncurious09/10/084.05

Back Door to Heaven

 — I find out what's going on everyone's back...and Taya's. by Erectocrat07/08/133.79

Back from College

 — Is Seth's daughter trying to allure him, or is he crazy? by sxylilslut01/22/094.26

Back From Iraq

 — Amy comforts her brother upon return from the war. by Quinze08/25/094.35

Back From Iraq Ch. 02

 — Things continue to heat up between Jack and his sister, Amy. by Quinze08/29/094.34

Back From Iraq Ch. 03

 — Amy and Jack let their passion run wild. by Quinze09/01/094.45

Back From Iraq Ch. 04

 — Jack gets under Amy's skin. by Quinze09/03/094.46

Back From Iraq Ch. 05

 — Jack benefits from Amy's jealousy. by Quinze09/06/094.50HOT

Back From Iraq Ch. 06

 — Hungry Amy visits her husband at the office. by Quinze09/09/094.49

Back From Iraq Ch. 07

 — Amy visits Jack and Yolanda. by Quinze09/10/094.53HOT

Back From Iraq Ch. 08

 — School is in: Amy and Yolanda teach each other. by Quinze09/13/094.52HOT

Back From Iraq Ch. 09

 — Amy is eager to learn something new with Yolanda. by Quinze09/15/094.54HOT

Back From Iraq Ch. 10

 — Tommy judges a bikini contest between Yolanda and Amy. by Quinze09/18/094.60HOT

Back From Iraq Ch. 11

 — Tommy, Amy and Yolanda's pleasant afternoon continues. by Quinze09/22/094.54HOT

Back From Iraq Ch. 12

 — Four makes for even more fun. by Quinze09/25/094.62HOT

Back From Iraq Ch. 13

 — Amy gives her brother a send-off fit for a hero. by Quinze09/26/094.71HOT

Back from the Dead

 — Striving for full satisfaction. by sr71plt04/18/094.12

Back Hills Sex Ed

 — Ma & Pa teaches sex ed to the kids. by Clausimotto10/27/033.86

Back Home

 — Brother and sister come home from college. by Planet12/22/004.42

Back Home

 — Her first time was with someone she loved. by Chrissie3901/02/084.44

Back Home Again

 — Son rediscovers lust for mom & her panties. by DankertV11/26/044.57HOT

Back Home Early: Act 01

 — Daughter discovers mother's depraved side. by icemania10/16/054.20

Back Home Early: Act 02

 — The Family Business. by icemania11/23/054.32

Back Home for the Holidays Ch. 01

 — Robin discovers John's secret. by The_Unicorn08/28/124.74HOT

Back Home for the Holidays Ch. 02

 — John discovers Robin's secret. by The_Unicorn10/31/154.72HOT

Back in Black

 — Man remembers youthful sexual adventure while having sex. by LanceGoodthrust09/27/124.46

Back in the Business

 — Her father discovers incriminating evidence. by Jenny C.11/11/004.23

Back in the Day

 — Porn starts a son's obsession with his mother. by SexyBeast11/16/174.52HOT

Back in the Game

 — His little girl is back. With a friend and a plan. by AnnasFriend12/29/174.66HOT

Back in the Saddle

 — A grieving man gets help from his Mom and Mother-in-law. by blaster66608/22/154.68HOT

Back in the Saddle

 — Widow becomes enamoured of her Nephew. by tantricjim02/10/184.48

Back on the Home Front

 — Ex-soldiers depraved home life in run down neighbourhood. by urbandecay01/18/143.76

Back to Haunt Me Ch. 01

 — Mum's past catches up with her. by HoHumMum06/08/114.53HOT

Back to Haunt Me Ch. 02

 — Mike and mum explore some fantasies. by HoHumMum06/24/114.59HOT

Back To School: Brother's Visit

 — Sarah's brother comes to visit. by Leon2207/11/064.64HOT

Back To School: Ski Trip

 — Another chapter in Zaxxon's busty teacher series. by Leon2204/13/054.70HOT

Back to the Farm Ch. 01

 — Cousins continue what they started years ago by jul8511/29/074.16

Back to the Farm Ch. 02

 — Desirae and Doug enjoy their first afternoon. by jul8512/13/074.28

Back to the Farm Ch. 03

 — Doug relives the beginnings of his relationship with Desirae. by jul8506/15/084.41

Back to the Farmers Market

 — Marie comes back for more of Randy. by MarieProvost10/03/104.29

Back to the Future Ch. 01

 — The mission to fuck my mom. by blackfen03/07/084.17

Back to the Future Ch. 02

 — The mission continues. by blackfen03/13/084.19

Back to the Future Ch. 02

 — Marty's incestuous adventures continue... by Erlikkhan02/26/164.56HOT

Back to the Future Ch. 03

 — Jamie's plan moves closer. by blackfen03/20/084.20

Back to the Future Ch. 04

 — Jamie gets back in time. by blackfen03/31/084.25

Back to the Future Slut

 — Son uses dad's time machine to take 18-year-old mom. by Dirty Slut10/12/034.53HOT

Back to Woodstock

 — Aging hippie gives grandson a trip to remember. by jack_straw08/29/054.54HOT

Back Together

 — Son finally gets Mom where she belongs: in his bed. by Momson04/23/014.16

Back With Mom Ch. 01

 — He's wearing her panties. by Sion Sierra09/22/023.39

Backdoor Man Ch. 08

 — A sleepover leads to expanding the family. by SEVERUSMAX09/25/174.35

Backdoor Man Ch. 09

 — Things get even wilder. by SEVERUSMAX10/02/174.10

Backscratch Ch. 01

 — Dreadful tragedy brings mom and son closer. by MacSwain61212/19/134.50HOT

Backscratch Ch. 02

 — Mom and I grow close and more alone together. by MacSwain61202/10/144.50HOT

Backscratch Ch. 03

 — Lingerie Shopping and a Picnic at the beach. by MacSwain61202/16/144.51HOT

Backscratch Ch. 04

 — After shopping and a day at the beach, things escalate. by MacSwain61206/07/144.63HOT

Backscratch Ch. 05

 — Mom and son get it on for the camera. by MacSwain61209/30/144.69HOT

Backseat Fun & Games

 — Mother & son discover stranded discover romance. by Jimyfoxx04/22/164.51HOT

Backseat Mommy: A Long Hard Ride

 — Son slyly fucks Mom multiple times with Dad in the car. by silkstockingslover08/26/154.66HOT

Backseat Mommy: Ass Fucked

 — Son slyly fucks submissive Mom in the ass with Dad in car. by silkstockingslover11/05/154.57HOT

Backseat Mommy: Gloryhole Slut

 — Son takes his sexy submissive mom to a gloryhole. by silkstockingslover01/13/164.59HOT

Backseat Mommy: Husband's Asleep

 — In hotel room, Mom and son fuck and risk getting caught. by silkstockingslover03/23/164.53HOT

Backseat Mommy: Jam-Packed with Cum

 — Mom takes a load in each hole on the final day of the drive. by silkstockingslover05/05/164.61HOT

Backseat Mommy: Lustful 3-Hole Slut

 — MILF returns to her son and they test the 24 hour limit. by silkstockingslover09/15/164.64HOT


 — How Hugh became The Storyteller. by storyteller_no_904/23/114.69HOT

Backyard Banging

 — Girl gets it on with her brother and his friend. by melodytokis02/26/164.15

Backyard Fantasies Ch. 01

 — Mom's girlfriend uncovers his spying habits. by Sneaky_Son01/24/054.40

Backyard Fantasies Ch. 02

 — Mom's girlfriend helps him spy and make plans. by Sneaky_Son12/01/054.48

Backyard Fantasies Ch. 03

 — Son shows his stuff for Mother to see. by Sneaky_Son12/08/054.57HOT

Backyard Home Schooling 101

 — Parents help siblings find answers to questions. by Justin_Thyme01/25/024.55HOT

Backyard Suntanning With Parents

 — Poolside sex with her husband and parents. by hot_couple28709/26/054.22

Bad Betty

 — Frustrated, he finds comfort with his mother-in-law. by Pussrider11/15/114.12

Bad Boy Makes Good

 — Bad boy puts the moves on his mom. by man_as_dog12/02/174.59HOT

Bad Boy Road Trip Ch. 01

 — Day One: Jake first score is a Family Affair. by tv4604/26/174.48

Bad Daddy

 — I figured it was time to teach my absentee father a lesson. by Sanzamour06/30/144.04

Bad Daddy

 — Dmitri is seduced by his daughter, Scarlett. by NyxoftheNight01/13/164.22

Bad Daddy!

 — A middle aged women and her elderly father come to terms by MrStiffyTwo01/14/144.32

Bad Day Ch. 01

 — Sister causes a bad day for brother then helps him out. by Ossey09/04/134.05

Bad Deal

 — I brokered the deviant liaison. by Piedmont72208/16/143.97

Bad Deal Ch. 02

 — Sole witness to the transformation. by Piedmont72203/30/154.33

Bad Decisions Ch. 01-03

 — Two cousins, and a few bad decisions. by thedeviantsmind10/08/154.43

Bad Decisions Ch. 04

 — Patrick and Kat get up to a bit of mischief under the stars. by thedeviantsmind06/04/164.22

Bad Decisions Ch. 05

 — Kat has a nighttime tryst and a memory. by thedeviantsmind05/26/174.25

Bad Fantasy Ch. 1

 — Mom fantasy comes true thanks to girlfriend. by Corky9905/04/024.31

Bad Girl Ch. 01

 — Kimi has been a very bad girl- so Daddy lays down the law. by jimcurt9907/11/074.26

Bad Girl Ch. 02

 — Kimi's best friend Sara visits; will they make Daddy happy? by jimcurt9907/21/074.42

Bad Girl Ch. 03

 — Sara brings a friend home to "study". by jimcurt9908/10/074.33

Bad Girl Taught a Lesson

 — Brittany gets suspended and then punished by her dad & Pappy. by CarmenDeLust02/10/164.27

Bad Girl Taught a Lesson Pt. 02

 — Brittany and Missy are naughty and caught by Pappy. by CarmenDeLust02/14/164.39

Bad Girl Taught a Lesson Pt. 03

 — Daddy & Pappy punish Brittany after she steals liqueur. by CarmenDeLust02/19/164.30

Bad Girls Beg, Too

 — He teases her until she begs Daddy for mercy. by tickled_pink_6908/22/074.03

Bad Grandpa

 — Like mother like daughter, only moreso. by sirhugs02/14/184.53HOT

Bad Halloween Habits

 — I discipline my horny sis while dressed as a nun. by Fflow11/07/014.35

Bad Halloween Habits Ch. 2

 — Greg and Cindy attend a wild party. by Fflow11/22/013.93

Bad Halloween Habits Ch. 3

 — Cindy introduces Greg to Amy, a hot sub schoolgirl. by Fflow12/15/014.27

Bad Halloween Habits Ch. 4

 — Greg & Cindy see Amy with her daddy. by Fflow01/20/024.34

Bad Halloween Habits Ch. 5

 — Amy's father is forced to submit to blackmail. by Fflow06/15/024.21

Bad Heather

 — Heather has been very bad. Can she turn over a new leaf? by Tx Tall Tales09/07/094.11

Bad Heather Revisited Ch. 01

 — Heather needs punishing, and Daddy knows how. by Tx Tall Tales12/10/094.58HOT

Bad Heather Revisited Ch. 02

 — Heather's punishment's get worse? What will Mom say? by Tx Tall Tales12/11/094.70HOT

Bad Influence

 — Lisa gets down with cousin Leon. by LiquidLisa06/25/00

Bad Influence #01

 — Summer's coming again, this time bringing my terrible cousin. by Adrianne_Van_Houten11/26/163.91

Bad Influence #02

 — Summer's coming again, this time bringing my terrible cousin. by Adrianne_Van_Houten08/03/174.30

Bad Influence #03

 — Summer's coming again, this time bringing my terrible cousin. by Adrianne_Van_Houten12/15/174.21

Bad Medicine Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Therapist turns a mother into an incestuous whore. by Rusty_Zipper01/21/164.33

Bad Medicine Chronicles Ch. 02

 — A mother becomes an incestuous cum slut. by Rusty_Zipper03/01/174.29

Bad Medicine Chronicles Ch. 03

 — Abducted family is coerced to perform in an incest sex show. by Rusty_Zipper02/16/184.47

Bad Mom

 — Young man finds cure for mom's mood swings. by William DuPayne02/24/04

Bad Mother Ch. 01

 — Irresponsible MILF submits to teen son's punishment. by IdeeFixee05/15/144.47

Bad Mother Ch. 02

 — Bad mother's penitence proceeds with dominating son. by IdeeFixee05/19/144.43

Bad Mother Ch. 03

 — Nephew joins teen son for more discipline and debasement. by IdeeFixee05/21/144.45

Bad Mother Ch. 04

 — Submissive mother services the Headmaster at son's school. by IdeeFixee05/24/144.36

Bad Situation

 — He thought he raped her. They became lovers. by fadedgiant04/21/154.42

Bad Situation Ch. 02

 — Brother and sister are lovers. by fadedgiant05/11/154.53HOT

Bad Situation Ch. 03

 — The final chapter. by fadedgiant06/21/154.59HOT

Bad to the Bone Ch. 01: Brother-Fucker

 — Joe returns to rescue his sisters from respectability. by RoryOmore04/17/184.22

Bad to the Bone Ch. 02: Bad Love

 — The St Johns fuck and flee with the law on their tail. by RoryOmore04/21/184.53HOT

Bad Town Ch. 01

 — A couple goes shopping in Bad Town. by whispertome11/15/06

Bad Town Ch. 02

 — Tim's family life gets complicated. by whispertome03/19/08

Bad Vibe: Aftermath

 — Sequel to Bad Vibe. Craig Amy and Maude together. by 49greg07/13/124.60HOT

Bad Vibe: Continued Ch. 01

 — Nothing bad now, all good. Craig goes to the University. by 49greg08/25/124.49

Bad Vibe: Continued Ch. 02

 — Very good vibe as Craig is home for Christmas. by 49greg09/20/124.57HOT

Bad Vibe: Domination Ch. 01

 — Amy enslaved by the neighbor. by 49greg01/08/133.70

Bad Vibe: Domination Ch. 02

 — The "Dallas" cop-out, or "it was all a bad dream". by 49greg05/04/134.49

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