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First Time Stories

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Absolute Pleasure

 — She tries to get out of detention. by Champagne9802/15/093.42

Accidental First Time

 — An accident results in a first time with your friend. by engagemind09/13/074.16

Accidental First Time Ch. 02

 — Continuation of story between two young friends. by engagemind09/28/074.47

Accidental First Time Ch. 03

 — You give your first blow job to your friend. by engagemind10/29/074.46

Accidental Voyeur

 — t's amazing what you see behind the scenes. by Ashson10/21/134.38


 — Guardian tempted and seduces girl (or is seduced?) by MVPrimetime11/18/144.70HOT

Accidents Happen

 — Danny accidentally touches the sides of Brenda's tits. by rhimshot41510/02/143.79

Accidents Happen Ch. 01

 — A car accident leads to nudity. by regularguy1312/04/094.28

Accidents Happen Ch. 02

 — His embarrassing, accidental orgasm. by regularguy1312/05/094.40

Accidents Happen Ch. 03

 — Whoops! He loses his virginity, accidently. by regularguy1312/05/094.46

Acrobatics 09

 — Today's the day for Mary. by Strawberry_205101/29/064.43

Across Rooftops - The Initiation

 — The young man and seductress meet. by misterwho06/15/094.48

Across The River To Route 73

 — After missing a trip to a music festival a couple visit... by gflatman5311/04/093.95

Across the Tracks

 — A slow romance between two teens from different worlds. by BigCoreySKR07/08/104.39

Across the Tracks Ch. 02

 — Learning things. by BigCoreySKR07/12/104.54HOT

Across the Tracks Ch. 06

 — WHY? by BigCoreySKR10/06/104.56HOT

Across the Tracks Ch. 07

 — Every day is a new Day. by BigCoreySKR02/04/114.66HOT

Across the Tracks Ch. 09

 — Gods. by BigCoreySKR03/16/114.55HOT

Across the Tracks Ch. 10

 — Wherein new things happen... by BigCoreySKR04/08/114.69HOT

Across the Tracks Ch. 12

 — The Rats own this town for the night. by BigCoreySKR08/11/114.69HOT

Acting out Fantasies Ch. 02

 — Shar and I bring in a new girl into our sex club. by revolution177609/21/143.86

Acts of the Apostles

 — Narrator and two friends celebrate their manhood. by gaytheist11/21/153.11

Adaeze Ch. 01

 — End of high school. A new man worries her. Anticipation. by obcy06/30/153.35


 — Gay in the Grand Canyon. by gaytheist07/22/164.10

Adam & Evelyn

 — A younger man, an older woman. (Historical) by JuliaHarringsford09/04/034.71HOT

Adam and Eve: The First Lovers

 — Romance and more in the Garden of Eden. by MatthewVett10/14/104.33

Adam Loses Himself In M.V. Ch. 01

 — He breaks in a new community during summer vacation. by Philcollins8704/16/084.45

Addictive Vamp

 — A young lady loses her virginity and seeks pleasure. by FelatiaAllday08/18/154.22

Addison's New Friend Ch. 02

 — Addison's first time with a man. by eroslit07/21/094.69HOT


 — Adelle is my friend, my lover, and my history by RowanElizabeth12/29/054.03

Adria's First

 — ...there was the matter of her hands. by SunrockSin07/07/083.51

Adriana and the Fur Closet

 — Adriana and Zack find their furry lover. by FurLove09/17/054.72HOT

Adventure and Timing

 — Isis takes a trip. by succubusslut11/29/174.20

Adventure With Arti Bhabi Continues

 — Indian boy eats pussy for the first time. by funky2003man12/16/034.16

Adventures in Babysitting

 — 19-year-old comes of age while babysitting. by TallNavyMan03/31/074.00

Adventures in Babysitting

 — Sarah loses the battle to control her urges. by Erlikkhan03/26/134.48

Adventures of Delmond: Let's Begin

 — A young man and his first sexual encounter. by Delmond_Magnastone05/22/074.48

Advise and Consent

 — Friends help him convince a nice girl. by Blubik03/07/083.67

Affair Date Night

 — JC & Parker go to dinner before making love. by StCrnrGrl_9204/01/163.38


 — First time fears. by Turbidus04/22/154.54HOT

After All: Ch. 01

 — Natural atmosphere. by IchTuDirWeh02/08/143.59

After Hours

 — Jess gets an unexpected visit. by ImperfectBiAngel04/19/034.16

After Hours Adventure

 — Sometimes dreams come true in the library. by sirhugs08/31/024.14

After Laura

 — More adventures of 18-year-old in "Laura's Pantyhose". by flimbim08/25/044.37

After Parties

 — He'll take your virginity, but you have to beg him first. by VioletRaes1207/15/134.06

After Party

 — 2 friends find themselves alone after a party. by ithinktruth08/07/134.02

After Party Ch. 01

 — An act of kindness looks like going further... by ReefBeach05/06/184.38

After Party Threesome Ch. 01

 — Two Girls 1 Guy after a party. by Joker3405/04/113.62

After School

 — Boy takes cheerleader girlfriend for first time. by Andy Limelight10/08/003.85

After School

 — Sheltered 18 year old craves first time with tutor. by Peoni03/31/134.30

After School Adventures Ch. 03

 — When the school bell rings, the rules change... by Slash_Raptor08/22/114.25

After School Adventures Ch. 06

 — When the school bell rings, the rules change... by Slash_Raptor02/02/124.48

After The Ball

 — She accepts ride home after a dance. by Ashson11/22/124.47

After the Exams

 — Shy students find love. by JDH10/08/004.45

After the Pool

 — Do you remember? by PnkOcelot06/10/103.53

After The Swim

 — What I should have done with you. by mtnaire01/09/044.17

After Town

 — He wakes up to a sweet surprise from a friend. by truth0205/26/02

After Two Years

 — Couple finally break the cherry. by 101boy02/01/082.92

After Yoga, Alicia

 — Two friends in high school finally seal the deal. by mischievousj10/18/164.57HOT

After-Class Fun

 — An overlooked virgin gets her fill. by dreamweaverxx10/22/143.97

Agatha Allbut & the Bimbo Squad Ch. 01

 — Nerdy teen kisses school hunk and pays the price. by Ldy_Sea05/06/123.95

Agatha Allbut & the Bimbo Squad Ch. 02

 — Agatha loses her virginity to Lars. by Ldy_Sea05/07/124.20

Agnes of God

 — Sweet Jesus is coming! by My I04/03/103.67

Aileen Lost Her Virginity

 — An Asian girl lost her virginity to her step brother's black friend. by phallicdesire12/28/144.21

Aisha's First Night in the Palace

 — Virgin sex slave is chosen and trained to serve the Sheik. by blauhimmel11/23/164.24

Al Gets Lucky

 — Man stumbles through his first time. by I-WISH04/07/064.26

Alex and Penelope Ch. 05

 — Alex takes Penelope's virginity. by rosess05/24/114.52HOT

Alex Sucks Cock for the First Time

 — Alex sucking honey off my cock. by speedodave07/02/163.87

Alex's Adventurous Diary Memoirs

 — 18 year old tomboy becomes desirable young woman. by Ingrid11B11/18/164.27

Alex's Adventurous Diary Memoirs Ch. 02

 — Freshman at Upper Brow University. by Ingrid11B11/20/164.55HOT

Alex's Adventurous Diary Memoirs Ch. 04

 — Cured of Fear. by Ingrid11B11/22/164.35

Alex's First Time (with a man)

 — Alex and I are fuck buddies, this is how it all started. by speedodave10/07/163.96

Alexa and the Virgin

 — Sweet, nurturing Alexa helps a depressed young man to love. by kisslessvirgin08/15/153.97

Alexandra Ch. 01

 — She goes against parents & Catholic school upbringing. by shadow_dreamer08/27/044.39

Alexandra Makes The Grade Ch. 01

 — How far will she go for that A in Trig? by peechka08/12/044.24

Alexandra Makes The Grade Ch. 02

 — Lesson #1: Alexandra doesn't make the rules. by peechka08/17/044.34

Alexandra Makes The Grade Ch. 03

 — Staying after class... by peechka05/23/124.52HOT

Alexandra's Friend

 — Alex meets her friend for a night of fun. by seansmom1306/26/104.13

Alexis Makes an Office Visit

 — She loses her virginity at the office. by RogerK06/04/043.87

Algebra 101

 — Coed's job leads to fun with Algebra professor. by didababy06/23/024.21

Ali's Deflowerment

 — She meticulously organises her own deflowerment. by EdwardSimms01/10/134.05

Aliandre's Story Ch. 01

 — She experiences oral sex with married man. by aliandre11/03/094.39

Aliandre's Story Ch. 02

 — An unexpected wedding brings Ali and Nathan together again by aliandre11/14/094.47

Alice and I

 — An old friend comes back to town. by clarkcrow07/22/174.86HOT

Alice from Next Door

 — Alice is determined to woo her friend's neighbor. by tadbulge05/14/174.32

Alice Manipulated Ch. 01

 — Naive 20 year-old discovers her hidden treasures. by BeamMeUp01/25/084.43

Alice's Curiosity

 — She discovers ways to enjoy sex despite her paralysis. by Tribad04/29/154.64HOT


 — College gets very close to the girl of his dreams. by Maverick Aussie10/08/004.37

Alison Gives It Up To The Wrong Man

 — She saved her virginity for 18 years, but lost it to a stranger. by User66610/11/133.92

Alison's Surprise

 — Alison gives a little something. by Mr James11/16/034.12

Alissa's First Time Ch. 01

 — She gives it up to her boyfriend & gives him a surprise. by JayParm09/27/094.37

All About Me

 — He can't give me what I want. I'll get it myself. by Olive Hizklosoff07/23/173.92

All About Perspective

 — Perhaps things aren't as bad as they look. by barkirk05/10/164.54HOT

All Grown Up

 — Best friend's little sister isn't so little anymore. by snaillover6911/05/143.97

All Grown Up Ch. 01

 — Ryan finally sees Amanda as more than a friend. by simply_cyn07/21/054.25

All Grown Up Ch. 02

 — Ryan and Amanda get to really know each other. by simply_cyn08/03/054.50HOT

All Grown Up Ch. 03

 — Ryan and Amanda finally come together. by simply_cyn08/03/054.65HOT

All Grown Up Ch. 04

 — The final chapter to Ryan & Amanda's story. by simply_cyn08/13/054.66HOT

All in Good Time

 — Young girl learns about sex. by wildaraven131310/05/173.74

All is Well

 — Body size doesn't always matter. by MaxiJ11/15/033.74

All the Fun of the Fair

 — When the fair came to town two people's lives changed. by Twilightlove08/24/174.09

All the Right Moves

 — An awkward 18 year-old learns the basics. by RailRoader07/17/154.32

All the Right Tones

 — A young man explores his unusual fantasy with an escort. by Ava_Dalo11/11/173.95

All the Way

 — Nikki's first boyfriend has a big surprise for her. by knabors12/22/063.98

All the Way to Heaven

 — Sharing one's virginity is special and memorable. by AfroerotiK07/07/124.22

All Tits and Bum

 — It was all his brother Max's fault. by Bazzza11/19/074.41

All Together Now

 — A teen and his sweetheart finally embrace his unique trait. by Benjamin_Winter01/17/174.37

All Work and No Play

 — He's hot for his boss. by Pignoni10/14/023.12

Allie Makes a Downpayment

 — Allie wants to pledge her heart to Terry with her virginity. by AliceShayne05/09/104.32

Allison & Rick Ch. 01

 — Horny housewife educates boy next door. by Ethan08/06/044.01

Allison & Rick Ch. 02

 — Love lesson #2. by Ethan08/07/044.47

Allison and Robert

 — First encounter. by jonbrad2802/23/153.71

Allison in the Library

 — A college virgin stars in a girl's fantasy. by Baxter7203/09/064.11

Ally's Blowjob

 — The story of his first blowjob. by str8guy112/22/073.80

Almost First Time

 — Shy virgin guy's sexual awakening. by panewhitebread08/05/163.85

Almost Grown Up

 — First great lesbian encounter. by stonedcrab10/07/133.82


 — Discovering herself for the first time by EarthWind12/30/023.79

Alone Again

 — Eric finally lets himself succumb to a longtime temptation. by Mr. Unsexy09/18/084.25

Alone at Home

 — Girl stayed home alone and fulfilled her dream. by Hellprincess2006/23/173.23

Alpha Gene Ch. 01: Awakening

 — Nerd activates gene bestowing muscles (and a huge cock). by MrAlpha04/06/174.24


 — She's a student and he's taking a class. by FurLove05/14/084.73HOT

Although I Am Sold, Not Yet Enjoy'd

 — Kenyan girl, Aussie boy, greatest playwright, love & sex. by ReefBeach06/27/164.66HOT

Although I Am Sold, Not Yet Enjoy'd Ch. 02

 — Manny's second time, Mwali's first time. by ReefBeach08/16/164.44

Although I Am Sold, Not Yet Enjoy'd Ch. 03

 — Manny finds massage as good as sex, but both together...! by ReefBeach09/28/174.53HOT

Alton Towers

 — What happened on a ride with my student. by goldcloak03/18/163.37

Always a Bridesmaid Ch. 01

 — Sophia enjoys her first time with a cute groomsman. by PrincessErin07/25/083.92

Always a Bridesmaid Ch. 02

 — Sophia enjoys her first time with a cute groomsman. by PrincessErin07/26/084.19

Always a Bridesmaid Ch. 03

 — Sophia enjoys her first time with a cute groomsman. by PrincessErin07/27/084.32

Always A First

 — Guy leans a hot lesson from his sister's sexy roommate. by Dakota_North05/08/034.51HOT

Always Remember

 — Older woman takes sensitive guy's virginity. by Rocinante06/13/024.43


 — First time turns into a wild night. by bustylover03/08/033.97


 — A little revenge for the fairer sex. by JessiDD11/21/113.47

Amanda Takes the Plunge

 — Co-ed gets sex lessons from town doctors. by aunaturel11/16/083.98

Amanda Takes the Plunge Ch. 02

 — College co-ed gets sex lessons from town doctors. by aunaturel11/18/084.42

Amanda Takes the Plunge Ch. 03

 — A night to remember. by aunaturel12/18/084.52HOT

Amanda's First Time

 — A teen virgin's first sex experience. by roseman112/11/093.74

Amanda's First Time

 — When Matt's parents go out of town they have birthday sex. by quietlycrazy05/01/134.09

Amanda's Reward

 — Caught masturbating in school & taken by the Principal. by ken abyss05/27/094.08

Amanda: The Tease

 — A confused woman loses her virginity to a friend. by The Collector08/11/024.20

Amazing Amy

 — A coworker and friend shows me the sexual ropes. by lifesabeach8408/11/084.18


 — Lovers experience each other for the first time. by Feang05/30/044.09


 — Hot Amber's initiation into sex. by mysreader10/21/104.39

Amber and Jack Ch. 01

 — Jack offers the babysitter a ride home. What ensues? by horny819198811/11/124.58HOT

Amber's Awakening Ch. 01

 — How I became a woman. by CarolinaPeach05/21/134.34

Amber's Awakening Ch. 02

 — Amber's story continues. by CarolinaPeach05/25/134.46

Amber's Awakening Ch. 03

 — Amber's story continues. by CarolinaPeach05/30/134.52HOT

Amber's First

 — Married boss tricks her into giving up virginity. by deepemerald01/29/094.32

Amber's Teacher Ch. 03

 — Mr. C and Amber continue their relationship. by mr_corlucci08/03/084.42

Amber's Teacher Ch. 04

 — Amber sleeps over. by mr_corlucci12/17/084.53HOT

Amber's Teacher Ch. 05

 — Amber gets fucked. by mr_corlucci12/18/084.43

Amen Corner

 — Alexis loses her virginity at the Masters. by alexxxis04/11/104.55HOT

American Dreams Ch. 01

 — He meets Faye. by CSLeMone04/05/083.85

American In Paris

 — Grad student has a very inviting host family stay. by asterix888810/03/064.29

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