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Computer Problems

 — What starts as fixing a computer ends as much more. by heatseeking11/22/084.02

Conference Call

 — "In the conference room?" by Zrnko_Pisku11/14/124.00


 — Samantha and Jake try anal for the first time. by Volz10/27/044.28

Confession of a Married Woman

 — Her lust takes her to a whole new level. by KingXerxes03/19/033.80

Confessions of a Corporate Queen

 — Brooke gets her ass reamed good by a co-worker. by grafexguy10/05/054.39

Connections by Six Degrees Ch. 01.2

 — Lucky bastard. by karma_rider04/24/094.00

Connections by Six Degrees Ch. 01.3

 — The only way to wake up. by karma_rider04/26/093.75


 — She was cheeky, precocious and stunning. by geronimo_appleby09/01/114.42

Constant Craving

 — His obsession with anal sex changes his life. by Riley_James04/18/073.36

Contest Ch. 05

 — Danielle loses her ass cherry. by Goldeniangel02/23/054.48

Contest Ch. 06

 — Violet takes on 4 guys in an anal train. by Goldeniangel02/24/054.54HOT

Contract End

 — Guy and two girls. by Dolma Kalem03/09/024.50HOT


 — She makes up for her error. by Formemory01/22/123.94


 — He gets an anal surprise and so does she. by sophia jane08/04/054.41

Cop N' Arse

 — Arse fucked by a dominating cop . by MindFucker04/05/133.59

Corporate Whore

 — Abbey becomes anally submissive to her boss. by HeyAll05/27/144.19

Could Be Any Evening

 — You're sitting at your desk poking away... by whisperluna04/05/113.81

Couple's Night Out

 — Wife prepares a surprise night of anal and other pleasures. by FurryFury01/25/064.22

Coupling Coworkers Ch. 09

 — They get into swinging. by thick7in197203/17/053.92

Coupling Coworkers Ch. 16

 — He helps a coworker through her first anal sex. by thick7in197204/13/064.37

Course of Passion Ch. 01

 — Things get real horny on a training course. by looniestu05/08/074.30

Course of Passion Ch. 02

 — Continuation of a horny training course. by looniestu05/24/073.94

Crap. Crap. Crap.

 — A forgotten bet takes on a life of its own. by TheLovelyLickerish108/20/084.36

Craving Candace

 — Liking a chick can make a guy do some crazy things... by Great_Pharaoh08/28/144.21

Crawl My Kitten

 — He takes His 'Kitten'. by Dhampie11/30/124.21

Crazy in Vegas Ch. 03-04

 — Told from HIS p.o.v. - Then HER p.o.v. by 800813505/07/124.45

Crime & Punishment

 — Caught and given her just rewards. by wildest109/14/024.39

Crime & Punishment Ch. 2

 — She gets two at once. by wildest109/25/024.45

Crime and Anal Punishment

 — Bad slave forgets the rules and gets punished - anally. by justsomegirl06/02/063.75

Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 07

 — Is money an aphrodisiac? by MrFalkirk08/14/044.04

Cruise to Alaska Day 02

 — Carrie has some firsts, including loosing her anal cherry. by LaPatitMort08/10/064.48

Crystal Pegs

 — She uses a strap-on dildo on her boyfriend. by rckplsky01/31/073.64

Crystal Pegs Ch. 01.5

 — After a tense encounter, Crystal keeps up the strap on sex. by rckplsky02/08/073.63

Crystal Pegs Ch. 02

 — Crystal tries to dump her boyfriend. by rckplsky02/04/073.69

Crystal Pegs Ch. 03

 — Crystal and Tyler decide to take it easy. by rckplsky02/07/073.57

Cul-De-Sac Ch. 5

 — Cul-De-Sac story with a back door twist. by Shoreguy07/21/014.14

Cum Play?

 — Meeting at a Yoga class leads to some flexible fun. by DeMilo05/27/064.47

Cumming Deep In Your Arse

 — Deep hard arse-fucking. by Roger_Ramjet11/06/133.72

Curlytop's Ass

 — She and I love to fuck in a certain way on my sofa. by Boxlicker10106/24/124.33

CvsN 16: Beth's Last Virgin Hole

 — Sisters, Amie, and Beth's last hole - what a night. by Tx Tall Tales07/01/104.70HOT

CvsN 25: Tour de Spain

 — Jack sees more of both Spain and his Spanish Beauty. by Tx Tall Tales10/29/104.73HOT

Cyndi's Backdoor Surprise

 — Loving wife prefers rear entry. by JRob06/14/024.31

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 03

 — Another day at school, new experiences. by GettingItDone04/06/104.49

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 04

 — A very interesting day at school. by GettingItDone06/07/104.42

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 08

 — Teacher has to earn a trip away. by GettingItDone10/15/114.57HOT

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 09

 — Cynthia continues to earn her trip. by GettingItDone01/02/134.51HOT

D's Surprise

 — I surprise my lover with anal beads. by topsg12/04/104.13

Daddy's Prom Queen

 — A father's lust for his flat-chested daughter is exposed . by MisterReason01/16/123.93

Damn That Brad

 — Anal sex between enemies. by kinkspeak07/24/044.50HOT

Dan Meets Meraina Ch. 05

 — Meraina adds a new twist to her sex life. by Joseki Ko02/22/043.75


 — I met a nice girl at party. by Mister_Eff02/04/144.49

Dana - Forbidden Spice

 — Ray takes Dana's Anal Cherry. by tcwild10006/15/114.48

Dana's Diary: Through the Back Door

 — Carefully prepared, Dana is ready for her first anal. by tinatart06/28/094.32

Danni's Creamy Cheeks

 — The incredibly beautiful woman loves the same things I do. by Boxlicker10107/28/124.41

Dark Orchestrations

 — Ivy bewitches Colin in abandoned bunker. by David Phillips12/09/013.44

Dark Passage

 — He takes a whore's anal virginity ... by Jen2409/10/084.48Editor's Pick

Dark Sex - The Swan

 — Anal epiphanies I. by Valentinus05/10/103.38

Daughter's Cookie Ch. 03

 — Kim earns money for Daddy to save the house. by Lonedaddy10/04/104.15

Dave's Training Program Step 01

 — Anal initiation and exploration. by vcfruitfly05/18/074.29

Dave's Training Program Step 02

 — Couple continues anal initiation and exploration. by vcfruitfly05/19/074.33

David Shares with Melissa

 — A bi man and a bi woman share a double-dong. by Boxlicker10106/16/044.34

Day in the Woods

 — Couple enjoys a quiet romp in the woods. by lks2bite08/07/104.06

Dealing With Fat Black Bitches

 — Dealing with the big, bad and ugly Black bitch by Samuelx07/31/063.26

Dear Diary

 — Working out never felt so good. by Honey12303/28/044.46

Dear Diary

 — A date with a Frenchman. by kinkspeak07/31/044.46

Dear Diary #01

 — Husband enticed into his wife's hot wet ass. by ceb3511/13/103.62

Dear Husband

 — A wife engages in willful self-deception to satisfy a need. by could_happen_to_you12/06/024.53HOT

Debauchery Cornucopia Ch. 03

 — She told me to hurt her. by Strapping Young Lad05/08/064.34

Debby Knut's Big Fat Butt

 — Debby learns to love having a big sexy ass. by eroswizard12/06/134.28

Dee's Anal Tease

 — She decides to explore anal sex and teasing. by marriedpervs05/06/064.48

Deep Anal Cheerleaders

 — A man and his various friends. by Manomatul12/06/022.34

Deep Anal Drifter

 — What you'll find in the desert. by Manomatul12/06/022.56

Deep Cherry Lipstick

 — Penny explores more of her inner slut. by MalDufleurs09/30/144.48

Deepest Darkest Secret Ch. 02

 — Zoe unveils her first secret fantasy: Anal Sex by Jdms12/05/024.35

Deidre in the Islands Ch. 17

 — Janine's career takes a new turn. by eatoure01/12/104.49

Delay Tactics

 — Out of the shower and into Bed. by irishabastard06/07/114.36

Demia's adventure

 — She's desperate for cock till her husband catches her at it. by MalDufleurs05/07/144.13

Demure Asian Unleashed

 — Work trip on train led to unexpected delights. by BingoLL08/11/094.23

Denied Love, Found Love

 — Sexual cybering turns to sensual loving. by MaxiJ05/07/034.18

Dental Nurse Puts Smile on My Face

 — Keeping a secret leads to a thankyou I will never forget. by Anonoauthor09/06/144.22


 — Surprise meeting with you reults in rear deposits. by irishblackgirl02/16/093.64

Desperate Housewife Needs Anal

 — Black college student seduces desperate housewife. by Samuelx12/05/072.80


 — A romantic dinner and a very tasty dessert. by Olive Hizklosoff09/08/064.31

Dessert for Crystal

 — Crystal teases Tom once too often and needs to be punished. by MalDufleurs03/20/144.32


 — A teacher is surprised by what he finds in his office! by QuietSurprise12/26/104.05

Deviant Trip "Around the World"

 — Courtney learns the meaning of a note. by Professor hard lover05/27/044.55HOT

Devil's Thrill Sonata

 — Anal sex, baroque music and a diabolic revelation. by Nachthexe02/23/124.20

Diary of a Secret Slut

 — June 1st. by LoreLai05/27/074.57HOT

Diary of College Slut Amy

 — A college slut talks about her experiences. by AmyHenderson08/25/094.07

Different Strokes

 — She pleasures him anally. by marielit06/28/084.22

Ding Dong

 — A man meets a traveling saleswoman selling floor polish. by AngusMac04/14/123.79

Dinner and a Movie

 — Old friends delve further into their renewed relationship. by TheLovelyLickerish109/19/084.16

Dinner and a Screw

 — Dinner was great but dessert was pure bliss. by evil evil man04/26/054.18

Dinner for Three

 — His wife gets two guys at once. by Ronnie 194606/09/034.34

Dinner with Kerry

 — She asks him for a date even tho she knows what comes after. by quietcantor09/08/044.21

Dinner With Scarlet

 — The best way to forget about a miserable day. by naughtyscarlet07/19/114.22

Directed Affection

 — A couple's underlying affection during submissive sex. by KillerWithWords12/09/124.08

Director's Cut

 — Black man becomes porn director. by Samuelx11/24/062.62

Dirty Asian MILF

 — A dirty Asian MILF pimped. by a1fiend01/21/153.71

Dirty Filthy Hand Jobs in British Truck Stop Restrooms

 — It's a school to learn to buttfuck. by cowboy10911/11/102.69

Dirty Girl

 — She was gorgeous and dirty. by damonX07/29/024.51HOT

Dirty Laundry

 — Who knew doing laundry could feel so good? by JadeXX11/08/043.85

Dirty Laundry

 — It all cums out in the wash. by lucidkaos03/03/093.65

Dirty Laundry Ch. 02

 — Going home and becoming even more dirty. by JackBeHuge12/10/144.31

Dirty Little Secret

 — Melanie is introduced to the joys of anal sex. by damonX04/06/094.68HOT

Dirty Yoga

 — Carly relieves a little stress. by francescadear07/08/133.87

Discovering "Back There"

 — Carrie spends a rainy day discovering the joys of anal. by BuckyDuckman09/23/144.24

Discovering Virtue Ch. 02

 — Ruby's experiences of dogging continue. by MasterTiberius02/13/084.09

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Horny

 — Jeff returns from his trip to find his love hungry. by whoruwhoami04/06/093.07

DIY Fucking

 — He gets to fuck his sister-in-law during a bit of DIY. by AngieGS03/07/124.26

Do That Again, Daddy

 — He checked her into the hotel as his daughter. by Alice Wells01/13/024.00

Doctor Visit Can Be Fun

 — Doctor stretches things to suit Miss O'Malley. by Jack Gates01/20/054.07

Doctor's Anal Extraction

 — New toy leads to a hospital visit and examination. by AngelBell08/15/114.50HOT

Does My Ass Look Big In This?

 — Husband and wife enjoy anal fun and a guest by mklit7401/24/114.18

Does Size Matter

 — Julie loves an over large cock. by dustybeard02/09/094.37

Does This Dildo Make Me Look Gay?

 — One man, one woman, and a dildo. by bjking11/23/104.43

Dog Day Evening

 — Wife gets just desserts. by Rambrat01/11/024.23

Doing My Best Friend's Girl

 — Taking advantage of a situation. by kerryjackson04/21/063.87

Doing the Cleaner

 — The cleaner gets fucked by house husband. by quietcantor04/14/074.34

Dominating Annie

 — An anal fiend conquers a big new toy. by altcontrol06/19/114.40

Don't Be Shy

 — Don't be shy with me... Fuck me, Fuck my ass. by Dhampie09/26/124.20

Don't Fuck with the Chair

 — Furniture with flair by lord_jefe03/19/133.95

Don't Look Away

 — A mix of prose & poetry about the experience of anal sex. by androgyne3006/07/083.33

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