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Erotic Horror Stories

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“The Grand Halloween Ball”

 — Candice finds more than the perfect costume. by kandie11/02/064.16

When a Witch is Not a Witch

 — Hot little witch is more than Paul bargained for. by TwistedPlayr10/24/044.45

When I am Gone Pt. 11

 — Scott must deal with a lie that is going around school. by Anonymous52010/13/173.57

When Moonlight Shines

 — When nightime falls, his world is turned on its head. by JayCMiller02/10/104.39

When Moonlight Shines Ch. 02

 — And he thought last night was weird... by JayCMiller02/26/104.62HOT

When Moonlight Shines Ch. 03

 — Thoughts of Vampire's invade Garrett's classes. by JayCMiller03/21/104.55HOT

When Moonlight Shines Ch. 04

 — The beginning of one really long night.... by JayCMiller05/04/104.53HOT

When Moonlight Shines Ch. 06

 — Multiple climaxes are reached as part one comes to an end. by JayCMiller01/13/114.66HOT

When Zombies Attack

 — These Zombies don't eat brains. by daddyduckett12/30/104.11

When Zombies Attack Ch. 02

 — Follow the zombies into the town. by daddyduckett01/02/114.35

When Zombies Attack Ch. 03

 — Kayla fights the zombies... by daddyduckett01/05/114.21

When Zombies Attack Ch. 04

 — Kayla is down...the help she needs finally arrives. by daddyduckett01/13/114.32

When Zombies Attack Ch. 05

 — Kayla gets finished and a new zombie killer arises... by daddyduckett01/30/114.15

When Zombies Attack Ch. 06

 — Teresa heads to the town and meets more zombies... by daddyduckett02/11/114.17

When Zombies Attack Ch. 07

 — Teresa gets taken by the doctor... by daddyduckett03/24/114.28

When Zombies Attack Ch. 08

 — A new town, same horny zombies, what could go wrong for her? by daddyduckett06/13/184.36

When Zombies Attack Ch. 09

 — The story continues as the zombies have their way... by daddyduckett06/20/184.15

When-And-Where You Are...

 — Blood of a Martyred Saint. by Unsung Muse01/27/074.06Contest Winner

While She Slept

 — I creep into your room as she sleeps. by alkysmurf01/28/123.77

White Scut

 — A rabbit wants - does he get? by oggbashan04/23/033.23


 — Yours truly, Jack the Ripper. by TamLin0105/11/154.57HOT

Who Killed Jake Mullett?

 — A murder mystery of a local celebrity and others. by DG Hear10/13/074.60HOT

Who Killed Lois Laynes?

 — A Halloween murder mystery for readers to solve. by sack10/18/044.12

Wii Sex, 2120 AD

 — The tentacle sex game, by interrobang04/09/084.11

Wild Desire

 — Vacationing writer visits uncharted island of witchcraft. by seduceme4612/21/043.60

Wild Jim's House

 — The best whorehouse in the county. by Paul4402/20/064.00

Winter Circus This Way Cums

 — Davin discovers how blizzards are made. by Apple_Leigh12/08/144.25

Wishboner Ash

 — Be careful what you wish for... by risgrynsfisk03/08/163.54

Witch Hunt, Burned at the Stake 01

 — Witch gets what she wanted, being burned alive at the stake. by SusanJillParker10/15/134.12

Witch Hunt, Burned at the Stake 02

 — Friday, 9/13/13 not a typical day for attorney Robert Hall by SusanJillParker10/17/13HOT

Witch of The Burren

 — Celtic warrior captured by a comely witch. by The Mutt10/11/044.57HOT

Witch Tales

 — I put a spell on you, because you're mine... by TamLin0110/03/164.48

Witches of Lust Ch. 12

 — The warlock gains the upper hand with mind control. by wet_special02/22/184.69HOT

Witches on Gallows Field

 — They pitch tent in the wrong place and time. by oggbashan10/08/053.91

With Friends Like These...

 — Bad decisions on Mischief Night. by FavoriteAunt10/22/163.78

Within the Shadows Ep. 01

 — A plane crashes onto a mysterious land. Where are they? by Happytimeshappy12/12/174.31

Within the Shadows Ep. 02

 — The survivors try to understand the nightmares. by Happytimeshappy12/13/174.55HOT

Within the Shadows Ep. 03

 — Kyle and others explore to find answers. by Happytimeshappy12/14/174.47

Within the Shadows Ep. 04

 — This night becomes a turning point for the survivors. by Happytimeshappy12/15/174.53HOT

Within the Shadows Ep. 05

 — Kyle thinks over his offer. by Happytimeshappy12/17/174.62HOT

Within the Shadows Ep. 06

 — The group is rescued by a monster. by Happytimeshappy12/28/174.66HOT

Within the Shadows Ep. 07

 — The Shadow Approaches. by Happytimeshappy12/29/174.73HOT

Within the Shadows Ep. 08

 — Eliza reunites with Kyle. by Happytimeshappy12/30/174.81HOT

Within the Shadows Ep. 09

 — Kyle and Eliza discuss what is to be done with the village. by Happytimeshappy12/31/174.69HOT

Within the Shadows Ep. 10

 — Eliza's changes become more frightening to her. by Happytimeshappy01/01/184.70HOT

Within the Shadows Ep. 11

 — Gavin fights his inner monster as Kyle accepts his. by Happytimeshappy01/02/184.72HOT

Within the Shadows Ep. 12

 — A conclusion to the first season. by Happytimeshappy01/03/184.77HOT

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 01

 — A new cast of characters are heading to a dark world. by Happytimeshappy01/14/194.21

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 02

 — What was everyone doing when the storm came? by Happytimeshappy01/15/194.46

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 03

 — Will the people escape the monsters on board? by Happytimeshappy01/16/194.41

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 04

 — Adam ventures into the bottom of the ship. by Happytimeshappy02/08/194.27

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 05

 — Adam awakens tied to a tree while the survivors build a camp. by Happytimeshappy02/11/194.38

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 06

 — The survivors are attacked by Kyle and his forces. by Happytimeshappy02/12/194.62HOT

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 07

 — The group gets split up by another attack. Sam is changed. by Happytimeshappy02/14/194.30

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 08

 — Kyle struggles with a lack of power for his kingdom. by Happytimeshappy02/16/194.10

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 09

 — Brian and Carolyn make a last stand. Kyle declares war. by Happytimeshappy02/17/194.25

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 10

 — Sam learns who he is and Kyle's tyranny truly begins. by Happytimeshappy02/19/194.10

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 11

 — Kyle needs more and will stop at nothing to get it. by Happytimeshappy02/20/194.00

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 12

 — The conclusion to part 2. by Happytimeshappy02/21/194.09


 — The Amish are not what they seem. by oneiria01/24/183.67


 — She is taken by a werewolf and learns its secret. by dlawson09/09/104.38

Wolf Bites

 — Do they really turn you? by prinnavea10/17/184.03

Wolf Ch. 01

 — White girl finds love with an American Indian shifter. by candy_269102/01/084.27

Wolf Ch. 02

 — White girl finds love with an American Indian shifter. by candy_269102/02/084.36

Wolf Ch. 03

 — White girl finds love with an American Indian shifter. by candy_269102/03/084.52HOT

Wolf Ch. 04

 — White girl finds love with an American Indian shifter. by candy_269102/04/084.60HOT

Wolf Ch. 05

 — White girl finds love with an American Indian shifter. by candy_269102/05/084.46

Wolf Ch. 06

 — White girl finds love with an American Indian shifter. by candy_269102/06/084.65HOT

Wolf Eve

 — A werewolf for Christmas. by TamLin0112/25/134.48

Wolf Hunt

 — Hunted werewolf becomes the hunter by Darkiss05/28/084.15


 — Renate, watching her lover turn into a werewolf, masturbates. by MawrGorshin10/23/154.11

WolfSilver Ch. 01

 — Two werewolves are on the hunt- for each other. by eronlovesyaoi05/19/064.20

Wolfy Boy

 — A werewolf undergoes an intense gauntlet to join a gay gang. by Vluirty04/12/174.00

Woman in White and Daddy Glenn Ch. 04

 — Susan, the woman in white visits Glenn at the nursing home. by SusanJillParker03/30/13HOT

Woman in White and Daddy Glenn Ch. 05

 — Daughter of Darkness, the Devil delivers Jimmy's woman. by SusanJillParker03/31/13HOT

Woman Named Tiss

 — The story of a somewhat of a 'black widow' woman. by dragonmeow05/20/103.14

Woman's Work

 — A Victorian woman's descent into the mines. by Rumspringe11/09/044.08

Wonder Woman Cleans Up

 — Halloween Tale: She has a scary night. by clipperdreams10/31/154.20


 — Daddy Loves Wood. by DaddyKnows66604/02/193.39

Work of a Genius

 — Voyeur observes more than he bargained for. by sweet_katrina57910/18/064.09

Working Overtime

 — Phil hopes he can make up working overtime to his wife. by Papyri_Hyperborei10/13/073.42


 — Release the Beast. by ericthebard05/25/054.30


 — Innocent girl is tricked into haunted house. by cymry09/14/053.88


 — Four guys visit an unusual Moscow strip club. by manyeyedhydra12/01/074.54HOTEditor's Pick

Wrapped in Darkness

 — Stressed Jogger meets bad end by Philharmonic06/27/114.26


 — Christina And Geanie's new partnership and a zombie attack! by daddyduckett05/09/123.89

Wrong One

 — You can't always tell who's the victim. by SpikedChoker09/03/044.10

Wrong Room

 — In this hotel, the wrong room can kill you. by bluefox0710/28/064.50HOT

Wrong Side of the Tracks

 — Follow me home. by DeathAndTaxes03/20/194.74HOT

X is for Xylem

 — Never pick up anything that falls from the sky. by Many Feathers07/15/054.36

Xaemyl's Tale Ch. 01

 — The Daemon Xaemyl finds his lover. by Jayderayn09/26/064.24

Xaemyl's Tale Ch. 02

 — Xaemyl ravishes River. by Jayderayn12/06/064.36

Yarie, the Slave Queen

 — Lust-driven royalty tricked by demons. by The_Defective_Pawn09/02/164.28

You are Mine

 — From insanity to nightmares. by xsioux08/28/073.52

You Can't Fight Biology

 — A scientist takes his revenge. by Magister_Lewdi05/07/14

You Have The Right To Remain Silent

 — Dead officers consumed with revenge & lust. by Erotica_Writings04/23/044.41

You Left Your Door Open

 — Young lovers aren't the only ones that go bump in the night. by JulianDelacourt10/02/174.32

You Looked So Familiar

 — He'd seen her before, but where? by Dark One11/28/033.46

Young Blood Ch. 01

 — Vampire Tales, present: Vincent's story. by icehead06/25/044.50HOT

Young Blood Ch. 02

 — So you find out you're a vampire... now what? by icehead08/18/044.60HOT

Young Blood Ch. 03

 — Vincent gets a visit from an old girlfriend. by icehead01/18/054.77HOT

Young Blood Ch. 04

 — Tanya tries to get Vincent on her side. by icehead04/11/054.75HOT

Young Blood Ch. 05

 — The conclusion to the young vampire's tale. by icehead07/23/054.78HOT

Young Cannibals

 — You never know who or what your lover could be. by ArgentoRose09/03/032.17

Zach the Coven on All Hollows Eve

 — A coven party on Samhain and Zach his manly deeds. by ZachDocEight10/14/184.63HOT

Zach's Soul Stolen by the Witch

 — She hunted me down claimed my soul with her unworldly beauty. by ZachDocEight02/22/184.33

Zandra Ch. 01

 — Zandra becomes obsessed with Mr. Xavier, who has dark powers. by MrPendragon08/08/124.23

Zandra Ch. 02

 — Mr. Xavier closes in on Zandra. by MrPendragon08/16/124.16

Zandra Ch. 03

 — Zandra is violated as a dark secret is discovered. by MrPendragon08/25/124.15


 — A scientist displays his latest curiosity in Haiti. by JukeboxEMCSA07/04/113.51


 — A chance encounter with a zombie. by DrSpidey04/29/154.29

Zombie Love

 — Four coeds find the dead like sex too. by necrotron06/26/034.14

Zombie Lust

 — She takes short cut through the graveyard. by americandemon10/16/03HOT

Zombie Sperm Apocalypse Ch. 01

 — Women must swallow sperm every 24 hours or turn into zombies. by KingDeath07/05/173.30

Zombie Wants Sperm Not Brains

 — Zombie needs human semen to live. by Cybotic10/24/174.38

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