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Erotic Horror Stories

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The End of an Eternity Ch. 03

 — Dalia's first day as a vampire. by StormyDreams05/05/084.47

The End of an Eternity Ch. 04-05

 — Besand has doubts as he recalls Dalia's first punishment. by StormyDreams05/28/084.09

The End of an Eternity Ch. 06-07

 — Besand searches for new human prey. by StormyDreams06/03/083.78

The End of an Eternity Ch. 08

 — Dalia begins her revenge. by StormyDreams07/03/084.44

The End of an Eternity Ch. 09

 — Besand confronts Dalia. by StormyDreams07/04/084.00

The End of Bella Pt. 01

 — The beginning of the end of my character Bella. by FantasyWryter06/18/144.38

The Entertainment Couple

 — The music business can be a killer for groupies. by mcfreeman10/24/09

The Erogenous Zone

 — Is the world getting stranger or is our hero hallucinating? by Betty Johnson12/19/044.41

The Erotogaunt

 — The unholy influence must be broken by a carnal exorcism. by neonhaus01/10/134.12

The Eternal Sex Club, Rest in Peace

 — What happens when we die after having sex as our last memory? by SusanJillParker12/12/124.18

The Evil Mirror Pt. 01

 — A husband is forced to watch as his wife is taken by a demon. by bmordo07/18/094.23

The Evil Mirror Pt. 02

 — A wife's ordeal continues. by bmordo07/22/094.34

The Evil Mirror Pt. 03

 — Dee finds herself at the Mercy of the cruel Baron. by bmordo07/24/094.35

The Evil Mirror Pt. 04

 — Lady Dee learns of Demonic plans for her body. by bmordo07/26/094.65HOT

The Evil Mirror Pt. 05

 — Dee is sold to a wicked Sultan. by bmordo07/27/094.60HOT

The Evil Mirror Pt. 06

 — Dee continues to unwillingly entertain the Sultan. by bmordo08/16/094.55HOT

The Evil Mirror Pt. 07

 — The Sultan partakes of Dee's favors. by bmordo08/17/094.51HOT

The Evil Mirror Pt. 08

 — The Djinn enjoys Dee's Dody. by bmordo09/11/094.62HOT

The Evil Mirror Pt. 09

 — The Djinn continues to debase Dee. by bmordo09/19/094.56HOT

The Evil of Hammond House Ch. 0

 — Introduction to the 5-Part Horror Series. by Patrick-Donovan12/01/043.57

The Evil of Hammond House Ch. 1

 — College kids find creepy mansion after car breaks down. by Patrick-Donovan12/01/044.42

The Evil of Hammond House Ch. 2

 — Killer stalks amorous college kids in creepy old mansion. by Patrick-Donovan12/02/044.65HOT

The Evil of Hammond House Ch. 3

 — Mad doctor butchers college kids for insane experiment. by Patrick-Donovan12/03/044.50HOT

The Evil of Hammond House Ch. 4

 — College girl is trapped in mad doctor's lab. by Patrick-Donovan12/04/043.81

The Evil of Hammond House Ch. 5

 — College girl must cope with aftermath of heinous experiments. by Patrick-Donovan12/05/044.62HOT

The Evil Within Ch. 01

 — A group of people find the limits of their lusts. by jjsharshaw09/26/044.50HOTEditor's Pick

The Evil Within Ch. 02

 — Claire Benton's ordeal and Stacy Masters is framed. by jjsharshaw09/27/044.67HOT

The Evil Within Ch. 03

 — All scores are settled. by jjsharshaw09/28/044.78HOT

The Exorcism of Betty Ackland

 — A young woman is possessed by three demons! by horrorotica02/02/13

The Extender

 — A visit to a shop filled with wonderful things and danger. by Paul4402/03/073.80

The Facial

 — Shooting under pressure. by texashorror02/20/123.24

The Fiend

 — Hell is for tickling. by Original_Hooder09/06/114.55HOT

The First Time

 — A massage parlour succubus is after more than his cherry. by manyeyedhydra01/15/124.48

The Five - Witches' Brew

 — No man was safe! by stickivicki10/11/113.67

The Forgotten Bride

 — She comes to clubs to take someone home. by lostandfounder06/08/044.35

The Forgotten Bride Ch. 02

 — She meets someone like her. by lostandfounder06/26/044.32

The Forgotten Bride Ch. 03

 — Learning the rules. by lostandfounder11/23/084.14

The Four Horsemen Ch. 01

 — Assignment: we all have missions to fulfill. by JedimasterGee03/07/084.08

The Four Horsemen Ch. 02

 — Rose's Mission: Accomplished. by JedimasterGee03/08/084.38

The Four Horsemen Ch. 03

 — Tobias discovers the drug dealer and Meg. by JedimasterGee04/08/084.71

The Four Horsemen Ch. 04

 — Belladonna rids the world of 3 criminals. by JedimasterGee05/13/094.14

The Four Stone Walls of Hell

 — This ain't your daddy's Texas Chainsaw Massacre. by bluegasoverredart04/29/054.21

The Foursome Effect

 — Sex with friends and consequences. by texashorror09/15/083.54

The Freedom Ch. 01

 — A mother and daughter contract The Freedom. by The_Maestro_Braddock03/11/124.53HOT

The Freedom Ch. 02

 — Wendy realizes there may be no escape as The Freedom spreads. by The_Maestro_Braddock03/22/124.56HOT

The Freedom Ch. 03

 — Wendy fully succumbs to The Freedom, begins to turn others. by The_Maestro_Braddock04/07/124.60HOT

The Freedom Ch. 04

 — Wendy learns a shopgirl's dirty secrets, infects her. by The_Maestro_Braddock04/20/124.53HOT

The Freedom Ch. 05

 — Wendy terrorizes police and a former teacher, gets off on it. by The_Maestro_Braddock06/14/124.58HOT

The Fucking Flowers

 — A tale of a nightmare that I have had. by ellen34007/11/104.36

The Full Moon Party

 — There is an ancient magic in the light of the full moon. by Ozimandickus02/14/053.33

The Furries Revenge

 — Beautiful creatures avenge mass murder. by Erotica_Writings03/31/043.52

The Gathering at Harvest Hill

 — A young woman invites new friends for a Halloween gathering. by SecondCircle10/07/144.58HOT

The Gemini's Ch. 01

 — A story based on tragedy and love. by RejectedVampire03/12/064.20

The Ghost Writer

 — A writer's muse turns murderous. by pinata10/15/114.52HOT

The Ghoul's Wedding

 — Loved to death. by TamLin0101/20/154.60HOT

The Gift

 — A Master receives a gift. by depraved706/05/054.35

The Girl Next Door

 — Lonely small-town man becomes obsessed. by msnomer6809/13/033.64

The Girl Next Door

 — Young man's life is turned upside down with new neighbor. by Kingmaker71105/09/134.57HOT

The Girl Next Door Ch. 02

 — Tom discovers the source of his terror. by Kingmaker71105/10/134.45

The Girl Next Door Ch. 03

 — Tom suffers the greatest loss of all. by Kingmaker71106/04/134.40

The Girl With Golden Eyes

 — Halloween horror for a single father. by DarkLit10/23/034.72HOT

The Girl with the Hematite Eyes

 — An end to Sixville (11). by temptanddestroy04/04/074.56HOT

The Glamour

 — Anne is bewitched by a glamour, to serve the evil Vicar. by mysteriouslord11/10/064.14

The Golden Thyrsus

 — The Curse of the Tomb Strikes. by Paul4407/03/043.89

The Graveyard

 — Story telling in the cemetary. by DG Hear10/10/054.22

The Greatest Pleasure

 — Amy describes her experience with a vampire. by dkm2543312/18/113.50

The Grimm Reaper

 — A serial killer who loves fairy tales searches for love. by AMoveableBeast03/16/154.83HOTContest Winner

The Halloween Frat Party

 — Justin learns that a night of pleasure can mean much more. by the_black_male10/28/103.00

The Halloween Guests

 — Divorced farmer has a one-nighter with the wrong woman. by bbtp4110/07/144.08

The Halloween Hazing

 — A sorority hazing on Halloween turns into a night of terror. by laffalot10/19/124.11

The Halloween Whore

 — Enticement for sex leads to Poetic Justice. by JHyde10/24/044.04

The Hangman's Daughter

 — She loved swinging. by gruntgrindsquirt09/06/064.38

The Harvest Moon

 — Samantha brings her lover Gabriel to flesh. by kanniblekitten10/08/134.36

The Haunt

 — Night in the forest, and she is not alone. by Munachi04/22/054.29

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