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Erotic Horror Stories

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Día De Los Muertos

 — A man promises to love his wife forever. by mowbaby8210/11/083.79

DPS Chronicles Ch. 01

 — The horrors behind innocuous faces. by thedpstimes07/09/104.00

Dr Grey: Final Part

 — Saigon. by Citadel05/13/044.41

Dracula's Daughter

 — Save the men of London from Dracula's Daughter! by TamLin0110/01/144.60HOT

Drawing From Life

 — There is always a price. by Gabriel_Lee02/06/04

Dream a Little Dream of Ch. 04

 — Who fucks the fuckers? by grey4205/25/154.72HOT

Dream Lover

 — Her dream becomes real. by sxy_bi_horny_chick05/29/054.04

Dream Sex Over a Rain-forest

 — Ghostly hook up. by RDean12/03/142.43


 — Charlotte looks delicious, but has a surprise. by Jenny_Jackson10/05/074.10


 — Dream? Or nightmare? by E Z Gee10/04/034.25

Dreams Of Being His Dinner

 — 4 women dream of being consumed, then disappear. by Clemstra11/02/043.83

Dreams of Fur

 — Erin finds a strange piece of fur. by BrainVamp06/24/144.45

Dreams of Ginnie

 — Couple explores their fantasies in unique surrounding. by odlum06/28/063.92

Dreamwalkers: First Contact

 — Tentatively, she laid down on the bed. by Acktion09/18/134.48


 — She'll drive you to ecstasy, and perhaps to your death. by Vampladydi09/07/074.53HOT

Driving into Miss Daisy

 — Healthcare reform at its very best. by oneiria04/29/144.17

Drowned Girl

 — A new CPR technique discovered. by oneiria07/08/104.00Editor's Pick

Dual Shiver

 — A Halloween decoration turns Erika's world upside down. by Mesmeri06/09/084.53HOT

Dual Shudder

 — The aftermath of Phi Beta Pi's Halloween party. by Mesmeri06/13/084.44

Dual Thrill

 — A demon hunter investigates Phi Beta Pi. by Mesmeri03/19/094.55HOT

Due Process

 — In this society, they have an unusual justice system. by AJ_Watson04/26/094.61HOT


 — A sexy reporter discovers a lost own and a toxic dump site. by daddyduckett09/03/123.22

Dying Eyes Are Upon You

 — A crawl through the cemetery. by Horrorlover7510/22/103.38

Dying to Remember

 — Death might be preferable to life. by mollyj10/02/113.92

Eat me, Drink me

 — Alice finds her Wonderland in the arms of a stunning Vampire. by SadieRose01/06/104.53HOT


 — By the moon as my witness. by Guacho05/22/144.48

Ecstasy in the Castle Of Death

 — Two young students are lured to a Transylvanian castle. by Calandria205/10/144.38

Eden's Nightmare Ch. 01

 — Vampire is punished by a priest with pain & pleasure. by silenceup2nogood11/02/094.49

Eden's Nightmare Ch. 02

 — The priest pushes her every vampiric button as he begins. by silenceup2nogood11/14/094.59HOT

Eden's Nightmare Ch. 03

 — Priest teaches her the joy of pain - and the pain of joy. by silenceup2nogood11/19/094.36

Edgar has a Wet Dream

 — A beautiful woman is defiled by a fiend. by Subtext10/08/132.90

Egyptian Moon

 — Cursed man in Egypt uncovers two beauties. by PurpleLinga11/25/044.33

Ei 1644

 — Some horrors can be worse than others. by Decayed Angel12/20/062.94

Electric Justice

 — A cruel rapist gets his. by madengineer305/06/074.40

Elizabeth's Vampire Story

 — Elizabeth is turned. (non-erotic) by Abdulbenthere10/16/093.71

Embrace the Darkness

 — Submissive finds her Dominant isn't who she thought he was. by Soulwolf7810/10/133.86

Embracing the Night

 — Sex, clubs, and the undead. by Amber-Shaded-Lens05/09/054.04

Emily the Doll (The Monster House)

 — Emily is a young nun, her life takes a turn. by 19Arose10/19/163.93

Emma is Taken, Hard, in the Woods

 — Two beasts from the night take Emma on a little trip... by fuckmehotstuff10/21/164.26


 — Divine beings feed on human lust. by oneiria02/12/154.53HOT

Empire of Flesh

 — No reason to stop copulating until well into morning. by xxxecil11/05/064.60HOT

Enchanted Panties

 — Kate's panties come to life through a spell and ravish her. by calx8605/03/114.34

Enchanted Panties Ch. 02

 — Kate's panties escape and find another victim. by calx8608/01/114.21


 — Young club owner pursues a married woman. by sum12watch08/28/034.20


 — My tryst with Ninakei. by serial_fucker01/16/123.22

End of the Road Farm

 — Fraud starts Alex down the road to unspeakable hell. by Nickd110402/16/063.08

End of the World Ch. 01

 — The first chapter of Rebecca's story, Lonely Masturbation. by whoiwishiwas432101/19/164.23

Englishman In New York Ch. 01

 — Jack The Ripper crosses the pond. by velvetpie02/20/054.00

Englishman In New York Ch. 02

 — Dets. Sutton & Fusco examine the scene. by velvetpie02/21/054.31

Englishman In New York Ch. 03

 — Jack strikes again. by velvetpie02/22/054.43

Englishman In New York Ch. 04

 — Jack leaves a clue. by velvetpie02/23/054.62HOT

Englishman In New York Ch. 05

 — Arbule helps Sutton discover a clue. by velvetpie02/24/054.36

Englishman In New York Ch. 06

 — The detectives pay a visit to the priest. by velvetpie02/24/054.36

Englishman In New York Ch. 07

 — Jack misses his next victim. by velvetpie02/26/054.36

Englishman In New York Ch. 08

 — The case is solved? by velvetpie02/26/054.42

Englishman In New York Ch. 09

 — An arrest is made. by velvetpie02/28/054.73HOT

Englishman In New York Ch. 10

 — Detective Sutton is hi-Jacked. by velvetpie03/01/054.54HOT

Englishman In New York Ch. 11

 — The game begins. by velvetpie03/02/054.54HOT

Englishman In New York Ch. 12

 — Jack meets his end. by velvetpie03/04/054.70HOT

Englishman In New York Ch. 13

 — Sutton is rescued. by velvetpie03/04/054.78HOT

Enslaved by Lesbian Vampire Cougars Ch. 01

 — Five mature lesbian vampires kidnap a young girl. by Player010/22/154.27

Enslaved by Lesbian Vampire Cougars Ch. 02

 — First day with auntie Veronica. by Player010/24/154.39

Enslaved by Lesbian Vampire Cougars Ch. 03

 — Farah and Vanessa (hate and love). by Player011/27/154.72HOT

Enslaved by Lesbian Vampire Cougars Ch. 04

 — In the Lair of Devana. by Player004/10/164.61HOT

Enter of Your Own Free Will

 — You have more to lose than your virginity. by YoureWet10/10/174.54HOT

Enter The Winter Darkly

 — A vampire searches for a quick snack as the snow falls. by SrahFox12/03/094.34


 — A relationship is put to the ultimate test. by Bourguit10/01/124.35

Ep. 06 Misled by Beauty

 — A troubled BBW meets the man of her dreams. by Curse_Of_Undeath07/24/08


 — Replacement for death penalty: sensory deprivation for life. by sublocked11/19/154.33

Erotic Danger

 — Can he handle sex on the edge? by Bakeboss06/24/103.75

Erotic Haunt

 — A Halloween night to remember by Guru07/12/043.77

Erotic Horror of the Sleepover Club

 — Was it a ghost or something else? by KingErotica12/01/053.77

Escape from Napier

 — An inmate manages to turn the tables on her tormentors by Sean Renaud04/20/144.43

Escaping From the Vampires

 — What happened to your family, Lucius? by Abdulbenthere11/16/094.42

Eternal Flame

 — A journal of a doomed expedition to Africa. by JukeboxEMCSA05/14/113.95


 — Mistakes were made in so many ways. by TxRad09/07/073.77


 — Night out becomes a night of terror. by Wolfblackthorne10/16/154.38

Evening Shadows

 — Predators on campus. by bassbelly10/24/073.95

Ever a Kiss so Raw

 — He confronts the horror of his own making. by James Cody03/16/073.94

Evil Dead 69

 — Another Haunted House story. by TammyTrueheart10/22/073.94

Evil Rides Tonight

 — Halloween, an archaeological dig, and a mysterious stranger. by bqnk10/22/164.41

Evil, Sexy Witch Tricks for a Treat

 — Halloween night is not only for candy but also for sex. by andtheend10/03/103.82


 — An encounter with a vampire. by RodMcfore12/28/064.37

Eviscerated Love

 — Death is no guarantee against revenge. by darkgoddess247810/11/054.58HOT


 — Desperation leads to unnatural measures... by SteelAndSilk06/25/114.52HOT


 — A lost soul remembers his succubus lover. by manyeyedhydra05/06/174.30

Expirement Gone Wrong

 — Lover's weekend goes awry by Master_Vassago04/22/033.87

Express Pregnancy

 — She has sex with man experimented on by aliens. by LinmoMan07/18/05

F5: Bluetooth

 — Sensuality in the technology age is more than he expected. by stlgoddessfreya06/16/144.61HOT

Fac Ut Vivas

 — A terrible act between two women is not all it seems. by SingerBabe07/04/034.04

Facing Fears in Nightmares

 — Facing fears hanging around in nightmares. by mstrspet10/24/044.25

Fade to Black

 — Dying young man receives visit from succubus. by Dar_Jisbo08/28/174.18

Fade to Black Ch. 02

 — Erinyxes goes on another mission of mercy. by Dar_Jisbo08/31/174.43

Fade to Black Ch. 03

 — Erinyxes' next "client" is a woman. by Dar_Jisbo09/08/174.56HOT

Fae Encounter

 — A young, naive hiker has a supernatural encounter. by QSQuinn04/14/174.31

Failed Summoning

 — Trapped in the clutches of a mad wizard. by bscorp88311/23/143.89


 — To get what you want, you have to shed blood. by Gaucho10/16/044.53HOT

Fall into Darkness

 — A man trades his body to save Humanity. by Ashyne02/04/083.97

Fallen Angel

 — A fast paced ride. An angel falls, but who claimed who? by RipCurrent10/23/084.16

Falling Snow

 — A succubus knows how to keep a lost skier warm. by NightPorter02/08/164.70HOT

Falling Snow Ch. 02

 — Rivals and summoning lessons. by NightPorter03/19/164.71HOT

Falling Snow Ch. 03

 — Mysterious girls, fiery meetings. by NightPorter04/29/164.78HOT

Falling Snow Ch. 04

 — Parties and interrogations. by NightPorter08/22/164.73HOT

Falling Snow Ch. 05

 — Fights and Gardening. by NightPorter08/30/174.86HOT


 — Pleasures are darker when the world is overtaken with Zombie. by SrahFox12/11/09


 — A young vampire learns the ropes with an older woman. by CaptainJames02/12/134.44

Farmer's Daughter

 — She is not what she seems. by authorguybailey10/28/134.21

Fated Destiny Ch. 01

 — Tom Parta witnesses a deadly encounter. by JohnEvans10/11/044.70HOT

Fated Destiny Ch. 02

 — Tom Parta finds out what Dr. Maleski really does. by JohnEvans03/30/054.73HOT

Fated Destiny Ch. 03

 — The hunt for Covington is about to begin. by JohnEvans04/14/094.81HOT

Fated Destiny Ch. 04

 — Tom begins the search for the vampire Covington. by JohnEvans04/15/094.83HOT

Fated Destiny Ch. 05

 — Tom is caught by Covington's minions. by JohnEvans04/16/094.75HOT

Father, Forgive Me

 — A woman running from a cursed town enters a church. by Sean Renaud12/03/093.73

Fattening Food

 — A tale of good food, fine women, & unnatural hunger. by Freakyus01/27/083.71

Fear Strikes Out!

 — A Lovecraftian horror story for Halloween. by Stultus10/22/093.72

Fear: The Creation of Monster's

 — An Innocent Princess finds Terror beneath the castle. by ShadowZofEldon11/28/113.80

Feast for the Demoness

 — Explicit erotic story. by StrangeSuccubusLover04/15/154.43

Feast of the 4th

 — Vampire Hunting for prey. by ScottishChieftan08/16/092.30

Feast or Famine?

 — Desolated beauty finds comfort in vampire's arms. by athena_by_night04/13/054.48

Feast or Famine? Ch. 02

 — Stephanos whisks fiery Marianna to his castle. by athena_by_night04/22/054.54HOT

Feast or Famine? Ch. 03

 — A decision is made, a life is in the balance. by athena_by_night06/18/054.58HOT

Feast or Famine? Ch. 04

 — Revisited memories, pursuing vengeance, a capture. by athena_by_night06/29/054.58HOT

Feast or Famine? Ch. 05

 — The hunt is on, the tension building. by athena_by_night07/10/054.55HOT

Feast or Famine? Ch. 06

 — Stephanos and Luka meet in battle. by athena_by_night07/22/054.57HOT

Feast or Famine? Ch. 07

 — Collusion, cajoling, conquests, cornered. by athena_by_night07/31/055.00HOT

Feast or Famine? Ch. 08

 — Kindling romances; trying to save Pyotr. by athena_by_night08/08/054.83HOT

Feast or Famine? Ch. 09

 — Frustrations boil as they race to save Pyotr & Kolya. by athena_by_night08/17/054.83HOT

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