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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Robin Hood

 — Amateur actors help each other intimately. by BigDave134001/22/033.90

Robin's Escape

 — Homeward bound from the alehouse to a blissful bed by yowser07/06/144.23

Robin's Story

 — A warm night, a drive alone that leads to something more. by Nightwolf02/26/064.05


 — Running into an old friend leads to hooking up one night. by Irish Moss04/17/134.50HOT

Rochelle Meets Her Sugar Daddy Ch. 01

 — He's horny, she's broke - go figure... by Spotscat02/10/114.57HOT

Rochelle Sells... Houses

 — Rochelle goes the extra mile to get the sale. by nikki_202105/15/114.57HOT

Rock Chick

 — Lucky fan gets more than a song from sexy singer. by ukguy6710/05/074.00

Rock Climbing

 — College-age couple goes rock climbing. by quiensabe05/28/023.82

Rock Concert

 — Shirley gets more than she expected during a rock concert. by BigDave134001/19/034.12

Rock Hard Again

 — An after gig party turns into a erotic adventure. by Timkitten12/15/054.32

Rock Hounding

 — Exploring the outdoors leads to exploring each other. by hafnium1002/18/093.79

Rock Me Ch. 01

 — A rock station promo girl gets more than a new job. by Alexis66101/29/064.48

Rock N' Roll Fantasy Ch. 5

 — The show ends and the party gets started. by fantasyhunter207/31/034.31

Rock Star Ch. 01

 — A beautiful young songwriter finds sex the best inspiration. by KnottLynnHardey11/11/134.28

Rock Star Ch. 02

 — Payton becomes more sexual, and uses a stranger to get off. by KnottLynnHardey11/16/134.21

Rock Star Ch. 03

 — Back at the apartment. by thoiblush05/23/053.95

Rock Star Goodness

 — Cute girl. Tour bus. You do the math. by Moxie08/22/034.26

Rock Star Lifestyle Pt. 01

 — The exploits of a rock star, shown through his sex life. by SluttyHermione6902/25/152.25

Rock Star Lifestyle Pt. 02

 — The exploits of a rock star, shown through his sex life. by SluttyHermione6904/11/153.67

Rock the Boat

 — Couple has passionate sex on the water. by isearch4u12/30/144.21

Rock the Truck

 — A truck stop rendezvous. by bookthirty09/15/073.43

Rockabilly Online

 — An internet meeting with an insatiable rockabilly girl. by GRStamp12/11/104.45

Rocker Girl Ch. 01

 — "Barely Legal's" Tracy rocks on and off stage. by KenJames04/05/054.09

Rockin the Night Away

 — Friday Date Night. by mythicman6205/18/123.88

Rockin' in Rhode Island

 — Couple has smoking hot honeymoon in Newport. by Jared_Anderson04/06/183.86

Rockin' Under the Christmas Tree

 — What a nice present... by KarennaC12/04/084.14

Rockin' with the Rhythm

 — Wet and wild girl gets surprised by her boy toy. by BrokenDragon7912/15/073.80

Rocking All Night

 — Jay gives her what she needs. by JoeyUk05/16/044.09

Rocking Her World On The Train

 — Two lovers share an incredible fucking on a train. by WriteOnward4503/27/113.92

Rocking The Cradle

 — Babysitter gives an older charge a special treat. by the_black_panther6910/05/014.23


 — A rockstar kidnaps a married groupie. by velvetmona04/27/064.18

Rockstar Lust

 — An encounter with a star & a fantasy too. by silborscht09/04/034.33


 — She wanted me, I could tell it and she would have me. by Decayed Angel12/27/064.00

Rocky Mountain Lovin' Ch. 1

 — He gets high-altitude nookie. by Hippy Gipsy09/01/003.53

Rocky Mountain Summers

 — Couples share love in the mountains. by ericahope08/12/164.41

RockyxSallie - Coochy Coochy

 — Sallie wakes up Rocky in a surprising way. by QueenBee9206/27/164.25

Rod Meets Jackie

 — Hirsute BBW has her lover for the first time. by Willing2Do07/31/023.76


 — Cowboy and cowgirl find a stall after a hard rodeo day. by Nightwolf12/11/054.29


 — An 8-second nightmare. by Esclava03/23/064.00


 — Young woman gets to ride saddle bronc in the rodeo. by 12Pooky1203/28/154.03

Rodeo Girl

 — Western girls make him glad he's a good ol' boy. by PG1303/06/054.32

Rodeo Riders

 — Cowboy Dan meets one heck of a Rodeo fan. by Goldeniangel09/13/054.31

Rodney's Toy Shop

 — A gun store owner gets more than he expects in exchange. by m_storyman_x08/03/174.65HOT


 — Intimate discovery of older man's charms. by Cinnamon6907/03/044.63HOT

Rokland Manor

 — They spend the night in a haunted mansion. by Scarcrow08/09/024.35

Role 42

 — Reg and Senna let the good times "role". by WuddaWad09/27/112.88

Role Over

 — A couple's first attempt at role play by JackRace03/09/154.40

Role Over Ch. 02

 — Couple become adventurous after watching a dogging video. by JackRace03/19/154.47

Role Play Heals Broken Hearts

 — Older/Younger Daddy role play. by bbsavage05/24/174.48

Role Playing

 — Playing daddy and daughter can be dangerous. by midnightfalcon01/29/094.51HOT

Role Playing is Such "Hard" Work

 — He helps woman fashion designer select sexy lingerie. by statestreet10/28/064.40

Role Playing with Michelle Ch. 01

 — That '70s job interview. by gunhilltrain04/07/184.24

Role Playing with Michelle Ch. 02

 — Clinching that job interview. by gunhilltrain04/18/183.50

Role Reversal

 — I take the photos and make us both cum. by 24UKBlonde06/26/134.57HOT

Role Reversal

 — New PhD visits his old-maid third grade schoolteacher. by XXscribbler12/01/174.78HOT

Role Reversal

 — Eros recalls his wild night on ride home. by Geminine01/31/183.55

Role Reversal Ch. 01

 — He was in turmoil whether to make love to her or not. by kelly_kelly05/02/093.92

Roleplaying Another Cock

 — My girlfriend and I pretend she's getting two cocks at once. by CasualPosterWoo07/22/124.05

Roles Reversed Ch. 01

 — She turns the tables on him. by Thunderbear07/06/174.02

Roles Reversed Ch. 02

 — She keeps the tables turned on him. by Thunderbear09/24/174.12

Rolling for a Six

 — Each roll of the dice determines her sexual fate. by catandblue08/11/103.82

Rolling in the Deep

 — A beach house unites them, waking her to sex, him to love. by lamoureuse09/01/144.82HOTContest Winner

Rolling in the Hay

 — It gets hot and raunchy in the hay loft. by peacekeeper2511/13/084.36

Rolling Stone

 — So many men, so little time. by -Sadie26-12/04/054.28

Rolling Thunder

 — Thunder storm brings two friends closer together. by TexasShyGuy03/07/044.53HOT

Rollover Irene

 — She receives some financial planning. by BigBananas08/20/033.83

Roman Life

 — Sex in Ancient Rome. by Vic508/07/024.02

Roman Lovers

 — Two lovers caught in time's struggle. by mystic_Arrival01/24/044.48

Roman Traditions

 — Learning about an old Roman tradition brings rewards. by sheppard41606/08/094.56HOT

Romance is Dead

 — An anti-social affair. by honeyblondenymph01/28/123.95

Romance on the High Sea

 — A cruise that became special. by mdiver10/29/134.23

Romance Wars Ch. 01

 — Meeting the mysterious woman that changed my life. by WillLyn07/04/144.71HOT

Romance, Cowboy Style

 — She finds a cowboy worth ridin'. by celticlass02/24/064.66HOT

Romancing John Cly

 — Can Valentine's surprise break cold heart? by DarkLit02/09/034.61HOT

Romantic Bathbub Evening

 — You enjoy a little passion. by kittymailman12/08/024.08

Romantic Encounter

 — Romantic interlude between man & woman. by mcsquiggles01/17/043.69

Romantic Evening Ch. 01

 — It started with a note and ended by the fire. by Victoria_2001_0276902/17/044.50HOT

Romantic Evening Ch. 02

 — The evening continues. by Victoria_2001_0276903/05/044.57HOT

Romantic Fantasy

 — A rainy day spent with two people who love each other. by regnglad05/11/094.59HOT

Romantic Interlude

 — Internet lovers meet at a bed & breakfast. by alonzo1407/03/024.43

Romantic Nights

 — Traditions are never a bad thing. by the_shires01/05/164.00

Romantic Workout in the Shower

 — The two of you use the men's shower. by Angellean10/15/003.97

Rome Trip Opens Sarah's Eyes

 — Sarah, a virgin in her thirties goes to Rome with Nick. by MichaelPeterson08/15/134.58HOT

Ron Ch. 04: The Morning After

 — Ron spends the morning with Kate and makes a date with Court. by Susie_O05/27/164.45

Ron Ch. 05: Date with Courtney

 — Ron goes on a date with Courtney and she stays the night. by Susie_O07/12/164.37

Ron's Bedtime Story

 — A fantasy of a first coupling. by Sinfulknights10/27/073.75

Rondi and the Photographer

 — Bar pick-up goes awry. Or does it? by Cyndi4403/23/184.42

Rondi's Seduction

 — Wife lets loose on vacation. by Cyndi4402/22/184.05


 — Wealthy boy falls for rich girl. by Rookie09/01/003.66


 — A guy has an unexpected reaction from her blow job. by smoothpeaches05/19/083.85

Room 112

 — Diane and John enjoy a food fest. by kinkynkazoo02/16/043.89

Room 113

 — A few days after the party the two strangers meet again. by brwneyedwitch7008/18/024.12

Room 1247

 — A businesswoman gets a pleasant surprise on the road. by Sunqueen11/27/034.04

Room 17

 — Doctor does it again! by climberbos03/17/094.37

Room 209

 — Barely in the hotel room door before it gets hot. by akanigel11/19/173.79

Room 217

 — All the talk & the maybe's are over. by Sven the Elder10/23/064.22

Room 235

 — Two weary travelers share a hotel and so much more. by Raquel_Mulgrew05/01/094.41

Room 236

 — Passion in the afternoon. by TE99905/16/083.92

Room 29

 — Illicit lunchtime sex. by Morrigu01/26/084.50HOT

Room 307

 — He does what she tells him to. by winkna5509/10/154.14

Room 307 Hotel CA

 — He is her anything... by Journailer09/19/153.54

Room 307: A Gift

 — She gives him a gift he's always wanted. by winkna5504/07/174.00

Room 307: My Plaything

 — She uses him how she wants. by winkna5510/17/154.31

Room 307: Next Time

 — Her turn. by winkna5509/18/154.35

Room 307: Reunion

 — She returns for both their pleasure. by winkna5503/09/164.10

Room 307: She is His Toy

 — Another meeting. by Journailer11/06/153.95

Room 307: Taking Turns

 — Sharing power. by winkna5511/04/154.12

Room 387

 — A couple have fun on holiday. by lipstickandligature05/22/144.39

Room 419 Ch. 02

 — Ethan stops in to see Donna. by jallen94407/06/064.34

Room 431

 — He looks out of the office window and finds a surprise. by battleaxe_babe01/29/124.20

Room 711 Ch. 02

 — The affair begins... Part 2 of 4 by wordsmith22012/12/133.85

Room 711 Ch. 03

 — Was that a dream? Is this reality? by wordsmith22012/13/133.50

Room 715

 — Kim learns how much better sex can be with a real man. by shelephant12/27/143.83

Room 721

 — Chance encounter at a boring conference. by jonesdd04/29/043.68

Room 803

 — Strangers hook up in a hotel bar. by purpletoffee05/22/174.49

Room for a Change

 — Woman fucks changing room attendant while boyfriend looks on. by rogue0109/06/143.59

Room for Dessert

 — A dinner date between old friends leads to a sweet surprise. by letters_to_my_lover02/11/144.14

Room for Rent

 — The new roommate has a lot to offer. by 123me99910/21/164.38

Room for Three

 — She finds a woman and her male consort in the hotel bar. by robinkhinke10/28/164.66HOT

Room Mates Pt. 01

 — When you live together, can you really play together? by CateJ10/08/144.56HOT

Room Mates Pt. 02

 — Jake and Sammie head into new territory. by CateJ10/10/144.65HOT

Room Mates Pt. 03

 — Jake gets blindfolded and Sammie gets her first taste. by CateJ11/06/144.76HOT

Room Mates Pt. 04

 — How long will Jake wait for his turn? by CateJ01/15/154.70HOT

Room Mates Pt. 05

 — Sammie pushes Jake into a more hands on approach. by CateJ04/21/154.68HOT

Room Mates Pt. 06

 — Jake and Sammie engage in some sexy word play. by CateJ04/28/154.79HOT

Room Mates Pt. 07

 — Sammie has regrets but Jake refuses to take no for an answer. by CateJ04/29/154.85HOT

Room Mates Pt. 08

 — Jake Opens Up about his past... And Sammie falls harder. by CateJ05/04/154.81HOT

Room Mates Pt. 09

 — Jakes stands up the plate and Sophia realises the truth. by CateJ05/06/154.84HOT

Room Mates Pt. 10

 — With Rosie out of town, Jake and Sammie get to play. by CateJ05/08/154.78HOT

Room Mates Pt. 11

 — Jake and Sammie leave the bedroom... temporarily. by CateJ05/12/154.73HOT

Room Mates Pt. 12

 — Jake and Sammie finally make it to the bedroom. by CateJ05/25/154.87HOT

Room Mates Pt. 13

 — Jake blows Sammie's mind and a Blast from the past reappears. by CateJ05/26/154.79HOT

Room Mates Pt. 14

 — Sammie's worst nightmares come true... by CateJ05/27/154.72HOT

Room Mates Pt. 15

 — Jake and Sammie's Happy Ending... Maybe. by CateJ05/29/154.54HOT

Room Mates Pt. 16: Epilogue

 — For Jake and Sammie, love eventually conquers all. by CateJ06/02/154.70HOT

Room No. 69

 — Forced to share a room, things begin to happen. by 8adams08/09/164.29

Room of Masks

 — Can Beth unravel the secret of the mysterious 'bridge' club? by nightvoice205/22/174.40

Room Service

 — They are strangers, but also lovers. by BikerRob12/22/003.74

Room Service

 — Waitress seduces man in hotel room. by alonzo1406/29/024.11

Room Service

 — Just a matter of being in the right room at the right time! by Phrenetic_Ice08/30/044.57HOT

Room Service

 — Gives new meaning to the phrase, "Fluff your pillows". by big000103/14/044.27

Room Service

 — Love at the top of the world. by No Panty Girl04/11/064.22

Room Service

 — A traveler gets lots of personal service. by HairTrigger06/29/044.09

Room Service

 — Maid service was never quite this good. by JLP6808/28/043.85

Room Service

 — Fun and games in a Far Easten hotel. by Thomas Drablézien10/28/074.58HOT

Room Service

 — Career woman at business conference meets hotel guy. by gennysroom07/24/094.34

Room Service

 — A guest gets more than he paid for. by STEPHENA03/10/104.04

Room Service

 — Given a hand at the Hotel. by ti2xgr06/20/113.76

Room Service

 — You break your own rules with your Internet lover. by tadgh6410/17/114.37

Room Service

 — Somebody gets room service, but our motel doesn’t offer it. by MasterGunzen08/21/134.31

Room Service

 — A lonely wife goes to find her husband. by ahappyhusband04/10/154.09

Room Service

 — Gabby connects with stranger who she meets in a hotel bar. by EdgeofDarkness4603/02/174.15

Room Service

 — A little unintentional voyeurism takes a turn for the best. by KCWolfe3006/13/173.77

Room Service Seduction

 — When I was younger I went travelling around the states... by OllyChap04/19/124.06

Room Service Writ Large

 — A woman is inspired to indulge in her biggest fantasy. by Julia K12/08/064.70HOT

Room w View Ch. 05

 — A wedding, a romp, a good-bye. by orie12/09/144.82HOT

Room with a Screw

 — The only way to tip room service. by trixiej11/15/054.58HOT

Room with a View

 — Workmates share a weekend of lust. by fadedgiant12/01/133.90

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