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Fun at Work

 — She's horny while she's working. by sxylilslut02/10/09

Fun in the Library

 — What happens in the library when two strangers meet. by SomeAussieGuy04/21/094.46


 — Young man finally meets an online friend. (Non-erotic) by RedheadedBeauty02/07/053.32

Gael Cums with Force

 — Listen as I cum hard. by Gaelforce12/03/134.28

Gael Gives You His Long Tongue

 — Listen in as he eats you out. by Gaelforce04/16/134.46

Gaelforce Moans

 — Male moans. by Gaelforce08/06/144.27

Gang Bang Story

 — She tells a sexy bedtime tale. by SexySub61911/30/103.93

Geek Girl Cleans Up

 — A shoplifter pays for her crime. by zenmackie06/05/064.41

Get Hard For Me

 — Angel wants you to cum hard, don't let her down. by angeloftemptation05/09/134.10

Get Lady in Red to Bed

 — A seasonal stocking filler – for Michael. by KingsWoman12/03/134.22

Get Off

 — Get off with me. by Gaelforce11/05/134.30

Getting Caught

 — The sitter shows your wife just how you like it. by angeloftemptation06/11/134.22

Getting Clean Never Felt So Dirty

 — Mind if your dirty girl joins you in the shower? by juicy_peach04/08/144.36

Getting Even (Audio Version)

 — Young wife recounts the night she decided to do it. by StellaStories09/21/104.25

Getting My Ass Reamed

 — Listen as he gets his ass reamed (gay male audio). by dirtyjoe6907/24/063.60

Getting Ready for Dinner

 — I masturbate before meeting you for dinner. by DKmermaid02/09/124.39

Gina Does Her First Hummer

 — Listen in as a hot wife sucks cock and swallows after a night out. by kitalogos01/15/143.85

Gina Gets Her Pussy Pounded

 — Amateur couple tries light bondage to spice things up. by kitalogos02/26/144.00

Gina's Ski Holiday

 — Sexy wife gets her pussy and ass pounded on vacation. by kitalogos05/20/144.35

Girl Time

 — I watch as you and another girl play. by Mirage12/31/144.07

Give It To Me!

 — How can such a request be denied? by ATrain102406/22/103.21

Giving My Man Some Love

 — Just showing him some love with a BJ. by luckygirl1801/15/143.98

Glory Hole Girl Please Come Home!

 — I don't want you doing it anymore. by BoyfromEngland11/20/143.17

Going Down Again (Full Audio)

 — I take your cock with my mouth and pussy. by pure_bliss09/03/134.30

Going Down on You

 — I love sucking your cock. by pure_bliss07/02/134.36

Going Up?

 — Riding in the elevator together . by Babydoll65532108/29/144.31

Gone (Audio)

 — Audio recording of Gone. by TheGreyKnight03/13/153.11

Good Girl

 — Well behaved girls get treats... by spurious06/06/144.45

Good Girl Requirements

 — Your application made me fancy you like crazy. by BoyfromEngland01/07/154.50HOT

Good Morning

 — 'Baby Girl' wakes up her Daddy. by daddys_good_girl01/12/104.17

Good Morning

 — It's time to wake Angel up. by angeloftemptation11/10/114.56HOT

Good Morning

 — Waking up with you... by Mirage03/21/134.36

Good Morning Baby

 — He wakes you up the right way. by aslygrin09/05/124.36

Good Morning Ch. 01

 — sexy submissive brightens Master's morning. by Joseki Ko10/18/042.71

Good Morning Ch. 02

 — Master & slave's morning grows even hotter. by Joseki Ko10/18/043.76

Good Morning Sexy

 — Spend the morning in bed. by Pithos06/13/124.35

Good Morning, I Love You

 — This is how he likes to wake you in the mornings. by Gaelforce07/10/134.53HOT

Good Night Vegas

 — Co-ed wants you to use her ass. by angeloftemptation08/30/114.46

Goodbye and Good Luck

 — His favorite couple is moving away. by wislbleur10/20/094.00

Goodbye Mr Insomnia

 — Let me cradle and nurse you to sleep whilst being inside you. by BoyfromEngland11/05/144.66HOT


 — A relaxing way to fall asleep. by Mirage06/24/144.62HOT

Green Panties

 — I have a fantasy of us while I get a massage. by emma_the_librarian12/17/134.31

Gretta's Weakness

 — Circumstances conspire to finally provide a release for her. by johnnytee05/15/124.44

Gretta's Weakness Pt. 02

 — A follow up to an earlier story. by johnnytee05/31/124.46

Grinding For O's

 — I want you to put on a little show for me. by Mirage01/28/144.42

Guess What I'm Doing

 — A dirty guessing game for Nude Day. by steves_mom07/11/144.58HOT

Guide to Your Fingers

 — Would you like a hand? He'd gladly lend you his... by Younginlondon03/05/132.59

Guided Masturbation

 — Listen as she guides you. by sensualsharon04/13/104.15

Half Past Three

 — Sexy Zoot and a blonde Russian guy get hot in a club. by Zoots_owner10/23/083.25


 — Your Halloween costume causes the desired effect. by aslygrin12/05/124.16

Hammering Her Pussy

 — Pounding her to intense orgasm by neno1310/09/122.86

Hands and Knees

 — Ahhhh....for the love of all things anal! by Bellatrixie01/17/123.77

Happy 18th Birthday

 — Some barely-legal fun! by Anonymous_stranger09/25/144.44

Happy Anniversary, Baby

 — A moonlit cemetery, a grieving widow, and eternal love... by PlayfulLittle110/24/134.33

Happy Birthday, Cum Slut

 — Daddy & Co. are going to push you to your limits. by spurious05/09/134.25

Happy Birthday, Hannah

 — Hannah wakes up horny. by CJ_Knight12/30/133.81

Happy Endings

 — I get a little carried away giving a massage. by JennyKinkAudio04/08/143.98

Happy Hour

 — She hurries home from work for "happy hour" with her lover. by KR01/26/104.12

Happy Valentine's Day, Cum Slut

 — A raw, animalistic audio. Let's fuck... by spurious02/26/144.30

Happy Valentine's Day, Darling

 — A tender, romantic audio. Let's make love. by spurious02/26/144.29

Having a Slice

 — Sir's proxy finishes assigned task in pizza parking lot. by ditto7911/20/12

Hay Per Ill Fool

 — A Silly April Fools Story in Doggerel Verse. by Kethandra03/13/154.31

He Gets His Chance to Take Control

 — He hears her pleasure and takes his chance. by anenglishmanabroad01/07/134.07

He Holds Her Down

 — Finding her masturbating on her tummy, he takes her. by hotfunpen307/19/123.85

He Loves His American Guest!

 — He listens to her orgasm and then comes with you. by anenglishmanabroad11/20/124.52HOT

He's Cumming for You

 — He pleasures himself with a vibrator while thinking of you. by LR_naughtyboy02/09/103.62

He's Your Bar of Soap

 — He loves to journey all over your body, exploring you. by BoyfromEngland12/30/054.00

Head For You

 — He gives you oral while fantasizing. by Dr_Impervious12/03/074.51HOT

Hear Me Cum Over and Over for You

 — She's pleasing herself, wanting you. by 5shot08/04/093.98

Hear Them Cum

 — He cums after she does, listen to his climax. by N2outdoors04/27/113.81

Heaven's Back Door

 — You get a lesson in female anatomy. by Kat051104/02/133.95


 — 18 year-old Heidi is severely punished by her schoolmaster. by heidismaster02/01/123.41


 — She brings out her favorite toy to play, thinking of you. by yourcockismine04/12/124.42

Hello Followed By Masturbation

 — He says hi, then gets down to it. by WIJayson01/19/104.19

Hello Kitten

 — A special greeting, for a special woman. by Firmhanded_Daddy02/02/103.83

Hello, Cum Slut

 — I'm here to give you what you crave... by spurious02/27/134.44

Hello, Darling.

 — A thank you to an Am Pics contributor. by boo5612/22/101.57

Help to Relax

 — Sit down, get comfortable, and listen to his voice. by cameramike06/25/072.92

Her Body Wants You

 — Silk-voiced ebony babe yearns for you. by trace6906/22/032.75

Her First Listen to...

 — She likes being directed to fuck her pussy by a sexy woman. by rj0110/26/104.10

Her First Time

 — For a girl who wants her first time to be special. by SomeAussieGuy04/14/094.38

Her Friend

 — My girl surprises me with a threesome. by SomeAussieGuy11/16/103.92

Her Lovers

 — A loving wife and her husband's patient revenge. by Middleagepoet01/28/093.74

Her Orgasm

 — Listen to her cum. by pure_bliss04/10/133.78

Her Response to Insane Waffles

 — She masturbates for Insane Waffles' listening pleasure. by rj0110/20/103.97

Her Wet Lips...and My Hard Cock

 — What he'd really like right now... by veryhardboy06/30/093.75

Her Wet Pussy

 — Listen in as a hot blonde wife opens her wet pussy to his big cock. by neno1306/20/122.97

Hi, Professor...

 — He can't stop looking... and she likes it... by badd_girl10/06/094.32

High Society

 — She was always so prim and proper. by MungoParkIII12/03/073.00

His Flight to London

 — He helps her sleep then takes her pleasure in his hands. by hotfunpen306/20/124.23

His Own Personal Cheerleader

 — Young wife helps husband resist temptation from students. by angela14609/21/034.18

Hmm...Where Were We?

 — Listen in as this hot couple make up for lost time. by Emmalin_Caproni02/17/093.16

Holli's Not a Whore

 — ...or is she? by SizeQueenSupreme04/20/104.46

Home Alone

 — Home alone, thinking about our sleepover. by MagentaDevine08/02/114.04

Home Alone Again

 — Another day to myself, I decided to record this. by Loveofsound05/08/124.38

Home for the Holidays

 — Come lay with me by the fire. by Surfer_Rod12/17/134.51HOT


 — Listen in as her returning lover makes up for lost time. by LaNegra12/29/103.93

Homecuming by Mark B.

 — Woman returns home to find an unexpected surprise. by audiodiva06/28/114.14

Hooked (audio version)

 — An overworked man has the unlikeliest experience imaginable. by Smokey12512/24/14

Hot Blowjob and Doggystyle Fuck

 — Dirty talk, blowjob sounds, and doggystyle fucking audio by androgyne3002/04/154.18

Hot Tub

 — We're enjoying the hot tub when another woman joins us. by Mirage03/13/124.36

Hotel Meeting

 — She meets you for a hot rendezvous. by Girl_Grace12/16/09

House Calls - One

 — Desperate for release, you call for your Doctor. by Dr_Impervious12/16/093.45

House Calls - Three

 — Finally... you are cured. by Dr_Impervious12/29/094.66HOT

House Calls - Two

 — Bound and gagged by your Doctor. by Dr_Impervious12/22/093.67

How an Angel Wakes Up

 — My first orgasm of the day. by angeloftemptation08/06/143.97

How Do You Like Her Now?

 — A girl, a vibrator, and your ears... by passaggslave06/13/124.01

How Do You Want Me?

 — Your dirty little girl lets you pick how you fuck her. by angeloftemptation01/17/124.09

How To Comfort a Crying Woman

 — How to- a guide for comforting with a sense of humor. by just_another_voice11/05/134.44

Hungry For You

 — I'm alone in my hotel missing you. by juicy_peach10/03/134.28

Hurricane Marla

 — The passion builds like a storm to a thundering climax. by RichardHardy06/01/104.61HOT


 — She can't wait for you to come home from work. by litjosie03/04/094.46

Hypnothe-Rapist (special edition)

 — A female doctor hypnotizes a patient and orally seduces him. by Smokey12502/25/15

Hypnotic Climax for Women

 — Allow me to guide your mind (and body). by Loverboy2601/15/144.16

Hypnotic Erotic

 — A positive, affirming, luscious erotic hypnotic session. by Eves_Garden12/31/144.45

Hypnotic Initiation to Slavery

 — Initiation to erotic hypnosis for female slaves. by master_passion190006/05/063.73

Hypnotic Initiation to Slavery Ch. 02

 — A continuation of hypnotic training for female slaves. by master_passion190007/01/083.88

Hypnotic Initiation to Slavery Ch. 03

 — For female slaves to give themselves away. by master_passion190008/17/084.33

Hypnotic Initiation to Slavery Ch. 04

 — Part 4 of Hypnotic Initiation for female slaves. by master_passion190011/12/084.26

I Am Your Good Girl

 — Let me be your good girl. by theravenfox08/11/094.38

I Am Your Toy

 — You make your toy tell you her fantasy... by juicy_peach09/17/144.43

I Can Dream About You

 — She'll never stop watching you. by velvetpie02/28/052.98

I Cannot Stop Cumming

 — Part II of 'Hear Me Cum Over and Over'. by 5shot08/11/093.67

I Cannot Stop Cumming Pt. 02

 — Trying to be quiet is so hard to do. by 5shot09/01/093.74

I Cannot Stop Cumming Pt. 03

 — Now I can really cum for you. by 5shot09/02/093.78

I Catch You....

 — I catch you pleasuring yourself. by CosmicRhythm06/26/123.84

I Couldn't Stop Thinking About You.

 — I've been thinking of you all day.. I had to do something. by lonelycollegegirl09/06/114.30

I Don't Take Teasing Lightly, Girl

 — I will look for you...I will find you...and I will fuck you. by tarkustrooper12/03/144.17

I Fucking NEED You Inside Me!

 — Nothing fancy; just a little quickie with my toy. by tarkustrooper12/03/143.48

I Have Missed You

 — The Doctor returns. by Dr_Impervious12/01/094.24

I Kissed a Girl

 — But kissing wasn't all we did. by MissKittenSK03/13/154.31

I Love Eating Your Pussy

 — For those ladies who need a verbally induced orgasm. by SlyDog96904/18/124.12

I Love Fucking Her

 — Her wet tight pussy is perfect for my cock. by neno1306/22/102.64

I Love Halloween

 — Halloween costumes lead to fun. by just_another_voice10/10/134.67HOT

I Love to Lick Your Pussy

 — He loves to taste & please you. by wdelander11/01/044.30

I Meet My Internet Crush

 — Steve meets his internet crush. by steve_hansen_706/20/123.38

I Miss You

 — He needs to fuck you again. Soon. by K-Kwik10/08/144.59HOT

I Miss You, Babe

 — She tells him about the reverie she masturbated to. by KR01/24/064.33

I Miss You, Daddy

 — She's thinking about you while she's away. by litjosie01/15/094.55HOT

I Missed You

 — She gets aggressive after long week away on business. by Louboutins12/05/124.22

I Need

 — Do you know how badly I need you? by redhotbothered01/15/144.43

I Need a Healing Touch

 — Angel gets touched in all the right spots. by angeloftemptation09/06/114.49

I Need to Hear You Whimper

 — Musing about my most favorite sounds in the world. by tarkustrooper02/04/154.24

I Need You

 — Something to pick you up if you feel down... by spurious05/07/144.52HOT

I Need You Right Now

 — Listen to me as I cum for you. by Miss_Delicious2408/07/134.02

I Need Your Help...

 — Angel can't get off without you. by angeloftemptation04/16/134.45

I Wanna Be a Bad Girl for You, Babe

 — I have to be quiet...but I won't stop thinking dirty. by tarkustrooper12/31/143.83

I Wanna Fuck You Like an Animal

 — Just touching myself, thinking of ravaging your cock. by tarkustrooper12/11/144.15

I Want More

 — I want you to be a little more... rough with me... please? by MissKittenSK11/20/144.19

I Want to be Someone's Anal Princess

 — I'd like to be yours. by angeloftemptation12/03/144.12

I Want to Hatefuck You

 — I've been kept waiting all day, and I won't stand it anymore. by tarkustrooper02/25/153.76

I Want To Pleasure You

 — He tells you how much - and how - he'd like to please you. by DanWants03/14/11HOT

I Want You

 — Forget everything. Everyone. She wants you. Now. by asian_princess05/30/054.54HOT

I'll Cum Twice

 — Listen as she cums twice for you. by yourbfwantsme0703/29/114.00

I'm an Oral Girl

 — Live version of posts in "For the Oral Girls...Like Me" thread. by theravenfox09/22/094.34

I'm Cumming!

 — Guy & hot blonde nurse share intense orgasms. by neno1311/10/093.62

I'm Your Dream Fuck...

 — Imagine your dream lover, your ideal slut...I'll be her. by Eves_Garden10/08/144.53HOT

I'm Yours

 — I want to thank you back. by DanWants04/12/11HOT

I've Missed You

 — We've been apart too long and I need you to know I miss you. by BellaPrincesa05/15/133.89

I've Missed You, Daddy

 — A nice nasty fuck with Daddy. by litjosie02/15/114.42

Ice-Cold, Red-Hot

 — Hot sex at below zero temperatures. by zenmackie12/05/064.31

Imagine Me Sucking and Fucking You

 — Just relax and let Tarkus have her way with you. by tarkustrooper08/20/144.08

Impale Me

 — An erotic horror audio file. by hisdinner10/06/033.45

Impossible Lover

 — An intense audio experience for women to orgasm by. by smotp02/12/084.25

Improvisations sur 'Je t'aime...

 — Having fun by myself with a recording program. by doowopdoowop04/02/133.78

In an Orangery

 — Prose poem. by KingsWoman06/24/144.16

In His Presence

 — Craving a dominant man. by angeloftemptation09/25/143.89

In Plain Sight

 — For public consumption... by spurious06/04/134.58HOT

In Praise of Older Woman

 — I love a mature, sexy, confident woman. by Anonymous_stranger06/24/143.69

In the Bar with Daddy

 — Daddy please don't make me do this... by MissKittenSK01/22/154.32

In the Middle of the Night

 — I woke up, seeing you next to me, I need you. by angeloftemptation02/25/154.17

In the Mood 2.0

 — She comes to visit, concupiscent. by AlwaysHungry11/20/124.12

In Your Afterglow

 — Talking to you after sex. by Gaelforce08/20/144.76HOT

Independence Day

 — An Aussie guy's idea of the 4th of July. by SomeAussieGuy07/07/094.40

Inflight Fun

 — Stewardess fulfills your foot and anal fetish. by asian_princess03/13/064.49


 — You inspire me with your feedback... by spurious11/05/134.53HOT

Interactive Feedback

 — Reading your sexy feedback turns me on so much! by DickyUK12/24/144.45

Is It You?

 — I think, I know you, is it really you? by FacialLover8804/12/114.06

Is She Watching?

 — Angel knows how to make a vacation interesting. by angeloftemptation04/27/124.56HOT

Island Romance

 — A story for me from Trudy. by SomeAussieGuy06/30/094.29

It All Makes Sense

 — An epiphany leads to thoughts of us together at last. by just_another_voice06/12/144.74HOT

It Only Takes a Shoulder

 — It's all he can see, but it's more than enough. by EroticTao03/30/104.55HOT

It was a Dark and Stormy Night...

 — An Erotic Vignette by Male Pattern Boldness. by Eves_Garden02/04/154.27

It Was a Great Night, Officer

 — His bisexual threeway dreams come true. by wislbleur09/08/093.52

It Was All For You...

 — I remember how you used me last night and I get so wet. by HarlequinHeart10/04/113.61

It's Been a While

 — My first audio in a long time. by luckygirl1802/14/144.31

It's Been Too Long

 — You can hear just how much I've missed you. by Anonymous_stranger05/20/144.09

It's You

 — I get off imagining you. by Corijezmi09/17/144.34

Jacking For You

 — A little fwap fwap fwap for your enjoyment. by Anonymous_stranger06/12/143.76

Jacking For You Ch. 02

 — Did you think I'd stop at just one? by Anonymous_stranger07/02/143.67

Jacking For You Ch. 03: Jack Harder

 — I could be curing cancer, but I'm doing this instead. by Anonymous_stranger07/30/144.23

Jacking For You Ch. 04: A Wet One

 — Some slippery fun to listen to... by Anonymous_stranger08/29/144.12

Jacking For You Ch. 05: Morning Jack

 — What a way to start the day! by Anonymous_stranger10/22/144.00

Jacking For You Ch. 06: Home Alone

 — Some self-lovin' I wanted to share. by Anonymous_stranger02/04/153.98

Jeep Ride

 — We go for a jeep ride in the mountains. by Mirage02/23/124.52HOT

Jenny's Hot Ass

 — She loves getting fucked in her ass - & he loves doing it. by Boxlicker10107/09/074.11

Jerking Over Your Sweet Ass

 — He gets off thinking of her sweet ass. by dirtyjoe6912/27/063.96

Jilly at Playtime

 — Hear Jilly as she makes the most of her time alone. by JillyRyder03/23/103.53

Jilly Ryder Riding

 — My lover is laying on my bed and I sit astride him. by JillyRyder04/13/103.84

Josie's Delight

 — She's so horny - can you do her a little favor? by litjosie01/21/094.43

Josie's Slut Show Pt. 01

 — She makes you show put on a slutty show. by litjosie03/17/094.47


 — It would be an honour to be your chaperone. by BoyfromEngland02/04/154.60HOT

Just a Fantasy

 — A sexy co-ed gets off while sharing a very naughty fantasy. by angeloftemptation07/19/114.52HOT

Just a Little More...

 — Late night fun! by Little_Mischevious6902/14/143.31

Just a Quickie

 — She's only got a second, but wanted to share. by angeloftemptation09/06/114.46

Just a Quickie

 — Don't Worry, I didn't forget about you... by Surfer_Rod03/29/124.58HOT

Just Been TOO Long

 — It's been too long since I got a good play... by TheVixen03/13/153.42

Just Breath

 — Angels shares with you; maybe you will return the favor. by angeloftemptation10/19/114.50HOT

Just For Me

 — Cum just for me, please. by angeloftemptation07/02/144.06

Just For You

 — She enjoys cumming for you by wigglybum08/29/054.29

Just For You

 — A secret letter from her to you. by asian_princess10/23/054.55HOT

Just Four Minutes

 — Shy guy gives you four minutes of himself. by Ghost_Tracker112/16/082.39

Just Inside The Door

 — He takes her just inside the door to the hotel room. by hotfunpen307/19/124.34

Just Keep Sucking

 — He loves getting head. by dirtyjoe6910/31/063.64

Just Like That

 — He has excellent oral skills. by luckygirl1812/05/124.08

Just Me

 — I play with a toy. by luckygirl1809/27/124.21

Just Once

 — An exquisite tryst over a midnight phone call. by litjosie06/01/114.40

Just Sex

 — Listen in as he and wife share a lusty morning. by dirtyjoe6907/24/064.39

Just Some Fun Pt. 01

 — Just a man and a woman, having some fun. Listen in... by luckygirl1806/04/133.52

Just Some Fun Pt. 02

 — Listen in as a couple has even more fun together. by luckygirl1806/04/133.83

Just Something that Happened

 — I wish it were more. by MungoParkIII03/26/073.14

Just the Two of Us

 — He replicates himself for your pleasure. by Dr_Impervious04/14/094.75HOT

Karen Coerced Ch. 01

 — Karen finds herself blackmailed for sex. by johnnytee09/27/124.49

Karen Was Left Unattended

 — A self-bondage mishap. by Karen Kraft06/10/04

Kayless Plays With 'Daddy'

 — Couple enjoys hot roleplay over the phone. by grlwatchereal06/01/034.11

King of the Pack Replies

 — Aaahhh my dear beautiful sensual sweet Caribbean lover... by Caribbeanwoman03/16/104.00

Kiss Me Deadly

 — How deadly is her lust for him? by Erotica_Writings07/19/043.54

Knock Knock

 — You show up on my door step. by Mirage11/01/114.49

La Petite Mort

 — An intense 3-minute male orgasm. by Gaelforce10/22/144.29

Ladies Only JOI

 — Sit back and enjoy some "me time" by steve_hansen_701/07/154.42

LadyAmor Gets Her Jollies

 — She pleasures herself to her "suite mate". by LadyAmor10/23/073.17


 — You force me through the grind... by redhotbothered10/22/144.47

Larry and Carol -- and Me

 — He finds a new couple for a bisexual threesome. by wislbleur11/17/093.28

Late Eve at the University Library

 — It's late at the library and I find you deep in the stacks. by emma_the_librarian08/12/144.57HOT

Late Night Date

 — Every night at the same time, I can't wait. by angeloftemptation06/24/144.18

Late Night Fantasy

 — Fantasy about a coworker. by DanHWilliams11/05/13

Late Night Play

 — She's up late thinking about you. by angeloftemptation02/23/124.46

Lavender Panties

 — It all starts when you slide my panties down at the theater. by emma_the_librarian02/14/144.46

Lazy Evening, Interesting Night

 — This is what can happen on a lazy evening. by cameramike04/16/084.00

Lazy Sunday

 — Spending the morning in bed. by Surfer_Rod10/27/114.56HOT

Lea Has Multiple Orgasms Pt. 01

 — Lea can't sleep so she has a play instead. by Leanights01/15/143.98

Lea Has Multiple Orgasms Pt. 02

 — Lea can't sleep so she has a play instead. by Leanights01/15/144.00

Lea Listens In At Work

 — The booking next door gets me hot! by Leanights04/23/144.19

Lea Meets a Man in the Park

 — Lea gets off thinking about fucking you in a park. by Leanights01/13/144.24

Lea Nights Has a Private Moment

 — All my housemates are home, so I've got to be quiet! by Leanights01/15/144.17

Lea Nights has a Wank at Work

 — It's quiet at work, so I decided to work on myself instead. by Leanights01/28/143.78

Lea's Fantasy

 — Naughty slut follows her Master's orders. by TheLeanansidhe01/26/104.00

Learning to Wakeboard

 — I teach you to wakeboard and a lot more. by SomeAussieGuy05/05/094.28

Leering There

 — Shirley MacLaine seeks out a stud to pack her soil. by PeIvis Wesley06/19/063.05

Let Me Help You Forget Him Tonight

 — A young woman seduces her. by emilydear197701/28/144.32

Let Me Play with Your Toy

 — You try to teach me how to fly a remote control plane. by angeloftemptation07/19/114.39

Let Me Taste You

 — He can't stop thinking about eating your pussy. by hidden_shadow10/05/103.83

Let's Fuck All Day!

 — Angel, laying in bed getting off with her many toys. by angeloftemptation02/05/134.28

Let's Get Dirty

 — Climb into my bed and let's get filthy for a few minutes. by spurious04/16/134.47

Letter To Ann

 — A short intent letter to Ann. by Master_Vassago06/09/032.75

Letting Go

 — She pleasures herself and begs to come. by SweetSam4212/17/134.43

Letting Go of Inhibitions

 — You are self-conscious, so she sheds your inhibitions. by victoriawhita05/21/084.56HOT

Letting You Off The Hook

 — Forget about saving your cum for later; cum for me NOW. by tarkustrooper02/25/153.55

Licking Her

 — Co-ed gets a suprise from her pretty friend. by angeloftemptation08/30/114.01

Life Model

 — Will he make it through her challenge? by hopeulikeit02/12/084.54HOT

Lisa from Seattle

 — They met in a bar, and one thing led to another... by harddxm02/01/113.51

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