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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Church Encounter

 — Choir member's lust for a parishioner is returned. by Longshanks01/27/014.12

Church Goers

 — A young couple finds love, lust and religion. by BlueByrd07/29/054.28

Church Lady

 — You'll never guess where I met the hottest lady. by StrongMaster709/12/144.64HOT

Church Lady Ch. 02

 — He gets a second chance to be with her for three nights. by StrongMaster707/11/164.70HOT

Church of Swallowing: Cadence Ch. 1

 — He was prepared to see his Ex. by Silentbob01/21/074.35

Church of Swallowing: Hanna

 — Meet the illustrious leader of the CoS. by Silentbob07/28/074.32

Church of Swallowing: Jenny

 — Our hero is given the next assignment. by Silentbob05/02/084.24

Church of Swallowing: Preparing for Roxy

 — Hanna needs a Non-CoS booty call. by Silentbob08/02/074.46

Church of Swallowing: Sarah

 — He helps Sarah before her interview. by Silentbob01/24/074.39

Church of the Book

 — Young couple make love in an old library. by HornyLibraryGuy09/22/034.41

Church Tales Ch. 2

 — Two young couples blossom sexually. by Jimilinden10/15/004.48

Church Tales Ch. 3

 — She seduces the preacher's son. by Jimilinden10/15/004.56HOT

Ciara Ch. 01

 — Passion-filled night. by Undercoverwriter04/29/094.58HOT

Cider and Mistletoe

 — A Christmas party and a Letter to Santa collide. by Carnal Syn12/12/024.65HOT

Cigarettes & Coffee

 — Two lonely people meet at a café. by midniteblueflier09/02/043.17

Cigarettes and Perfume

 — James meets and old flame and learns old habits get hard. by JayValentine09/22/074.07

Cin 24: 10 am Until Noon

 — She meets the boss before work by GentleGeorge03/02/043.69

Cin 24: 3 am Until 8 am

 — The 24 story concludes with a surprise for Cin. by GentleGeorge06/07/044.10

Cin 24: 8 am Until 10 am

 — Cinnamon is awoken by phone lover. by GentleGeorge02/21/044.33

Cin 24: Noon Until 3:30 pm

 — She meets her lover over lunch. by GentleGeorge03/03/044.12


 — Cinderella goes to the ball, meets prince, etc... by Lily St. Claire01/04/013.76

Cinderella Slut

 — Two strangers who have never met before. by Wildestrose10/21/114.54HOT

Cinderella's Dreams

 — She loses everything then finds a new life. by fantasex1303/08/064.41

Cinderella's Moment of Doubt

 — A recognition of mirrored souls and a longing for connection. by alyssaspice01/16/174.14Editor's Pick

Cinderella's Moment of Doubt Ch. 02

 — Can her wedding night with the prince measure up? by alyssaspice02/20/174.17

Cinderella's Submission Ch. 03

 — Tied-up in the forest, Cinderella meets her Prince. by DesertLust03/03/164.32

Cinderella's Submission Ch. 05

 — Cinderella goes & submits to Royalty. by DesertLust03/05/164.32

Cinderfella Pt. 02

 — Jamie meets the new girl next door. by RonCabo05/10/164.78HOT

Cinderfella Pt. 03

 — The twins try to sabotage Jamie and Lauren. by RonCabo05/11/164.23

Cindi's First Experience

 — Shy Cindi learned how lively a ghost town can be. by TheNaturalPhotog01/18/024.38

Cindy & Paul Ch. 01

 — Paul learns alot more from his Instructor than expected by Ghostwalker07/20/144.53HOT

Cindy & Paul Ch. 02

 — Cindy and Paul after Graduation. by Ghostwalker07/24/144.64HOT

Cindy A Working Girl

 — A new tenant to the Apartment Complex. by hotjohn432105/20/103.75

Cindy Ch. 01

 — Stories in Literotica lead to meeting a fan. by erotiquill11/24/114.61HOT

Cindy Gets The Upper Hand

 — The new office temp impresses with her hands-on skills. by EnCarta05/15/064.51HOT

Cindy Goes For A Swim

 — Summertime fun. by Kim_Miriam06/19/034.31

Cindy Lou Ch. 02

 — The continuation of the story of a young man's 'first time'. by jsmangis12/28/164.42

Cindy Lou Moves to New York

 — Horny divorcee finds pleasure on the bus to the big city. by Boxlicker10102/15/054.35

Cindy Loves Dictation

 — Secretary loves her job. by DrWho07/19/014.31

Cindy Powers

 — Man meets his match when he gets a strong girlfriend. by smally07/20/083.87

Cindy's Diary Ch. 01

 — Cindy plays with her self as you watch. by kitten32108/06/034.65HOT

Cindy's Night Out

 — Cindy meets Tito on our night out. by schwammi9901/19/164.04

Cindy's Sex Seminar

 — Cindy spends weekend 'boning up' on making love. by Rumple Foreskin03/17/024.37

Cindy's Trip to the Adult...

 — A girl's first time at an adult movie theatre. by cjay08/06/014.06

Cinema Honey

 — Even girls who can't walk need lovin'. by passionpeach7204/15/044.46

Cinema Paradiso

 — Erotic encounter at a foreign film with an audience of 2. by LilacWine05/03/064.47


 — A postal mistake leads to an erotic coupling. by Roget06/21/044.33

Circle Ch. 06

 — The blind date with Alex. by wordsinthedust04/13/084.65HOT

Circle Ch. 07

 — Alex had him; Becca still wanted him, too. by wordsinthedust08/29/084.63HOT

Circle Jerk

 — A cute gal finds some guys looking at magazines. by Sinestro08/04/012.59


 — Strangers in the woods meet and explore. by Saede05/30/074.53HOT

Citric Reliability

 — Dejected woman finds temporary, false solace in a fantasy. by Starfish08/09/013.85

City Garden

 — Two strangers and their interlude in a secluded city garden. by Nogrod6307/15/144.12

City Heat

 — The summer heat heats up their afternoon. by fire_breeze03/18/104.56HOT

City Hotel

 — She had been waiting at the hotel bar for her husband. by devoutmalesub05/17/163.95

City in Lights

 — Just when I thought it was going to be a night on my own. by vixen6205/23/074.44

City Life - Gina

 — A young man learns a valuable lesson. by PolyLvr06/11/104.11

City Lights and Skyline

 — No rest in the city that never sleeps. by _quirkynerd_02/05/124.33

City Meets Country

 — CJ new to the city sees Christine who reminds him of home. by jackie_jonez06/20/164.34

City of Angels, Round 01

 — One man's vacation. by MakersandIce08/03/054.08

City Slicker Ch. 01

 — Michelle and the Cattle Rustlers. by Sweetcheekss07/04/044.60HOT

City Slicker Ch. 02

 — Michelle takes over the Lazy K. by Sweetcheekss07/07/044.68HOT

City Slicker Ch. 03

 — Casual sex turns out to be true love. by Sweetcheekss07/08/044.70HOT

City Slicker Ch. 04

 — Michelle and Wade encounter problems. by Sweetcheekss07/15/044.64HOT

City Slicker Ch. 05

 — Michelle's book signing tour. by Sweetcheekss07/28/044.70HOT

City Tavern

 — Two strangers meet and have animalistic fun. by kalia_warren12/22/093.71

Civilain Rider Takes Cop for a Ride

 — Lady rider shows cop new meaning for civilian rider. by str8guy4u4fun03/02/064.19

CJ and Sherri Ch. 01

 — Friends and lovers. by VoyeuristicMinx05/26/132.42

CJ and Sherri Ch. 02

 — More than lovers. by VoyeuristicMinx06/10/132.64

CJ and Sherri Ch. 03

 — We succumb; are we dreaming? by VoyeuristicMinx06/20/131.57

CJ Stories; Sales Rep is Dessert 04

 — CJ Invited to AAO Conference Las Vegas 2006. by CJs_Hubby03/02/124.53HOT

CJ Stories; Sales Rep is Dessert 05

 — CJ meets the CEO. by CJs_Hubby04/26/124.44


 — Jackson teaches Vanessa about what she deserves. by MariaMichael06/13/084.57HOT


 — She proves to him what he won't admit. by brown_eyed_kat05/05/093.94

Claiming Farra Ch. 02

 — Mitch claims what he thinks is rightfully his. by supressedlady09/07/094.75HOT

Claiming Lucille Ch. 01

 — Adventuresome couple 'rescues' a sub-exhibitionist. by Wolfspirit0702/13/074.58HOT

Claiming Power

 — Jason is finally dominated. by Sash_UK06/13/024.30

Claiming The New Office Slut

 — My new secretary was just the slut I needed. by DASTONE11/22/134.08


 — Getting to know someone can have wonderful consequences by edharian12/01/134.65HOT


 — A mormon missionary erotic tale. by BoundariesBroken01/06/15HOT

Claire and Her Boss Pt. 02

 — The boss takes his intern out during lunch. by JeouxCheval03/01/174.33

Claire Ch. 02

 — Jay and Claire's day continues. by edharian12/17/134.76HOT

Claire Ch. 03

 — Jay and Claire explore Jenna's request. by edharian05/13/144.71HOT

Claire de Lune

 — Dreams come true. by AndyLuvder04/15/044.67HOT

Claire Had it All

 — A late night at the office shows Claire what she was missing. by SpicyChili12/22/134.14

Claire Jumps My Daisy Dukes

 — A nubile coed seduces an older man. by mattmatthews11/21/164.33

Claire O Ch. 01

 — A diary about the sexiest girl in the world. by codename 4702/16/032.50

Claire O Ch. 02

 — He finally takes his feelings one step ahead. by codename 4703/05/033.25

Claire O Ch. 03

 — Claire gets confident. by codename 4703/14/033.56

Claire's 'Big' Bad Boy

 — Bad boy next door holds BIG appeal for busty housewife. by Julia K08/30/044.55HOT

Claire's Afternoon in the Sun

 — An afternoon's rest is pleasantly disturbed. by Zorro6903/05/054.26

Claire's Career Ch. 05: The Secret Agent

 — Claire does her bit her for country. by seth_perm09/30/084.59HOT

Clandestine Rendezvous

 — A late night encounter (sequel to A Summer Night's Fun). by kittinymph04/23/054.59HOT

Clandestine Rendezvous

 — Two people meet via the internet. by melissamd11/07/064.26


 — A relationship somewhat abnormal. by Scorpio5801/31/153.23

Clara - English

 — A relationship somewhat abnormal. by Scorpio5805/13/152.83

Clara's Country Kitchen

 — What does Mike learn when he helps train the staff? by eclare04/07/134.69HOT

Clara's Return

 — Clara comes back to correct her mistake. by DDDDave04/26/124.43

Clara's Toy Boy Solution

 — Her husband was but a shell of his old self. Time to act. by alexcarr11/22/143.73

Clara: Summer Rose

 — 19-year-old finds role in life on train going west in 1872. by caprine06/14/084.51HOT

Clara: Summer Rose Conquers All

 — Rose comes of age in Suzzette's Gentleman's Palace. by caprine06/23/084.61HOT


 — I fuck my best friend's wife while he is passed out. by SamWarrens08/29/164.39

Clare Ch. 01

 — She hasn't seen Brian in years. by frog311/30/024.49

Clare Gets a Boy Toy

 — Girl seduces long-time friend. by evil evil man12/13/164.37

Clare's Sexpedition Episode 01

 — Clare wants more sex, seeking what she likes best. by MichaelPeterson08/22/134.65HOT

Clare's Sexpedition Episode 02

 — Clare's mother knows about her sex with Nick and wants hers. by MichaelPeterson09/05/134.62HOT

Clare's Treat

 — Clare is whisked away for sex with a stranger. by In_the_Nick_of_time12/29/093.48

Clarice Meets The Monster

 — A Halloween Party surprise! by BJPickle5410/10/164.12

Clarissa & The Doctor

 — Med student learns more than just medicine. by Nava Kirsch09/26/014.50HOT

Clarissa & The Doctor Ch. 2

 — Dr. Hanlon continues his corruption of innocent med student. by Nava Kirsch10/08/014.63HOT

Clarissa & the Doctor Ch. 3

 — Michael and Clarissa go downtown. by Nava Kirsch10/31/014.56HOT

Clarissa's Diary Entry 01

 — A modern day librarian finds love after reading a diary. by Michel_dAttirer05/13/093.83

Clarissa's Diary Entry 02

 — A librarian learns about love and lust. by Michel_dAttirer05/18/094.19

Clarissa's New Station

 — Loyal serf's daughter submits to the (medieval) lord. by nhplayguy09/03/064.39

Class Is In Session Ch. 01

 — An erotic encounter at a school. by cjducky02/12/132.89

Class Reunion

 — She explores her fantasies with her former teacher. by haremgirl12/12/054.72HOT

Class Reunion

 — One man's wife is another man's treasure. by John_Spivey196602/11/114.01

Class Reunion Meeting

 — 35th class reunion, she was my High school dream. by uncledickme11/19/154.32

Class Time

 — He needs help keeping awake. by 11Br08/08/083.67

Classes Cancelled Today

 — What else would college lovers do on a snow day? by nyprince01/02/044.46

Classes Suspended

 — Hayley had to wait for her parents to fetch her... by Asmodeus99910/06/123.83

Classic Canadiana

 — Tale of fun in a canoe. by Clive Cromwell II10/08/044.49

Classic Cocktease by an Ex

 — She evens the score from years ago. by skip523606/03/103.95

Classic Fantasy: Nurse

 — Second person sex fantasy. by darkangel00108/09/114.49

Classical Lover

 — Music announcer finds love. by standingstones04/20/144.47

Classical Lover Ch. 02

 — She gets a proposal she didn't expect. by standingstones12/12/144.50HOT

Classics Is Clare's Best Subject

 — Clare seduces a university lecturer. by mcdonng11/11/043.97

Classified Ads

 — Secretary catches female exec with 'Mr. Wilson'. by Lesly Sloan06/12/014.25


 — Fantasy turns true, with these two old friends. by Kerberuz07/14/034.29

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