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Tricia's Tits

 — I tit fuck the class virgin as her best friend cheers us on. by andrewnin05/16/094.13

Tricking a Straight Boy

 — A couple of horny young Aussie guys in the hot tub. by speedodave09/20/184.14

Tricks & Treats

 — A witch leads them astray. by gauchecritic10/25/033.76


 — A young homeless virgin is taken in by an older man. by Vysis03/04/154.63HOT

Trip to Village

 — Trip to village become new experience for a young man. by mpsaab05/23/083.97


 — Age twenty-eight, he finally gets laid! by CyranoAndersson10/01/093.38

Trophy Virgin

 — She loses her virginity in a most unusual way. by Sophia05/24/02

Tropical Tutor

 — 30-something woman teaches teenager about sex by writerjab04/13/124.15

Tropical Tutor Ch. 02

 — Oral in the Coral. by writerjab05/01/124.33

Troy and Louisa... and Friends!

 — Troy and Louisa's sex life gets unexpectedly better! by silverfern04/19/184.72HOT

Trucking for Charity

 — A virgin loses it in the back of her daddy's truck. by gothbabe6603/16/103.52

True Guidance

 — Sexy Ms. Lawrence is ready to help Paul's grades. by Rabbat04/02/134.50HOT

True Love

 — Brian loves the girl of his dreams- his best friend. by toast3703/18/103.28

Trust is Earned

 — A distrusting woman overcomes trust issues and finds love. by fubar76909/18/104.54HOT

Truth or Dare

 — A game of truth or dare gives them a lot of firsts. by BiBabe200406/23/033.39

Truth or Dare

 — Game leads to the fulfillment of a girl's crush. by Goldeniangel02/22/054.53HOT

Tucker's Studio Ch. 04

 — The Christian Boy. by riverboy01/04/164.85HOT

Tucker's Studio Ch. 13

 — Cinnamon Sugar by riverboy03/06/164.82HOT


 — How did he get her to do that? by Ooshnafloot04/09/054.53HOT

Turn Down Service

 — Hotel maid gets as good as she gives. by litguy10004/03/074.45

Turn the Tables Ch. 04

 — A test for Steve with a new partner. by Pudmeister11/18/084.05

Turtlegeek Loses His V-Plates

 — Losing my virginity at a frat party. by turtlegeek08/06/193.96

Tutor's Secret

 — Lizzie needs help with Math. by Conbon09/03/144.36

Tutoring isn't Always by the Books

 — A young college geek's fantasy comes trues. by DavidMasters03/05/094.32

Tutoring The Tutor Ch. 02

 — 18-year-old Janet gets her man; Nancy's Dad. by ShySlut1907/15/104.05

Twenty Something

 — Birthdays can be so much fun. by bassbelly10/25/074.22

Twenty-One Year Old Virgin

 — Cheryl finally loses her virginity. by DanielB357908/31/144.08

Twice Blessed

 — Virgin guy gets lucky and lucky. by ainu12/05/064.41

Twice In One Night

 — Young man breaks a friend in two different ways. by Wolfsonofpaul04/27/034.20

Twice Ten Point Zero (10.0)

 — US prof visits China, encounters female translator in need. by XXscribbler02/14/184.83HOT

Twin Holes

 — Showing the Twins my stuff. by idope24710/24/173.97

Twin Summer Ch. 01

 — Rick has finished school, but the twins start his education. by jane700bond09/09/074.22

Twin Summer Ch. 02

 — The night Rick learnt about women. by jane700bond10/22/074.52HOT

Twin Summer Ch. 03

 — 18-year-old virgin on the ridiculous. by jane700bond11/23/074.55HOT

Twin Summer Ch. 04

 — A girl’s point of view. by jane700bond05/06/084.43

Twins' Deception

 — Identical twins secretly exchange husbands. by CleoRa12/19/144.50HOT

Twist of Fate

 — Is her fate pre-determined or will she be able to change it? by stickivicki03/08/134.22

Two are Halves of One

 — Just Carter or Dean is not enough. She wants both. by SmallTownPrincess08/15/154.59HOT

Two Bennington Blind Dates

 — Sex-obsessed freshmen and their enabler. by Longstretch02/26/093.78

Two Captives Ch. 02

 — The girls try to adapt to life with the Indians, or do they. by BlewWater6911/28/064.59HOT

Two Captives Ch. 03

 — Sarah and Sally become comfortable. by BlewWater6912/24/064.59HOT

Two Captives Ch. 04

 — Sarah longs to be Two Bears wife. by BlewWater6912/28/064.67HOT

Two Captives Ch. 05

 — Sarah and Two Bears, happiness or not? by BlewWater6901/21/074.75HOT

Two Disabled Workers Ch. 02

 — Ginger finally has her first time. by rmlooker12/14/144.40

Two Experimenting

 — Home from college sister provides lessons. by Airagone07/17/02

Two F***ing Years at University

 — Sarah discovers what her bed is really worth at Uni. by MrsJ07/30/164.07

Two F***ing Years at University Ch. 02

 — Her year starts with a fuck, which becomes a fuck-fest! by MrsJ09/14/164.33

Two F***ing Years at University Ch. 03

 — For Lillian it’s Wham! Bam! “I’m in you, Ma’am!” by MrsJ09/17/164.34

Two Fantasies Become One Reality

 — A man and his daughter's grown-up friend. by shooter44n4511/11/054.48

Two First Times

 — She loses her virginity to guy, then a girl. by litpervgrrl05/29/044.14

Two Firsts for Me

 — First time blow job and glory hole. by seniornewby05/19/163.86

Two For Starters

 — Repressed young lady finds warm initiation. by Rex Siter02/18/054.49

Two Lovers' First Anal

 — Internet lovers have their first time. by SouthernWomenLover09/06/124.08

Two Lovers' First Time

 — A pick-up from my first story, please read before this one. by SouthernWomenLover09/06/124.16

Two Nerds Lose Their Virginity

 — Psychology students study their sexuality. by Stormysailor02/22/143.95

Two Prime Numbers: 19, 67

 — Older male academic meets unusual female student. by XXscribbler06/21/184.68HOT

Two Sisters and a Plumber

 — A leaking sink requires a plumber. by Xesevoli05/06/113.95

Two Tennis Belles

 — Young man seduces two girls after tennis. by Richard96305/07/053.78

Two Thighs Ch. 04

 — The new couple watches and learns at a swingers club. by Pimanko08/08/194.38

Two Thighs Ch. 05

 — The new couple is initiated into swapping. by Pimanko08/20/194.36NEW

Two's Company, Three's a Party

 — Flight delayed? Have a threesome! by KeikoAlvarez10/29/164.50HOT

Two, Please

 — First time with a coworker ends with a show. by Cutipie06/09/173.64

Tybalt and Juliet Ch. 01

 — The play, the party and the subsequent fallout. by SpindleTop07/18/194.62HOT

Tybalt and Juliet Ch. 02

 — Jake and Amy take their first steps as a couple. by SpindleTop07/24/194.68HOT

Tybalt and Juliet Ch. 03

 — Amy explores Jake's farm and his body. by SpindleTop08/01/194.61HOT

Tybalt and Juliet Ch. 04

 — A revelation in the Black Barn. by SpindleTop08/07/194.59HOT

Tybalt and Juliet Ch. 05

 — Dinner and afterwards by SpindleTop08/11/194.68HOT

Tybalt and Juliet Ch. 06

 — A first weekend away together. by SpindleTop08/17/194.43NEW

Tybalt and Juliet Ch. 07

 — The prom. by SpindleTop08/23/194.60HOTNEW

Un-Shelter Me

 — She is home for a summer of exploration. by desertslave09/04/134.40

Unbuttoned and Unzipped

 — Wanting and having. A new night. by CrimsonAndClover10/31/093.90

Uncharted Waters

 — A young man comes into his own... by masculinecuriosity01/15/163.58

Unchartered Waters

 — An Indian woman finds herself charmed by an American man by onastep02/03/164.48

Uncircumcised Man Finds Love

 — Black college stud finds love at last. by Samuelx07/20/083.66


 — Uncle interferes in nephew's love-life. by Ashson12/02/144.53HOT

Uncle Nigel

 — The beginning of Madeline's sex education with Nigel. by bitsieblue09/06/044.22

Uncle Sam Made Her a Woman

 — He's not really her uncle. by Wolverette08/01/033.98

Under Hypnosis, She Is Revealed

 — Depressed young woman finds a new kind of therapy. by CuriousLittleBird07/16/034.38Editor's Pick

Under Madam's Bottom Pt. 01

 — A young man's introduction to the exciting world of sex ... by AmazonDarkRider08/30/184.01

Under Mr. Nolan's Bed Ch. 05

 — Mr. Nolan goes on a date and Leah gets jealous. by Selena_Kitt07/27/064.75HOT

Under the Bleachers

 — Kara gets comfy with a football player on the opposing team. by girl_4_rent06/12/064.37

Under the Moonlight

 — Moonlight helps two young people along the way by Owain09/19/034.55HOT


 — 2 probationary policewomen on a covert, beach operation. by OzmanA07/20/164.22


 — Undercover cop vs drug-trafficking porn empire. by Geminine09/30/174.30

Undercover Basketball Ch. 01

 — Katie has trouble with coach, but finds friend in Daniel. by trueblue0205/06/054.25

Underneath a Hard Exterior

 — Megan opens up Ryan's shell and loses herself in him. by short_n_sweet2201/05/153.80


 — An 18 year old girl finally finds satisfaction. by PrettyShy01/14/094.24

Unexpected Anticipation

 — Step into a brief moment of two women's intimacy. by DaleyHamiya10/30/184.55HOT

Unexpected Festivities

 — It was simple: get in, get out. But I always hated parties. by alittlebirdie08/17/124.02

Unexpected Holiday

 — Ethan receives a gift from Santa: a little lady elf... by Aamra01/21/124.05

Unexpected Hookup

 — A boy walking home has an unexpected hookup with a woman. by Sean88804/24/183.81

Unexpected Liaison with Katie

 — First time experience for young woman and her aunt's friend. by caseyjones6709/24/154.25

Unexpected Portuguese Sex

 — Unexpected first time girl sex with a hot Portuguese girl. by ninacole704/17/184.22

Unexpected Results

 — She gets the man she wants and his girlfriend. by Red Hugh09/14/024.38

Unexpected Tits

 — Experiencing the finer parts of anatomy. by clampealer02/10/163.86

Unfinished Business Ch. 01

 — Two old friends find their way back to each other. by enkidusfolly08/06/094.22


 — He takes her virginity, but she cannot erase his memories. by lexxie_mckenzie06/21/093.35

Unforgettable Date

 — A younge couple have the best date of their lives. by ssj10hey07/15/083.73

Unforgettable Night

 — Coed seduces her virgin roommate. by summersnight06/08/104.42

Unfulfilled Desires

 — Her sexual needs grow ever stronger. by terravista11/25/174.27

Unfulfilled Desires Ch. 02

 — Ann Marie actively pursues what she desires. by terravista12/14/174.15

Unhappy Ending

 — A good massage. by ib_bill01/07/193.55

Unintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 04

 — Zoe and Jason grow closer. Much closer. by xinycep07/09/124.32

Uninvited but Welcome

 — A teacher's aide gets a special lesson. by Belladiva09/26/153.74

University Life Ch. 09

 — A virgin coed's deflowering. by blindjack12/29/064.37


 — Lost Virginity. by RoseBrn12/16/103.59

Unknown Benefits of Life Modeling

 — Tom learns to draw and loses his virginity. by live98703/11/144.09

Unlikely Chance

 — Mark saves a girl and starts an adventure. by MeteorMaximus03/11/124.33

Unspoken Introduction

 — There was a beautiful young woman on the bed. by saphelia12/04/044.06


 — Victoria is surprised. by Mr James09/03/034.25

Unsuspected Encounters

 — Two friends end up having sex. by justanotherwriter5409/24/13

Untaming the Innocent

 — Cindy wants to get in Annie's bed. Problem is she's really shy. by Wildheart10708/29/184.31

Untouchable Lust

 — You enjoy each others' company. by denboer204/10/053.92


 — She has in all ways been unveiled. by Lominiel05/08/063.53

Up For Auction

 — Hook-up at a New York Auction House. by kvingibson04/15/153.95

Vacation: Rawrbug

 — A young adult from a no-name town in Alabama seeks solace. by captainbuttass06/07/162.73

Vaction for Firsts Ch. 2

 — Twins have a plan to get a college guy. by Darksider08/07/024.42


 — Mandy decides that she has been the good girl long enough. by Jay32109/10/134.18

Valentina's Day

 — The maiden conqueror is conquered on the Feast of Eros. by Pornguin02/03/104.37

Valentine Surprise

 — A set-up that doesn’t go as planned. by RubenR01/19/174.58HOT

Valentine's Day Date

 — Co-workers meet for a date, have sex, fall in love. by Heartsongs01/31/194.72HOT

Valentine's Day Present

 — Ash gets together with her long-distance boyfriend. by andros1402/02/034.29

Valentine's Day, 1945

 — A historical love story by PhilLanderer01/31/124.60HOT

Valentine's Surprise

 — Her first time. by masterskitty01/08/113.72


 — Fooling around with her sister's boyfriend. by litpervgrrl04/17/054.56HOT

Valuable Commodities

 — Well, sometimes you just get lucky! Don't fight it. by Sailor102/21/064.71HOT


 — Sister Theresa leaves convent. by stoneypoint01/01/093.86

Vanessa Gets Spanked

 — 18-year-old virgin is spanked & ravished. by BogartSlap01/03/074.18

Vanilla dreams

 — If only it were ever this perfect. by katgirl_2311/22/064.17

Velvet Heat Ch. 01

 — She's now of age and stunning. by adjoaq11/18/124.68HOT

Vera's Sweet Obsession

 — Vera envies her sister's sex life. by KimKim502/24/193.82

Vera's Wartime Valentine

 — A dance with an American soldier leads to love. by Bray12301/19/184.41

Viagra Bounce

 — "The Double D" Continues - Events around a past lover's. by hiltonalbert03/19/174.71HOT

Vicious Young Heartbreak

 — Two young teenagers fall in love and learn about falling out. by finebubblebunzart12/08/183.76

Vicky Ch. 01

 — A shy girl sets out to stop reading and start living. by TimRailing07/05/143.98

Vicky Ch. 02

 — She decides to practice and, it turns out, she's a natural. by TimRailing07/25/144.30


 — Two young men explore their sexuality. by charlessmythe10/16/163.69

Victoria's Misfortune

 — The life of a young Edwardian Lady. by RomanCEisdead209/07/074.52HOT

Video Story: Lost Virginity Leads to a Ruined Couch

 — Alexis tells how her first time went from great to mayhem. by LitTV01/11/173.88

Village Ch. 02: Before the Party

 — Stuart goes round to Angela's before the young people's party. by Stanlow06/08/184.43

Village Ch. 04: Charlotte

 — Charlotte and John get together. by Stanlow06/08/194.64HOT


 — A boy's first exploration into sex. by charlessmythe11/10/163.49

Vinyl Kisses

 — Inexperienced man & experienced girl find sweet release. by Javagirl08/05/043.90

Violet's Virgin

 — 18-year-old guy loses virginity to experienced girlfriend. by moonkai04/28/05


 — 18-year-old guy wants to learn from her. by Kryztel05/17/033.91

Virgin Anna's Sex Ed

 — Anna gets taught the meaning of sex. by tadnam10006/08/093.25

Virgin Awakenings

 — First sexual experience with the object of her desires. by Berotica07/22/094.19

Virgin Backpacker Pt. 01

 — 18-yr old travels, experiences some new things. by howmany_harmony11/10/154.04

Virgin Beauty Nude n Bedroom Window

 — Cat Burglar Gets Unforgettable Surprise in Wrong House. by Alluring_Crimson_Shifter11/03/163.31

Virgin Blood

 — First time for both of these lovers. by Acal03/27/093.91

Virgin Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Kathy M loses her cherry. by RichardS5005/02/034.15

Virgin Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Joyce C loses her cherry. by RichardS5005/03/034.13

Virgin Chronicles Ch. 03

 — Debbie loses her cherry. by RichardS5005/12/034.18

Virgin Departure

 — Seduced, but not really abandoned. by R. Richard10/26/034.14

Virgin Fantasy

 — A virgin's fantasies come true. by cyber_pussy011910/14/024.08

Virgin Figure Skater vs. Reality

 — Shy and innocent figure skating cutie meets ecstasy. by McKaylaMaroney07/04/143.52

Virgin Flower

 — She was waiting to be plucked. by EbonyFire7706/07/074.11

Virgin Gangbanged To Slut

 — How I lost my virginity and became a slut. by emap05/27/044.07

Virgin Guy's First (What If) Ch. 01

 — Shy virgin guy wonders what it would be like. by lex850805/07/094.24

Virgin Guy's First (What If) Ch. 02

 — Otis loses his... mind. by lex850805/11/093.80

Virgin Honeymoon

 — 2 virgins marry and experience sex. by skyprancer10/05/094.05

Virgin Hooked On An Older Man

 — Catholic school girl becomes addicted to sex. by sleepyhousewife03/18/043.93

Virgin in Japan

 — His first time happens on his birthday, in Japan. by FullyLoadedUK02/03/154.32

Virgin Lauren Loves Brian

 — She wants to add another trophe. by barnabus06/26/034.51HOT

Virgin Melons

 — He gets to tit fuck his girl's virgin friend. by evil_in_the_flesh11/14/054.17

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