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Lesbian Sex Stories

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 — She finally got her own strap-on. by Mistress_Woulf03/22/054.60HOT

Bisexual Awakenings: The Journal of Bleu_Light_Special

 — She takes her fantasies offline. by Katherine English 203/04/024.75HOT

Bisexual Baby

 — 30 plus 22 equals 2 girls in Sapphic ecstasy. by jenniferjames09/10/024.31

Bisexual BDSM

 — Two girls who can't get enough. by FingerFuck12/09/064.08

Bisexual Lesson

 — Toni learns that there's more to sex than hard cocks. by bbw4youngercocks105/11/054.36

Bisexuality Explored

 — Fantasies about being with a woman turn into reality. by SensuousLady08/08/124.55HOT

Bitch For Life

 — Two women, one passion. by -Sadie26-11/24/054.38


 — Lydia & Alice have a D/S relationship at work & at home. by Lesly Sloan05/17/054.24

Bitsy's New Heels

 — The "Stiletto Club" return to induct a new member. by BrettJ04/23/124.28

Bitten Sweetly

 — Her vampiress lover brings her to a very sweet end. by tigrrlilli10/16/074.68HOT

BJ Blue Chronicles Ch. 3

 — She goes the other way. by BJ Blue03/12/024.06

Black & White Ch. 01

 — Cat's secret comes out. by phreelancefilosopher02/15/154.25

Black & White Ch. 02

 — The rules are established and the game begins. by phreelancefilosopher06/04/154.22

Black & White Girl Fight

 — They flirt, fight and find lust. by LustyLee7709/12/054.29

Black American Princess

 — Black lesbian has fun with Black American Princess. by Samuelx08/21/092.95

Black Book Diary Entry: Darlene

 — She was a hairdresser at the salon where I worked. by PositiveThinker12/17/093.90

Black Canadian Women are Submissive

 — Skinny white chick dominates big Black woman. by Samuelx03/19/102.78

Black Cheerleaders Rock!

 — Arab Lesbian BBW falls for Black Cheerleader. by Samuelx06/14/103.04

Black Cheerleaders Run This Town

 — Black Cheerleader dominates Butch woman. by Samuelx06/14/103.14

Black Female Slave

 — Big Black woman serves White lesbian mistress. by Samuelx04/12/093.00

Black Female Superiority Ch. 02

 — African MILF dominates Butch Irish lesbian. by Samuelx06/26/103.00

Black Lace and Sweat Ch. 01

 — A visit to a very special lingerie store. by sdwpthwlkr03/07/094.52HOT

Black Lesbian Domination

 — Young black woman dominates older black woman. by Samuelx07/19/093.01

Black Lesbian Love Stories

 — Burkinabe tomboy meets biracial woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/15/163.19

Black Lesbian Prostitute For Hire

 — Black female athlete becomes lesbian prostitute. by Samuelx02/09/083.17

Black Lesbian Pussy Rocks

 — Black lesbian slut entertains rich white women. by EbonyGoddess198705/30/103.44

Black Lesbians Got Big Dicks Too

 — Black lesbians having fun in the Ghetto. by Samuelx12/12/073.55

Black Lesbians in the Church

 — Black businesswoman and college student connect in church. by Samuelx08/17/134.07

Black Linens

 — A straight-edged girl tries to loosen up. by AnnaBritney11/25/064.11

Black Magic

 — Cleo and Jasmine get it on with lesbian black magic. by Maggie Red Rose03/02/074.26

Black Muslim Lesbian in Love

 — Khadija and Tina connect years after university. by Samuelx11/22/132.52

Black Muslim Lesbian Love Story

 — Biracial tomboy seduced by Arab lesbian in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/18/163.59

Black Out: A Tale of Foam

 — She goes to a foam party with friends. by Celeste99909/03/074.38

Black Seductress

 — White women are her prey. by LustyLee7706/02/054.45

Black Seductress Ch. 02

 — Ruby and Tammy swing. by LustyLee7706/16/054.55HOT

Black Shoes

 — You lost a bet. by roadrunner2303/21/074.23

Black Slave Woman Ch. 06

 — White dominatrix has fun with black servant girl. by Samuelx03/12/093.44

Black Slave Woman Ch. 07

 — Jewish woman dominates sexy black socialite. by Samuelx03/13/093.38

Black Velvet

 — Alma meets a woman in a black velvet dress. by JukeboxEMCSA09/25/114.23

Black Woman Dominates White Slut

 — Black businesswoman dominates white housewife. by Samuelx05/21/093.29

Black Woman's White Female Slave

 — Strong black woman dominates white sluts. by Samuelx04/28/093.35

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 05

 — Black female student worships Black MILF Professor. by Samuelx09/03/093.53

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 06

 — Black female professor meets Black female student. by Samuelx09/03/093.32

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 11

 — Black female professor falls for Black sportswoman. by Samuelx09/13/092.43

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 13

 — Black female student seduces Black mature lesbian. by Samuelx09/15/092.07

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 14

 — Strong Black Lesbian meets Irish Mistress. by Samuelx09/16/092.64

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 15

 — White student seduces mature Black Professor. by Samuelx09/17/092.76

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 16

 — White BBW submits to sexy Black Mistress. by Samuelx09/17/091.88

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 17

 — White BBW meets Black Mistresses. by Samuelx09/18/093.08

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 21

 — A submissive seduces her aloof dominatrix. by Samuelx09/24/092.07

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 22

 — Haitian lesbian MILF seduces Black sportswoman. by Samuelx09/25/091.33

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 23

 — Mature Black woman dominates White chick. by Samuelx09/28/092.59

Black Women are Submissive

 — Mature professor dominates headstrong black female. by Samuelx12/22/093.38

Black Women Are Superior To You

 — Black lesbian dominatrix trains White female slave. by Samuelx04/02/092.85

Black Women Crave White Pussy

 — White dominatrix seduces butch Black woman. by Samuelx09/05/102.65

Black Women Dominate White Women

 — A strong black woman dominates a white socialite. by Samuelx07/14/093.62

Black Women Tamed by White Girls

 — Black women get tamed by White girls. by EbonyGoddess198705/30/103.23

Black, Lesbian, Dominant!

 — Growing Up Black, Beautiful, Lesbian and Dominant by MochaLisha112/09/123.79


 — A hotel night audit and her coworker in the supply closet. by PepperxSpice10/13/124.30

Blackmailing Beauty

 — A lesbian teacher catches a student cheat and blackmails her. by silkstockingslover05/01/114.47


 — Three people trapped in an elevator during the blackout. by Colleen Thomas09/01/034.66HOTEditor's Pick


 — Two beauties create sparks during a citywide power outage. by Stephanie_Rose08/03/084.34

Blake & Heidi

 — College dykes get to know each other at a party. by Yvie09/23/014.11

Blast from the Past

 — Sex is incredible when it's with someone you used to know. by romanticredhead06/17/104.31

Blast from the Past

 — Two women finally give in to a long awaited fantasy. by PassionateBeing12/24/124.35

Blind Borne

 — A whiff of the future. by TMAJO08/25/054.79HOT

Blind Date

 — Kristin's friends set her up on a blind date. by KKILOEPPS08/26/063.45

Blind Date

 — August goes on a blind date that goes wrong in a good way. by mamaof307/31/133.50

Blind Ecstasy

 — I unlock the door to my apartment after a long day of work... by sexykitty917201/22/114.14

Blind Massage

 — A businesswoman gets massaged blindfolded. by Catmoore08/02/104.64HOT

Blind Submission

 — Slave Gabi tells about her first time with Mistress Cornelia. by Mistress_Cornelia01/04/074.60HOT

Blind Trust

 — Two women experiment with BDSM and enormous enjoyment. by MorwenElda05/14/114.30


 — Two college women have early morning sex on campus. by fiercelingua12/09/064.32

Blindfolded Ch. 02

 — She's blindfolded by her mystery lover again. by fiercelingua12/17/064.30


 — Lovers in the dark. by StormRising03/06/074.36

Bliss from the Past

 — She remembers her past. by dat_minority01/23/144.11


 — FF Seduction. by ThePiper14612/29/153.72

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 12

 — White woman dominates black woman with dildos. by Samuelx04/03/082.47

Blonde on Blonde

 — Two hot 23 year olds finally get some alone time from there. by desireexperienceit02/17/154.05

Blonde on Brunette

 — Two friends explore their sexuality. by danishmichaela12/21/124.40

Blonde, Brunette & Horny!!!

 — Four women with an anal bent pull out all the stops. by straponsamantha01/07/044.73HOT

Bloody Lesbian

 — Danny cuts herself and has first lesbian experience. by gibbs_the_greater07/31/05


 — Nicole discovers a whole new meaing to sex. by captive8ed02/29/124.17

Blossoming Ch. 02

 — Nicole has found a new friend....this is going to be good. by captive8ed03/06/124.23

Blossoming Ch. 05

 — A little about Lana. by captive8ed03/21/124.23

Blown Away

 — Soulmates meet at a party. by TE99903/05/074.59HOT

Blue Comes To Bed Pt. 01

 — ...and I made her sooooooo lucky she did. by SunnyJohansen12/06/154.37

Blue Comes To Bed Pt. 02

 — I was so not done with her... by SunnyJohansen12/09/154.35

Blue Comes To Bed Pt. 03

 — Two wild women fucking on the kitchen floor... by SunnyJohansen12/12/154.13

Blue Summerhouse

 — In builders the get Tracy and Jack. by MissLisaJones03/08/134.64HOT

Blue-Eyed Baby Ch. 01

 — Margo is determined to bed the woman of her dreams. by sukafoluv1908/13/054.05

Blurred Lines

 — Natalie crosses a line that you just don't cross. by VictoriaWright03/18/154.80HOT

Blurred Lines Ch. 02

 — Natalie tries to figure out her next move. by VictoriaWright04/24/154.82HOT

Blurred Lines Ch. 03

 — Secrets & lies slowly begin to come to light. by VictoriaWright07/22/154.81HOT

BMOC: Innocent Interlude.

 — Two girls share a Sapphic shower. by TripleL11/01/133.54

Board Meeting Ch. 01

 — Two lovers meet for some important business. by MountinGoddess06/09/104.42

Boarding School Magic Ch. 01

 — Two young witches get to know another kind of magic. by RavingRachelWritesStories04/02/134.32

Boarding with Linda Ch. 11

 — Helping out my landlord when she develops a taste for pussy. by Irish Moss12/07/134.58HOT

Boat Ho

 — Seaman Recruit Alexis "Alex" Lundz lets her journey begin. by rckplsky05/01/103.92

Boat Ho Ch. 02

 — Alex has a bad time with her supervisor. by rckplsky05/03/103.69

Boat Ho Ch. 12

 — Alex and Lois have sex in Singapore. by rckplsky07/11/104.06

Boat Ho Ch. 20

 — A dyked out Alex has her way with Watson. by rckplsky09/13/103.58

Boat Ho Ch. 22

 — Alex is reunited with Cindy. by rckplsky10/21/104.35

Boat Ho Ch. 26

 — Alex meets Cindy's sister. by rckplsky01/13/123.80

Bobbie Baby

 — Meeting a peach of a girl makes any party better. by LulaBlue01/31/114.47

Body Paint

 — A night of togetherness with chocolate body paint. by laylonnie03/07/124.12

Body Swap

 — What would it be like to be someone else making love to you? by arles20102/21/114.17


 — Boring Indian wife livens up her days. by hema_willams07/07/044.23


 — Undercover - and under the covers. by krr195710/22/074.74HOT

Bondage Professor, Curious Student

 — They explore their private sexual fantasies together. by HeyAll04/26/154.65HOT


 — A special type of workout. by Dazzle110/10/123.69

Bonnie is Blackmailed

 — Young wife learns to lick it and love it. by LustyLee7702/26/054.46

Bonnie is Blackmailed Ch. 02

 — She's blackmailed into doing what she loves. by LustyLee7704/06/054.49

Book 01: A Match Made Ch. 01

 — Lissy gets a surprise; Memorial Day w the family. by AVixenLiterally10/01/134.76HOT

Book 01: A Match Made Ch. 02

 — A Mom worries, A fun double date, L & K - Date Night by AVixenLiterally10/07/134.83HOT

Book 01: A Match Made Ch. 03

 — Balcony fun, A big UhOh, A day at the races, July 4th OMG! by AVixenLiterally10/18/134.71HOT

Book 01: A Match Made Ch. 04

 — Bette!!, balcony fun, shopping fun, clubbing fun, movie fun. by AVixenLiterally10/28/134.70HOT

Book 01: A Match Made Ch. 05

 — Confronting Andi, Shopping Fun, Date Night, More Balcony Fun. by AVixenLiterally11/11/134.87HOT

Book 01: A Match Made Ch. 06

 — Toy shopping, Jenna & Ian, Michigan!, A great Saturday night! by AVixenLiterally11/25/134.63HOT

Book 02: A Match Made Ch. 01

 — Lissy and Kara split. This is the story of their journeys. by AVixenLiterally02/15/144.72HOT

Book 02: A Match Made Ch. 02

 — The story of Lissy and Kara's journey continues. by AVixenLiterally02/22/144.87HOT

Book 02: A Match Made Ch. 03

 — Lissy & Kara's journey continues. Finally some movement! by AVixenLiterally02/28/144.78HOT

Book 02: A Match Made Ch. 04

 — Christmas week is busy & eventful for Lissy and Kara. by AVixenLiterally03/08/144.88HOT

Book 02: A Match Made Ch. 05

 — Lissy & Kara are together. Christmas with family & friends. by AVixenLiterally03/16/144.83HOT

Book Club

 — Wife gets more then she bargained when she joined. by auwolf08/02/084.24

Book Club

 — Two ladies get together for a bit of fun. by Sean Renaud10/08/133.78

Books and Their Covers

 — What happens when popular Talulah starts failing class? by Thlipsi05/30/143.91

Books and Their Covers Ch. 02

 — Kira gets teased by her new mistress. by Thlipsi06/24/144.45

Books and Their Covers Ch. 03

 — Tallulah teases her new bitch. by Thlipsi07/06/144.54HOT


 — Shy librarian learns there's more to life than books. by John OConnor01/02/044.69HOT


 — Love and fireworks on the lake. by Saxon Stonedyke08/23/144.72HOT

Boot Camp Heaven

 — Private enjoys being reprimanded by her superior. by missbrandy04/24/014.05


 — Birthday girl's present. by darual12/09/063.35

Booty and the Feast

 — A chance meeting leads to much more than dinner. by AVixenLiterally03/22/124.59HOT

Bored On A Rainy Day

 — Two long-time friends can still be surprised. by MrIllusion01/16/054.51HOT

Born Again Ch. 01

 — Grieving woman finds love again. by Qnightstorm05/20/054.57HOT

Born Identities

 — Lesbian couple meets another couple. by MercuryLove3107/10/044.51HOT

Borrowing a Dress

 — Borrowing a dress leads to fun. by DonnafromCT10/07/154.59HOT

Boss' Orders Ch. 01

 — A cake decorator needs to prove that she's fit for the job. by Vanessa_Belle03/30/124.27

Boss's Orders

 — Lesbian boss takes advantage of employee's naughty secret by Goey07/02/123.89

Bottom Feeders

 — Lick my ass or else! by VeryDirtyDenise01/19/064.38

Bottom of the Ladder

 — Employee realizes the ultimate fear of losing job & begs. by Spiewgels06/02/094.18


 — Secret rendevous ends in lesbian threesome. by sexy_sandrey06/30/094.26


 — A highschool senior falls in love and seduces her friend. by katienight07/06/094.64HOT

Bound and Pleased

 — Sweet, bound surprise for her girlfriend. by pussylove6911/14/023.78

Bound Pt. 01

 — Maggie and her best friend learn to serve a Mistress. by KinkyRati04/10/164.28

Boutique Magic

 — Married shop owner catches employees in lesbian fun. by Tawny T07/17/004.74HOT

Bowled Over

 — Two divorcee women are brought together by cricket. by ScattySue09/03/144.75HOT


 — A tale of your mutual easing in the darkness of the bowling alley. by matriarch12/10/034.45

Bowling for Cunnilingus

 — "I mean I did win fair and square." by Middleagepoet11/08/094.29

Boy's Night Out

 — A night alone turns interesting. by TAKI10007/22/07

Boyfriend's Treat Ch. 02

 — Female boss and her girlfriend hanging out. by jaqi197801/31/104.59HOT

Boyfriend's Treat Ch. 03

 — Sexy girls finding out what turns them on. by jaqi197802/19/104.67HOT

Boys Aren’t Everything

 — Being pissed and sick at a party has its merits. by locodriver877604/16/084.23

Boys, Who Needs Them?

 — Lisa consoles jilted gal pal. by J.Q. Hack04/02/044.11

Brainy Teen Ch. 01

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah's clique. by MasterMeat09/08/114.63HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 02

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarahs clique. by MasterMeat12/11/114.49

Brainy Teen Ch. 03

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah’s clique. by MasterMeat12/12/114.43

Brainy Teen Ch. 04

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah’s clique. by MasterMeat12/13/114.59HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 05

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah’s clique. by MasterMeat12/14/114.58HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 06

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah’s clique. by MasterMeat12/18/114.62HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 07

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah's clique. by MasterMeat01/16/124.62HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 08

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah’s clique. by MasterMeat01/17/124.54HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 09

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah’s clique. by MasterMeat01/18/124.61HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 10

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah’s clique. by MasterMeat01/25/124.54HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 11

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah’s clique. by MasterMeat01/26/124.46

Brainy Teen Ch. 12

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah’s clique. by MasterMeat01/27/124.53HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 13

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah's clique. by MasterMeat10/08/124.69HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 14

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah's clique. by MasterMeat10/09/124.63HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 15

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah's clique. by MasterMeat01/08/134.67HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 16

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah's clique. by MasterMeat04/08/134.57HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 17

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah’s clique. by MasterMeat06/29/134.65HOT

Brainy Teen Ch. 18 Pt. 1

 — Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah's clique. by MasterMeat07/02/134.72HOT

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