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First Time Stories

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Virgin No Longer

 — Janet's first time. by Maeten10/19/093.29

Virgin No More

 — 18 year old boy loses his virginity and how. by Arneb04/06/183.90

Virgin No More Ch. 01

 — 22-year-old Jeff's first time. by Shars Star03/13/043.72

Virgin No More! Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old Clara yearns to lose her virginity with a bang! by Clara201812/16/173.93

Virgin on Bourbon Street

 — Young tourist gets fleeced by madam & her girls. by christo03/28/024.21Editor's Pick

Virgin Party Girl Ch. 01

 — Boyfriend passes out, but still she loses it. by Marla B07/01/044.13

Virgin Poker

 — Her revenge cuts short his abusive treatment of women. by Allan_Arbinger02/16/153.74

Virgin Seductress

 — She tries her hand at seducing mature men & gets a career. by deepemerald07/18/084.28

Virgin Seeking Ch. 01

 — Devyn lets Caleb pop her cherry. by fms961205/05/174.34

Virgin Sitter

 — A hot young babysitter is confronted by an older man. by sensualsweety508/30/114.10

Virgin Sitter Ch. 02

 — Leeann and Michael take it to the next level. by sensualsweety509/04/114.24

Virgin Slut

 — Mandy decides to live up to her reputation. by Star Shadow04/13/034.37

Virgin Stories Ch. 01

 — Losing virginity. by SilverShade12/12/073.66

Virgin Stories Ch. 02

 — You need to listen to your friends. by SilverShade05/05/082.62

Virgin Summer Ch. 1

 — Nick & Nicole express there love for each other. by thenick06/24/023.73

Virgin Summer Ch. 2

 — Nicole wants some space, but Misti doesn't. by thenick06/27/024.14

Virgin Tease

 — 19 yr. old virgin teases 33 yr. old, then makes up with him. by trippleDandkinky03/10/114.10

Virgin with Girlfriend's Mom Pt. 01

 — A virgin boy's story of fucking his girlfriend's mom. by MF4BIM11/15/154.03


 — She pays for her firsts. by ksmybuttons05/24/024.59HOT

Virgin's Lessons

 — Two virgin girls ask how sex happens. by mr concrete04/19/014.36

Virgin's Seduction

 — Her goal: lose her cherry to her brother's hot friend. by SweetPrettyAss05/29/144.16

Virgin, 2001

 — A college guy is in love with a popular girl. by Manny_Kanblo08/15/092.92

Virginal Thesis

 — An unexpected ending to a night at the library. by bubbliebabs01/14/083.99

Virginators: College Buddies' Quest

 — He remembers the first girl broken in by the club. by SXY_Hot_Mamma01/06/06

Virginators: College Buddies' Quest Ch. 02

 — She wants him to take her virginity. by SXY_Hot_Mamma01/16/06HOT

Virginators: College Buddies' Quest Ch. 03

 — Now, into his stepdaughter's pants. by SXY_Hot_Mamma02/03/06HOT

Virginators: College Buddies' Quest Ch. 04

 — Carl gets his secretary...eventually. by SXY_Hot_Mamma02/04/06HOT

Virginators: College Buddies' Quest Ch. 05

 — Pledge gets lessons - from the maid? by SXY_Hot_Mamma02/09/06

Virginity Gone

 — 18-year-old loses his innocence to an older woman. by Tim Piers09/30/054.18

Virginity Lost

 — Sam lets her mother's boyfriend get too close. by nikkie02/21/043.99

Virginity Lost Ch. 1

 — Coed loses her virginity. by Shanbabe4u04/20/014.50HOT

Virginity Lost in an Ancient Place

 — 18 year-old virgins share the ancient woodland sunset. by intimateoutlet06/01/154.22

Virginity Lost on Vacation

 — Chubby Canadian cutie deflowered by handsome black guy. by RetroFan04/05/184.45

Virginity Redux

 — Nude Day triggers a loss of virginity. by dragonwriter06/29/134.47

Virginity's Caress

 — She allowed herself a small smile. by moon_goddess_nymph11/11/03

Virgins No More

 — Two young people share the loss of their virginity. by Joanmcarthy07/14/164.73HOT

Virgins on the Run

 — Saved from La Migra, she offers her most precious gift. by rjordan09/02/02

Visiting a Friend

 — Her friend was not at home. Her friend's father was. by Ashson03/27/184.21

Visiting My Mormon Friend 01

 — Shower fun in an all girls dorm. by cuddlemonkey03/13/074.35

Visiting The Girls Of Amsterdam

 — He gets an excellent Education. by puppop02/07/124.58HOT

Visiting The Girls Of Amsterdam Ch. 02

 — The Education continues with Galena. by puppop02/17/124.72HOT

Vivian First Time Story

 — She gets hot, first time sex. by Blackz_Sidez05/15/053.75

Viviane 01

 — A story about a film about a girl enjoying her summer. by Tiresias0706/30/133.62

Vixen? Schoolgirl? Stripper? Hooker

 —  Saffron is taken to a strip club by her cousin to shock her. by abroadsword12/13/134.25

Wait For It

 — Things do not go smoothly for Anne as she waits for sex. by kayakkid11/17/103.79

Wait Until the Wedding

 — Patty is determined to wait until she's married. by budd10006/15/054.02

Waited So Long For You

 — After three years of waiting, Charlotte gets her man. by jennywren707/19/114.01

Waiting (Rebecca 4)

 — Angelica waiting for him. by SeanBurns197510/07/174.31

Waiting for Aphrodite

 — Rick realizes that love is closer than he thought. by LingerieRobot06/14/124.53HOT

Waiting for Instruction

 — Forlay into Light BDSM. by WonderlandWinter09/21/173.56

Waiting for Mr. Right

 — She realizes that any man could be Mr. Right. by BlackSnake06/02/063.77

Waiting for the Storm

 — Two friends leaving home discover each other's feelings. by WritingPleasure02/11/154.34

Waiting for Will

 — Will and Danielle meet. by warrysan05/14/054.38

Waiting for Will Ch. 02

 — Johnny & a very horny Rachel come up with a plan. by warrysan05/30/054.55HOT

Waiting for Will Ch. 03

 — After a long day, Will inally gets some action. by warrysan09/13/054.70HOT

Waiting in Line for the New iPad

 — Waiting outside the Apple Store becomes a magical experience. by MaxSebastian05/09/134.80HOT

Wale of a Tail

 — Jennifer Plum finds her thrill on Kymin Hill. by BasilBasset02/13/093.90

Walk in the Park

 — Two friends go for a day hike that turns into more. by WindyD11/02/073.70


 — A walk in the woods. by Bachlum Chaam05/31/033.90

Walking in the Rain Ch. 01

 — They share a mutual seduction. by HDTopper12/21/054.36

Wallflower Blooming

 — Sharon had always thought she was an ugly duckling. by adamaxilla12/12/094.74HOT

Wanda's Story Ch. 20

 — Spring Break, Part 1. by rpwilbur11/18/044.54HOT


 — The beginning of the story about my kind. by OregonDavid10/21/104.48


 — You help a beautiful young man officially become a man. by RoseDiamond06/07/164.30

Wanted: One Night Stand

 — To lose his V-card, UofM Freshman Dave tries advertising. by darvon8607/15/184.53HOT


 — He wanted her for as long as he could remember. by brokendarkone03/24/073.98

Warming up after the Winter Concert

 — A boy & his female friend upgrade their friendship in hose. by OultawHoseAndStockings02/18/194.27

Warren Baker's Valentine

 — His rent is due and he gets a job offer of a different kind. by geronimo_appleby01/22/134.59HOT

Was I Your First?

 — Another one of my stories. by stevetruestories10/10/184.36

Was She A Friend Or More?

 — First time with sexy female friend who had a fiance. by LadysMan02/26/034.11

Watching Aphrodite

 — His dreams come true in a forest pool. by NobleArtist05/09/044.54HOT

Watching Her

 — Just relaxing and she changes in front of you. by Ashson09/24/154.29

Watching Over Ch. 02

 — Grieving woman starts to put the past behind her by VincentC04/06/144.44

Watching the Spanish Sun

 — Anne gives Richard the best welcome home present. by Pitbullricky04/18/063.92

Water Park Fun

 — Ryan meets a beautiful girl at the water park. by storyteller1909/07/174.71HOT

Water Park Fun Ch. 02 - The Mall

 — Ryan and Amanda spend their day at the mall. by storyteller1908/10/184.70HOT


 — Melany and Spider get all wet. by Erectocrat06/29/133.89

We Lose Our Virginity

 — They lose their virginities together by the river. by Andrew Eldritch03/11/083.44

We Needed a Little Push

 — Lifelong friendship receives help to transform into more. by AverageBear10/06/084.40

We Survived

 — College boy stranded in jungle with girl of his dreams. by wombat7612/16/07

We were Just Kids in Love

 — True story of two teens losing their virginity together by Lingerielover143403/12/124.22

We're Good Friends

 — 18 year old virgin gets his chance to prove he's not tiny. by toughpinkpanties04/13/192.82

Wearing Down A Virgin's Resistance

 — A Good Girl is introduced to the world of sexual love. by wallyrutherford07/25/123.52

Webcam Passion Erupts

 — A shy teen gets his sexual appetite filled online--and more. by kp2705/31/104.46

Webmeets Diary Ch. 05

 — He finally loses his virginity - in Russia. by starbelliedboy05/26/074.45

Wedding Day/Night

 — My Beautiful, Virgin Wife and I Become One. by JazzdBoutU203/06/154.67HOT

Wedding Night

 — A newlywed couples get intimate. by maanmathan_playboy01/12/073.10

Wedding Night

 — A virgin bride's first time. by K3719er11/11/124.07

Wedding Night

 — A bride is shown the delights of sex by her older husband. by AlliRoze11/25/133.94

Wedding Night (Suhaag Rath)

 — An Indian virgin's wedding night. by sheelarohith05/29/063.89

Wedding Night Bliss

 — The story of a woman's first time by caityvicky09/27/123.56

Wedding Night Ch. 02

 — Their night continues. by maanmathan_playboy01/21/074.03

Wedding Night Virgins

 — A couple's first time. by virtuouslove200710/05/074.12

Wedding Pairing

 — She picked him to be first. by SierraSprite12/11/144.44

Weekend Antics

 — A young man and woman have an enjoyable weekend alone. by storywriter12302/13/143.87

Weekend Getaway

 — Straight guy has a late night visitor. by mikef2909/01/134.17

Weekend in Galveston

 — A boy loses virginity in a most unusual place. by concur05/13/153.79

Weekend to Remember

 — A story of a bygone age. by daved47001/17/193.59

Weekend with Amy

 — He spends the weekend with a beautiful virgin. by LitRiter05/15/053.84

Weird Kid's First Time

 — Nerd meets a girl at a senior party. by weirdkid708/13/123.92

Welcome to Jamaica

 — A college virgin's first time. by kinkstar07/05/073.95

Welcome to the Jungle

 — A sweet virgin meets the one who can drive her wild. by sultrylove03/11/124.52HOT

Welcome to the Resort Ch. 05

 — Tales before dinner. by Argonaut_197512/15/114.34

Wendy & Kim

 — Sorority pledges go wild. by arlene54809/26/044.41

Wendy and Max

 — Two young adults give each other a wonderful experience. by storytyme07/11/174.43

Wendy's First Time

 — Wife tells me the events leading up to losing her virginity. by channellboy06/16/163.82

What a Bitch!

 — Not everyone you meet is like us, honey. by CamillaHumby10/11/123.81

What a Doctor Visit

 — Ron got ill at work and had his first Female Doctor Visit. by cooterboo01/22/173.44

What a Man

 — A Scottish friend proves he's no longer a boy... by DarkJoy12/04/154.22

What A Way To Lose It

 — She loses her cherry in style. by flyinpete200106/20/044.49

What Are Friends For?

 — Candy and Harry help out virgin Milly. by Alex De Kok07/05/054.61HOT

What Does Wendy Desire?

 — An unwanted approach brings back memories for Wendy. by terravista05/22/174.19

What Happened Under the Moonlight

 — Ruby's got the perfect gift for Tiffany's father: herself. by MarzyDotes05/19/124.44

What I Did Ch. 01

 — How I came to know my girlfriends little sister better. by HardTimmy09/29/134.12

What I Did Ch. 02

 — Courtney wants to experiment outdoors. by HardTimmy10/04/134.48

What I Did Ch. 03

 — Courtney loses virginity at family reunion. by HardTimmy04/22/144.59HOT

What I Gave to Meredith

 — Dave's End of Summer Storm with an older woman. by frezrevup09/21/114.44

What If

 — Memories of first times and more. by Many Feathers11/01/104.49

What If... Pt. 01

 — First bisexual experience. by LawrenceOTaase05/03/194.41

What Lana Taught Me Ch. 01-03

 — A young man, a dull summer, a BBW wife upstairs. by JorisKHuysmans08/02/074.43

What Love Really Means

 — A man fails to balance love with lust with his virgin girl. by VladimirKnockoff05/07/094.27

What Now?

 — An unplanned night leads questions and other nights. by babygirl198712/09/103.50

What Should Have Happened

 — Missed chances, or what should have happened. by sam_thelion04/30/174.05

What's Your Fantasy

 — Husband and wife discuss fantasies and act one out. by Optimus981203/04/174.55HOT

When Allen Met Jill

 — His long-awaited first time isn't quite what he expected. by D-Cutter02/25/034.40

When Beauty Wants Dork

 — A beautiful blonde is staring at him. by laurambell12/14/103.62

When Did It All Start?

 — A-level students explore sex for the first time. by LucyCanyon05/06/083.95

When Good Girls Go Bad

 — Girl loses virginity to two hot guys in steamy threesome. by sweet lil cookie12/06/023.34

When He Went Down

 — She was not going to get that paper written. by Tabby JJ Kitty04/23/063.63

When the Levee Breaks

 — The story of my husband and his first threesome. by StackedAction05/26/174.48

When the Rainmaker Came

 — They called him a fraud, she believed it worth a try. by MSTarot03/29/144.25

When the Wife's Away

 — Two older males discover each other, for pleasure. by hedonisatlurist12/09/184.37

When They Met

 — Online lovers meet. by brgs07/31/023.31

When We Met

 — The attempted-erotic true story of Joseph and I meeting. by Suverb06/19/113.52

Where Do We Go From Here

 — Will she trust him enough to give him her virginity? by WarriorWoman12/02/054.65HOT

Where It All Began

 — For the first time, she finds out what excites her. by four9twelve05/03/154.27

Where Lust Leads

 — Part 1 of series: 18-year-old couple fails at .being good'. by CarnalDesires03/08/064.32

Where Nobody Knows My Name

 — After three years, best friends reunite in more than one way. by MoMo199605/01/123.99

Whimsy Vanilla Pink

 — To Shelly, her first was the greatest. by Rockwell10/21/044.39

White Horses Ch. 03

 — Maggie gets "saved". by thewordsmith259007/13/064.60HOT

Whitney Learns to Suck

 — Mason finds himself an unexpected teacher. by BuckyDuckman09/12/124.50HOT


 — Taken at night. by Ashson01/21/144.28

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