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Summer Vacation Ch. 33

 — Tommy and Bud kick some ass. by D.C. Roi01/22/044.72HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 34

 — Tommy & Tina have a talk and... by D.C. Roi01/23/044.77HOT

Summer Vacation Ch. 35

 — Tommy & Tina learn more about each other. by D.C. Roi01/24/044.80HOTContest Winner

Summer Voodoo

 — The French Quarter, Christina, and the mystery of Summer. by stevieraygovan04/02/094.76HOT


 — A boy, a girl, a houseful of guests, and a magical ring. by masterdavid196509/18/034.86HOT

Sunderland Magic Ch. 05

 — Alison meets with the King. by classymissm03/23/084.47

Supermarket Sex Games

 — A dull job turns into more fun than imagined. by Sport777701/12/044.71HOT

Surprising Dowdy Dani 2 - Again

 — Relapse and rebirth BBQ, Nude Day challenges. by LitEroCat07/13/114.38

Surrogate Farm Ch. 01

 — His life as a stable hand on Surrogate Farm. by Ianb01/19/043.86

Surrogate Farm Ch. 02

 — The check-up. by Ianb01/20/044.14

Surrogate Farm Ch. 03

 — Emma the stable girl teases him. by Ianb01/21/044.19

Surrogate Farm Ch. 04

 — Emma gets a little revenge. by Ianb01/22/044.21

Surrogate Farm Ch. 05

 — Emma's punishment.. by Ianb01/23/044.38

Surrogate Farm Ch. 06

 — He relaxes in the bath. by Ianb01/26/044.38

Surrogate Farm Ch. 07

 — Shower surprises. by Ianb01/27/044.20

Suspicion Ch. 02: Alternate

 — Husband plans to deal with wife's infidelity, destroy lover. by PostScriptor09/15/08

Suspicion Ch. 03

 — Husband asserts control over wife and lover. by PostScriptor09/16/08

Suspicion Ch. 04

 — He conspires to set up wife; starts to undermine Lover. by PostScriptor09/17/08

Suspicion Ch. 05-06

 — Events conspire to keep wife and Lover apart. by PostScriptor09/20/08

Suspicion Ch. 07-09

 — Husband ambushes Wife, Wife discovers competition for Hubby by PostScriptor09/21/08

Suspicion Ch. 10-11

 — Husband's revenge is coming to fruition. by PostScriptor09/22/08

Suspicion Ch. 12

 — Revenge: Wife's job, Karl's business failing fast. by PostScriptor09/23/08

Suspicion Ch. 13

 — Wife's and Lover's world collapses; Paul's revenge complete. by PostScriptor09/24/08

Suspicion Ch. 14-15

 — Can Husband put family back together? by PostScriptor09/25/08

Suzanne: Labor Day Ch. 01

 — Meet Suzanne, Buck, & Patricia. by mountainboy05/24/034.74HOT

Suzanne: Labor Day Ch. 02

 — Suzanne confronts Buck. by mountainboy05/27/034.83HOT

Suzanne: Labor Day Ch. 03

 — Buck gets ready for an operation. by mountainboy05/28/034.79HOT

Suzanne: Labor Day Ch. 04

 — The operation is almost a disaster. by mountainboy05/29/034.88HOT

Suzanne: Labor Day Ch. 05

 — The girls next door. by mountainboy06/18/034.81HOT

Swapped Ch. 01

 — Wishes have a bad habit of going awry when That Man's around. by Sean Renaud12/16/133.75

Swapped Ch. 02

 — Wishes have a habit of going bad around That Man. by Sean Renaud07/02/144.50

Sweet Catherine Breezes By

 — A submissive girl visits an old fishing village. by coolomon01/24/114.42

Sweet Little Rock and Roller

 — School talent show cause problems for 18 year old girl. by Chopper02/04/074.40

Sweet Moments

 — End of an affair. by mr_sexybeast08/12/132.17

Sweet Revenge Ch. 03

 — Karina & Richard battle their urges - and each other. by haremgirl04/21/064.69HOT

Sweet Revenge Ch. 04

 — There is a fine line between love and hate. by haremgirl04/27/064.75HOT

Sweet Revenge Ch. 05

 — Karina risks everything to escape. by haremgirl05/04/064.83HOT

Sweet Revenge Ch. 06

 — Samiya is determined to get rid of Karina. by haremgirl05/07/064.67HOT

Sweet Revenge Ch. 07

 — Karina becomes a bride. Her troubles are just beginning. by haremgirl05/08/064.59HOT

Sweet Revenge Ch. 09

 — Karina plans an escape from her husband. by haremgirl05/10/064.75HOT

Sweet Revenge Ch. 10

 — Stuart begins to learn that payback is hell. by haremgirl05/16/064.78HOTContest Winner

Sweet Revenge Ch. 11

 — Richard finally gets some satisfaction. by haremgirl05/19/064.85HOT

Sweet Salvation Ch. 1

 — After bad breakup, she needs to remember how to feel. by Quint04/01/024.10

Sweet Salvation Ch. 2

 — Steamy story gives Beth a game plan. by Quint05/28/024.50HOT

Sweltings Academy Ch. 01

 — Principal of a senior girl's school screens an app.licant by IceBluePhoenix08/03/074.50HOT

Sweltings Academy Ch. 02

 — Harmony remembers Mr. Ash fucking her tits. by IceBluePhoenix08/04/074.64HOT

Sweltings Academy Ch. 03

 — Harmony is punished for masturbating. by IceBluePhoenix08/06/074.70HOT

Sweltings Academy Ch. 04

 — Harmony tries to abstain from sex for 24 hours & fails. by IceBluePhoenix08/09/074.75HOT

Sweltings Academy Ch. 05

 — Harmony is punished for having sex with Coach Marshal. by IceBluePhoenix08/12/074.65HOT

Sweltings Academy Ch. 06

 — Coach Marshal keeps Harmony after school for detention. by IceBluePhoenix08/30/074.43

Sweltings Academy Ch. 07

 — Coach Marshal gives Harmony valuable performing experience. by IceBluePhoenix08/31/074.36

Sweltings Academy Ch. 08

 — Coach Marshal enlists help in using Harmony. by IceBluePhoenix09/02/074.51HOT

Sweltings Academy Ch. 09

 — Mr. Ash visits Harmony's room to "check on her grades". by IceBluePhoenix09/05/074.48

Sweltings Academy Ch. 10

 — Exhibition for football team and a romantic encounter. by IceBluePhoenix09/06/074.47

Sweltings Academy Ch. 11

 — Coach Marshal has a surprise for Harmony in the locker room by IceBluePhoenix09/07/074.46

Sweltings Academy Ch. 12

 — Aubrey gives Harmony advice; Harmony visits Mr. Ash. by IceBluePhoenix09/14/074.36

Sweltings Academy Ch. 13

 — Harmony/Ty's date; Coach Marshall asserts his authority. by IceBluePhoenix09/24/074.52HOT

Sweltings Academy Ch. 14

 — Harmony confesses to Mr. Ash. by IceBluePhoenix01/04/084.40

Sweltings Academy Ch. 15

 — Coach Marshal gets an early visitor; Harmony has a plan. by IceBluePhoenix08/18/084.53HOT

Sybian Engineer 01

 — Not an every day experience in life. by Beatnic_jazzman10/11/114.57HOT

Sybian Engineer 02

 — Old and new its ready for the test. by Beatnic_jazzman10/13/114.63HOT

Sybian Engineer 03

 — It's strange what brings people together. by Beatnic_jazzman10/14/114.66HOT

Sybian Engineer 04

 — Disasters strike. by Beatnic_jazzman10/15/114.64HOT

Sybian Engineer 05

 — A Ring and other things new. by Beatnic_jazzman10/16/114.60HOT

Sybian Engineer 06

 — Her fetish, my delight, as things come together. by Beatnic_jazzman10/18/114.55HOT

Sybian Engineer 07

 — The machine in action and more from the stable. by Beatnic_jazzman10/19/114.59HOT

Sybian Engineer 08

 — Moving and a new way of life with cherry flavour. by Beatnic_jazzman10/20/114.61HOT

Sybian Engineer 09

 — My delight and other toys and new treats. by Beatnic_jazzman10/21/114.56HOT

Sybian Engineer 10

 — Could it get better? A simple yes. by Beatnic_jazzman10/22/114.44

Sydney's Dogs Ch. 01

 — Wealthy heiress, man slaves, and angst. What could go wrong? by ScarletFrost08/26/144.39

Sydney's Dogs Ch. 02

 — Tragedy strikes, but Sydney finds a silver lining. by ScarletFrost09/16/144.65HOT

Sydney's Dogs Ch. 03

 — Zaide and Sydney bond during a day of shopping. by ScarletFrost12/18/144.62HOT

Sydney's Dogs Ch. 04

 — Brant comes home in time for everyone to take a trip. by ScarletFrost12/28/144.75HOT

Sydney's Dogs Ch. 05

 — Sydney learns that she took her boys' cherries! by ScarletFrost01/14/154.42

Sydney's Dogs Ch. 06

 — Kicked out of Colorado and sent to Hawaii for a honeymoon? by ScarletFrost01/28/154.56HOT

Sydney's Dogs Ch. 07

 — Sydney abandons her boys for a day - with disastrous results. by ScarletFrost03/01/154.73HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 01

 — Jason Weeks gets an invitation to go on vacation. by D.C. Roi01/28/044.20

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 02

 — Jason meets Sylvia's mother. by D.C. Roi01/29/044.28

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 03

 — Sylvia's mother is extremely friendly to Jason. by D.C. Roi01/30/044.21

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 04

 — Jason has visitor to his bedroom. by D.C. Roi01/31/044.69HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 05

 — Jason doesn't have to shower alone the next morning. by D.C. Roi02/01/044.67HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 06

 — Sylvia's mother and Jason continue to have fun. by D.C. Roi02/02/044.71HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 07

 — Jason learns that love in the living room can be fun. by D.C. Roi02/03/044.70HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 08

 — They do it in the garage, too. by D.C. Roi02/04/044.67HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 09

 — Jason's vacation is extended for a few days. by D.C. Roi02/05/044.72HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 10

 — Morning after Sylvia's mother spends the night. by D.C. Roi02/06/044.65HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 11

 — Jason & Karen go for a walk. by D.C. Roi02/07/044.65HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 12

 — They couple visits Karen's special hideaway. by D.C. Roi02/08/044.79HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 13

 — The family goes out to dinner and... by D.C. Roi02/09/044.48

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 14

 — Duke who? by D.C. Roi02/10/044.72HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 15

 — Middle of the night lovemaking. by D.C. Roi02/11/044.64HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 16

 — Jason helps Karen make the bed. by D.C. Roi02/12/044.59HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 17

 — Dancing is nice. by D.C. Roi02/13/044.47

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 18

 — Brenda is getting suspicious. by D.C. Roi02/14/044.66HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 19

 — Jason sees a vision in white. by D.C. Roi02/15/044.68HOT

Sylvia's Mother Ch. 20

 — Jason gives a good shampoo. by D.C. Roi02/16/044.69HOT

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