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Lesbian Sex Stories

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 — Leila lets go of her pain. by NightshadeStar11/06/064.37


 — Leila lets go of her pain. by NightshadeThorn05/17/074.67HOT

Captive Hearts

 — Lady Abigail meets infamous Pirate Queen. by Colleen Thomas06/11/024.79HOTContest Winner


 — Her first lesbian sex. by mikec101011/06/064.22


 — You never know what life is going to bring you. by the_shires03/19/144.30

Capturing the Affair

 — Lovely photographer captures the lesbian passion. by BrettJ11/25/124.34

Car Trouble

 — A Halloween enounter between two young women. by Ignoble10/17/124.30

Cara's Hairy Woman Fetish Changes

 — Librarian finds herself attracted to a butch mechanic. by Madabouthair05/14/153.82

Caramel Sundae

 — It all started with that first little lick... by Stephanie_Rose06/10/094.54HOT

Care Package From Home

 — College student makes a new friend. by postherfun06/03/064.23

Careers Counselling

 — Sally's ambition is to be a professional slut. by Crew Cut09/07/034.24

Careful What You're Dreaming

 — Curious divorcee gets carried away with a younger woman. by leann51102/05/074.34

Careful What You're Dreaming Ch. 02

 — Shirley submits to depravity with the three roommates. by leann51103/22/074.11

Caren's Long Wee-end

 — Rich bitch boss enjoys subby secretary. by adoration05/06/063.74

Cari's First

 — Virgin Cari plays with a classmate. by bscott05/14/014.20

Caribbean Duet

 — Coeds share scuba diving and bedroom experiences. by smj54ap02/01/064.52HOT

Caribbean Erotica

 — Two making love are joined by a third. by ladyshemilyn09/29/013.68


 — Mother tries to stop daughter's unnatural love. by Slickman02/18/054.50HOT


 — Two young girls shake up "date night". by Tawny Brown05/06/054.25


 — Two ladies meet in a hotel room. by LikesDaLadies05/10/034.08

Carla Cures the Hiccups

 — Sexy girl saves my wife from bad hiccups. by Bluegray11/20/083.75

Carla Rachel Lee Meets Mrs. Patty P

 — Carla goes to England on school trip and meet the one and on by CarlaRachelLee06/24/134.32


 — A story of revenge. by RachalCaron12/02/084.47

Carly Ch. 02

 — Completely dominated again. by RachalCaron08/01/094.51HOT


 — Chance encounter with Carmella yields a delightful time. by Milene03/01/074.77HOT

Carmen & Alyssa

 — Two friends share a night of passion. by lebasi04/07/154.49

Carmen & Alyssa: An Afternoon Snack

 — A lunch date leads to another meal. by lebasi04/19/154.57HOT

Carmen Ch. 01

 — My first lesbian kiss. by ~Shadow~08/07/134.43

Carmen Ch. 02: Cherries Anyone?

 — Carmen and I drink, share cherries, and head upstairs. by ~Shadow~02/27/154.28

Carmen Ch. 03: The Stairs

 — Carmen and I end up topless. by ~Shadow~03/21/154.28

Carmen in Control

 — Carmen craves a submissive. by LustyLee7705/14/064.18

Carmen's First Fisting

 — Carmen experiences new delights tied to the bed. by pussylove6901/08/034.26

Carmen's Game

 — Sordid embarrassment at the hands of her Mistress. by SweetJosie106/07/084.04

Carmen's Life Changer

 — A life changing experience. by CarmenKy12/01/074.21

Carmen's Special Treatment

 — An emergency room visit goes wild. by CarolinaPeach06/19/144.14

Carol and Tammy

 — Carol could see the crotch of the girl clearly. by Nomansland6910/14/094.47

Carol's Christmas

 — Carol and Dorothy's deliciously erotic Christmas. by TE99911/25/144.46

Carol's Photo Session

 — Undressing for the camera can have some unplanned results. by Irish Moss02/26/094.24


 — Caroline introduces BethAnne to a friend. by Cre8tiveBliss06/07/024.66HOT


 — A porn star tells about the day her life changed forever. by Bones Malone08/26/023.94

Caroline Ch. 01

 — A beautiful stranger on a train. by Daralis09/17/063.92

Caroline Ch. 02

 — Getting intimate with a stranger. by Daralis11/27/064.11

Caroline's Kitchen Feast

 — She has her first experience with lesbian love. by Lizardking121006/26/034.64HOT

Carpark Liason

 — Her journey into dogging. by sally_uk10/31/024.27

Carpet Soaker Ch. 01

 — Sylvia gets into her roommate's weird fetishes. by Spiewgels05/31/074.34

Carpet Soaker Ch. 02

 — She continues down the path of her roomie's fetishes. by Spiewgels06/04/084.49


 — Late night rendevous between 2 unlikely partners. by Cherry_Blossom_10/06/064.63HOT


 — Girls curl up to watch TV, one gets pleasured. by ks0117304/08/104.22

Carrie and Julie

 — An intense but loving lesbian relationship. by anon194006/05/074.60HOT

Carrie Returns

 — Schools out and Carrie's still tutoring. by Jenniebi2003/17/014.11

Carrie's Strap-on Adventure Ch. 1

 — Carrie's enjoys her first woman. by Jenniebi2003/15/013.91

Carrie's Strap-on Adventure Ch. 2

 — Carrie, Anne & Julie give the librarian a thrill. by Jenniebi2003/16/013.99

Carried Away Ch. 01

 — She finds passion and a new life in submission. by SweetArtemis09/04/084.46

Carried Away Ch. 02

 — Rachel falls deeper into Gail's web. by SweetArtemis09/08/084.58HOT

Carried Away Ch. 03

 — The flowers of submission. by SweetArtemis09/13/084.63HOT

Carried Away...

 — Lesbian lovers are on a sailing vacation. by jenyes10/18/054.44

Carvella Ch. 01

 — Mother, daughter, & mysterious neighbor embark on adventure. by annie_slick02/15/083.87

Carvella Ch. 02

 — Tatiana gives Linda a gift. by annie_slick03/08/084.13

Carvella Ch. 03

 — Tatiana takes Linda out to lunch. by annie_slick03/09/084.30

Carvella Ch. 04

 — Masturbating to Dania. by annie_slick04/17/084.30

Carvella Ch. 05

 — Discipline at her Mistress's hands. by annie_slick05/01/084.61HOT

Carvella Ch. 06

 — Gallery of the Carnal Women. by annie_slick05/11/084.29

Carvella Ch. 07

 — Sleep over – Dania seduces Sarah. by annie_slick05/17/084.59HOT

Carvella Ch. 08

 — Naked at the Nite Club. by annie_slick02/07/094.56HOT

Cary and Lilith

 — Cary gets a taste of lesbian action from Lilith. by Windstalker06/29/044.40

Caryn Tells Her Secret

 — She can't hide her secret lust for sexy coed. by Aith03/02/013.84

Casanova Redux Ch. 04

 — Cassie and Jenny's friendship deepens. by velvetpie02/13/054.14

Casey's Infatuation Ch. 01

 — Casey falls into seductive hands during first bi experience. by Dying2bTouched10/05/064.73HOT

Casey's Night Out

 — First lesbian experience for two young brunettes. by MsRoseEvans08/26/114.06


 — She carried on the sordid tradition. by carieta09/09/044.00

Casino Jackpot

 — Daddy and her Princess hit the jackpot. by princesskathie11/09/113.56

Cassandra & Carolyn

 — Cassandra tells a bedtime story. by Christian Black10/20/034.13


 — They at last unite. by jjcolejr05/12/144.18

Cassie Moves In Ch. 01

 — Little sister catches big sister and her girlfriend. by kiwi9102/13/144.20

Cassie's College Years

 — Sexy coed meets her roommate. by irishlovr8311/07/084.25

Cassies New Friend

 — Cassie is taken in by Jenny, then taken by Jenny. by jenny4her03/31/104.20

Casting Spells

 — She went the club to find a guy she found a women instead. by SexyHighZombie10/18/133.64

Castle Of Desire Ch. 2

 — With everyone gone, girls enjoy their own holiday. by CHEWEY11/17/014.40

Castle Sappho Ch. 01

 — Two friends get lost and end up at a strange place. by roundthetwist02/23/123.68

Castro And Jace

 — They try to work through it. by TheDoxen08/23/123.19

Cat Burglar

 — She wanted to rob her, but claimed something else. by MasterJekyll04/26/034.19

Cat Fight

 — Dina looks for trouble and finds Lynn. by Godiva42DD01/24/053.66

Cat Fight Ch. 02

 — The line between love & hate is thin. by Godiva42DD01/28/054.02

Cat's Confession Ch. 01

 — Long time friends discover their burgeoning lesbian desires. by sweetlilpuss12/06/024.53HOT

Cat's Got Your Tongue Ch. 01

 — Janet's best friend helps her break out. by BigHotMama10/21/064.46

Cat's Got Your Tongue Ch. 02

 — Linda takes Janet to another level. by BigHotMama10/22/064.27


 — Young woman twists them all her way. by krr195707/31/124.76HOT

Catch Me If You Can

 — Going for a run in Sydney. by TessMackenzie01/18/154.29

Catching Mommy: Win Win For All

 — Teen seductresses Victoria and Olivia team up to Domme all. by silkstockingslover02/14/144.61HOT

Cate & Kathy's Excellent Adventure

 — Girls find out what it means to be good friends. by _BigDaddy_09/21/013.60

Cate Wows Me with a Surprise

 — Cate turns the tables. by Nicolelabelle08/21/074.31

Cate Wows Me with a Surprise Ch. 02

 — Soon to be realized with you, I hope. by Nicolelabelle08/28/074.35


 — Could a smaller girl humiliate her in a grudge match? by edrider7302/21/144.14

Catherine and Rebecca Ep. 01

 — Catherine and Rebecca try late night phone sex. by lezbinaporno03/26/153.95

Catherine and Rebecca Ep. 02

 — Rebecca stops by for the night at Catherine's. by lezbinaporno03/31/154.00


 — Woman discovers the pleasure of lesbian love. by Diomedes07/30/024.43

Cathy & Company

 — Aimee experiences lesbian group sex. by Fhazel03/26/034.62HOT

Cathy & Sharon

 — She's seduced by a younger woman. by All Red04/25/034.68HOT

Cathy & Sharon Ch. 02

 — One year on... by All Red05/28/034.53HOT

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