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A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story Ch. 02

 — Please, don’t judge her. by BlackOldWomanLove09/11/054.12

A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story Ch. 03

 — I should have known better. by BlackOldWomanLove10/02/054.35

A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story Ch. 04

 — Elevator dreams. by BlackOldWomanLove10/25/054.32

A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story Ch. 05

 — She's angry. by BlackOldWomanLove12/05/054.43

A Field Trip for Delta Nu

 — The girls obtain a financial bailout. by Charles Petersunn07/19/094.51HOT

A Fine Substitute

 — Booty call interrupted, but her teacher Mom wants to sub in. by RejectReality04/30/174.75HOT

A Finger in a Mother's Pie

 — An encounter with his girlfriend's mom. by oyotdmoyo07/15/054.00

A Fireman's Story: Angel of Mercy

 — A greater love has no man. by chibicur09/19/014.29

A First of Many

 — Young male's first sexual encounter with mature woman. by danielrogerashley07/10/104.20

A First Time With An Older Man

 — She meets an older man online. by natalie8912/23/134.34

A Flight That'll Never Happen.

 — He enjoys a younger woman on plane. by DaddysGirl42012/22/044.18

A Flood Is A Good Thing

 — Love with an older woman. by baumer08/31/034.15

A Flow of Souls

 — "I bet you won't forget me." She said. by magmaman05/12/114.51HOT

A Fountain of Youth Pt. 01

 — Husband and wife desire youth, at a dangerous price. by veryverybadpuns04/17/163.56

A Fountain of Youth Pt. 02

 — Husband and wife realize that the universe has other plans. by veryverybadpuns04/19/164.32

A Fountain of Youth Pt. 03

 — In a plot twist, husband suspects wife of ulterior motives. by veryverybadpuns04/21/164.07

A Fountain of Youth Pt. 04

 — Husband retaliates against wife, with great success. by veryverybadpuns04/23/163.73

A Fountain of Youth Pt. 05

 — Wife transforms her body and retaliates. by veryverybadpuns04/30/163.82

A Fresh Love Ch. 01

 — An unexpected romance begins. by temptedlioness10/20/154.33

A Fresh Love Ch. 02

 — An unexpected romance begins. by temptedlioness10/24/154.51HOT

A Fresh Love Ch. 03

 — An unexpected romance begins. by temptedlioness12/12/154.64HOT

A Fresh Love Ch. 04

 — An unexpected romance begins. by temptedlioness12/20/154.39

A Fresh Start

 — A fifty seven year old ad guy recovers from grief by Jimmela06/29/144.58HOT

A Fresh Start for Wendy Ch. 01

 — A newly divorced woman relocates and meets a sexy older man. by Loving5012/17/144.28

A Fresh Start for Wendy Ch. 02

 — Exploration and passion begin. by Loving5003/11/184.12

A Friend in Need

 — An old friend lends a hand in more than one way. by mr_gent11/28/084.01

A Friend of the Family Ch. 01

 — A mature widow’s adventures into unconventional sex. by Anne_Sexsmith07/12/114.71HOT

A Friend's Son - A Short Story

 — Meeting a friend's son. by thighsgentlyparting02/20/174.40

A Friendly Facial

 — Guy gets & gives a facial to an older co-worker. by renaissanceredneck06/21/084.29

A Friendly Neighbour

 — A young neighbour needs a handyman. by Allesol08/12/124.42

A Fuckin' Witch Valentines Reprise

 — She's back, with a heart on. by HarveyMarcus01/30/024.08

A Fucking Great Night

 — 42 years old and full of sexual desire for a young man. by MaxineAshley02/03/184.12

A Fun Day

 — You have fun at the boardwalk. by bulldog1503/24/04

A Fun Wedding Night

 — Young best man smitten by mature woman. by wannabe_writer199208/31/164.58HOT

A G D: Heartbreak

 — Our sexy Good Samaritan helps the preacher's teenager again. by Azuldrgon09/19/094.00

A Gamble Worth Taking

 — A trip to a casino turns into something much more. by jerseyguywrites12/14/144.31

A Gamble Worth Taking Pt. 02

 — A FMF threesome grows to four. by jerseyguywrites12/18/144.48

A Generous Older Woman

 — Evelyn watches B satisfy himself. by BrooklynObserver11/05/094.26

A Gift For Emmet

 — When time stops, she breathes new life into octogenarian. by Cheleste10/14/074.25

A Gift for Louise

 — Louise gets gift, & shares one with Max as well. by MaxLoad01/07/033.95

A Gigolo's First Client

 — Mature lady wants proof she's not frigid. by Rex Siter05/09/054.55HOT

A GILF Wife's Loving Domination

 — She was beautiful, fun, charming, playful and dominant! by milfleglover04/22/123.66

A Gilf's Cum Slave

 — Hot granny keeps her studs hungry for their own cum. by milfleglover09/21/124.38

A Gilf's Cum Slave Ch. 02

 — Granny likes her studs young – and eager for their own cum!! by milfleglover10/27/124.36

A Gilf's Cum Slave Ch. 03

 — Nasty, sexy GILFs make stud their cum-eating slave! by milfleglover04/19/134.23

A Gilf's Cum Slave Ch. 04

 — Today: Granny Annabelle's office foot cleaner. by milfleglover05/14/134.27

A Girl Chooses a Coach Ch. 02

 — But coach needs motivation too. by misterwho09/18/104.54HOT

A Girl Chooses a Coach Ch. 03: Finale

 — She calls an end, having grown up. by misterwho11/08/154.52HOT

A Girl in Errol Street

 — Picking up a young slut in a North Melbourne bar. by PhillipG09/18/114.23

A Girl Like Amy

 — Young woman and a much older man. by espeteroh11/03/054.34

A Girl Named Sam

 — An older man falls for a young convenience store clerk. by Hcstuds08/01/014.36

A Girl Named Sam Ch. 2

 — Stud finds Sam again...and her mother. by Hcstuds08/09/014.42

A Girl Named Sam Ch. 3

 — The continuing story of Studs, Sherry, and Sam. by Hcstuds08/12/014.67HOT

A Girl's Fantasy Wish

 — A teenage girl has a crush on her friend's father. by Mysteria2702/27/153.82

A Good Day At The Office

 — An American In England. by jimwebley201/26/124.12

A Good Ride Home

 — A young man meets a mature woman on a bus. by uksnowy04/24/183.83

A Good Shag

 — Mature aunty and niece take a holiday and meet a new friend. by joulie12/30/094.57HOT

A Good Son Ch. 01

 — Mother learns about self enjoyment. by Whitesocks03/18/074.37

A Good Son Ch. 02

 — Mother learns about erotic fantasies. by Whitesocks03/31/074.50HOT

A Good Son Ch. 03

 — Mother enjoys her son's girlfriend. by Whitesocks04/21/074.61HOT

A Good Son Ch. 04

 — Mother decides to swing. by Whitesocks04/29/074.50HOT

A Good Week Ch. 1

 — Guy makes play for busty brunette next door. by D_S_08/27/004.25

A Good Woman Will Find Him

 — Guy's plan to marry at 28 begins hitting obstacles. by egmontgrigor201002/19/104.51HOT

A Grandmother's Love

 — Her love cums from between her legs. by ISO_older_women10/23/014.07

A Haircut

 — A most enjoyable haircut. by Bigharem01/08/144.09

A Hand Down His Shorts

 — Widowed lady loves the delivery boy. by VeryDirtyMind09/12/164.29

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 04

 — Meeting Christine. by riverboy06/05/144.52HOT

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 05

 — The first day at Christine's mountain lodge. by riverboy06/07/144.68HOT

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 07

 — Around the campfire with Penny and Johnny. by riverboy06/12/144.65HOT

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 20

 — An older woman can change your life. by riverboy07/13/144.72HOT

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 43

 — Chrissy's Crystal Ball. by riverboy11/27/144.69HOT

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 44

 — Mrs. Millbanks. by riverboy12/01/144.75HOT

A Hard Day's Work

 — An old man muses on the beauty of women. by volescamper01/14/144.17

A Helping Hand

 — Young man helps older woman in need. by L.A. Wicker09/04/024.46

A Helping Hand

 — Doing a good deed gets returned tenfold. by Privacy760904/26/094.17

A Helping Hand for Lexi

 — Seduction in the garden, sex in the house. by MitchFraell02/08/144.29

A Helping Hand, and More

 — Mature woman helps to resolve the problems of a young man. by tantricjim10/06/124.57HOT

A Hitcher's Tale

 — A young man lost in the rain finds an unexpected love. by Universal_Traveller10/08/09

A Honeymoon Affair

 — Young bride is seduced by an older man. by Awful Arthur07/04/034.55HOT

A Hot Day by the Pool

 — Young man has his fantasy come true. by TLion6306/04/134.41

A Hot Snowy Evening

 — Older woman is saved in many ways by a younger man. by espeteroh02/24/084.44

A is for Adventure

 — Birthday challenge becomes an adventure. by Scorpio4406/15/074.79HOT

A Job Well Done

 — Reaping the rewards of chasing older women. by footshrimper08/13/024.17

A Journal of Truth Ch. 05

 — A little Cougar time for me... by Dlicious_4911/04/104.09

A Keen Man is Never Too Old

 — Albert finds gaps tend to open, even for a 78-year-old. by Egmont Grigor08/05/054.39

A Kitty Hawk

 — I swooped down on her, his arms swirling under her legs. by Decayed Angel10/14/064.34

A Kitty Hawk Ch. 02

 — I saw another hawk soaring proudly through the clearing sky. by Decayed Angel10/15/064.55HOT

A Knight's Tale Pt. 01

 — Norman knight wants to fuck a luscious lady... by JonAustin07/16/154.46

A Knock at the Door

 — The fun starts when Jess visits Mark. by HornyHotDevil12/01/013.82

A Knock on the Door Ch. 01

 — A MILF has to verify Andy is as well endowed as he claims. by PTWinters09/21/164.64HOT

A Knockout

 — I got the girl and got banned. by FantasyXY01/03/154.27

A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 01: Preacher Wife

 — The first of the Diary of A Ladies Man. by Alpha27608/08/174.34

A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 02: Head's Up Pt. 01

 — 2nd part of a Ladies Man Diary. by Alpha27608/12/174.35

A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 03: Head's Up Pt. 02

 — 3rd Part of a Ladies Man Diary. by Alpha27608/13/174.55HOT

A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 04: 609 AM

 — 4th part of A Ladies Man Diary. by Alpha27608/15/174.30

A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 05: Finger Project

 — 5th part of A Ladies Man Diary. by Alpha27608/19/174.43

A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 07: Breakfast Sex

 — The 7th part of a Ladies Man Diary. by Alpha27608/26/174.56HOT

A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 08: Good Sex & Chill

 — 8th Part of A Ladies Man Diary. by Alpha27609/07/174.10

A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 09: Helluva Shower

 — The latest part of A Ladies Man Diary. by Alpha27610/01/174.19

A Ladies Pleasant Debacle

 — A married lady becomes true to herself. by Histarter05/23/053.91

A Lazy Day By The Pool

 — Older woman, younger man, summer holiday affair by harryfloyd03/31/144.39

A Learning Curve

 — Andy was researching then acting it out. by Croony04/29/174.10

A Learning Experience

 — Cassie acts out a high school fantasy with a former teacher. by Selena_Kitt01/01/093.77

A Legal Affair

 — He has sex with his lawyer. by espeteroh10/21/054.46

A Lesson in Housecleaning

 — Will Jay be able to teach his lazy girlfriend how to clean? by rlmilieu01/23/133.77

A Letter from a Mature Wife

 — From an older woman to younger man. by Eileen4805/20/124.05

A Letter from America

 — A short update to Rishi at the request of his mother. by vizmaster07/10/133.95

A Letter To An Older Man...

 — She gives her older online friend a bulge. by Young_Dream0408/24/013.84

A Life Changing Event

 — The short story of my life and my marriage. by DG Hear04/08/154.64HOT

A Life Changing Experience

 — A kind word from an older man leads to lust and resolution by SPEN STERLING07/05/094.70HOT

A Life With Ups and Downs

 — Sexually addicted, young Claudette just accepts her lot. by egmontgrigor201001/20/103.88

A Likely Story

 — His girlfriend dumped him but her mom still loves him. by MSTarot02/19/144.67HOT

A Limited Partnership

 — Barely legal vixen next door changes married man's life. by MWG04/07/014.48

A Literary Mistake Ch. 01

 — Submitting the wrong story leads to something unexpected. by teacherman57007/09/034.48

A Literary Mistake Ch. 02

 — Anna and Sean meet the very same evening. by teacherman57007/16/034.70HOT

A Literary Mistake Ch. 03

 — Night falls while Anna and Sean grow closer. by teacherman57004/02/054.63HOT

A Little Bump on the Head

 — Older woman's minor accident leads to major sex. by milfleglover12/28/164.50HOT

A Little Get-Together

 — A widow is led back to a sensual world she thought lost. by pandsal04/12/074.36

A Little Help from a Friend

 — Her frustration leads to more than both expected. by Twilightlove04/16/164.10

A Little Help From a Friend

 — Widowed man gets a visit from wife's best friend. by dispatcher5908/28/164.66HOT

A Little Help From a Friend Ch. 02

 — I help out, too. by dispatcher5910/07/164.58HOT

A Little Help From a Friend Ch. 03

 — Help from a lot of friends, some old, some new. by dispatcher5902/21/174.26

A Little Help From Miss Smith

 — College boy gets some help from the teacher's assistant. by The Legend01/27/043.81

A Little Leigh-way

 — Some mornings don't turn out anything like planned. by JudeWrites02/19/134.65HOT

A Little Light Relief

 — A stressed mother takes what she needs from a much older man. by Itsalljustforfun05/28/164.59HOT

A Little Morning Seduction & Loving

 — She gives her sweet lover and morning he won't soon forget. by SensualBeauty10/27/154.28

A Little Side Business Pt. 01

 — The Product and A Unique Selling Proposition. by flatliner01/31/164.60HOT

A Little Side Business Pt. 02

 — A Sample and a Glimpse behind the Façade. by flatliner02/06/164.61HOT

A Little Side Business Pt. 03

 — It's like riding a bicycle. by flatliner02/17/164.67HOT

A Little Side Business Pt. 04

 — The Best Advertising is Word-of-Mouth. by flatliner03/08/164.69HOT

A Little Side Business Pt. 05

 — You can observe a lot by just watching. by flatliner03/20/164.76HOT

A Little Side Business Pt. 07

 — It ain't over til it's over. by flatliner04/14/164.72HOT

A Little Something for the Wife

 — Marge gets 19 year old neighbor for birthday. by Rebecca12/29/004.46

A Long Dirt Road

 — A lady finds her cowboy. by slow1100009/26/054.53HOT

A Long Drive But Worth It

 — Was headed to a friend's house, but got side tracked. by BeachBunny195202/15/082.80

A Long Friendship Blooms

 — Intimacy between mature friends. by Momstheboss02/16/134.43

A Long Lost Fantasy

 — A guy rediscovers a hot older woman with prunes... by Prune_sisters04/17/163.73

A Long Night Rewarded

 — A middle aged professor opts for a mom instead of the coeds. by eduardo1955602/24/034.38

A Long Night's Climb Into Sunlight

 — An older woman finds solace in the arms of her paperboy. by ronde11/21/024.78HOTContest Winner

A Long Time Ago...

 — Long distance class reunion nets long lost love. by ilikeithot630804/28/144.60HOT

A Long Time Coming

 — A young man fulfills his desire for elderly women. by vrosej1012/21/103.63

A Long Time Coming

 — Young woman & older man act upon intense attraction. by JaiiBunni11/01/093.94

A Long Wait

 — Crush during teenage turns erotic. by pumpingbazooka02/01/093.72

A Love Like No Other

 — Kindred souls find love together. by Samuelx07/22/063.87

A Love Story Ch. 01-08

 — Elderly secretary and younger colleague. by paul z..10/21/034.44

A Love Story Ch. 09-10

 — An older secretary and a younger colleague meet. by paul z..10/23/034.47

A Love Story Ch. 11-12

 — She interrupts his shower. by paul z..11/12/034.44

A Lovely Afternoon!

 — Laura spends afternoon masturbating with a surprise end. by curious_valerie08/02/074.43

A Lovely Day in the Neighbourhood

 — Millie blows more than my mind. by Bobby T04/02/084.67HOT

A Lovely Older Woman

 — A determined young guy. by qualitywheat11/15/154.36

A Lover Name Lola

 — A man online fantasy becomes a reality. by Lola4908/31/09

A Lucky Reputation

 — He's young, hung and lasts forever by The Style Guy06/24/104.53HOT

A Made Woman Ch. 01

 — Lynn falls for an older mobster. by Darcy2210/13/124.32

A Maid In The Hands

 — She only wanted to tease, is wearing a skirt so bad? by NiceBanana08/07/064.34

A Marine for Me

 — Older woman has incredible sex with young Marine. by InMyPrime10/11/064.02

A Marine's Homecumming Ch. 01

 — A young Marine on leave receives a strange offer. by walterio08/21/094.60HOT

A Marine's Homecumming Ch. 02

 — Aaron honors his agreement and collects from Mrs. C. by walterio08/24/094.64HOT

A Marine's Homecumming Ch. 03

 — Miriam's four days of debachery. by walterio08/27/094.63HOT

A Marine's Homecumming Ch. 04

 — Aaron has some unplanned encounters and surprises. by walterio08/31/094.52HOT

A Marine's Night Out

 — A Marine's night off-base gets wild. by SexyKitty08/08/014.21

A Married Woman's Mid-Life Crisis

 — An older married woman finds out what's missing in her life. by Pussymad4206/22/184.45NEW

A Massage

 — Erotic massage that takes a nice turn. by EroticMasseur02/02/164.25

A Matter of Time Ch. 03

 — Vicki and Martin arrange to meet Victoria and Marty. by absoluteid01/14/124.44

A Mature Fantasy Comes to Life

 — Mature lady gets a big surprise from young stud. by ewriter04/07/064.59HOT

A Mature Indian Slut

 — He took his friend's mom in his house. by anirban260111/23/034.04

A Mature Indian Slut Ch. 03

 — Seemingly serious and contemporary Indian mom gets horny. by anirban260106/21/093.69

A Mature Indian Slut Ch. 04

 — Hubby sucks out sperm from Maonali's cunt. by anirban260106/23/094.03

A Mature Lady

 — Sex is good over 50. by chibicur08/28/014.14

A Mature Romp

 — Twenty something has a fling with a much older man. by kaiyandom07/18/134.19

A Mature Woman's Eyes

 — Older woman next door, if that's really what she was... by CarstenAT01/17/184.61HOT

A Memoir of Rob

 — Fond memories of a first lover. by Sauterne05/21/123.75

A Memorable Afternoon

 — My delicious afternoon sex with a 69 year old fox. by goldenyearsfun09/18/154.52HOT

A Memorable Night

 — An older woman watches and wanks down memory lane. by vrosej1012/30/103.72

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