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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Room With More Than A View

 — A lustful and public start to an erotic night. by redgiantuk09/28/093.67

Roomate's Girlfriend

 — Army Officer takes his roomate's girlfriend in drunken game. by bronston2209/12/104.13

Roomers Ch. 01

 — Circumstances brought about new rental adventures. by grgy5606/09/184.27

Roomers Ch. 02

 — More rental adventures. by grgy5606/13/184.41


 — What did folks say about saving on water in the shower? by DireLilith11/06/07HOT


 — Two grad students find their men and learn about each other. by tarkatony10/25/054.51HOT


 — They're glad to be home. by Deprived_in_AZ12/29/123.98

Roomies Ch. 01

 — Melissa and Angie find the perfect roommate. by GentleJake06/22/044.19

Roomies: Summer Breeze Ch. 04

 — Pam and Kim get a surprise visit from a couple of friends. by patricia5112/27/074.61HOT

Rooming with Hannah

 — A story of sex and house-sharing. by Alexanderom10/30/064.58HOT


 — Girl catches roommate whacking off. by StickmanLt05/13/023.97

Roommate Changes Everything Ch. 01

 — Her relationship is perfect until new roommate comes along. by nailemtothewall03/01/134.12

Roommate Poker

 — Two roommates play a game of strip poker. by RowlDawg02/14/154.32

Roommate Relations Ch. 01

 — A boyfriend, his girl, and his bad-boy roommate. by TripleL12/22/124.43

Roommate Relations Ch. 02

 — Things heat up between the girlfriend and the roommate. by TripleL01/26/134.70HOT

Roommate Relations Ch. 03

 — What happens after Ian and Jess's first night. by TripleL02/04/134.58HOT

Roommate Relations Ch. 04

 — Scenes from the life of Ian and Jess. by TripleL02/22/134.56HOT

Roommate Relations Ch. 05

 — A girl goes on a date with her bad boy partner in crime. by TripleL04/06/134.66HOT

Roommate Relations Ch. 06

 — Matters come to a head for college girl and her lover. by TripleL06/16/134.54HOT

Roommate Relations Ch. 07

 — The end of a broken relationship. by TripleL06/20/143.59

Roommate Rendezvous

 — Guy enjoys bonus amenities with his roomie. by clark_addison0809/27/164.48

Roommate Wanted, Apply Within

 — He applies to be her roommate...with a twist! by Eroscribe6707/30/104.43

Roommate's Boyfriend

 — My roommate's boyfriend takes care of my needs. by Ginger_Sun04/29/154.04


 — Roommates find sexual chemistry together. by Clohi10/07/044.42


 — One roomates fantasy of his best friend comes true. by cyberflyzero03/19/084.12


 — Older man lets a young lady become his house buddy by midnightfalcon11/13/084.51HOT


 — Hannah is seduced by her sexy roommate Mason. by Arcademaster12/12/164.37


 — Sometimes what you need is right in front of you. by Ann Douglas10/02/174.46

Roommates Become Sex Buddies

 — Great friends become even closer. by hockeydude01/16/033.87

Roommates Ch. 01

 — A young man begins sleeping with his female roommate. by Jedikool05/10/114.13

Roommates Ch. 01

 — Alex's best friend Isabella moves in.They fuck, hard. by Radnok01/27/124.18

Roommates Ch. 01

 — Erica gets a new roommate and more than she bargained for... by Aeli05/08/144.12

Roommates Ch. 02

 — Katherine Confronts Stephanie's Boyfriend. by Iamjohnsmith12/08/134.55HOT

Roommates Ch. 02

 — Erica goes on a blind date causing tension in the apartment. by Aeli05/12/144.17

Roommates Ch. 03

 — Girl welcomes back boyfriend. by ladyhawk10004/15/064.50HOT

Roommates Ch. 03

 — Things heat up in the Hamptons. by Aeli05/15/144.64HOT

Roommates Ch. 04

 — Erica becomes a shameless tease... by Aeli06/13/144.65HOT

Roommates Ch. 05

 — Erica tries to have her cake and eat it too... by Aeli07/07/144.52HOT

Roommates Ch. 06

 — If there was ever a honeymoon period, this is it... by Aeli08/21/144.78HOT

Roommates Ch. 07

 — Erica has to face herself in the mirror. by Aeli11/18/144.55HOT

Roommates Ch. 08

 — Erica makes up her mind... by Aeli03/10/154.46

Roommates Pt. 01

 — She gets a new roommate. by SpiraLCA05/09/044.18

Roommates Sometimes Equal Sex

 — A girl gets tired of her roommate making the first move. by Aspirednewbie03/25/113.89

Roommates, or Bogey Lives!

 — Do women really prefer modern men? by LitRiter07/27/094.47

Roommates: She's a Lesbian

 — We got along well enough then things sort of went haywire. by patdown11/24/154.21

Roopa & Me

 — Indian man enjoys the maid. by kaamdaive2510/04/043.53


 — Mysterious woman seduces from above. by Anonymous Author09/01/003.48

Rope and Veil Pt. 01

 — Amelia is tied with ropes and sits in her wheelchair. by electricblue6606/04/154.74HOT


 — A story of redemption. by StrawberryDreams12/06/134.51HOT


 — Ah, yes... I remember her well... by eidetic07/21/174.67HOT

Rose and Tom Ch. 09

 — Tom enjoys being held and blindfolded for Rose. by RadicalMrT11/24/063.71

Rose and Tom Ch. 10

 — Rose lets Tom live out one of his desires. by RadicalMrT11/25/064.29

Rose in Winter Ch. 01

 — Two couples, their erotic lives and their meeting. by rose butterfly02/20/133.62

Rose in Winter Ch. 02

 — Rose smiled to herself. by rose butterfly02/21/134.20

Rose in Winter Ch. 03

 — Kat woke stretching her arms above her head. by rose butterfly02/22/133.83

Rose in Winter Ch. 04

 — Rose was in the shower lathering up her long blonde hair. by rose butterfly02/23/134.00

Rose in Winter Ch. 05

 — Lee woke from their nap first. by rose butterfly02/24/134.08

Rose in Winter Ch. 06

 — Rose stood in her bedroom staring at the closet. by rose butterfly02/25/134.00

Rose in Winter Ch. 07

 — Rose was so turned on by her encounter with Kat. by rose butterfly02/26/133.00

Rose Petals Ch. 01

 — Boyfriend surprises girlfriend. by pamper111/24/074.45

Rose Petals Ch. 02

 — Boyfriend surprises girlfriend. by pamper111/25/073.25

Rose Petals Ch. 03

 — Boyfriend surprises girlfriend. by pamper111/26/074.20

Rose Petals on a Bed

 — A couple takes time to fully arouse one another. by jozef150005/27/174.13

Roses Are Red

 — Happy Valentine's Day, Sonya. by Spitfire200302/09/033.71

Roses are Red

 — The story of transformation from a naive girl to a woman. by eroticbaroness07/19/154.40


 — Buddy takes Rosie home. by Ed061312/29/024.31


 — Recruiter does his job too well. by Chrissy06/30/004.11

Rotten Apple

 — The goody-two-shoes and the new teacher. by fyhofyh04/09/134.20

Rough & In Control

 — Taking her sex the way we like it. by thick909/05/043.87

Rough and Sweet

 — Little games that make me cum. by darlingmara07/25/154.38

Rough Day

 — Ever have one of those days? by vic45006/24/024.57HOT

Rough Encounter Between Old Friends

 — Fantasy encounter between two old school aquiantances. by marcopolo2206/11/13

Rough Fuck Ch. 01

 — She hardly knew him. by queen_guenevere03/22/044.18

Rough Fuck Ch. 02

 — It gets wild at her place. by queen_guenevere04/21/044.28

Rough Love

 — Cam and Will spend some only time together. by MivannaRai03/01/184.10

Rough Night with Becca

 — Long day at work leads to rough sex at home. by mzeronine02/03/064.13

Rough Times

 — Sexy couple gets nasty on a lazy Sunday at home. by Loansum12/07/084.12

Rough Trade

 — Sex with a young man, he humiliates and dominates me. by tinaneesen05/26/144.37

Rough Treatment Ch. 01

 — She surprises him so he gives her a different surprise. by sexkitten21407/08/074.47

Rough Week

 — He comes home from work to an unexpected visitor. by Persephone54212/24/033.97

Round 1

 — A couple have hot, passionate sex. by McLeo03/10/174.11

Round About

 — Amish boy and girl experiment with sex and porn by pixie_18603/25/034.19

Round and Round We Go

 — He takes control, and you lose control. by johnnieblue4402/04/084.39

Round One With The Tennis Coach

 — Young school teacher meets married coach. by beatcha2it10/30/014.12

Round Two

 — Lovers share a second round. by NickiJean2807/08/053.62

Round Two

 — The two of us enjoy a shower together. by fallen_109/15/103.90

Round Two

 — Later that night, after all the fun had happened... by HornyReba09/15/134.10

Round Two

 — Two friends make it even hotter. by Blue69lover02/05/144.31

Round Up The Usual Suspects

 — Rick meets Ilsa. by shallow12/13/014.22


 — A handwritten message. by Morgaine LaFay09/22/014.12


 — Couple seem stuck in the same old, same old. by juanwildone08/25/024.34

Routine Stop

 — Officers stops woman for speeding. by bb_peaks11/03/083.84

Row and Reconciliation

 — Couple fight, & find that making up is even better. by Leedslad05/09/073.94


 — She waits for her lover and is not disappointed. by TheLadyWolf03/20/073.92

Rox News

 — Stud is sent to uncover secrets of infobabes. by clinton0909/15/104.39


 — She had a nostalgia for a nastier time in her life. by TwylamarieWilson05/10/183.79

Roxanne's Addiction

 — Chataholic Roxanne's slutty wish comes true. by Fondelum02/18/044.10

Roxanne's Experience

 — The night, the stars, the moon. A face between your legs. by JRLover02/20/134.23

Roxxana's Trip to Germany

 — Roxxana has some fun in Germany. by VinsanityOrElse12/02/094.33

Roxxana's Trip to Germany Ch. 02

 — The fun and games continue. by VinsanityOrElse12/04/095.00

Roxy And The Good Doctor

 — Roxy fulfills a fantasy. by roxyfox07/19/103.84

Roxy Who?

 — Jen & Kevin find solace in each other, breaking Roxy's spell. by WokeUpOneDay02/15/174.70HOT

Roxy's Bar and Grill

 — Did it really happen? by MrFalkirk05/07/084.24

Royal Desires

 — Prince Tyrus seeks comfort in his chambermaid, Miriam. by Mohawk_and_Desire11/14/174.40

Royal Harem

 — The Prince notices a new concubine. by It_was_all_ADREAM03/29/134.23

Royal Pleasures

 — The first of many submissions. by Verkehrautor02/02/073.04

Royal Pleasures Ch. 02

 — The Queen falls for the untouchable Antonio. by Verkehrautor05/08/073.82

Royal Privileges

 — A battle-hardened warrior gets rewarded again. by SuperLippy02/21/184.16

Royal Treatment

 — Beating Vegas makes a couple horny. by latinstud11/28/014.19

Royally Entertained

 — An erotic show at a medieval banquet. by spicules01/31/063.96

RSVP with Boxers

 — An invitation that required his personal response by EvaApple04/02/034.35

Rub & Tug

 — Michelle finds her vocation. by No Panty Girl08/02/054.23

Rub & Tug Ch. 02

 — Michelle gets good at it. by No Panty Girl08/02/054.46

Rub Down

 — Adventures in a massage parlor. by bassbelly08/22/094.31

Rub, Rub, Rub

 — How to rub a woman the right way. by Dirty Wordsmith12/06/043.93


 — A couple enjoys bathtime and Rich describes masturbation. by carolinablueelf06/07/044.39


 — Hardcore fun in the bathtub. by JCasDC07/05/174.27

Rubbing It In

 — Massage comes in handy. by bprivate12/19/094.27

Rubbing out the Kinks

 — Sexy woman gets the massage she needed. by Loansum12/07/084.42

Rubbing People the Right Way

 — Much more than massages go on in this parlor. by walterio10/28/084.49

Rubbing People the Right Way Ch. 02

 — Dirl & Carla service more massage parlor clients. by walterio11/04/084.50HOT

Rubbing People the Right Way Ch. 05

 — The final chapter for Dirk, Carla, & Jenny. by walterio11/21/084.67HOT


 — She sees the teacher after she failed an exam. by lacerezareinita07/12/044.24


 — A man on a Norton brings excitement to a pretty lady by Thring02/20/094.20

Ruby & The Biker

 — Sarah receives a hot letter from Ruby. by CathyRose05/09/014.07

Ruby and Serge

 — A romantic story. by gambrinus9907/09/154.80

Ruby is Ready Ch. 01

 — Beginning of another beautiful friendship. by ScriptoLobo04/26/173.41

Ruby's Red Lipstick

 — Ruby just loves sucking cock. by NancyAllbright10/14/163.92

Rude Awakening

 — She has the night of her dreams...literally. by biggshow1311/27/033.91

Rude Awakening

 — Tall Jamaican Amazon wakes her hunky, tired boyfriend. by Samuelx08/12/173.50

Rude Awakenings

 — Night time caller brings more than expected. by TwistedRedAngel12/11/134.12


 — One should always be polite to your elders. by Ashson07/23/134.39

Rue de Rivoli

 — He returns to her in Paris. by Klettenberg12/05/024.17

Ruffles Has Ridges

 — Mr. Marcus attends a locally produced kids TV show. by HarveyMarcus06/23/114.36

Rug Burn

 — Amber gets down on her knees to beg for forgiveness... by Sanzamour01/23/143.68

Rugby World Cup

 — A party. by valetta06/18/113.83


 — A man ruins a cheating woman before trip with her husband. by ProperlyHandled03/12/153.77

Rule of Thumb

 — A divorcee finds life very lonely. by newjayne11/17/124.52HOT

Rule of Thumb (and Fingers) Pt. 01

 — An unexpected erotic interlude. by newjayne02/03/134.55HOT


 — A story of rules and breaking them. by playswithtoad11/29/133.75


 — A few simple rules change everything. by TexRiffraff10/19/174.84HOT

Rules of the Game

 — She hates loving how you play with her. by ElectricGeisha04/19/034.31

Rules of the Game

 — Lisa plots revenge against her cheating boyfriend. by MarciaRH08/11/114.69HOT

Rules of the Road

 — From behind the wheel, she challenges his driving. by Belle_Ringer07/22/073.81


 — Keeping us both on edge among our friends. by Icouri06/15/173.92

Rumble in the DoJo

 — Instructor and Student late night lessons by FantasticalFantasy02/16/174.62HOT

RumChata Kisses

 — Lena gets what she wants thanks to a few drinks. by IvyMae05/14/144.08

Rumor Has It

 — She was a knock out. by Sadie2612/11/033.41


 — It's fun to spread rumors, more to learn the truth. by NeoM_2508/11/024.49

Rumors About Pam

 — He finds out the rumors about a girl are true. by 18months08/06/024.31

Rumors Just Might Be True

 — Rumors of slutty college coed just may be true. by primetime7302/24/114.68HOT


 — Ellie learns more than his name when he comes to her aid. by nicolefox1237003/28/123.87

Rumpus Room

 — He stopped for a beer, but got more than he expected. by rjordan01/05/10


 — She expands her horizons far from home. by luvjuice4303/08/124.18


 — "Running around" in the Pennsylvania German dialect. by DG Hear08/30/144.61HOT

Rumsprung Ch. 02

 — A cultural exchange. by lustypenny03/17/184.00

Run Away for the Weekend

 — You escape for some loving and relaxing over Labor Day. by GentlemanWriter08/23/094.11

Run-In At The Bar

 — The morning after is eventful. by storiesoflustnotlove08/19/144.23

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